Ben Roethlisberger

I pledge allegiance to Big Ben’s beard
of the United City of Pittsburgh,
and to the mojo for which it stands,
one Steeler Nation, under Cowher,
with liberty
and Bettis for all.

This website exists to show our undying support to Ben Roethlisberger and his mighty beard.  Though at first we may have had our doubts, the beard has proven itself throughout the season, and we hereby recognize its ultimate power.  As a sign of our support for Big Ben, his beard, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, we, the undersigned, pledge to lay down our razors and not shave our beards until Big Ben shaves his.

Sign Your Name

    1.  Jon Meck from Orwigsburg, PA   (01/29/06)
    2.  Alex Moore from Canonsburg, PA
    3.  Jim Keener from Canonsburg, PA
    4.  Jerry May from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    5.  Philip Boggs from McDonald, PA
    6.  Cara O'Shea from Hamburg, NY
    7.  Teresa Pizzella from Pittsburgh, PA
    8.  Ben Meck from Cleveland, OH
    9.  Matt Seigenfuse from Philadelphia, PA   (01/30/06)
    10.  Jen Hopkins from Pittsburgh, PA
    11.  Ryan Kulp from Cleveland, OH
    12.  Mishy Zhang
    13.  Greg Novickoff from Pittsburgh, PA
    14.  Lauren Hassen from Cranberry Township, PA
    15.  Matt Skoda from Pittsburgh, PA
    16.  Matt Renshaw from Pittsburgh
    17.  Bethany Summerson from Pittsburgh, PA
    18.  Erin Offord from Pittsburgh, PA
    19.  Jeremy Fischer from Pittsburgh, PA
    20.  Allison Young from Atlanta, GA
    21.  Jeff Harr (A Bills Fan) from Pittsburgh
    22.  Svetlana Tkachenko from Columbus, OH
    23.  Tim Kemmerer from State College, PA
    24.  Stephanie Nave from Pittsburgh, PA
    25.  Rose Malloy from Pittsburgh, PA
    26.  Keith Zielen from State College, PA
    27.  Richard France from Bridgeville, PA
    28.  Keith Zielen from State College, PA
    29.  Abby from State College
    30.  Courtney Radliffe from Pittsburgh, PA
    31.  Jacque Kennard from Pittsburgh, PA
    32.  David Greenwald from Pittsburgh, PA
    33.  Erin Delahanty from Pittsburgh, PA
    34.  Katie Selig from Pittsburgh, PA
    35.  James Moate from Clarion/Emporium, PA
    36.  Shana Frentz from Pittsburgh, PA
    37.  David Keck from Worcester, MA
    38.  Ryan Kurtanich from Cranberry Township, PA
    39.  Terry Garove from Pittsburgh, PA
    40.  Craig Beary from Clarion, Pa
    41.  Meghan Sullivan from Loretto, PA
    42.  Zach Carroll from Clarion/Natrona Heights, Pa
    43.  aaron summerson from clarion/emporium PA
    44.  Patricia King from Baltimore, MD
    45.  Erika Pekar from Pittsburgh, PA
    46.  Lisa Trenn from Jamestown, NY
    47.  Ryan DeCaro from Pittsburgh, Pa
    48.  Katherine Hoyson from Pittsburgh
    49.  Tiff O from Pittsburgh, PA
    50.  Nick Andes from Pittsburgh, PA
    51.  Laurie Sabolsky from originally Pittsburgh, PA!
    52.  Kristy J. Doyle from Pittsburgh, PA
    53.  Dan Kalbach
    54.  James Keener from Canonsburg, PA
    55.  Emily Uhrig from Pottstown, PA
    56.  Jason Pippi from PIXBURGH
    57.  Ellen Moiani originially from Philadelphia, PA
    58.  Stacey Keating from Greensburg, PA
    59.  Sarah McFadden from Philadelphia, PA
    60.  Ryan Robison from Hagerstown,MD
    61.  Dan Kwitowski from Pittsburgh, PA
    62.  Dave Schultise from Pittsburgh, PA
    63.  Fred (Cook) Pizzella from Emporium, Pa.
    64.  Ralph Zareck from Pittsburgh, PA
    65.  Sarah Bair from Kutztown, PA
    66.  Hilary Maskiewicz from Pittsburgh, PA
    67.  Gabriella Bragg from Columbus, OH
    68.  Katie Gillespie from Pittsburgh, PA
    69.  Christa Blose from Erie, PA
    70.  Mary Funyak from Pittsburgh
    71.  Crissie Leonard from Columbus, OH
    72.  Amanda Nowotny from Pittsburgh
    73.  Katie Bainey from Johnstown, PA
    74.  Karisa Decker from Pittsburgh, PA
    75.  Johnna Oravec from Pittsburgh, Pa
    76.  Jennifer Marnik from Pittsburgh, PA
    77.  dp from NoVa
    78.  Chelse Burzio from Greensburg, Pennsylvania
    79.  Audra Reigel from CU
    80.  Crystal Mae Jones from Pittsburgh PA
    81.  Lindsey Braem from Squirrel Hill
    82.  Zack Douglas from Pittsburgh, PA
    83.  Greg Dustman from Wilkes-Barre
    84.  Harvey "Mr. Steeler" from Jacksonville, FL
    85.  Paul Bedi from Houston, TX
    86.  Margie Boggs from McDonald, PA
    87.  Joseph Adam Hagerty from Pittsburgh, PA
    88.  Laura Capp from Pittsburgh, PA
    89.  Meg Yarish from Pittsburgh, PA
    90.  Evan Garfield from Pittsburgh, PA
    91.  Cecelia Ratay from from Pittsburgh, PA
    92.  Jill Mitsch from Glenside, PA
    93.  Neesha from Pittsburgh, PA
    94.  Laura Joy from Pittsburgh, PA
    95.  Beth Wilt from Washington, D.C.
    96.  Denise Koontz from Erie, PA
    97.  Anna Cheng from Pittsburgh, PA
    98.  Cory Buterbaugh from Meyersdale, Pa
    99.  Greg McWhirter from Pittsburgh, PA
    100.  Heather Mazonkey from Pittsburgh, PA
    101.  Amanda Schaffner from Pittsburgh, PA
    102.  Russell Stover from Pittsburgh, PA
    103.  Nicole DeVendra from Bellaire, OH
    104.  Dave Kunkel from MD But Heart in Da Burgh
    105.  Julie Weimer from Deal, PA
    106.  Tammy Funk from Upper St. Clair PA
    107.  Jeff Faulkner from Frederick, MD
    108.  Katie from Plum, PA
    109.  ashley wingard from state college, pa
    110.  Brad Wyke from McDonald, Pa
    111.  Jim Snatchko from Oajkdale, Pa
    112.  Tom Bruce !! from Primrose, Pa
    113.  Justin McKean from Slip Rock, PA
    114.  Kevin Lamison from Natrona Heights, PA
    115.  Jessica Thomas from Pittsburgh, PA
    116.  Maeghen Armbruster from Slippery Rock, PA
    117.  Becca Wilson from Ebensburg, PA
    118.  Dan Lewis from Brentwood, PA
    119.  Andi Chesko from Upper St. Clair, PA
    120.  Max Roha from Cleveland, OH
    121.  David Beers from Clarion PA
    122.  Crystal V. from Las Vegas, NV
    123.  Michele Bender from Dormont, PA
    124.  Jenn Novotny from Meadville, PA
    125.  Dennis W Hamler from Brentwood, PA
    126.  Jamie Lewis from Brentwood, PA
    127.  Brenda Stratus from Crafton, PA
    128.  Melissa Freker from Pittsburgh, PA
    129.  Jaime Lopez from Philadelphia, PA
    130.  Eric Castonguay from Clarion, PA
    131.  Yomi Munive from Pittsburgh PA
    132.  Lori A. Bohn from Ingram, PA
    133.  Jeff Duncan from Pittsburgh, PA
    134.  Denise Hollis from Pittsburgh
    135.  Lisa Gramz from McKees Rocks
    136.  Steve Terney from Latrobe PA
    137.  Kim Spivey from McKees Rocks PA
    138.  Laurie Straub from Pittsburgh, PA
    139.  Kim Spivey from McKees Rocks PA
    140.  Deanna Austeri from Greensburg, Pa.
    141.  Elizabeth Krenzelok from Pittsburgh, PA
    142.  Mike Loughlin from Pittsburgh Pa
    143.  Katie Nye from Pittsburgh, PA
    144.  Jeremy Harchelroad from Elizabeth, PA
    145.  Adam Eiseman from Cleveland, OH
    146.  Katie Dodd from Pittsburgh, Pa
    147.  Michele Aymar from Pittsburgh PA
    148.  Alan Griebel from Bellevue
    149.  Ryan Jerico from California PA
    150.  sarah jane scola from PITTSBURGH PA!!!!
    151.  BRUCE NMEZI from Pittsburgh, PA
    152.  Julie Duez from Monroeville, PA
    153.  Troy Cyphert from Clarion, PA
    154.  Kelly Tait from Fort Worth, TX
    155.  Jeremy Papay from Dirty 'Souf Oakin'! PA
    156.  Quyen Nguyen from Pittsburgh, PA
    157.  Mike Fletcher from Oil City
    158.  John Blumer from Pittsburgh, PA
    159.  Heather Mahalick from Coopersburg, PA
    160.  Sandy Manski from Pittsburgh Pa
    161.  Elmo Cecchetti from Pittsburgh, Pa
    162.  Mike Teeter from Johnstown, PA
    163.  Ernie Cascino from Johnstown, PA
    164.  Denny Lippert from Pgh PA
    165.  Becky Wagner from Pittsburgh, Pa
    166.  Ernie Cascino from Johnstown, PA
    167.  Tom Tkocs from Pittsburgh
    168.  Victoria Oravec from Pittsburgh, PA
    169.  Nora A. from Philadelphia, PA
    170.  Shari Freker from Pittsburgh, Pa BABY!!
    171.  Laurie Fusco from Pittsburgh,PA
    172.  Alia Douglas from Pittsburgh, PA
    173.  Michael Vitovich from Pittsburgh
    174.  Shannon B. from Pittsburgh, PA
    175.  Rachael Marks from Greensburg, PA
    176.  Nick Fierst from Pittsburgh
    177.  Toni Grove from Johnstown, PA
    178.  Chris F from Pittsburgh
    179.  Joshua Bender from Pittsburgh, PA
    180.  Rob Slack from Philadelphia, PA
    181.  Adam Cygnarowicz from Pittsburgh PA
    182.  Gina Zumbo from Pittsburgh, PA
    183.  David Huber from Mount Dora, FL
    184.  valerie yurkovich from pittsburgh pa
    185.  Amanda M. from Pittsburgh, PA
    186.  Ben Hantz from Latrobe, PA
    187.  B. Meck from Orwigsburg, PA
    188.  Dean Sutherin from Eldersville, PA
    189.  Adam Oliver from Steeler Country, PA!!!!!!!
    190.  Chrissy Capp from Pittsburgh, PA
    191.  michael hulett from sacramento,CA
    192.  Harry Black from Eldersville, PA
    193.  Shawn Shevitz from Valley Forge, PA
    194.  Jake Thomas from Bethel Park, PA
    195.  Kurt Meckey from Clearfield, PA
    196.  Dale Swiger from Findlay, Ohio
    197.  Jeremy Hagerman from Hanover , PA
    198.  Claire Whaley from Pittsburgh, PA
    199.  Tom VanBuren from Pittsburgh, PA
    200.  marie soldato from ilion,ny
    201.  Shane Goydich from Pittsburgh PA
    202.  Jenn Nieder from Pittsburgh, PA
    203.  Ryan Godsey from Pittsburgh
    204.  Tim Millea from York , PA
    205.  joy! from salisbury, md
    206.  Lindsay Sawyer from Pittsburgh, PA
    207.  Jennifer Korn from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    208.  Ryan Cottrell from Salt Lake City, UT
    209.  Justin Cider from Indianapolis, IN
    210.  John from Norfolk
    211.  Steph Mueller from Kent, Oh(OriginallyPittsburgh)
    212.  Woody McAdams from Atlanta, GA
    213.  Dennis hamler from Maryland
    214.  Allan Link from Pittsburgh, Pa
    215.  Janelle Shakely from State College, PA
    216.  Janelle Shakely from State College, PA
    217.  Patrick Witham from West Linn, OR
    218.  Sasha from Norfolk, VA
    219.  Andrew Yule from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    220.  Neil Krishnan from New Jersey
    221.  daniel schmidt from pittsburgh, pa
    222.  Edward Vidaurre from McAllen, Texas
    223.  Andy Scoletti from DC/Murrysville
    224.  Joe Randall from California
    225.  Edward Vidaurre from McAllen, Texas
    226.  Steve Pittman from Cranberry Township, PA
    227.  Gary Cooper from Canonsburg
    228.  Sean Ruane from Enid, OK
    229.  Brian Dieter from Los Angeles, CA
    230.  Todd Amann from Pittsburgh, PA
    231.  Toni Sacco from Cleveland, OH
    232.  Jess Sanko from Pittsburgh, PA
    233.  Joe Brownlee from Slippery Rock
    234.  Beth Stefkovich from Avella, PA
    235.  Joel McCracken from
    236.  Noelle Finger from Toledo, OH
    237.  Jen Straw from Clarion
    238.  Pat Ringel from THE Mckees Rocks, PA
    239.  Ami Phillips from Clarion PA
    240.  Urszula Sagan from East Stroudsburg, PA
    241.  Stephanie Serrao from Pittsburgh
    242.  Matt Brownlee from Avella, PA
    243.  Alissa Ponchione from Ebensburg, PA
    244.  Obi-Wan Kenobi from Tattooine
    245.  KURTIE B. from LEBO
    246.  Ryan Mayle from Pittsburgh, PA
    247.  Justin Crossey from North Versailles, Pa
    248.  Ashley Solomon from Cleveland, OH
    249.  Andrea from Pittsburgh
    250.  Ryan Johnson from Hatton, ND
    251.  Rachel Phillips from Pittsburgh
    252.  Jim N. from Plum (PITTSBURGH!), PA
    253.  Chris M. from Beaver Falls, Pa
    254.  Jamie
    255.  Shaun Sweder from A Town
    256.  Jamie Zareck from Pittsburgh, PA
    257.  Sean Q from Pittsburgh
    258.  RICO from O-TOWN
    259.  SteelSamurai from Portland, OR
    260.  Brandon Hayes from Southside PA
    261.  Ugemire from a bar in buena vista, pa.
    262.  Heather R from Pittsburgh, PA
    264.  Samantha Lucas from Shadyside PA
    265.  Lisa G from MA
    266.  michael hunt from big beaver pa
    267.  Brooke Pierce from Pittsburg, Pa
    268.  Sue Greenlee from St. Paul MN
    269.  Gemma Asche from Pittsburgh!!!!
    270.  Kim B from Germantown, MD
    271.  Debbie Sweder from from PA
    272.  Shannon Secreti from Washington, PA
    273.  Mike Wright from Washington, Pa
    274.  Roberta from Germantown, MD
    275.  Paul Michael Patek from Pittsburgh
    276.  Todd Carroll from Canonsburg, PA
    277.  Chris Monoides from Brodgeville, PA
    279.  MIKEY AND BIG BOB from PGH
    280.  Jake M. Gad from Pittsburgh, PA
    281.  Justin Fritz AAAAAHHH!! from Chambersburg, PA
    282.  Brad from Johnstown, PA
    283.  Caitlin Swauger from PITTSBURGHHH
    284.  Jay McCaffrey from Jacksonville
    285.  Hector from from PITTSBURGH
    286.  Jess McLean from California, PA
    287.  Mike Uhl from Parkersburg West Virginia
    288.  Nathan O from Pittsburgh
    289.  Mark Stockdill from Pittsburgh, PA
    290.  Ian O'Keefe
    291.  Brad from Berkeley Springs
    292.  Matt G from Cleveland/Plum
    293.  Mike Studzienko from University of Pittsburgh
    294.  Mike Roberman from piiiitsBURGH!
    295.  Steve Lesic from Pittsburgh,PA
    296.  valorie frye from ohio
    297.  Clint Wyckoff from Jefferson Hills PA
    298.  Pumpkin Sam from Juniper, RI
    299.  Rick James from Sioux Falls, SD
    300.  Jimmy Boatman from Cypress, TX
    301.  Lizi from Pittsburgh, PA
    302.  Zachar from Clarion, PA
    303.  Murphy from Franklin, PA
    304.  Joe C. from Plum
    305.  John Truby from Bethlehem, Pa
    306.  John McCormick from Glenshizle, PA
    307.  Gary Lucas from Canonsburg PA
    308.  Emily Moore from Washington, PA
    309.  Mark Logan from Pittsburgh
    310.  ashley paul from slippery rock, pa
    311.  Nick from Brookville, PA
    312.  Abdul Abdulhamid from London, Ontario, Canada
    313.  Ian Smith from Pittsburgh, Pa
    314.  Bo Tox from Myrtle Beach, SC
    315.  Bryan Reed from Louisville, KY
    316.  Josh Castonguay from Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA!
    317.  Heather B. from Slippery Rock, Pa
    318.  Meghan from Erie, PA
    319.  Chuck Harris from Franklin, TN
    320.  Gail D. from Cleveland (but really Pgh)
    321.  Bradley Reed from Nashville, TN
    322.  Sarah Prengaman from Pittburgh, PA
    323.  Calista Na$$er from Mystic Ct
    324.  Jessica Shondel from Centerville, Iowa
    325.  Ray Hinojosa III from Centerville, IA
    326.  Fighting Amish from Chicago,IL Go ChicagoSteelers!
    327.  Morgan Rizzardi from Slippery Rock, PA
    328.  Tyler McGaughey from Pittsburgh, PA
    329.  Matthew Makay from Erie, PA
    330.  Megan Pistorius!!! from Bethany : )
    331.  David Fix from Pittsburgh, PA
    332.  Chrissy Yanchick from Swoyersville, PA
    333.  Bill Kramer, KDR from Pitt Johnstown
    334.  Melia Stenson from Steeler, PA
    335.  cory! from steeler country, pa
    336.  Ashley D'Angelo from THE Midway PA
    337.  Chad Grosso from Wash Pa
    338.  Bill Cowher from Presently in Detroit
    339.  Justin Byerly from Richmond, VA
    340.  Nicole Lauff from "THE" Midway PA.
    341.  Sue D'Angelo from "THE" Midway PA
    342.  Lauren Potosky from Pittsburgh, PA
    343.  Jeff Harris from Council Bluffs,Iowa
    344.  Pam Lauff from Midway PA
    345.  chris styer from newcomerstown, ohio
    346.  Doug Cushey from Chartiers PA
    347.  Lori Gilbert from Primrose PA
    348.  Lyndsay Yoder from Pittsburgh, PA
    349.  tossittome from Pittsburgh
    350.  Beth Senneway from Los Angeles, CA
    351.  Cole Fernandez from Indiana, PA
    352.  Joe Musloe from Clarion, PA
    353.  Andrea B from CBG!! LETS GO PGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    354.  William Donnelly from Indiana, PA
    355.  Aaron Brochetti from Pittsburgh
    356.  Jimmy Blanco from Harlem, NY
    357.  Jason Danks from P-I-T-T
    358.  James Thornburg from Meadville. PA
    359.  Ryan Eckman from Pittsburgh KOK
    360.  Gary Castro from Memphis
    361.  colby bryson from oaktown
    362.  Nate Kissell from Kalamazoo, MI
    363.  Melissa Shaylor from Pittsburgh, PA
    364.  John Kellar from Ford City, PA
    365.  Kristina Hamler from Canonsburg, PA!!
    366.  Gary Mader from B-Town
    367.  Terri Brane from Philadelphia, PA
    368.  Richard Mapes from Bloomsburg Pa
    369.  Sally Moore from Canonsburg, PA
    370.  Carolyn Faddish from PITT
    371.  William Laird Cowher from Detroit
    372.  Black Beard the Pirate from On the Sea
    373.  ryan kennedy from delaware
    374.  Michael Hubbert
    375.  DJ Peckens from Cleveland, OH
    376.  Steve Smith from Columbus OH
    377.  Robert Payne from Glen Daniel Wv
    378.  Craig Chaney from Midway, Pa
    379.  Bob Muchenski from Pittsburgh, PA
    380.  Kristen Heiser from Pittsburgh
    381.  Eddie F.
    382.  Matt Williams from Washington, IL
    383.  Seth Huston from Pittsburgh
    384.  Dayne Foresman from Allenwood, PA
    385.  Jack Thomas or JT from Homestead, PA
    386.  Dabus/Farrior51 from Toronto Canada
    387.  Peter North from jennajamensons
    388.  Steve Yount from McGrann
    389.  Derek Grenier from Tampa, Fl
    390.  Rick Yount from From McGrann
    391.  Angie Debrecht from Pittsburgh, PA
    392.  Travis Crawford from 720
    393.  Angela from Pittsburgh, PA
    394.  Emily Reed from Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA
    395.  Mike Siffrinn from Pitt
    396.  Giggs from Pittsburgh, PA
    397.  Dan Asche from Pittsburgh
    398.  Aaron Zobel from Sioux Falls, SD
    399.  Uncle Darsh from College
    400.  Liza Reed from Pittsburgh, PA
    401.  Rich Green from Pittsburgh, PA
    402.  Corey from Topeka, Kansas
    403.  Katie M. from Harrisburg, PA
    404.  Sara DiNardo from Pittsburgh, PA
    405.  Amy Talboo from Coopersburg, PA
    406.  Erich Sabo from Pittsburgh, PA
    407.  Lauren Faulk from Pittsburgh, PA
    408.  Bill Palmer from Northeastern U - Boston
    409.  Shae Armstrong from Staunton, VA
    410.  Annie Connelly from South Side!
    411.  Cathy from Canonsburg, PA
    412.  Allison Stewart from New London, CT
    413.  Matt McCarty from North Versailles
    414.  Todd Weber from GO Steelers - Hartford, SD
    415.  Ashley Bierbach from Franklin, PA
    416.  Ryan Lane from J - Town
    417.  Brian J. Leech from Pittsburgh, PA
    418.  Brett Yasko from Pittsburgh, PA
    419.  Chrissy Harmon from McDonald
    420.  In Love With Liza
    422.  Rebecca Lauper from Baltimore, MD
    423.  Jaws from North Hills
    424.  Big D from Fort Worth, TEXAS
    425.  Summer Lohler from Pittsburgh, PA
    426.  Tony Rotella from Cleveland, OH
    427.  Kari Evans from Pittsburgh, PA
    428.  Kevin Platukis from Pittsburgh, PA
    429.  Goon Dick from McDonald, PA
    430.  Brittany Kopa from Pittsburgh, Pa
    431.  Lauren Mayhue from Pittsburgh, PA
    432.  Michael Neiberg from Mississippi (born in the Burgh
    433.  Linnea Borter from Pittsburgh, PA
    434.  Dan Heneghan from Pittsburgh, PA/Oneonta, NY
    435.  Mike Hunt from Orange County, Ca
    436.  Krystle from PITTSBURGH, PA
    437.  Rob Drapcho from Olmsted Falls, Ohio
    438.  Eric C. Taylor from Salt Lake City, Utah
    439.  Mark Madden from Reading Hospital
    440.  Heywood Jablome from Pittsburgh, Pa
    441.  Scott Gilliam from Toledo OH
    442.  Mike from Gibsonia, PA
    443.  Chuck from Allenwood, Pa
    444.  Tim Freker from Da Burgh
    445.  Kevin Malesic from I have no beard XP
    446.  Stephen from Nyack, New York
    447.  Caitlin McCarthy ;) from Harrisburg, Pa
    448.  Jennifer Vallor from Collierville, TN
    449.  Kelley Wachter from New Jersey
    450.  Kevin Kroll from University of Pittsburgh
    451.  Rachael Chmiel from Pittsburgh, PA
    452.  Jason Harman from Penn.
    453.  Timothy Dempsey from Pittsburgh, PA
    454.  Angela Smarto from Wexford, PA
    455.  Ryan Carrigan from Kalamazoo
    456.  Nathan Fairman from Boynton Beach, FL
    457.  Harini Sathi from Monroeville, PA
    458.  No Beard To Shave... from Sewickley, PA
    459.  Mark Szymanski from Cadogan, PA
    460.  Thomas Hanlon from Cleveland, Ohio
    461.  Brian Lash from Pittsburgh
    462.  Nicole Sholder from Pittsburgh, PA
    463.  Heather Howe from Pittsburgh, Pa
    464.  Mike Chobanian from Lower Burrell
    465.  Emily Bayer from PITTSBURGH, PA
    466.  Matthew Provenzano from Pittsburgh, PA
    467.  Katherine Larimer from Franklin Park- Pgh, PA
    468.  Melissa Anderson from Hanover, PA
    469.  Catherine Pylant from Pittsburgh, PA
    470.  Alex Plocki from Pittsburgh, PA/Carlisle, PA
    471.  Wes Metcalf from Grove City, PA
    472.  Jeremy Kossbiel from Pittsburgh/Erie PA
    473.  Alexis Barlow from Originally from PITTSBURGH, PA
    474.  Rick Morrow from Gifford, PA
    475.  R.J. Kolar from Johnstown Boy in West Chicago
    476.  Matt from Happy Valley, PA
    477.  Roxanne Patton from PITTSBURGH, PA
    478.  Patrick Duffey from Pittsburgh PA
    479.  Matt Estadt from Cleveland
    480.  Marijo McBeth from Pittsburgh, Pa
    481.  Mike Rieker from From Pittsburgh @ MU Ohio
    482.  Darby Hughes from Middletown, PA
    483.  Dave Gerard from Wattsburg, PA
    484.  Letisha Brown from University of PIttsburgh
    485.  Steve Moore from Canonsburg PA
    486.  Marissa Dean from Louisville, KY
    487.  Claudia Ring from Clev but the Burgh at heart
    488.  Nick Klinepeter from Shippensburg, Pa
    489.  Neil Masquelier from McDonald, PA
    490.  Brian Brosius from Danville, PA
    491.  Ryan Beger from Pittsburgh, PA
    492.  Chris Serino from Bolingbrook, IL
    493.  Shannon Watson from Pittsburgh, PA
    494.  Brendan from Spokane, WA
    495.  Katie from HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!
    496.  Jake Grantz from Clarion, PA
    497.  t.nau from middletown
    498.  Nikki from The Burgh
    499.  Tim Carrigan from Buchanan Mi.
    500.  Ally from STEELER NATION
    501.  liz "1 4 da thumb"wiese from pittsburgh, best place ever PA
    502.  DL from da burgh
    503.  vince lobianco from pittsburgh PA
    504.  LIFTED from STEEL CITY
    505.  Rick Harris from Royal Palm Beach, FL
    506.  Nathan Stephenson from Pittsburgh, PA.
    507.  Allan from Warren Pa
    508.  Triscuit from Nabisco
    509.  Johnny M. from Tampa Florida
    510.  Briton Westerhaus
    511.  Jennifer Wirth from Pittsburgh, PA
    512.  Ray Clark from Palm Harbor, FL
    513.  Mark Linton from Wheeling, West Virginia
    514.  Gene Gasper from Bethel Park, PA
    515.  Ben Froats from State College, PA
    516.  Steve Mast from Plum Boro
    517.  Kristi Lynch from Pittsburgh, PA
    518.  Howard Boggs from from McDonald,Pa
    519.  john (fats) dudley
    520.  Scott Mang from Erie, Pa
    521.  Matt Shaffer from Pittsburgh
    522.  Brett Seroka from Belle Vernon, PA
    523.  Alex Lefcakis from Pittsburgh, PA
    524.  Gerry Daugherty from Pittsburgh, PA
    525.  Zee from Burgh
    526.  Scott Miller from Da' Burgh'
    527.  Melissa Vidra from PIttsburgh, PA
    528.  Joe Wilde from Mountaintop, PA
    529.  Terry Mohler from Pittsburgh, PA
    530.  Colleen Hale from Pittsburgh
    531.  Marie Trombulak from Pittsburgh, PA
    532.  Nathan Cousins from Ford City, PA
    533.  Shane McDonald from Knoxville, TN
    534.  marielle from (ft laud, fl) Washongton,PA
    535.  Lauren Lancia from Da Burgh
    536.  Matt O'Malley from Pittsburgh
    537.  Matt Strauss from Penn Hills, PA
    538.  Brandy Bosta from Pittsburgh, PA
    539.  MEGAN LATTANZIO from Pittsburgh, PA
    540.  auntdoo/psuforever/iron from middleofnowhere, pa
    541.  Michael Provenzano from Kutztown, PA
    542.  Dave Bucci from Pittsburgh
    543.  Benny Schumacher from Collegeville PA
    544.  Jesse Malecki from Pittsburgh
    546.  Vera Spina from Vandergrift, PA
    547.  Joyce M. Hinnebusch from Pittsburgh, PA
    548.  Amy Posten from Pittsburgh, PA
    549.  Ann McLaughlan from Pittsburgh, PA
    550.  Rick from Clarion, PA
    551.  Rachel Ung from Pittsburgh, PA
    552.  Vince Nadji from Erie, PA
    553.  Jack H from Sharpsville, PA
    554.  Marcy F. from Pittsburgh, PA
    555.  ANGELA SHARP from WV
    556.  seb from lostinleghair, pa
    557.  Andrew Brown from Moon Twp. Pa.
    558.  Bianca R. Gresco from Pittsburgh, PA
    559.  Leeann from Pittsburgh
    560.  Caitie Henry from Ellicott City, MD
    561.  Julie Abramovic from Pittsburgh, PA
    562.  Stephanie from Pittsburgh PA
    563.  Peyton Manning from Indianapolis, IN
    564.  Jaci Sabolsky from Albany, NY
    565.  Katie K from Philly...but go Steelers!
    566.  Beth Simmerman from Canton, OH
    567.  Nick the barreller from Pittsburgh
    568.  Ki Seasoltz from Slippery Rock PA
    569.  Nick McGrady from Boston, MA/Pittsburgh, PA
    570.  Amy Osborn from Pittsburgh, PA
    571.  Diana G. from Pittsburgh, PA
    572.  Brick from Johnstown
    573.  Sal Pontillo from Erie
    574.  mike macy from scott
    575.  Ken Mac from kannapolis,nc
    576.  Nick Jackson from Lodi, Ca
    577.  Adam Short from The Burgh baby!
    578.  Chris Mariani from Sharpsville
    579.  Matt Erwood(PATS FAN) from Albuquerque,NM
    580.  Ruthanne Cole from Ridgway, Pa
    581.  Shannon Rodgers from Lawton, Oklahoma
    582.  Joanne Stasky from Indiana, PA
    583.  Erin Carmichael from Pittsburgh PA
    584.  Melissa Phillips from Pittsburgh pa!
    585.  Meghan Counsman from Pittsburgh
    586.  David Cole from Ridgway, Pa
    587.  Emily Raneri from Pittsburgh, PA
    588.  Nate Manuel from Erie / The Burgh
    589.  Justin Ropele from Pittsburgh
    590.  Leo P from Pittsburgh, PA
    591.  Larry Redmond from Leechburg,PA
    592.  Amy Grubb from Pittsburgh, PA
    593.  Sirena Lehmer from Middle-ton, PA
    594.  Jeff DeBaldo from Pittsburgh PA
    595.  Greg Colone from Pittsburgh, PA / Oneonta, NY
    596.  lauren cox from london, england
    597.  Tom Costello from Allentown, PA
    598.  Joe from from Oshawa ON Canada
    599.  Martine Saul from Augusta, GA...hometown is pgh!
    600.  Kyle Beveridge from Westmoreland County
    601.  DOUG BUSH from FORD CITY PA
    602.  Steve Brooks from mi
    603.  Erica Binus from Pittsburgh, PA
    604.  Lisa Babb from Pittsburgh, PA
    605.  Natalie from PA
    606.  Mike Rodich from Emporium Pa
    607.  Josh Goodrum from STEELER (Washington) Pa
    608.  Kelley Anderson from Pittsburgh
    609.  Mike Kofel from Pittsburgh
    610.  Zoe Lauro from PA!!
    611.  Laura Evantz from terrible towel country
    612.  Katie R. from Pittsburgh PA
    613.  jessica szyjko from cecil
    614.  The Jerk Man from Westminster College
    615.  Keith Nadji from Emporium Pa
    616.  Zack Rep from Philly
    617.  Matt Millea from NJ
    618.  Neal Hamilton from Pittsburgh, PA
    619.  Laura Mariotti from Pittsburgh Pa
    620.  Matt Pfister from Erie PA
    621.  Bill Bryant from Tipp City, OH
    622.  gil Lucas from Anna Maria Island, Fla
    623.  neil patel from pittsbirgh, pa
    624.  jeremy winters from nj
    625.  Liz Levay from Latrobe, PA
    626.  Mike Moore from Canonsburg PA
    627.  Ashley Adams from Plum, PA
    628.  Dees Nutts from Canonsburg PA
    629.  Lauren Salesi from Pittsburgh, PA
    630.  Chad Spensky from Pittsburgh, PA
    631.  JEN from ST. MARYS, PA
    632.  Bob Wasik from McDonald, Pa
    633.  Ian Hixenbaugh from California PA
    634.  David Remic from Da Burgh
    635.  Dick Frank from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    636.  Megan R from Charlotte, NC
    637.  Jared Pavan from Burgettstown, PA
    638.  ginny from latrobe, pa
    639.  Nick Ballsilko from DuBois, PA
    640.  Shawn Abernethy from Elizabethtown, Pa
    641.  Casey Boyd from DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY
    642.  Joe Teets from Connellsville, Pa
    643.  Mia Dragoslovich from Pittsburgh
    644.  Victor Bilan from Summerville, P
    645.  Katie from Brookville, PA
    646.  Jen Holbrook from ATHENS, GA !!
    647.  Ed Pizzella from Emporium PA
    648.  walckie the lineman from quakertown pa by way of ithaca
    649.  Heather Abernethy from Pittsburgh, Pa
    650.  Jake Plummer from Denver, CO
    651.  Nikki K from Washington DC
    652.  Brent Losee from FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY
    653.  Glenda Remic from detroit, MI
    654.  Matt Moses from Pittsburgh
    655.  Courtney Phillips from Bridgeville Pa
    656.  Joe Turo from Wexford Flatts, PA
    657.  Vicki Pensyl from Bedford, Pa
    658.  Stephen Hardos from State College, PA
    659.  Ashley Barton from McDonald, PA
    660.  Chris Frank from Gettysburg, PA
    661.  L Gevenosky from Pittsburgh
    662.  Jeff Knox from University of Pittsburgh
    663.  Mike Edeke from Pittsburgh, PA
    664.  AbbY * Stevens <33 from Pittsburgh/HarrisBurrg ;; PA
    665.  Samantha Maxwell from Pittsburgh, PA
    666.  Tom Lawton from Franklin PA
    667.  Luke from Pittsburgh vote for Santorum!
    668.  Mackenzie Ridgway from Pittsburgh, PA
    669.  Curtis O. from Robinson, also rockin the Ben
    670.  Emma Taylor from University of Pittsburgh
    671.  Ryan Mesaros from University of Pittsburgh
    672.  Humpsteady from College Park, MD
    673.  Jordan carrigan from Buchanan MI
    674.  Meghan Bernhardt from Florida
    675.  Tyler Trussell from New Jersey
    676.  Lauren from Pittsburgh
    677.  Luke Wherry from JOHNSTOWN
    678.  Jenna Hendershot from Pittsburgh, PA
    679.  Marc Paronish from Clarion , Pa
    680.  Steph from Pittsburgh Steeler Time:)
    681.  Chris Watts
    682.  Lisa H.
    683.  Andy Moul from University of Pittsburgh
    684.  Sonya Lindgren from Emsworth, PA
    685.  Jon Marnell from Washington, PA
    686.  john baker from edinboro pa
    687.  Sarah bomb Wilderman from DA BURGHHH
    688.  Wendy Russell from Portland, Oregon
    689.  Jessie Linder from SOUTHSIDE
    690.  Keaton Carr from Pittsburgh Pa
    691.  Matt Cooper from Pittsburgh, PA
    692.  Carly Flynn Morgan from Pittsburgh, PA
    693.  Daniel Boggs from Burgettstown
    694.  Shane O'Neill from Altus, Oklahoma
    695.  Creepy Jim from KFC Greensburg..cawwwwwwwwwww!
    696.  Daria from Pitt
    697.  Black Brian from Tower C Pitt
    698.  Johnna Oravec from Pittsburgh, Pa
    699.  RaCheL.... from StEeLeR pA
    700.  John Konzier from Shaler PA (pittsburgh) lets go
    701.  Scott Empfield from Pittsburgh
    702.  RIBS from ... greensburgh pa
    703.  Hulk Hogan from Venice Beach
    704.  Jennifer LaFemina from Landenberg, Pa
    705.  Siz from da burgh
    706.  Verle Haines from McDonald, PA
    707.  Craig Renegar from Pittsburgh
    708.  Casey Nider from Meyersdale, PA
    709.  Brian Skokowski from Steeler PA
    710.  Shannon Moore from Pittsburgh, PA
    711.  Suzanne Holmberg from CIcinnati, OH
    712.  Sarah Dent from Greensburg Pa
    713.  Douglas K. Bauknight from Hot-Lanta, GA
    714.  Alisha Henzler from PITTSBURGH, PA
    715.  Rachael Mellor from my beard is gonna be SO LONG
    716.  Patrick Woy from Meyersdale, pa
    717.  Nikki from Philadelphia, PA
    718.  Mike Moore from Altoona, Pa
    719.  Earl from Your Mom's House, PA
    720.  Stephanie from West Mifflin
    721.  Amanda Way from Erie/Pittsburgh, PA
    722.  Jordan Bishop from Greensburg, PA
    723.  Justin Welker from California, PA
    724.  Suzu from Lebanon,OH
    725.  Nick Zimmerman from Monongahlea, Pa
    726.  Casey Heidenthal from Clymer Pa
    727.  Rocco from altoona
    728.  Chryste Bunardzya from Steeler, Pa
    729.  Ryan S from Freeport, PA
    730.  Bob Richards from Greenville, PA
    731.  C.Borter from Ellwood City, PA
    732.  Chris Ankeny from Somerset, PA
    733.  JJ Heranic from Pittsburgh, PA
    734.  Kate Shoop from Moon Township PA
    735.  Lindsey from Hburg, PA
    736.  Matt Norris from Indiana, PA
    737.  Dan Snyder from Allison Park
    738.  Scott Zimmerman from Eas t Freedom Pa
    739.  Diego Saenz from Ithaca, NY
    740.  Mike Staab from Pittsburgh, PA
    741.  Ashley Lennox from Ford City, PA
    742.  nick ehrhart from gibsonia
    743.  Justin Pasternak from Tempe, AZ
    744.  Aimee Suwalski from PITTSBURGHHHH,PA
    745.  Nick Smolak from Erie, PA
    746.  Brandon Simon from Pittsburgh, PA
    747.  jon killmeyer from "oakland
    748.  Torri Rosol from Ford City, PA
    749.  Danielle Condon from Sweet Valley, PA
    750.  Joe Mallit
    751.  Lisa Haas from Gibsonia
    752.  Justin Trybus from Cresson PA
    753.  Kerry Heckman from California, PA
    754.  Justin Klukan from Ford City, Pa
    755.  Nick Donaldson from Butler, PA
    756.  Mel Mercincavage from Plains, PA
    757.  Ben Sacksen from Oakland, PA
    758.  Colleen Wilderman from Allison Park
    759.  Ryan Sersen from Hanover, PA
    760.  bryan steamfitter meist from 449's union hall/h-town
    761.  Scott Meier from Pittsburgh,PA
    762.  Dustin Landfried from Erie, PA
    763.  Pierce Liefeld from Pittsburgh
    764.  Doug Speir from Erie, PA
    765.  Bobby Cherry from PITTSBURGH
    766.  Doug Buck from Etna
    767.  Ed Brumbaugh from Altoona PA
    768.  Ryan Caputo from Altoona, Pa
    769.  Jill Johnson from Erie, PA
    770.  Kasey Hazi from Pittsburgh, pa
    771.  Kristen Messina from Pittsburgh
    772.  Jesus from Nazareth
    773.  Todd Ledoux from Pubes, PA
    774.  Katie Wills from Altoona
    775.  Chuck Norris from Texas
    776.  Meghan Young from Erie, PA
    777.  Jeff Havelka from pittsburgh
    778.  Anne Clough from Pittsburgh, PA
    779.  Shaun Crawford from Pittsburgh
    780.  Elliot Haney from Huntingdon, PA
    781.  Josh Boese from Aloona
    782.  Jessie Messina from Johnstown PA
    783.  Ronnie Shrift from Altoona, PA
    784.  matt "DaCuSe" mancuso from Pittsburgh,PA
    785.  Jeannine Thompson from Pittsburgh, PA
    786.  Kurtis" The Deet"Myers from Alttona
    787.  Kevin Berkeybile from South Park
    788.  Lindsey from Pittsburgh, PA
    789.  Bill Jenkins from Elrama, Pa
    790.  Tom Sunday from I need a Blanket, PA
    791.  Jennifer Schlata from Finleyville, Pa
    792.  Dros from Altoona
    793.  Kevin Shaw from Pittsburgh
    794.  Joach Sacksen from Somerset, PA
    795.  Dan Gable from IOWA
    796.  This site won't let me from the internet
    797.  Todd Derby from Meadville PA
    798.  Nate Longstreth from Akron, OH (formerly WashPa)
    799.  Sherri Ann Breitigan from Pittsburgh, PA
    800.  Sam Sacksen from Colorado Springs, CO
    801.  Brendon O'Donovan from Washington, DC
    802.  Autumn Longstreth from Akron, OH (formerly WashPa)
    803.  Tony Grego from Millvale
    804.  Andrew Myers from State College
    805.  Carson Palmer from The Hospital
    806.  Marty Stouffer from Wild America
    807.  Dave Marley from Philadelphia
    808.  Sean Ek from Pittsburgh, PA
    809.  Allison DiCola from Selinsgrove, Pa
    810.  T.O. from no idea where im playing next
    811.  Matt Mercincavage from Plains, PA
    812.  Eric Cartman from South Park, Colorado
    813.  Stacie Plevelich from Greensburg, PA
    814.  Melissa Chrin from Pittsburgh, PA
    815.  Bess No. 1 fan Dunlevy from WashPa
    816.  Batman from Gotham City
    817.  Dan the Man Kreider from PITTSBURGH
    818.  baby d from state pen
    819.  Biff Crankshaw from Southside n at PA
    820.  Josh "Lifer" Gray from pittsburgh, PA
    821.  Santa Clause from The North Pole
    822.  Kaylene Carrigan from female beard wearer BuchananMI
    823.  Natalie Plevelich from Greensburg, PA
    824.  Jimmy The F'n Fish from DA BURGH
    825.  Michael Rebinski from PGH
    826.  Dave Delaini from Duquesne University
    827.  Meredith Hayes from Greensburg, PA
    828.  Steve Lis.. from Pittsburgh...!!
    829.  Zach Morris from Bayside
    830.  Donnie Iris from Pants n'At
    831.  Will Powers from Pittsburgh, PA
    832.  Michael Caughey from Pittsburgh, PA
    833.  Pat Craig from Slippery Rock
    834.  Stef Walker from McConnellsburg, PA
    835.  JWEEZY from PITTSBURGH BABY!!!
    836.  Seth Hazlett from Leechburg, PA
    837.  Brian Kelly from Doylestown
    838.  Elyse Pehel from Mars PA
    839.  Jen Frank from Erie PA
    840.  Alicia Condie from The Burgh!
    841.  Kristine Briston from Pittsburgh PA
    842.  Sean Trees from New Kensington
    843.  Carren O'Keefe from Lock Haven, PA
    844.  John Mayer from Detroit
    845.  Jeremy Bottorf from Jersey Shore, PA
    846.  Kayla Shetler from Johnstown, PA
    847.  Matthew Carulli from Pittsburgh PA
    848.  Alison Leuthold from Pittsburgh
    849.  Amanda Mook from Erie, PA
    850.  Daniel Boeve from Pittsburgh, PA
    851.  Chris Dembowski from Clearwater, FL
    852.  scruff mcgruff from chicago illinois 60652
    853.  Ryan from State College, PA
    854.  Josh Marnhout from THE BURGH
    855.  Hershell Kristovski from Springfield
    856.  Ashlee "AK" Kalp from Mt. Pleasant PA
    857.  Alan D. Karelitz from Hecla, PA
    858.  Allison Hastings from Indiana, PA
    859.  Laura Keintz from Pittsburgh, PA
    860.  Free Bartek from Guatamala
    861.  Katie Rausch from Pittsburgh
    862.  Franco Bartekio from Sicily
    863.  Kati B from murrysville
    864.  Audra Taylor from Pittsburgh PA
    865.  Kelly from Pittsburgh
    866.  Michael Mayernick from Altoona, PA
    867.  Erin Kuncher from Latrobe, Pa
    868.  Nicole Acquaviva from Pittsburgh, Pa
    869.  Megan Sowinski from Clarion, PA
    870.  Mike Sprouse from Altoona, PA
    871.  Matt Prather from Cedartow Ga
    872.  Kevin Bogacki from Representin for Sammy's in NC
    873.  Freeman Bartek from Ireland
    874.  Robert S. from Phoenix, AZ
    875.  Courtney Miller from Clarion, PA
    876.  Fru Burtec from Yugoslavia
    877.  Josh Ward from Idaho
    878.  Carson Palmer from ouch my knee
    879.  Angel DuCarme from Pittsburgh (=
    880.  Amy Brush from Moon Twp., PA
    881.  Rachel from clarion
    882.  Cheryl F from Ellwood City
    883.  Kate Kuzma from Pittsburgh, PA
    884.  Jj Bittenbender from Allentown
    885.  Erin Baumann from Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA
    886.  Niki W. from Pittsburgh
    887.  Ashley Nave from IUP
    888.  Katie S. from IUP!!!
    889.  Jeebus Krast from Pittsburgh, PA
    890.  Nathan Yadlosky from Gettysburg, Pa
    891.  Carolyn McGrath from Pittsburgh
    892.  The Captain from Pittsburgh, PA
    893.  Garrett Keegan from Gibsonia, PA
    894.  Sammi Sadock from Pittsburgh, Pa or C-bus OH
    895.  Eric from New Stanton Pa
    896.  Nick Gollos from BeaverFalls, pittsburgh PA
    897.  God from Heaven
    898.  Nicole Mader from Pittsburgh, PA
    899.  Jason from Watsontown, PA
    900.  Terrence Gerhard from Pittsburgh
    901.  Dan Saperstein from New Jersey
    903.  Lakin from Pittsburgh ( IUP)
    904.  Ryan Davies from IUP
    905.  Kimo VonOelhoffen from when i ruined Palmers knee
    906.  Patricia DuCarme from Pittsburgh PA!
    907.  Ben Rothlisberger from The Immaculate Tackle
    908.  Andy Black from Erie, PA
    909.  Dave May from Pants N'at Bargain Basement
    910.  Brian Wink from Moon Twp, PA
    911.  Kristine Ferrone from Long Island, NY
    912.  Scott Hess from Hampton PA
    913.  Nikki Kitta from California, PA
    914.  Tyler Reid from Man those steelers eat nuts
    915.  Katrina Very from Pittsburgh, PA
    916.  Bill Swedish from PITTSBURGH
    917.  Jim Black from Erie, Pa.
    918.  Meesh from Penn State
    919.  AMMON RENOLL from 412
    920.  Justin Meade from Hampton PA
    921.  Tyler Jameson from Portland Oregon
    922.  Chris May from Penn State
    923.  Krabbuals from South Side STEELER POWER
    924.  MoFro from Penn State
    925.  Becky May from miami u to the burgh
    926.  John Getty from IUP
    927.  Colin M. from University of Pittsburgh
    928.  Michael Huth from Freeport, PA
    929.  Megan O'Sullivan from kent state loves the steelers!
    930.  Brandon McKnight from Johnstown, PA
    931.  Jordan Novelly from Kent State   (01/31/06)
    932.  Ryan Riordan from Pittsburgh, PA
    933.  Kim Clinebell from PSU
    934.  JayLucc from Lancaster, PA
    935.  Patrick H from Hollidaysburg, PA
    936.  Miles D. Buttrill from Pittsburgh
    937.  Nat Wetzel from Pitt
    938.  Marcus J. from Pittsburgh, PA.
    939.  Steve Czekanski from Ford City, PA
    940.  John Poremba from Clarion
    941.  Mark Wrobleski from Pittsburgh PA
    942.  Sean C. from Pittsburgh PA
    943.  Kelly Doerr from Iup
    944.  Sean Sherlock from State College
    945.  Chris Heaton from Slippery Rock PA
    946.  Aaron Bisbee from ERIE PA
    947.  Andrew Crotty from Pittsburgh
    948.  Devin Moore from Murrysville, PA
    949.  Melissa Roenigk from IUP
    950.  Chris Hartman from SHALER
    951.  Chelsea Little from Pittsburgh
    952.  kellee winkler from pittsburgh pa
    953.  Melissa Stavish from PSU
    954.  David Mathews from Murrysville, PA
    955.  Jamo Morse from Penn State
    956.  President Grahm Spanier from Penn State
    957.  Jamie Coccarelli from Erie, PA
    958.  Sara LaSalvia from Washington, PA
    959.  Jennifer Lynch from New Castle, PA
    960.  Sarah Perrone from Indiana, PA
    961.  Janelle Gales from PITTSBURGH, PA
    962.  Patrick Campbell from Murrysville, PA
    963.  Craig Iacovino from from Oakland. BEN INSPIRES!!!!
    964.  Jason Offord from Plum/Penn State
    965.  J. Lee from Harrisburg, PA
    966.  Stephanie Catanese from The Ohio State University
    967.  Anthony Haley from Beaver Falls
    968.  Don Houser from Sedro Woolley WA
    969.  Josh Hoover from Pittsburgh
    970.  Frank Papa from Murrysville
    971.  Sean Thomas Illig from Pittsburgh
    972.  Allie Brown from Pittsburgh, PA
    973.  Emily Morrison from IUP
    974.  Kim Lee from Erie, PA
    975.  Katie Bean from Pixburgh
    976.  jesse aultz from sipesville
    977.  Eric Nachreiner from Penn State Behrend
    978.  Mike Slanders from GO PSU! GO STEELERS!
    979.  rachie from pittsburgh
    980.  Lauren Scott from Pittsburgh
    981.  Erica Hoover from CHEST SPRINGS, Pa
    982.  Talon Kephart from State College
    983.  Claire Magnuson from Murrysville, PA
    984.  Ali Torok from Erie PA!!!
    985.  Rick Dowd from Pittsburgh,PA
    986.  Kendy Shubra from Indiana, PA
    987.  Mike Kennedy from IUP!!
    988.  Ken Hoffman from Houston, TX
    989.  Charlie Beava from IUP
    990.  Veronica McCutcheon from Ulysses
    991.  Bill Shreve from Edinboro, PA
    992.  Bob Stampfle from PITTSBURGH !!!!
    993.  Phil Schulte from Pittsburgh, PA
    994.  Brian PRICE from University of Pittsburgh
    995.  Elizabeth Herman from Pittsburgh, PA
    996.  Ben Black from Erie, PA
    997.  Mike Szurley from Pittsburgh
    998.  Brian "Gube" Gubish from Pittsburgh, PA
    999.  Robert Simon from Los Angeles, CA
    1000.  David Rogina from Pittsburgh
    1001.  Stephanie H from Harrison City, PA
    1002.  Maggie from The
    1003.  Brad Reifsnyder from Johnstown, Pa
    1004.  Jenn from PITTSBURRRGHH!!!
    1005.  Mike Siwiec from Pittsburgh, PA
    1006.  Jake Pelucio from PITT
    1007.  Ryan Szewczak from Pittsburgh (New Kensington) PA
    1008.  Treaterstein from SCRANTON, PA
    1009.  Greg Washington from THE University of Pittsburgh
    1010.  Casey Bard from Edinboro University of PA
    1011.  Katie Martin from PITT
    1012.  Josh Bilak from Pitt
    1013.  Eric Deutsch from State College, PA
    1014.  Katie Loomis from Edinboro,PA
    1015.  Rob Bonsall from State College, PA
    1016.  Stephen Foster from I just shaved mine last week
    1017.  Nick Globig from Pittsburgh
    1018.  Angie Batson from Penn Hills, PA
    1019.  Heather Gratzmiller from Pittsburgh, PA
    1020.  Alex Greif from Robert Morris University
    1021.  Pat Howard from Lancaster, Pa
    1022.  Shane Henderson from New Kensington, PA
    1023.  Mark Thomas from Johnstown
    1024.  Sara Bressler from New Castle, PA
    1025.  Tom Cimino from Arnold, PA
    1026.  amy w from pittsburgh(happy valley) pa
    1027.  Mike Byrne from University of Pittsburgh
    1028.  Jake Plummer from Denver, CO
    1029.  The Quick from 106
    1030.  Shifty from Pittsburgh, PA
    1031.  Nate Snyder from Edinboro University of PA
    1032.  Jen from Harrisburg, Pa
    1033.  Emily Dougherty from Pittsburgh, PA
    1034.  Jason Bartko from University of Pittsburgh
    1035.  Sarah P from pittsburgh, Pa
    1036.  Laura Quick from Quicksburgh
    1037.  Andy Blystone from Union City PA
    1038.  myron cope from yoi
    1039.  Tyler Buchanan from Kennerdell PA
    1040.  Paz from Greensburg, PA
    1041.  David Dugas from Burgettstown, PA
    1042.  Mike Huff from IUP
    1043.  Ashleigh Levy-Levy from some boys bed
    1044.  Stephanie Campbell from Austin,TX
    1045.  Stacy Steinkirchner from Pittsburgh, PA
    1046.  Geoff Brown from Rochester, NY
    1047.  Dallas Fan from Austin, TX
    1048.  ADAM PECHART from Pittsburgh
    1049.  Kelly Petruno from Pittsburgh, PA
    1050.  Justin Cowles from Indiana PA
    1051.  James Graham from Arnold, PA
    1052.  Colby Hazenstab from Duncansville, PA
    1053.  jeff rawsom from pittsburgh
    1054.  David Robinson from Perry County, PA
    1055.  David Pallof Jr. from Pittsburgh, PA
    1056.  Jessie Perreault from Sioux City Iowa
    1057.  Kasey Marie from Butler PA
    1058.  Alicia Buckoske from Pittsburgh, PA
    1059.  Josh Bookhamer from Duncansville, PA
    1060.  Jesse Wood from PITTSBURGH(shaler), PA
    1061.  Ken Sacks
    1062.  rah digga from 215
    1063.  Jimmy B from Pittsburgh, PA
    1064.  Joe Hoey from BeaverFalls Pa
    1066.  The A-Team from the Los Angeles underground
    1067.  Mike Vanderjagt from Wide Right
    1068.  Cathy Robinson from I.U.P
    1069.  Sallie Richards from Huntington, WV
    1070.  Kyle Cermak from greensburg pa
    1071.  R.J. Edwards from Gibsonia, PA
    1072.  Spencer Mylan Wheeler from I'm an Idiot, VA
    1073.  Lauren Tyber from mechanicsburg, pa
    1074.  Kristin Quickert from Quicksbed, PA
    1075.  Pat Cencic from Greensburg
    1076.  Matt Talboo from Tallinn, Estonia
    1077.  McLanaman from Streets of State College, PA
    1078.  Rimothy Rogers from Hardcore Jungle, VA
    1079.  Brooke F. from Pittsburgh, PA
    1080.  Julia Orr from Pittsburgh
    1081.  J. Nagel from Charlottesville, VA
    1082.  Todd Deloplaine from Pittsburgh, PA
    1083.  Scott M from Altoona, PA
    1084.  Eric White from McMurray, PA
    1085.  D Nice from Runk
    1086.  Drew M from Duncansville, PA
    1087.  Mark 'Jr' Stampfle from Pittsburgh, PA
    1088.  Steven S. from Springfield, VA
    1089.  Kyle Barilar from Indiana, PA
    1090.  Jason Pape from Bethel Park, PA
    1091.  Joe Armour from Indiana, PA
    1092.  Ashley Brown from Canonsburg, PA
    1093.  npoc from morgantown, wv
    1094.  Ducen from Steeler Nation
    1095.  Jen Davidson from Because its Alex's Birthday
    1096.  Don Corbett from North Braddock
    1097.  Steven Holzapfel from Mercer, PA
    1098.  Kirsten Sundin from Morgantown, WV
    1099.  Allan Martin from Pittsburgh, PA
    1100.  Ashleigh McDonald from Beaver Falls
    1101.  Stephie K from from Pittsburgh, PA
    1102.  Ben Rodney from Pittsburgh, PA
    1103.  Sarah Norris from Pittsburgh
    1104.  Mike Connolly from North Hills
    1105.  Ryan O'Rorke from Pittsburgh, PA
    1106.  Daniel Stedman from State College
    1107.  Jeff Fodor from Latrobe, PA
    1108.  Adam Faderewski from State College, PA
    1109.  Travis Harp from Indiana, PA
    1110.  Troy P.43-just the hair from PITTSBURGH, PA
    1111.  Steve Zenert from Johnstown, PA
    1112.  Mike Latimer from Pittsburgh, PA
    1113.  Gail Connor from Melbourne, FL
    1114.  Carmen Berkley from Pittsburgh,PA!!
    1115.  jaw stein from pittsburgh
    1116.  jaw's beautiful lady from pittsburgh
    1117.  Jamie Bergamasco from Oakland
    1118.  Jenny from Greensburg, PA
    1119.  Dustin Durham from PITTSBURGH
    1120.  Beckwithize your body from All over ya
    1121.  Rylend Grant from Los Angeles, CA
    1122.  pauljamaul from pittsburgh
    1123.  Dylan from Greensburg
    1124.  Ryan Porterfield from Greensburg, PA
    1125.  Adam McNaughton from London, England
    1126.  Aaron dajuicemane Blose from Murrysville, PA
    1127.  Ben Dover from Shaler, Pa
    1128.  Jennifer Wallace from Wheeling, WV
    1129.  Brent Wetzel from Wheeling, WV
    1130.  Frank Camperlingo from Riverside, CA
    1131.  Jessica Riggs from Wheeling, WV
    1132.  Jake Ritchey from WVU
    1133.  Eve Roha from Greensburg
    1134.  Luis from Cali
    1135.  mike presley from pittsburgh
    1136.  shawn alexander from from the bench
    1137.  Matt Margliotti from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1138.  Kim from Hollywood, FL
    1139.  Janet Just from from Orwigsburg PA
    1140.  jayla carrigan from buchanan MI
    1141.  Joey Bischof from Springhope, PA
    1142.  Jen B from Pgh, PA
    1143.  Connie Cornelio from St. Marys, PA
    1144.  Amber Pollard from Erie, PA
    1145.  Robert Dinsmore from Frederick MD.
    1146.  jeff tewell from arlington. tx
    1148.  Dirk G. from C-Berry! PA
    1149.  Dan Kelly from Carnegie, PA
    1150.  David Holsinger from Pittsburgh, PA
    1151.  Cosmo Kramer from Johnstown, PA
    1153.  K. Brown from Pittsburgh
    1154.  Becky from Hopewell
    1155.  Greg Shriver from Washington, PA
    1156.  Whitney Horrigan from Indiana,PA
    1158.  Dawn Bereznay from Cranberry twp, PA
    1159.  Jim Barak from Brownsville, PA
    1160.  Teresa BRush from Alexandria, Virginia
    1161.  Edward Kalchthaler lll from Pittsburgh, PA
    1162.  Jonathan Beck from Greensburg, PA
    1163.  Matt H. from Pittsburgh, PA
    1164.  Scott from Greensburg, PA
    1165.  Howard Bullard from Pittsburgh
    1166.  Chris Bereznay from Cranberry Township, PA
    1167.  Arlene Cherry from Moon
    1168.  Kevin Gilkenson from Los Alamitos, CA
    1169.  Eric Konvolinka from Freedom, PA
    1170.  Heather from Canonsburg, Pa
    1171.  Brian Freiss from Kensington MD
    1172.  Eric from Carnegie, PA
    1173.  Amy Wargo from Pittsbugh, PA
    1174.  Courtney from Gibsonia, PA
    1175.  Janice Lydick from Canonsburg PA
    1176.  Martin Oesterling from Butler, PA
    1177.  Becky Petro from IUP
    1178.  Crystal Alston from Pittsburgh, PA
    1179.  Gary H. from Renfrew, PA
    1180.  Chad Toia from Pittsburgh Pa
    1181.  Joey S. from Sterling, VA
    1182.  Brenda Benninghoff from State College PA
    1183.  Chuck Norris from Texas
    1184.  Megan from Ridgway, PA
    1185.  Kathy Sutherland from Monongahela, PA
    1186.  Nate Hankinson from Pittsburgh PA
    1187.  Eileen from Downtown
    1188.  Kelly Hackenberg from Pittsburgh PA
    1189.  Becky from Butler,PA
    1190.  Napoleon Bonaparte from Paris, FRANCE
    1191.  Amanda Reinard from Pittsburgh, PA
    1192.  Tim Regan from Bridgeville PA
    1193.  C W Marplewhite from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1194.  Chris Heny from Pittsburgh, PA
    1195.  LEAF from PITTSBURGH, PA
    1196.  Nancy G from North Hills, Pa.
    1197.  Chris Henry from Pittsburgh, PA
    1199.  Theresa and Katie from Copy Cat of PITT
    1200.  Jennifer Ford from Canonsburg, PA
    1201.  Mike Kerns from Apalachin, NY
    1202.  Julie Meier from Washington, PA
    1203.  AJoy from Pittsburgh
    1204.  Jeanne from Wheeling WV
    1205.  Jay Baumgartner from Wellsburg,WV
    1206.  Jenna from Pittsburgh, PA
    1207.  Doug Miles from Washington,PA
    1208.  Jane Galik from Pittsburgh, PA
    1209.  roberta heyl from pittsburgh, pa
    1210.  Brian Wozniak from Pittsburgh, PA
    1211.  Pimp C from The only South Park
    1212.  Ivy from Ellwood City, PA
    1213.  Kara Kubancsek from from clarion and pittsburgh
    1214.  Gretchen Reinard from Pittsburgh, PA
    1215.  Jim McMillen from New Castle, PA
    1216.  Renee from Cranberry Twp. PA
    1217.  Tiner McMillen from New Castle, PA
    1218.  jeff safko from hill station (lawrence) PA
    1219.  Mary Pat Kancle from Oakland, PA
    1220.  Fred Morecraft from Greensboro PA
    1221.  Carol Westlake from Monroeville, PA
    1222.  Joanne Schmalzried from Erie PA
    1223.  James Tarone from Pittsburgh, PA
    1224.  ev from pittsburgh
    1225.  Kalyn Hall from Washington.....Steeler, PA
    1226.  Tom White from Pittsburgh, PA
    1227.  Smitty from Manifold, Pa.
    1228.  Becky Murphy from Wheeling, WV
    1229.  Tut Veon from Beaver Falls
    1230.  Bret D from Columbus, OH (Penn Hills, PA)
    1231.  DANI JO from WASHINGTON
    1232.  DanaLynn Ferencz from PITTSBURGH
    1233.  Barbara from Harmony, PA
    1234.  Erin Bischoff from St. Mayr's, MD
    1235.  Greg Aiello from Harrisburg, Pa
    1236.  Mule Parise from Wash pa
    1237.  Colleen Bly from Pittsburgh, PA
    1238.  Candace Bruno from Monroeville
    1239.  Gwen Armstrong from Pittsburgh, PA
    1240.  Rob P. from Canonsburg, Pa.
    1241.  Laurel King from Newtown, PA
    1242.  Joe Mama from Pittsburgh, PA
    1243.  Chuck Norris from Yo momma's house
    1244.  Brant Hawk from PITTSBURGH, PA
    1245.  Jeff Conroy from Pittsburgh, PA
    1246.  Chachi Riccardi from Oakland, PA
    1247.  Bryan McNutt from The city of champions
    1248.  Heidi McKrisky from Murrysville, PA
    1249.  Thomas Whitney Jr. from Pittsburgh, PA
    1250.  John Herman from Pittsburgh, PA
    1251.  Seahawks Fan from Detroit= Pittsburghs nightmare
    1252.  Brady Higgins from Cecil,Pa...Steelers Rock!!
    1253.  Doug Broglie from Reston, VA
    1254.  Julia Edwards from Pittsburgh, PA
    1255.  Donna Hussar from Bethel Park, PA
    1256.  Larry David from Lower Burrell
    1257.  Marie Middleby from Pittsburgh PA
    1258.  Ed Russman from McDonald, PA
    1259.  Andrew Narr from Mt. Warshington, Pittsburgh
    1260.  JRS, Esq. from Pittsburgh, PA
    1261.  Madeline Roolf from North Huntingdon, PA
    1262.  Brandon Iskey from Coraopolis, PA
    1263.  Kerri Meeks from Bloomfield
    1264.  Tim Roolf from North Huntingdon, PA
    1265.  John Hasychak from Butler, PA
    1266.  Toby Park from I'm not cutting my real hair.
    1267.  Pope Benedict XVI
    1268.  Crystal Wells from Pittsburgh, PA
    1269.  ron lattanzio rph from johnstown, pa
    1270.  Peter Fitizina from West Virginia
    1271.  KYLER ROESCH from ALTOONA,PA!!
    1272.  carol k from PITTSBURGH STEELTOWN PA
    1273.  HEATHER CRAI
    1274.  Scott Chodor from Pittsburgh
    1275.  Ben Koeper from midway
    1276.  V.O. from Ellwood City, PA
    1277.  Tony Danza from Hollywood, CA
    1278.  Louis Lipps
    1279.  Gary from New Bethlehem, PA
    1280.  Skip Bayless from Moronville
    1281.  Mike Holmgren from Seattle, Wa.
    1282.  T from Raccoon, PA
    1283.  Lefty from North Branford, CT
    1284.  Get a life People!
    1285.  Elias Amireh from NJ
    1286.  ryan wilkins from baldwin
    1287.  Heather from Baltimore, MD
    1288.  Tim Edwards from RMU Rugby Moon Twp, PA
    1289.  Heather from Creighton, PA
    1290.  Gary Walker from St. Marys, PA
    1291.  Jesus from Nazareth
    1292.  sweetalp from PITTSBURGH BABY!!!
    1293.  alan hopkins from mooresville nc.
    1294.  Brian Walls from State College, PA
    1295.  Erika Miller from T.C.
    1296.  Larissa from Elton, PA
    1297.  cindy johnson from new freeport,pa
    1298.  Lauren S from Cranberry Twp
    1299.  Butch Mace from Caye Caulker Belize. GO PGH
    1300.  Traci Mathis from Denver, CO
    1302.  Jamie Kovac from Bellwood, PA
    1303.  Carmen
    1304.  Chuck Muia from Donora, PA
    1305.  Dane Ruccio from AUSTRALIA
    1306.  Bob Patterson from Belle Vernon, PA
    1307.  Carol Nesti from McDonald, PA
    1308.  Beth Neel from PITTSBURGH!!!!
    1309.  Josh Withers from Canonsburg
    1310.  Candie Henry from Murrysville, PA
    1312.  Matt Malagise from Pittsburgh
    1313.  Caitlin Walk from PITTSBURGH
    1314.  Patti from Bethel Park
    1315.  Chuck Norris from I am EVERYWHERE, USA...crt
    1316.  Doddie from Greensburg
    1317.  Jaime Varshine from Natrona Heights, PA
    1318.  D.A. Magee from Ellwood City/ New Orleans
    1319.  PIERCE from WASHINGTON PA
    1320.  Mark Robinson from Pittsburgh
    1321.  Isaac Farabaugh from Jackson Hole, Wy
    1322.  doug miller from florida
    1323.  Laura Harr from Pittsburgh
    1324.  Tim D. from North Versailles
    1325.  Uncle Buck from Leonia, New Jersey
    1326.  Lemmy
    1327.  Brandy Sheets from Pitt, PA
    1328.  Ted Nugent from The Motor City
    1329.  Sean Nestor from Pittsburgh
    1330.  Mark Macala from Pittsburgh
    1331.  Benji from The South Side
    1332.  Ed Kazinski
    1333.  Carolyn Solenday from Upper St. Clair
    1334.  Ted Kazinski from Butte, Montana
    1335.  T. Graham from Butler, PA
    1336.  Amy from Pittsburgh
    1337.  Dena Rakarich from Pittsburgh, PA
    1338.  Tom Dunsmore from Philipsburg, PA
    1339.  Ash Marnell from Marnyville
    1340.  Laura Wissinger from Indiana, PA
    1341.  Colette Dell from Canonsburg, PA
    1342.  Alicia Kirk from Fonthill, Ontario
    1343.  Peyton Manning from Indianapolis
    1344.  Peaches Cabell from East Pittsburgh
    1345.  Tony Hhon from Export pa
    1346.  Monty G. Gibson from Pittsburgh, PA
    1347.  Calvin Turner from Export Pa
    1348.  kevin gourley
    1349.  Katie Ferri from Export Pa
    1350.  holly losee from meadville,pa
    1351.  cristeen from Pittsburgh
    1352.  Joey Troupe from Oakland, Pitt Campus
    1353.  Kat E. from Steelers PA
    1354.  Ryan G from PITTSBURGH, PA
    1355.  Jed Ellwood from Collegeville, PA
    1356.  Allen Haselrig
    1357.  Cindy Pinder from Abaco, Bahamas
    1358.  l'il andy richards from berlin, germany
    1359.  Julie P.
    1360.  Natasha Tirko from State College, PA
    1362.  Amber from PITTSBURGH, PA
    1363.  Doe Burtnett from North Huntingdon, PA
    1364.  Michael O'Toole from The Burgh
    1365.  Erin Lovas from turtle Creek
    1366.  Mike Kowalski from THE University of Pittsburgh
    1367.  Meghan Graham from PITTSBURGH, PA
    1368.  Helene from Colorado
    1369.  Beast from Etown, PA
    1370.  Dangerous Dave from Laramie Wyoming
    1371.  Geno Kubancsek from Munhall Boro
    1372.  Bob O'Connor from Pittsburgh PA
    1373.  Stephanie from Greensburg, PA
    1374.  Rosemary from Pittsburgh
    1375.  Jeanine Cosentino from Pittsburgh, PA
    1376.  John Mc from Pittsbugh, PA
    1377.  Rosanne Litz from Borsbeek, Belgium
    1378.  Elizabeth from Pittsburgh
    1379.  Korey McCluskey from Pittsburgh (Oakland), PA
    1380.  Todd Aston-Reese from Pittsburgh
    1381.  CORY APICELLA from Washington, PA.
    1382.  BAD from Philipsburg, PA
    1383.  Jason Smith from Elizabeth Pa
    1384.  Laurel from Pittsburgh
    1385.  go seahawks! from plocki's mouth
    1386.  Gary Rosatelli from Steeler Country
    1387.  Barbie from Center
    1388.  Jody Haberkorn from Johnstown PA
    1389.  Tony Prosdocimo from Finleyville PA(currently Clvd)
    1390.  Carissa from Greensburg, PA
    1391.  Johnny B Leader from White Oak
    1392.  Chance Varner from washington 9steeler) pa
    1393.  Heidi Davis from Harrison City, PA
    1394.  Tina from Sciulli
    1395.  Joe from Ohio
    1396.  Brian Elway Fisher from Chambersburg
    1397.  LULEELURAH (Jason L.) from Springfield Va
    1398.  John from Ohio
    1399.  Danny Tanner from San Fransisco
    1400.  Dave Masdea from Penn State
    1401.  turk pierce from york, pa
    1402.  Danny Thunder from Pittsburgh, PA
    1403.  Jenna Baker from from PITT
    1404.  Steve from Tyrone, PA
    1405.  Suzanne & John Franus from Leesburg, Va
    1406.  murray braden from meadville,pa
    1407.  Ken Jones from IUP
    1408.  Juls from Liberty Boro, PA
    1409.  Jaycee Barkasi from Natrona Heights, PA
    1410.  Bill Falosk from Kansas City, MO
    1411.  Jen from Mars, PA
    1412.  Marlene Gorscak from West Mifflin, PA
    1413.  Ford Parker from Connecticut
    1414.  Karen Snyder from Ambridge, PA.
    1415.  Miller what from from the burgh baby
    1416.  Mick from Woodland, PA
    1417.  Murphy from Altoona, PA
    1418.  Tom Brown from Houston VIA Butler, PA
    1419.  Erick from Cecil, PA from McDonald, PA
    1420.  Heather DiDonato from Charlotte, NC
    1421.  Ryan Beer from South Oakland (PITT)
    1422.  Erick from Cecil, PA from McDonald, PA
    1423.  fife Anegie from Double State, PA
    1424.  Greg from O'Hara Twp., PA
    1425.  Zack Bellas from Pittsburgh, PA
    1426.  Leslie Mayberry from Ben Avon, PA.
    1427.  Olivia Kohnfelder from Mt Lebanon, PA
    1428.  Ryan from Pittsburgh
    1430.  Willy T. from MTL
    1431.  Leah Enders from UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH!!!
    1432.  LIZ HOLT from Pittsburgh, PA
    1433.  Mandi Lee LeDonne from THE BURGH : )
    1434.  Ann Moran from Pittsburgh
    1435.  Andrew Martinez from Elk Grove, Ca
    1436.  Sean Emigh from Philipsburg, PA
    1437.  Dana Campbell from Bethel Park, PA
    1438.  Erik Corl from Mercersburg PA
    1440.  Jessica Brown from Pittsburgh, PA
    1441.  Lindsay Carney from Pittsburgh, PA
    1442.  ron ruggiero from state college pa
    1443.  Midway Fire Dept. 13 from Midway PA
    1444.  Brian Fantana from San Diego, CA
    1445.  VU man from lebtown
    1446.  Rich Nardine from Portland, OR
    1447.  Jamie from Pittsburgh
    1448.  Stacy Newman from Lakewood, CO
    1449.  Ed from Washington, PA.
    1450.  Naomi from Pittsburgh
    1451.  Andrew Roolf from Lakewood, CO
    1452.  Nate Sharpless from Huntingdon, PA
    1453.  Erik Arlet from Pittsburgh, PA
    1454.  Rodney Klinger from Asheboro NC/Canonsburg pa
    1455.  Rick Bosch from CT- Steelers Fan Club!!!
    1456.  Doug Stoecker from Washington, Il.
    1457.  Freshly Shaved in from Canonsburg, PA
    1458.  Narcissist from Cranberry Twp.
    1459.  Makenzie A. from DC now, but always Pitt girl
    1460.  Robert Waison from China
    1461.  Nesta, joseph from Da Burg!!!
    1462.  James Bittner from Johnstown
    1463.  NO MORE WAR! from Iraq
    1464.  Brad from Pittsburgh
    1465.  Amber Spanitz from the 'burgh
    1466.  Don from THE steel city
    1467.  Carrie DuMars from Pittsburgh, PA
    1468.  Rachel from Cecil
    1469.  Bob and Pam Piro from Johnstown, PA
    1470.  SKY BANK from MCDONALD
    1471.  Karen Ricco from Pittsburgh
    1472.  gretchen beers from Blandburg, PA
    1473.  Tiffany Duran from Bulger
    1474.  Chad Chappell from Weirton, Wv
    1475.  Sam Duran from Bulger
    1476.  Ted Kennedy from Drunken Liberal, MA.
    1477.  Dave J from Ridgway
    1478.  stephen confer from clearfield, PA
    1479.  Chokers! from Bethlehem
    1481.  Kristen Romary from Pittsburgh, PA
    1482.  Kara Magnone from Weirton, Wv
    1483.  Mike Prill from Pittsburgh, PA
    1484.  Ryan Santangelo from Follansbee, WV
    1485.  Makenzie Alderette from Washington, DC
    1486.  TWILA from MCDONALD PA
    1487.  Mark Bitsko from Johnstown, PA
    1488.  Danni Weaver from Pittsburgh
    1489.  Thomas Jorden from Rochester PA
    1490.  Jimmy Soltis from Philipsburg, PA
    1491.  Matt Hoak from State College, Pa
    1492.  scott (bubba) from state collage,pa
    1493.  becky lust from pittsburgh, pa
    1494.  Erin from Woodland, PA
    1495.  Erik Augustson from I love the Steelers, skins suk
    1496.  Bob Twisted from Finleyville, PA
    1497.  Tina Baronio from Centre County, PA
    1498.  Dave Bell from Avonmore, PA
    1499.  Robin Sagulla from Pittsburgh, PA
    1500.  Lori Goetz from Proud from Pittsburgh, PA
    1501.  Lauren H from Indiana, PA
    1502.  Lil Red from Philipsburg, PA
    1503.  Terrible TV from Pittsburgh, Penn-syl-van-i-a
    1504.  George Fulda from Fairmont, WV
    1505.  Brian Kostef from Pittsburgh, PA
    1506.  Erik Carr from Atlanta GA. (formally Gibsonia
    1507.  Dickie B from stiller town
    1508.  Judy H from Proud to be from Pgh, PA
    1509.  Terrell Owens from the unemployment line
    1510.  Luke Snatchko from BURGETTSTOWN PA
    1511.  Mak Attack from I Love Ray - Ray, Go Ravens!
    1512.  Darlene Hart from Pittsburgh, PA
    1513.  Lynn Wilkinson from Corfu NY
    1514.  Smitty from Manifold, Pa.
    1515.  Phil Little from Beaver Falls PA
    1516.  Ritik Chojar from State College, PA
    1517.  SANDY B from EBENSBURG, PA
    1518.  Kris Butcher from I Love Ben, PA
    1519.  Curtis Heakins from Saxonburg, PA
    1520.  Kevin Burns from Philadelphia, PA
    1521.  Vern Tragesser from Lets go SEAHAWKS
    1522.  Jeff King from Pittsburgh PA
    1523.  Eva Hess from Jefferson, PA
    1524.  Julie Moreland from Murrysville
    1525.  Patrick from Indiana, PA
    1526.  Mary Geis from Bellwood, PA
    1527.  OJ 'The Juice' Simpson from some random white girls house
    1528.  Corinne McKinney Pgh from I believe.....7 &36
    1529.  Merv Siddall from Atlanta, GA
    1530.  Jackie Cardellino from Orlando FL
    1531.  Lucy Sten from Steeler, PA (a.k.a. Wash. PA)
    1532.  Ricky Williams from Miami
    1533.  Kevin Pittsnogle from Please PITT, don't hurt me
    1534.  Joe Cieslinski from Greensburg, PA
    1535.  Mularkey Mike from "I guess it was me"
    1537.  Roger Chambers from Pittsburgh PA
    1538.  Nick Celani from Buffalo - Go Seahawks
    1539.  Andy Kyle from Huntingdon PA
    1540.  Randy Anthony from Monongahela, PA GO STEELERS!!
    1542.  Chris Doerschner from Da Burgh
    1543.  David Pallof Jr. from Pittsburgh, PA
    1544.  S.W.M. from State College PA
    1545.  Ashley Edwards from Beaver Falls, PA
    1546.  Tim Miller from Kansas City
    1547.  Jeannette Buzzard from East Liverpool, Oh
    1548.  Chris "Boots" Kliza from Pittsburgh, PA
    1549.  Mandy from Pittsburgh, PA -Luv ya Ben!
    1550.  Dan Ostrom from Beaver Falls, PA
    1552.  HACKSAW from BEAVER
    1553.  Charity Jones from UNIVERISTY OF PITTSBURGH
    1554.  Mary Catherine Flaherty from Pittsburgh, PA
    1555.  Neil Ashbaugh from Butler
    1556.  Frank White from Scottsdale, AZ
    1557.  Jeffrey Lang from Cecil, PA
    1558.  Samantha from Pittsburgh, PA
    1559.  Glenn Heintz from Pittsburgh, PA
    1560.  Scott Courtney from Clarion, PA
    1561.  Melanie Hill from Mechanicsburg, PA
    1562.  Russ Hess from Drive For Five, PA
    1563.  Dugas Czukzalatadik from Pittsburgh, PA
    1564.  Bob Boretsky from Pittsburgh
    1565.  Danny Moosa from PITT!!
    1567.  Dugas Phuxalatadoodz from Pittsburgh, PA
    1568.  Beck from Dahntahn Steeltahn
    1569.  Cheese from Motown
    1570.  Anthony Pugliese from Pittsburgh, PA
    1571.  Patrick Kelly from Bolivar, Pa
    1572.  Steve Shakoske from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1573.  Dan T. Sukz from Biggest Sand Box
    1574.  Nick Zimmerman from bethel park, pa
    1575.  Chris Hackett from Pitt
    1576.  Rachel Carver from New Brighton, Pa
    1577.  Robert Goulet from Nature
    1578.  Kristy Smethwick from Pittsburgh, PA
    1579.  Shaun Pronto from Allegheny College
    1580.  Kristin from Steelers, PA
    1581.  BEN DAVIDSON from Fox Chapel
    1582.  Craig Stevens from Pittsburgh, PA
    1583.  Nikki Berlew from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    1584.  Jeremy Wano from Latrobe, PA
    1585.  Mike Burda from Portage
    1586.  Tyler Petro from Johnstown, PA
    1587.  john from Slippery Rock, pa
    1588.  Ned Moore from Portage
    1589.  Chuck Norris from Everywhere
    1590.  Crissy Reisinger from Johnstown, PA
    1591.  Colton McBryer from Pittsburgh
    1592.  Jon and Kelly Evans from Canton, MI
    1593.  Dan the Man Hacha from Greensburg, Pa
    1594.  Rob Benhart from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    1595.  Charli Murray from Philadelphia, PA
    1596.  Jeff Nash from Pittsburgh PA
    1597.  Ryan Irwin from California, Pa
    1598.  Kushal Dave from Pittsburgh PA
    1599.  Marianna from Pittsburgh, PA
    1600.  Allison Bradburn from Burgettstown PA
    1601.  Dave Grasinger from pittsburgh
    1602.  ryan clerici from cranberry twp., pa
    1603.  Harry Caray from Cubs Win, Cubs Win!
    1604.  Mary Rose Devine from Plum, PA
    1605.  chad flora from pittsburghhhhh
    1606.  Becky DiNapoli from Pittsburgh
    1608.  Justin Roche from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1609.  CJ Pritt from State College, PA
    1610.  Thomas Sweeney from Kutztown Pa
    1611.  Ron Burgandy from San Diego, CA
    1612.  Barbara Osborne from Ellwood City I beleive
    1613.  Maggie Meskey from Pittsburgh, PA
    1615.  Erin Scanlon from Canonsburg, PA
    1617.  Tristan Gibbon from Shippensburg PA
    1618.  Mike Devine from Richmond, VA
    1619.  Dave Wanstad from We Play A Weak Schedule
    1620.  William Hymes from Heidelberg, PA
    1621.  Barbara Osborne from Ellwood City, I beleive
    1622.  Michele (Mish) Rodgers from State College, PA
    1623.  Joseph J. Jackson from Pittsburgh, PA
    1624.  Adam Craig from Pittsburgh, PA
    1625.  carol kanfoush from ithaca, ny
    1626.  The Creature from Ambridge, PA
    1627.  Jim Grundleman from Grundle, PA
    1628.  Julie from Sherman, TX
    1629.  Blake Higgins from Cecil,Pa..Go Steelers!!
    1630.  Mike Patcher from Pittsburgh ,PA
    1631.  Rick Romig from Mt Lebanon, PA
    1632.  Big Chuck Pritt from Gettysburg PA
    1633.  Helena McGlothlin from Pgh, Pa -Troy Hill
    1634.  Steven McCabe` from Cecil,Pa.
    1635.  Jami Morris from Steeler (Washington) PA
    1636.  Josh Lindley from Burgettstown, PA
    1637.  Don Donatelli from Pittsburgh
    1638.  Chartiers Center from Bridgeville,Pa.
    1639.  Kelly Donovan from Pittsburgh, PA
    1640.  Tom Seasoltz from Altoona,PA
    1641.  Mike Viola from Pittsburgh
    1642.  Robert G from The BURGH !!
    1643.  Samantha Adamski from Muse,Pa.
    1644.  Ceci Rodgers from THE bURGH
    1645.  Aaron Rizzo from Shippensburg, PA
    1646.  Judi Lehman from Ellsworth PA
    1647.  Rod Vaginowski from BURGETTSTOWN
    1648.  Jim Harris from Pittsburgh, PA
    1649.  Ross Gioiosa from Altoona, Pa
    1650.  Shawn Meade from South Side
    1651.  Yinzer Wierdo from Under the rock on Mt. Worshing
    1652.  Shaun Alaxander from Seattle, WA
    1653.  Jared Phillips from Columbus, OH
    1654.  Martina Scrumtrilescent from State College, PA
    1655.  Duane Slaney from McDonald Pa
    1656.  Andy Penton from Johnstown, PA
    1657.  Garry Wilson from Houston Pa
    1658.  Alex from Saint Vincent College
    1659.  G. Weyant from Berlin, PA
    1660.  Ryan Faraci from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1661.  TJ Baker from Visalia, CA
    1662.  Kurt Klapkowski from Camp Hill, PA
    1663.  Chris Daubert from Johnstown, PA
    1664.  Mike Petrantoni from Largo, FL(From Pittsburgh,PA)
    1665.  My Giant from Mt. Washington
    1666.  Debi Baker from Visalia CALIFORNIA
    1667.  Vince Sacco from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1668.  Chad Ignatz from Pittsburgh, PA
    1669.  The Chin from Sorry I spit on you
    1670.  Joel Heisey from Pittsburgh, PA
    1671.  Rich Kolash from Erie, PA
    1672.  Michael Terrigno from Pittsburgh, PA
    1673.  chris jeffries from stanley,nc 28164
    1674.  kraig stahlman from Steelers,PA
    1675.  Bob Turner from Penn Hills PA GO STEELERS
    1676.  Nicole Thoman from Pittsburgh, PA
    1677.  Sandy OShea from Pittsburgh, PA
    1678.  Darth Vader from Executor
    1679.  Erin from Pittsburgh, PA
    1680.  Bob Dump from Greentree
    1681.  The Mighty GoTee from Winston-Salem NC
    1682.  Scott Schmidt from Orange County, Ca
    1683.  Cyndi Way from Erie, PA
    1684.  Craig Young from Plum
    1685.  Jeffrey Milliner from Aliquippa, PA
    1686.  Rose Cummings hrwego! from Cambridge Springs PA
    1687.  Justin Reed from Plum
    1688.  Chrissy McNulty from Johnstown, PA
    1689.  Bit from Carnegie
    1690.  Ryan Haas from Pennstate
    1691.  Ryan Beger
    1692.  Mike Koscho from Windber, PA
    1693.  Diane Edwards from Russell ,PA
    1694.  Pierce from P-town
    1695.  Zach Zanolli from WashPa
    1696.  Joe Signore from Beaver Falls - Go Burgh
    1697.  Melissa McMInn from Annapolis, MD
    1698.  Wendy Fiscus from Pittsburgh, PA
    1699.  Nick Brnilovich from Miami, FL
    1700.  Sally Hulka (Weiss) from Was Pittsburgh-Now Chicago-
    1701.  Chad A. from Oakmont......GO STEELERS!
    1702.  Amanda Hugginkis from intercourse pa
    1703.  Jesse Bender from oakland
    1704.  Thomas Andersen from Cresson, PA
    1705.  michael naylor from avella,pa
    1706.  Cari Winkler from Pittsburgh, baby!!!!
    1707.  Dalena Klavin from Pittsburgh, PA
    1708.  Brennen Hydz from Varginia
    1709.  Steve Caprara from Clearwater,Fl (fromPittsburgh)
    1710.  terra ferderber from MARS pennsylvania
    1711.  Katie Baurnes from Pittsburgh
    1712.  Phyllis Knoll from Fredericksburg, VA
    1713.  Jennifer from pittsburgh
    1714.  Paul Schlabach from Erie, PA
    1715.  Craig Sikurinec from Johnstown, PA
    1716.  Bill Vuiller from Fredericksburg, VA
    1717.  Jared Bollard from Bridgeville PA
    1718.  Diny Bellotti from PITTSBURGH - home of the Super
    1719.  Rich Shook from Plum, PA
    1720.  Jim Hoy from Blitzburgh
    1721.  julie travaglini from pittsburgh pa
    1722.  Richard Pugh from in Irving TX
    1723.  John Welch from Captain C-burg
    1724.  Hilary Klein from Pittsburgh
    1725.  Karen Crawford from New Orleans, LA
    1726.  Jesus from Nazareth
    1727.  Taylor from Pittsburgh
    1728.  Amanda Prosser from Pittsburgh, PA
    1729.  Chris Craft from SVC Latrobe
    1731.  Todd Fidler from Shamokin, PA
    1732.  Phillip Teplitz from Frederick, MD
    1733.  Jack Allen from Beaver, PA
    1734.  Dan Hajdu from Califonia, PA
    1735.  Kate from Pittsburgh PA
    1736.  Jesster from Chicago, IL
    1738.  Ed Rendell from The Penguins' New Arena
    1739.  Colin Mann from Denver, CO
    1740.  uve ben had from get a life
    1741.  Cliff from Miami, By way of Pittsburgh
    1742.  Bev Francis from Woodbridge, VA
    1743.  Kenny Staner from Shamokin, PA
    1744.  Brady Miller from Johnstown, PA
    1745.  Al Neuhart from Cecil, PA
    1746.  Erica Maust from Pittsburgh, PA
    1747.  Rich & Audrey from Wampum, PA
    1748.  Nate Orend from Baden
    1749.  A man from Nantucket
    1750.  Jim Stilwell from Casa Grande, Az
    1751.  Greasy Fizeek from Robinson, PA
    1752.  Brian Wright from Bentleyville PA
    1753.  Da-vid Fako from Deliverance, PA
    1754.  Lesley Wenzel from Hollidaysburg, PA
    1755.  Brenda ChappleFulton from Boswell, PA
    1756.  Sarah Lamont from pittsburgh, pa/los angeles, ca
    1757.  Mark LaValla from Chicago, IL
    1758.  Kordell Stewart from Louisiana
    1759.  Mark Vojtko from Murrysville, Pa
    1760.  Broc Sleek from Pittsburgh
    1761.  Greg Mihal
    1762.  Pete Shimerecki from Mckeesport
    1763.  Sandy Evans from Ebensburg, PA
    1764.  Freya Kridle from Pittsburgh
    1765.  Will Andallora from Pittsburgh
    1766.  Greg Gattuso from Fat, PA
    1767.  Matt Hogan from Deez Nuts
    1768.  Emily Guzan from Pittsburgh, PA
    1769.  Duane Frazier from BTOWN!!
    1770.  Steve Murphy from Drugs, NY
    1771.  THE HERO from Detroit, MI
    1772.  Bonita Vail from Pittsburgh
    1773.  Jesse Sullivan from New Brighton PA
    1774.  Burr from Zelienople
    1775.  brooke maimone from pittsburgh, pa
    1777.  Nick Weakland from Loretto
    1778.  Brad Wall from Scott Township, PA
    1779.  Stevie Boy from Pittsburgh/Steelerville
    1780.  Amos from Greentree, PA
    1781.  Steve Podbielski from Beaver Falls, PA
    1782.  Dan Long from Slovan, PA
    1783.  Boe from you know
    1784.  Adam McClay from Mechanicsburg
    1785.  Staff at Norwin Dodge from N. Huntingdon
    1786.  Carol Long from Slovan, PA
    1787.  Bernie Sheranek from Brownsvillle, PA
    1788.  Greasy's Wife from Robinson, PA
    1789.  Virgil McNett from Waynesburg Pa
    1790.  Jim and Jan from Bluffton, SC
    1791.  Randy Malone from Burgettstown, PA
    1792.  Primo from BTOWN
    1793.  James Irwin Jr. from Indiana Pa
    1794.  NateDogg from Beaver Falls
    1795.  Ryan Beer from New Brighton, Pa
    1796.  T-Sop from Leetsdale
    1797.  Brittany Rogozinski from Bethel Park, Pa
    1798.  Chris Dudley from Houston, TX
    1799.  Kim Butler from PITTSBURGH
    1800.  Chris Gillespie from Burgettstown, PA
    1801.  Gabrial Swann from LarryCarrols, PA
    1802.  Logan Diamond from Johnstown, PA
    1803.  Lisa Linderman from West Dundee, IL
    1804.  Mike Russel from The Wood , pa
    1805.  Mighty Go Tee's Mom from Germanton, NC
    1806.  MR BOLLA from PGH, PA
    1807.  Mark Mihalaki from Pittsburgh, PA (SouthSide)
    1808.  Jamie McNett from Waynesburg Pa
    1809.  Joyce Lesniewski from Pittsburgh, PA
    1810.  TWIN UNIT from BTOWN
    1811.  Jason Bottles from Freeport ,PA
    1812.  Doug Frazier from BTOWN PA
    1813.  Bryan Miller from Pittsburgh PA
    1814.  Marty Eggleston from Kutztown, PA
    1815.  Alexandra Conlon from Wexford, PA
    1816.  Tony Books from Erie, PA
    1817.  Sarah W. from Carlisle, PA
    1818.  Dave Baltich from Eighty Four, PA
    1819.  Tiffany Kuhn from MOUNT PLESANT,PA
    1820.  Ashley Brant from Somerset Pa
    1821.  Jess Vega from Pittsburgh, PA
    1822.  Stacey Sebelia from Pittsburgh, PA
    1823.  Melinie Baltich from Eighty Four, PA
    1824.  Ace in the place from Cal U
    1825.  Peyton Manning from Indianapolis, IN
    1826.  Oliver Klozhoff from Intercourse, PA
    1827.  laura opatchen from greentree
    1828.  Tim Lokash from Miami c/o Elizabeth,PA
    1829.  The Hensler Family from Greensburg PA
    1830.  Michael Kelly from Washington, DC
    1831.  Melinie Baltich from Eighty Four, PA
    1832.  Alex Eiler from Beaver county hustler
    1833.  Renee' Unger from Chicora, PA
    1834.  Craig&Dave from rainbowspa
    1835.  Garth Brooks from Yukon, OK
    1836.  Scounce from McArdles
    1837.  I want to F Trenni from Fox Sports Pittsburgh
    1838.  Jim Boris from Butler, Pa.
    1839.  Bill Maybray from New Brighton, PA
    1840.  John Welch from Brokeback Mountain
    1841.  Jake Plummer's Beard from Denver, CO
    1842.  Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street
    1843.  Hal Maloy from Houston,Tx /Wash,Pa/Steeler,Pa
    1844.  David Fako from Elton John's Estate
    1845.  Ellie Chase from CampHill, PA(but reppin in MO!
    1846.  J&L S. from Western PA!
    1847.  Joshua Weaver from Mount Pleasant PA
    1848.  Jerod "The Rod" Bollard from Michael Jackson's Ranch
    1849.  Nikolas Shaffer from Jeannette, PA
    1850.  Kelley Martin O'Leary from Allentown PA -was Oakdale Pa
    1851.  Stan from Big Balls, PA
    1852.  Ben Spagiare from Blacksburg, VA
    1853.  Stacy from SWPA
    1854.  Theresa Cook from Glenolden, PA
    1855.  Jeff Justi from New Brighton, PA
    1856.  Lauren Barna from Pittsburgh, Pa
    1857.  Danielle Estabrook from New Brighton Pa
    1858.  Andrea G. from Pittsburgh
    1859.  Al Gore from In a tree
    1860.  Jay and Ethan from DynamicDuo, Boston
    1861.  Tube from mayor of Tubeville
    1862.  Vickie from Charleroi, PA
    1863.  Melissa Krepps from New Brighton, Pa
    1864.  CHUCK NORRIS
    1865.  Paul Mack from Johnstown, PA
    1866.  Krystle Fitzpatrick from Mars, PA
    1867.  DownTown from NJ
    1868.  Aaron Baginski from Waynesboro, PA
    1869.  Eric Barr from Kutztown, PA
    1870.  I want to F Trenni from Fox Sports Pittsburgh
    1871.  Dawn Goetz from Atlanta, GA
    1872.  Jerry Grecco from Carbondale Pa
    1873.  Brian Smith from Gibsonia PA
    1874.  Marty ' DaBus' Busser from Mt Washington
    1875.  Matt Hagaman from Butler, PA
    1876.  Le foot Americain c'est from pour les PD
    1877.  Ryan "Fo Shizle" Furman from Cranberry, PA
    1878.  da Koops from Uniontown
    1879.  Sue from Butler County
    1880.  Becka Hendricks from Murrysville, PA
    1881.  94.3-RADRACER from Meadville
    1882.  Disco Savo from Tequilla Willies, PA
    1883.  Nate from Carnegie, PA
    1884.  Munchon Herbox from Pittsburgh
    1885.  Jeff Denham from Greensboro, Pa.
    1886.  Bill Chappell from Washington, PA
    1887.  Emmy Grumet from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    1888.  Sean McPartland from Export, Pa
    1889.  Jackie Yeschenko from Pittsaburgh, PA
    1890.  Ray Dininger from Daytona Beach FL,
    1891.  Tommy Gun gimie a beard from on a couch
    1892.  Rob & Sarah from Piitsburgh, PA
    1893.  French Tickler from Down Under
    1894.  Carson Palmer from The hospital
    1895.  Jeff Neumeyer from Augusta, GA
    1896.  A. Couch from in DA house
    1897.  Lauren McPartland from Pittsburgh, PA
    1898.  Tommy Beam from Freeport, PA
    1899.  Ben's Mom from Between her thighs
    1900.  Matt "madman" Haupt from Laurelville, Ohio
    1901.  Wielobob from The end of chain
    1902.  Paul Quinn from Fulton, MD
    1903.  Sarah G. from Crafton, PA
    1904.  Liane Pavelka from Pittsburgh, PA
    1905.  Kate Gampfer from Miami, FL
    1906.  Karen from Pittsburgh, PA
    1907.  Erica Paul from Pittsburgh, PA
    1908.  Heidi Lander from Pittsburgh, PA
    1909.  Mark F. Heike from Lake Worth, Florida
    1910.  WESLEY WHEELER (02) from WHEELING, WV
    1911.  Kevin Lehman from Johnstown Pa
    1912.  VJD from Cabbage Flats, Pa.
    1913.  BLAKE BOSETTI from CECIL
    1914.  Randy Chilcoat from Kutztown Pa
    1915.  Dave Garrison from Polish Club, Pa.
    1916.  Kristen Mogle from Pittsburgh, PA
    1917.  1908.Linda Phillips from South Park,Pa
    1918.  Andrew Young from State College, PA
    1919.  Matt Tormenti from Pittsburgh, PA
    1920.  Nate K from Pittsburgh, PA
    1921.  John Powell from Rochester, PA
    1922.  Gettin tanked in Atl from Atlanta
    1923.  Matt Peterson from pittsburgh
    1924.  Dennis T from Southside PGH
    1925.  Sonny Lewis AKA LEWDOG from Lexington Park, MD
    1926.  Brad Gerlach from Clymer, PA
    1927.  Scott Rudman from West Liberty West Vergina
    1928.  Jeremy Davis from Orange CT
    1929.  William Bonacci from Cancun, PA
    1930.  Don Rush from East High
    1931.  Kate Stallard from Pittsburgh, PA
    1932.  Megan Sheehan from Pittsburgh, PA
    1933.  Chris Fisher from Beaver Falls PA
    1934.  ron from Squirrel Hill
    1935.  Courtney M from Charleroi, PA
    1936.  Chris Dalansky from Sq. Hill
    1937.  adam from england
    1938.  Torgo from Rock hill, SC
    1939.  I punch everyone above from directly in the genitals.
    1940.  Stacy Fulton-Sowa from Jackson, Michigan -Go Steelers
    1941.  Kevin Colyer from Leonardtown, MD
    1942.  Carol Shaffer from Pittsburgh, PA
    1943.  Audra Matney from Bridgeville, PA
    1944.  BlacknGold Bleeder from Buttugly Pgh,the onlyplacetobe
    1945.  Jim Jablonowski from Pittsburgh, PA
    1946.  Brennan Lowmaster from Carrolltown, PA
    1947.  Guido Farina from Hawthron 3
    1948.  A. Pritt from Gettysburg, PA
    1949.  Jack Morgan from Brentwood, PA
    1950.  cindy feigert from
    1951.  Annette Dashofy from Burgettstown PA
    1952.  Sheila Green from Lexington Park, MD
    1953.  Dani Depolis from murrysville
    1954.  Samantha W. from Murrysville, PA
    1955.  David Swahn from B.S.S.
    1956.  Billi Jo from Aliquippa, PA
    1957.  Bobbi Cheplic from Pittsburgh, PA
    1958.  Iron Hand from Salt Lake City, Utah
    1959.  John Spanbauer from Erie, PA
    1960.  Wendy Lucas from Canonsburg PA
    1961.  BRIAN from PITTSBURGH
    1962.  Dani Moore from Pittsburgh, PA
    1963.  Debbie from Mckeesport
    1964.  Kara Mason from Jefferson Hills, PA
    1965.  Ross Nieturski from Erie, PA
    1966.  Cole Beehenr from Greensburg, PA
    1967.  Laura Coyle from Butler, PA GOOOOOO STEELERS!!
    1968.  POHO from PITTSBURGH
    1969.  Ross Nieturski from Erie, PA
    1970.  Linda McN from Pittsburgh, PA
    1971.  Bill O'Brien from McKeesport
    1972.  Samantha Cuppelli from Pittsburgh
    1973.  Bridget Carr from Pittsburgh
    1974.  Carl Green "C" from Lexington Park, MD
    1975.  Ellie Nesser from Uniontown, PA
    1976.  Dana Ripperton from Chapel Hill, NC
    1977.  KIM W from NEVILLLE ISLAND, PA
    1978.  Osama Ben Ladin from a cave
    1979.  Melissa from Mars
    1980.  Jessica Garcia from Polacca, Az GO STEELERS!!!!!
    1981.  Doug @ Oxford Solution from 412-220-4230 IT Jobs
    1982.  Andy Hacha from Greensburg PA!
    1983.  Dianne Gaines from Penn Hills, PA
    1984.  Diggly from IUP
    1985.  Broxton W. Bird from Pittsburgh
    1986.  George J Hamilton from Dover, DE
    1988.  Robert Harris from Bowie, Md(Pittsburgher)
    1989.  Ashley Mallinson from Cheswick, PA
    1990.  JAMIE from MARS, PA
    1991.  BIlly from Greensburg
    1992.  SCOTT W. from weedville
    1993.  Matt Finney from Beaver Falls, PA
    1994.  "Big" Ken Baker from Cranberry, PA
    1996.  Emily from Belle Vernon, Pa
    1997.  Nick Reft from Amish Paradise, PA
    1998.  Brian Mitnick from Pittsburgh
    1999.  PEDRO from ??
    2000.  Ryan O'Neil from Cecil, PA GO BLACK AND GOLD!!
    2001.  Carol Stehle
    2002.  Douglas Yancey Funny from Bluffington
    2003.  Coco from Pittsburgh
    2004.  Karen Kanuch-Arlet from Mt.Lebanon, PA
    2006.  O.J. Simpson from Glove don't fit
    2008.  Emily Luchterhand from Pittsburgh
    2009.  Kristina Baron from Pittsburgh, PA
    2010.  Jake Plumber from Crying in Denver Co. Go BEN!
    2011.  Doug Froelich from Been growing since 11/26/05
    2012.  Justin Ridinger from Whitehall, PA
    2013.  I got the herp from a dirty, dirty hooker
    2014.  easton somers from woodbridge va
    2015.  Nicole Evangelista from Pittsburgh, PA
    2016.  Tommy Maddox from The Bench
    2017.  Bryant from BURGH
    2018.  Erin McKelvey from Pittsburgh Pa
    2019.  Erica Nagy from Moon Township, PA
    2020.  Atlas from Pittsburgh
    2021.  Kristen O'Neil from Cecil, PA
    2022.  Monica Lewinski from Under the Desk
    2023.  Trisha Grove from Patton, PA
    2024.  Maddock from Dog House
    2025.  Matthew Poljak from I give head for FREE, Pa
    2026.  C. Michael Evans from Cleveland, Ohio
    2027.  Ashlee Jones from Indiana,PA / Emporium, PA
    2028.  D. BUTLER from N. VERSAILLES, PA
    2029.  Father Time from Somewhere in the future
    2030.  Cindy Chastel from Washington, PA
    2031.  nathan zimmerman from shanksville (pa)
    2032.  Jamie VanEpps from Pittsburgh, Pa
    2033.  Colton White from State College, PA
    2034.  Maddock from some hair salon
    2035.  Ron Peterman from Nanty Glo, PA
    2036.  REMOVED from Lexington Park, MD
    2037.  Lindsey from Long Branch, NJ
    2038.  Ho ho from NYC
    2039.  Juliet Dragos from Grand Rapids, Michigan
    2040.  Steeler Baby from cyber from space. Black and goooooold
    2041.  John Daly from Right Behind You ;)
    2042.  Kyle Weavef from Cairnbrook
    2043.  Stephanie Hinton from Shanksville, PA
    2044.  Jamin' from picksburgh
    2045.  Jason from SeelTown
    2046.  Tara Myers from I LOVE THE STEELERS!!!!
    2047.  Goose from south carolina
    2048.  Jake Plummer from Denver CO
    2049.  Joyce Mitnick from Pittsburgh, PA
    2050.  Savo from desperation city
    2051.  Justin Otstott from Harrisburg, Pa
    2052.  Annette from Supporting my mans love!
    2053.  Robin Grosse from Virginia Beach
    2054.  Jennifer Klein from Cape Coral, FL
    2055.  Meghan Happe got AIDS from Her Father :-(
    2056.  Holden Iggersdown from Hangtown, PA
    2057.  Jeff from Blitzburgh PA
    2058.  Ryan Grosse from Virginia Beach
    2059.  Becky Lewis from Elizabeth, PA
    2060.  Levi Thomas from Hooversville PA
    2061.  smath from PICKSBURGH
    2062.  Krista Rafferty from PITTSBURGH!!!
    2063.  George Stogden from Pittsburgh,Pa.
    2064.  Steven (SUPERRA) Bowers from Plymouth Meeting, PA
    2065.  Matthew Karabinos from Pittsburgh, PA
    2066.  Tom Sweeney from GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!
    2068.  GO HAWKS!!!!! from Seattle, WA
    2069.  SHEP from MNT.P
    2070.  Jake Librizzi from State College PA
    2071.  Nicole from Wouldn't you like to know
    2072.  Craig Evans from Dallas, TX
    2073.  joe Zachewicz
    2074.  Dick Ferrell from Steelyria, Ohio
    2075.  john from beaver falls pa
    2076.  Ray Rall from Penn Hills, PA
    2077.  Mike Crotch from Downthere
    2078.  Jim Edder from Norfolk, Va.
    2079.  Matthew Thompson from Ross, Twp (Pittsburgh)
    2080.  Lauren Thompson from HOME OF THE STEELERS!
    2081.  Jennifer Montagazzi from New Brighton PA
    2082.  Ryan Warheit from STEERER NATION
    2083.  Dahnie Ahrse from Picksburgh, a'nat
    2084.  Darwin Burdge from Shippensburg, Pa.
    2085.  Ally Synan
    2086.  Larry O'Donnell from State College, PA
    2087.  Ally Synan from Pittsburgh, PA
    2088.  cindy goetz from pittsburgh pa
    2089.  Tim Walters from Freeport, PA
    2090.  Rachel from from Va Bch, VA
    2091.  Eric Richardson from Chippewa PA
    2092.  Elena Balestreire from Pittsburgh, PA
    2093.  Neil O'Donnel from Super Bowl XXX
    2094.  Shelby Ford from Steelers country
    2095.  Seth Wineland from Hollidaysburg, PA
    2096.  CARSON PALMER from REHAB
    2097.  Matt Hess from Susquehanna University
    2098.  Dawn Bell from Bentleyville Pa
    2099.  Kimberly Fulton Frantz from Maryville, TN
    2100.  Steve Studnicky from BUCKNELL
    2101.  Brandon Landfried from Greenville,Pa
    2102.  Matt Michaelis from Albany, NY
    2103.  $teelers $uck from Fink's house
    2104.  Kelly McClory from Carrick
    2105.  Tara Seman from Pittsburgh, PA
    2106.  PEYTON MANNING from My Teammates' shoulders *SOB*
    2107.  Ryan Stauffer from E-town, PA GO STEELERS!!
    2108.  Nore from Bellevue
    2109.  Matt Boley from the heart of the enemy-Seatte!
    2110.  Lindsey S from Pittsburgh, PA
    2111.  rowland bennett from washington,p.a
    2112.  Jeff McCafferty from Pittsburgh, PA
    2113.  GO HAWKS!!!!! from Seattle, WA
    2114.  JOEY R. from ALTOONA
    2115.  Malorie Kelly from Imperial/California, PA
    2116.  Tom Adamchik from Pittsburgh
    2117.  Alexa Valenti from Colonie, NY
    2118.  Dustin Fleming from Indiana, PA
    2119.  Kim Kravanja from Pittsburgh, PA 15238
    2120.  Paul Anderson from Uniontown, PA
    2121.  greg turner from pittsburgh
    2122.  Iceman from from West Homestead
    2123.  Peter Goesina from time to time
    2124.  J. Scott VanEpps from Pittsburgh, PA
    2125.  Sheila Evans from Elyria OH (Not shaving Legs)
    2126.  Francine Buda from Charlotte, NC
    2127.  Marcel from Zurich, Switzerland
    2128.  Chris Long from B-More Loves Big Ben
    2129.  Bam Morris from pittsburgh, pa
    2130.  Josh Goldberg from The Mistake by the Lake, OH
    2131.  Kris Baker from Dallas, Pa
    2132.  mrs susan bennett rowla from washington,p.a
    2133.  Amy Bimeal from Pittsburgh PA!!!
    2134.  Heather Stainbrook from East Freedom, PA
    2135.  Jordan Gustine from Pittsburgh, PA
    2136.  Heather Stainbrook from Sheetz DC
    2137.  Darren "FERG" Ferguson from Oakdale Pa.
    2138.  Melissa Stadelman from Oakland!!!
    2139.  bored from work
    2140.  Cliff Stoudt from The Gutter
    2141.  GOODY from INDIANA, PA
    2142.  PICKSBURGH!! woo hoo
    2143.  Ken Stauffer from E-town, PA - "off the fence!!"
    2144.  George Calaba from Philly area
    2145.  Kerry Peer from PITTSBURGH PA--HERE WE GO
    2146.  Bob Seasoltz from Altoona Pa. Go Steelers
    2147.  Nathan Stansell from Pittsburgh, PA
    2148.  Ryan Rhoades from Pixburgh, PA...DOUBLE YOI
    2149.  Don Faust 1/15/06 from Steelers,PA
    2150.  Barry Foster from Memory Lane
    2151.  Tammy from Safety Harbor, FL
    2152.  Rob Holler from Pittsburgh, PA
    2153.  mrs rowland bennett sue from washington,p.a
    2154.  Dan Tokarek from Ford City, PA
    2155.  Tiffany& Becky Seasoltz from Altoona Pa
    2156.  Tom Hutchinson from Canonsburg, PA
    2157.  Shaun Alexander from Seatle, WA
    2158.  matt from bimeal
    2159.  Brooke from Blitzburgh, PA
    2160.  DYLAN from PGH
    2161.  Elliott Westerman from Seattle, WA
    2162.  donna m from carnegie,pa
    2163.  Bob Pompeani from KDKA
    2164.  Vitty from State College
    2165.  Jack Meoff from your hand
    2166.  Justin Shal from State College, PA
    2167.  I come from far, far away- GO STEELERS!
    2168.  I shave when he shaves from Santa Claus
    2169.  all the fags from pittsburgh
    2170.  Joe Montana from San Francisco
    2171.  Sissy Roethlisberger from Washington PA
    2172.  mark zellman from Valencia, CA
    2173.  Matt Meckey from State College, PA
    2174.  Kim Scrip from Jefferson Hills, PA
    2175.  Katie Michaelis from Albany, NY
    2176.  Lisa G from Pittsburgh PA
    2177.  sue bennett from were going to get one for the
    2178.  Sully from I will be at the Super Bowl
    2179.  Ryan Jordan from Pittsburgh
    2180.  MK from Pittsburgh, PA
    2181.  john p from aspinwall, pa
    2182.  Churck norris from the father of bens beard
    2183.  Kevvo from Pittsburgh, PA
    2184.  Steve Powell from Girard, OH
    2185.  burt hoovis from indiana, pa
    2186.  Josh Spicer from Pittsburgh
    2187.  Garrett Jockel from The Burgh
    2188.  Roy Thompson from Murrysville, PA
    2189.  jim fawcett from wexford Pa
    2190.  Chris Kashak from Pittsburgh, PA
    2191.  Adam Pardini from South Side, Pittsburgh
    2192.  carl swartz from grindstone pa.
    2193.  The Mighty Quinn from Patuxent River NAS, MD
    2194.  Greg Hundy from WCUPA
    2195.  George W from Washington DC
    2196.  M & S Kimmel from Philadelphia
    2197.  Joe DiNinno from Plum, PA
    2198.  Pap&Mim SEASOLTZ from ALTOONA PA
    2199.  Tiffany Smith from Orlando FL
    2200.  Tori Metz from Pittsburgh, PA
    2202.  break his leg from raventown
    2203.  Adam Lambert from Pittsburgh, PA. STEEL CITY
    2204.  Shep Rules from S.F.
    2205.  Crazy P from los angeles, california
    2206.  what a puss from B-mo
    2207.  Melanie Burcin from Jefferson Hills, PA
    2208.  Jim Dzvonick from Pittsburgh PA
    2209.  barbara swartz from grindstone pa. go steelers
    2210.  Baylie Brandenburger from Greensboro,PA
    2211.  Tom Fasching from Etters, PA
    2212.  Drew Denham from Waynesburg, PA
    2213.  Meagan Sitar from Pittsburgh PA
    2214.  Justin Francis from Leonardtown, MD
    2215.  Ashten F. from Pittsburgh, PA
    2216.  Corey S. from Bobby Mo U.
    2217.  John Morecraft from Greensboro, PA
    2218.  Ben Eiche from Pottville
    2219.  Bam Morris from Allegheny County Jail
    2220.  Charlotte Werner from Pittsburgh
    2221.  carl swartz steelers from grindstone, pa.
    2222.  Becky McClintic from Penn State
    2223.  Amanda W. from Bethel Park
    2224.  Mary Speck from Clearwater, FL
    2225.  Erin McKenna from Pittsburgh, PA
    2226.  Terence Sperringer from Steeler City
    2227.  the cheese from -unda
    2228.  Jamie Sacco from Moon Twp., PA
    2229.  Chuck Noll from Pittsburgh PA
    2230.  Stacey Gibson from Pittsburgh, PA
    2231.  Zach Brandt from Erie, PA
    2232.  Tim Madden from Robert Morris University
    2233.  Nancy from Pittsburgh, PA
    2234.  Tara Keller from from Pittsburgh, PA
    2235.  Matt Starr from Dahntahn Pixburgh
    2236.  Michael Rato from Pittsburgh!!!
    2237.  Diane Baldwin from McKeesport, PA
    2238.  Amy Walker from St. Marys, PA
    2239.  Ryan Baldwin from McKeesport, PA
    2240.  Matthew Houy from WASHPA
    2241.  Fisher loves guys
    2242.  Fred Balestra from Pittsburgh, PA 15227
    2243.  Joseph Zinsky from Wexford, Pa
    2244.  greg morrow from Pittsburgh
    2245.  Fisher from Brokeback Mountain
    2246.  Kid Rock from the motor city
    2247.  DSIGGY from STEELER, PA.
    2248.  Matt Borgia from Central Catholic, PA
    2249.  Dustin from Johnstown
    2250.  jarrod anderson from ghetto pa
    2251.  Mike Way from Erie P.A
    2252.  Itchy Stuff from A Dirty Girl
    2253.  John Basedow from Fitness Made Simple
    2254.  The Gizza Mamakos from PICKSBURGH, PA
    2255.  Joe Tammariello from dirty south O what!
    2256.  Jake Plummer from Denver, Colorado
    2257.  PUDGE from DENBO, PA
    2258.  C-Note from Souf Oaklin
    2259.  Rick from Ephrata, Pa
    2261.  Karen Gordon from Pittsburgh, PA
    2262.  Jennifer Francis
    2263.  sloppy noise from Ryan's butt
    2264.  Sasquatch from McKees Rocks
    2265.  Chris Mankowski from Moon Township Pa
    2266.  10" Dong from Ryan's Butt
    2267.  Jake from Charlotte, NC
    2268.  Tim Heusey from Seven Fields, PA
    2269.  Scott Olsavsky from Nanty Glo Pa
    2271.  Tom Brady from my couch!
    2272.  Madison Cornell from Pittsburgh
    2273.  Screw Phil Simms from Overrated, Lucky USA
    2274.  Rick Havrilla from Northern Cambria
    2275.  Karen Gordon from Pittsburgh, PA
    2276.  Anal Beard? from Da Butt
    2277.  Jason from Pittsburgh
    2278.  Charley Spoon from Picksburgh...biatch
    2279.  Laura Fogel from Ligonier, PA
    2280.  Diana Stover from Seattle - originally Pgh
    2281.  Erika Kapko from Pittsburgh
    2282.  Michael Plumb from Steeler, PA (Washington)
    2284.  Brittany J from Pittsburgh, PA
    2285.  Usman Mushtaq from University of Pittsburgh
    2286.  Juice from Shep's butt
    2287.  Barry Simpson from Finleyville, Pa.
    2288.  Jesus from Nazareth
    2289.  Shep Butt Pirate
    2291.  Sammy Marra from Gibsonia, PA
    2292.  G.W. Bush from Cluelessville, DC
    2293.  Bill Katsaros from Bettis' Hometown, MI
    2294.  COREY BUCKNER from G-Feild pa
    2295.  Robin from Happy Valley
    2296.  Jordan Rushlander from North Hills
    2297.  Alexis Bloschichak from Frackville, PA
    2298.  Wayne Spiker from Steeler, Pa
    2299.  Lauren from steeler camp, PA
    2300.  amber hensel from pittsburgh
    2301.  Matt Pittman from Pittsburgh, PA
    2302.  Jon Aquadro from Metuchen, NJ
    2303.  Katie O from State College
    2304.  Carl from Hampton
    2305.  Brandon Schmitt from Indiana, PA
    2306.  Osama B.Ladin from Under W's Nose
    2308.  Nicholas Sanzone from Pittsburgh, PA
    2309.  Barbara Anderson from Pittsburgh, PA
    2310.  Ryan Herbster from THE South Side
    2311.  Greg Heibert from Wexford
    2312.  Jillian Taylor from Philadelphia, PA
    2313.  Chuch Norris from a gym in Texas
    2314.  Richie from Cecil, Pa
    2315.  JS from MuffDiver PA
    2316.  The Nittany Lion from the Orange Bowl
    2317.  Andrew Kimmy from North East, Pa
    2318.  Shep Pipe Cleaner from FNFIS
    2319.  steve from bellefonte
    2320.  Chuc Samek from Pittsburgh, PA
    2321.  melissa
    2322.  Mariena Morgan from Pittsburgh,PA
    2323.  Doug Ice from Pittsburgh
    2324.  Amanda Wise from Pgh, PA
    2325.  Leanne Hurney from Murrysville, PA
    2326.  HARRY from PITTSBURGH
    2327.  Jeff Black from Pittsburgh, PA
    2328.  Shannon F. from Canonsburg, PA
    2329.  Jess Lang from Wexford, PA
    2330.  Dennis from Pittsburgh , Pa
    2331.  Harry Balls from Giffin
    2332.  Jeff from Lincoln Boro, PA
    2333.  Laura from Wexford, Pa
    2334.  Matt Pfrommer from Pittsburgh, PA
    2335.  Come from behind victory!
    2336.  Get down from there
    2337.  Ashley from Pittsburgh
    2338.  Dave from Bathroom Security
    2339.  Erica from Pittsburgh
    2340.  Leah Brickner from steelers, PA
    2341.  Carrie Single from johnstown/IUP
    2342.  crack ho from yo back do
    2343.  Kris from Pittsburgh
    2344.  BONZ from Ft Lauderdale
    2345.  Ana Gelotti from Pittsburgh, PA
    2346.  Lauren Larkin from Ann Arbor, Mi
    2347.  Carrie Kelly from East Liverpool, OH
    2348.  jenni from dubois, pa
    2349.  Kristin Schuller
    2350.  justmeworkinman from florida
    2351.  Jonathan Weise from Davidsville Pa
    2352.  Fred "Dirty" Roberts from DaVille(Richeyville)
    2353.  Aaron Cucumber Fong from Trillville
    2354.  Jesus from Upstairs
    2355.  Natalie Armstrong from Murrysville PA
    2356.  Satan from Downstairs
    2357.  Carl Neimeyer from Pittsburgh
    2358.  Jonathan Revtai from Pittsburgh
    2359.  Mike Jones from WHO?
    2360.  Alyssa Thompson from North East, PA
    2361.  Steph Vogt from Wexford
    2362.  Pat Thompson from NE, PA
    2363.  Rob Soffel from NYC
    2364.  Shannon Crock from Marshall Township, PA
    2365.  Jeremy Lehosky from Pittsburg, PA
    2366.  Chris Hagen from Swisher, IA
    2367.  T. Haupt from Circleville, Ohio
    2368.  Lesley Swintek from Brockway, PA
    2369.  Jim Hanshaw from Beaver, Pa
    2370.  Tim Ervin from Boston, MA
    2371.  Renee from Illinois
    2372.  rob henzler from pittsburgh
    2373.  Big Coke from Albuquerque, NM
    2374.  Tammie Fiscus from Pgh, PA
    2376.  Jimmy Werkmeister from Pittsburgh, PA
    2377.  Lindsay Nelson from Shaler.. PITTSBURGH
    2378.  ROCKET from from MONTES...2005 CHAMPS!!!
    2379.  Eric Michael Z from Canonsburg, PA
    2380.  Stef Corcoran from Pittsburgh, PA
    2381.  Aaron Gary from Hollsopple PA
    2382.  David Doak from Blairsville, Pa
    2383.  Big D from from Pittsburgh GO STEELERS!!!
    2384.  Fuchs from GO STILLERS!!
    2385.  Saddam Hussein "I can from really relate to steelers fans
    2386.  Ka$h 5 Klick from BROOKLINE WHAT?!?!
    2387.  KEVIN FRETZ from MICHIGAN
    2388.  Missy from State College, PA
    2389.  Jason Harrison from Phoenixville, PA
    2390.  Lord Robulus from Greenville NC
    2391.  Dominic Baronio
    2392.  Lori C from Pittsburgh, PA
    2393.  Missy's Mole from from Bulger!
    2394.  Jon Perkins from St. Clairsville, OH
    2395.  Kevo
    2396.  Amber from PITTSBURGH
    2397.  Mimi from Rockville, MD
    2398.  Jim Mora from Playoffs, Indiana
    2399.  tony from pittsburgh pa
    2400.  Orlando G from New Castle PA
    2401.  Matt Gray from WEXFORD 090
    2402.  Ravens $uck
    2403.  Justin Granger from Bethel Park, PA
    2404.  John Hartman from Johnstown Pa
    2405.  Molly-- GOO STEELERS!! from from PITTSBURGH PA
    2406.  Patrick Watts from Turbotville, PA
    2407.  josh werkmeister from steeler country ..... ( pit )
    2409.  Andy WInger from Oil City, Pa
    2410.  James
    2411.  Lisa Fitch from Arlington, VA
    2412.  Dana Van Atta from Pittsburgh Pa
    2413.  Se attle 31 Steelers 7 from PSU
    2414.  Dave Doak from Black Lick, PA
    2415.  Uncle Ron from Johnstown, PA
    2416.  PSU s u ck s from Seattle Stinks
    2417.  Sam Cary from Beaver Falls
    2418.  Josh Straitiff from Punxsutawney, PA
    2419.  I LOVE from UNDA-CHEESE
    2420.  Napper from Bethel Park
    2421.  Dave Gnacinski from Erie, PA
    2422.  Cindy Sheehan from Enough Already
    2423.  Ed Romanoski from Niskayuna,N.Y.
    2424.  Ron D. from Pittsburgh/Lima OH
    2425.  Hi Guy from Mt. Lebanon
    2426.  John Price from Pitt
    2427.  I love Brody from Jeff Culliton
    2428.  Tim Paul Beard=Strength from Murrysville, PA
    2429.  granmama from detroit
    2430.  Andrew Henderson from Canonsburg, PA
    2431.  Drew Lilly from Gibsonia, PA
    2432.  Owen Hart from Heaven
    2433.  Stoney Dugan from Mundys Corner, PA
    2434.  Greg Vasey from Washington, DC
    2435.  patrick bombash from ....tryin to grow sumthin
    2436.  Ty Kerstetter from harrison city, PA
    2437.  Danielle DeWeese from Tucson AZ via Johnstown, PA
    2438.  Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick, PA
    2439.  DC from Casper, WY
    2440.  Denny Orange from Greensburg
    2441.  Rich Klapec from Erie, PA
    2442.  jimmy dirt from clarion
    2443.  Julie Igou from Blandburg PA
    2444.  Josh L from KY
    2445.  Hallie Barno from Jefferson, PA
    2446.  Nevin Robb from Robinson Township
    2447.  Harry Weiner from Seattle WA
    2448.  adam morrison from mustache-ville
    2449.  Snuff Don from Pittsburgh, PA
    2450.  Jeff Goldbloom from Pittsburgh, PA
    2451.  Stef Zanolli from Washington, PA
    2452.  brian egan from johnstown, pa
    2453.  Osama Bin Laden from Confidential
    2454.  James Newingham from California, MD
    2455.  Jeff Morella from Pittsburgh, PA
    2456.  Jason Magalich from West Lafayette, IN
    2457.  Marilyn from Georgetown, PA
    2458.  Brian Auernik from South Side of Pittsburgh
    2459.  Graham Maxwell from calu
    2460.  sara (i hate beards) from C-burg, PA
    2461.  Lauren Kessler from Pittsburgh, PA
    2462.  Joe Lettrich from Lake Worth, Fl
    2463.  Tristan Wertman from Watsontown P.A
    2465.  Hannah Tussey from Pittsburgh
    2466.  Mike from Owings Maryland
    2468.  TOM BRUCE !! AGAIN !! from 7220
    2469.  Carolyn Westwood from Upper St. Clair, PA
    2471.  Julia Covelli from Pittsburgh
    2472.  Ruthless from Johnstown, PA
    2475.  Jarrod Anderson from State College, Pa
    2476.  mark mcbeth from youngwood pa
    2477.  sharon peters from my pants
    2478.  Shaun Alexander
    2479.  Jake Hoelle from Cecil, PA
    2481.  Ashly Jackson Ceglie from Follansbee West Virgini
    2482.  Meg W. from GO STILLERS!!!!!!
    2483.  Rachael Thoma from Pittsburgh, PA
    2484.  Dana Martini from Pittsburgh, PA
    2485.  This is for you MISSY!! from GO PA, thats all ur gonna get
    2486.  Linda Neubauer from Westminster, CA.
    2487.  Mat Natali from Pittsburgh
    2488.  Donna Lewis from Texas
    2489.  Dirt Mcgirt from Blackwood, NJ
    2490.  Jamie Perez from Pittsburgh PA Baby!!
    2491.  Chris Larkin from Pittsburgh / Orlando
    2492.  Mike Hillard from Bellefonte pa
    2493.  Sean Cunningham from Phoenix, AZ
    2494.  NolanTrombetta from pitt
    2495.  Ben Dova from Pittsburgh, PA
    2496.  Mike Mosier from Midway City, CA.
    2497.  CJ Walters from Frederick , MD
    2498.  Chad Johnson from My Couch
    2499.  Brandy Westerman from Natrona Heights, PA 1/
    2500.  Kim Day-Mosier from Garden Grove, CA.
    2501.  Craig Westerman from Natrona Heights, PA
    2502.  Ashley Dominick from Pittsburgh, PA
    2503.  Cristina Brisbane from Sacramento, Ca
    2504.  Matthew Schmidt from Burg Shoutout from Red Bank NJ
    2505.  Newt from Tire Hill, PA
    2506.  Nick Depre from I heart Big Ben
    2507.  Rebecca Lyn Brownlee from Edinboro, PA
    2508.  Gabrielle Conlon from Wexford, PA
    2509.  Matthew Schmidt from Philly Steeler Club
    2510.  Amanda Delusa from Johnstown, PA
    2511.  Tommy Maddox from The Bench
    2512.  Josh Mattes from Johnstown, PA
    2513.  Pat Sandy from The CBG
    2514.  Terra from Johnstown, PA
    2515.  alyssa casey from lmao..CANONSBURG, PA!!!
    2516.  Linda
    2517.  Lance from from Pittsburgh
    2518.  Ryan Williams from Pencilneck University
    2519.  Linda Abati from Ft Myers, Florida
    2520.  Cap'n eBay McFeeGaTee from Portland, Oregon
    2521.  Robert Tarpley from Lexington Park, Md.
    2522.  Mick Fulton from Randolph AFB, TX
    2523.  Ed Martin from Washington, Pa
    2524.  Adam from Jerome, PA
    2525.  John Moroney from Pittsburgh
    2526.  Jeannean Worley from Irwin PA
    2527.  osama bin ladden from hell
    2528.  The Ward Men from Johnstown, PA
    2529.  Tyler from Pittsburgh
    2530.  Sam Berner from Bethesda, Maryland
    2531.  Augie from Cecil, PA
    2532.  Marc Rinella from Las Vegas
    2533.  Bonnie from from Cecil, PA
    2534.  Jason Haggerty from Pittsburgh PA
    2535.  Kylie & Corey from from Cecil, PA
    2536.  Tyler Conlon from pittsburgh
    2537.  John "Learch" Gilbert from DaVille(Richeyville)
    2538.  Dorie
    2539.  Tracy D from Spotsy, VA
    2540.  Derek Signorini from Canonsburg, PA
    2541.  Jarrett Sumner from Mechanicsburg, PA
    2542.  Terri McLean from McDonald, PA
    2543.  nancy tressler from pittsburgh, pa
    2544.  Billy Augustine from Richeyville PA
    2545.  Cheryl from Washington,PA
    2546.  Tommy Graham from Pittsburgh, PA
    2547.  Mary Beth from Pittsburgh PA
    2548.  Tiffany L from Newburg, MD
    2549.  Andrea Russell from Elizabeth, PA
    2550.  Mandy Sherman from Pittsburgh
    2551.  Joe Basal from Douglas,MA
    2552.  bill cowward from pittsburgh
    2553.  Michael Pasquale from Youngstown, OH
    2554.  Kayla Lee from Dubois, PA
    2555.  Brittany DeCarlo from Baton Rouge, LA
    2556.  Mark Shipley from South Riding, VA
    2557.  B. Grange from Pittsburgh
    2558.  Michelle Santichen from Johnstown, PA
    2559.  Raylene Thompson from Milford, CT
    2560.  Robert "black" Jack from Erie, PA
    2561.  Jay E. Roessler from Florence, SC
    2562.  Steve Troll from Trollbridge, Va
    2563.  Jordan Rehar from Benscreek, PA
    2564.  Eric F. from Wash (I mean STEELER) PA
    2565.  Mindy Swope from White Plains, NY
    2566.  Debi Taylor from Bethel Park, PA
    2567.  Jonathan Pritts from Washington, PA
    2568.  Karen Bianco from Bethel Park, PA
    2569.  Eddie Shaffer from Ford City, PA
    2570.  Josh Mangus from Ford City
    2571.  Mike Lonsinger from Johnstown,P.A.
    2572.  Maggie Bianco from Bethel Park, PA
    2573.  Chad "theShow" Johnson from Cincinnati OH
    2574.  Marissa J. from Harrisburg, PA
    2575.  Teresa Bernaciak from Charlottesville, VA
    2576.  Jessica Megliss from Pittsburgh
    2577.  John Bernaciak from Bridgeville, Pa
    2578.  Ellen Birmingham from Clover, SC
    2579.  Heather Ruff from Greensburg, PA
    2580.  Corey Pilot from Las Vegas, NV
    2581.  I AM from Steeler, PA
    2582.  God from the big sky box
    2583.  Samantha Mueller from Canonsburg, PA
    2584.  Rick Woods from Tampa Florida
    2585.  Eagles > Steelers
    2586.  Lindsey Bilconish from Waldorf, MD
    2587.  Ryan Barilar from Kuki, Japan
    2588.  Andrew Callan from Washington, PA
    2589.  Dale Ramsey from Marietta OH
    2590.  Julie A from Canonsburg, PA
    2591.  Lindsey Kesneck from Washington, PA
    2592.  Jessie Balicki from Pittsburgh, PA
    2593.  Brick Tamland from Channel 4 News Room
    2594.  Jenna Schake from from Greensburg, PA
    2595.  Megan Boerio from P-I-T-T
    2596.  mollusk from Edgewood
    2597.  Brad Carpenter from Irwin, PA
    2599.  Mike Holmgren from Seattle, WA
    2600.  The eagles are at home! from you're an idiot
    2601.  Brian Peters from Freedom, PA
    2603.  sweaty from the steam room
    2604.  Mallory Hoyle from Greensburg, Pa
    2605.  Chris Kelly from State College, PA
    2606.  daniel argenio from walnut creek ca
    2607.  Doug Williams from Scott Township PA
    2608.  Jim Samek from Pittsburgh, PA
    2609.  ron burgandy from channel 4 news room
    2610.  Stephanie from from Pittsburgh PA baby
    2611.  Michael Jackson from Dubois,Pa.
    2612.  Bob Hope from Heaven
    2613.  Jason Allison from Southern, MD
    2614.  Jarod Grafton from Ford City, PA
    2615.  David Zukauskas from Philadelphia, PA
    2616.  Heidi from Zelienople Pa
    2617.  Beth Toma from Windber, PA
    2618.  Nick Confer from Duquesne University
    2619.  IHaveAnErection from BonerToner PA
    2620.  Chris Mullikin from Newark, De
    2621.  Brian Carlin from Pittsburgh, PA
    2622.  Megan Mautz from Pittsburgh/Mountaintop, Pa
    2623.  Tony Bozich from Pittsburgh, PA
    2624.  Erica from Pittsburgh
    2625.  Vin Diesel from Your Mother's Womb
    2626.  John Kuhel from greensburg PA bwey
    2627.  Greg Rendine from oakland
    2628.  Sarah (aka 2e) from PITTSBURGH, PA
    2629.  Jim Anglum from Pittsburgh, PA
    2630.  Becca W. from Ft Meyers, Fl
    2631.  PA's only team EAGLES!
    2632.  Andy Schoeffel from Pittsburgh, PA
    2633.  Biggest Steeler Fan from Purdue University, IN
    2634.  Von Jacob from Johnstown, PA
    2635.  The Shaner from Lake Worth, FLORIDA
    2636.  Jake Nofe from PITTSBURGH
    2637.  Not a Browns Fan from Cleveland , Ohio
    2638.  Linda O Mom of Curt-669 from Crafton Heights, PA
    2639.  Michelle Plan from Pittsburgh, PA
    2640.  Brad "sizzle" Clingan from PITTSBURGH, PA
    2641.  Dan DeLuca is a Fag from The treehouse
    2642.  Azrael from Johnstown, PA
    2643.  Ace from Shippensburg, Pa
    2644.  Shaggy Wetspot from Sewickley
    2645.  Matt McKnight from Connellsville, PA
    2646.  Emily Eiler from Hopewell,PA
    2647.  Steve Dugger from Scottdale PA.
    2648.  "Chaddy Daddy "Hurst from Pittsburgh pa
    2649.  Karina Lucci from Delmont, PA
    2650.  Chris Caric from irwin, pa
    2651.  jabo from chicago from dallas
    2652.  Raj Patel from Jamaica
    2653.  Tom Tom from Beaver County
    2654.  Karen Beebe from Va Beach-Steeler Nation!
    2655.  White Goodman from Globo Gym
    2656.  John "Young" Teezy from The Ville, Pa
    2657.  Todd Walter Jones from Cranford, NJ
    2658.  Laura K. from pittsburgh pa
    2659.  Kerry Chomas from Dallas, PA
    2660.  Mike Switala from Pittsburgh
    2661.  Craig Jernstrom from Pittsburgh PA
    2662.  Ashleigh Kendi from PiTtSbUrgH PA!!!
    2663.  John Kotchey from Pittsburgh, PA---STEELERS BABY
    2664.  BRIAN HYDE from Hendersonville, PA
    2665.  Simon Chester from London, England
    2666.  Shanna Carroll from Pittsburgh, PA
    2668.  Jaime Baker from Athens OH
    2669.  Ron Mexico from Atlanta, GA
    2670.  Mike Holmgren from Seattle
    2671.  Neal Sagan from Cooperstown, PA
    2672.  Mandy Esposito from Pittsburgh PA
    2673.  Kelsey M. from Carlisle ,Pa
    2674.  Jamie Moretti from Fairfax, VA (PGH originally!)
    2675.  Tom Brady from New England
    2676.  Tyler Palko from Overrated, PA
    2677.  Tim Q from Pittsburgh
    2678.  Jared Rice from Oil City PA
    2679.  Elizabeth White from Pittsburgh, Pa
    2680.  Bethany Whoric from Pittsburgh, PA
    2681.  Alan Taccone from PIttsburgh, PA
    2682.  Da Blaise from Da Burgh
    2683.  Sarah Guthrie from Cleveland (only for school:( )
    2684.  Julie D'Orazio
    2685.  Ashish Patel from Chicago
    2686.  Matt Kuta from North
    2687.  Maddie Moran from from Pittsburgh PA
    2688.  Mr,G from EIGHTYFOUR ,PA
    2689.  Dave Dominick from Pittsburgh, PA
    2690.  John Rogoshewski from Kenilworth, NJ
    2691.  Kristee' Weaver from Pittsburgh PA
    2693.  Terence Stewart from Jersey - Burgh transplant
    2694.  Georgette from Pittsburgh
    2695.  PeachFuzz Gorman from Da Burgh
    2696.  Leslie Lint from Pittsburgh,PA
    2697.  ELM from the Berg - - from One for the Thumb!
    2698.  Adam Comitz from Ashley
    2699.  Joe Galuska from Da Burgh
    2700.  Tony & Debi from from Herndon
    2701.  Lauren Reinheimer
    2702.  Greg "Action" Jackson from Camp Cowher SVC
    2703.  Kaitlin Vangura from Murrysville PA
    2704.  Tommy Maddox from The Bench
    2705.  Ernie Kootnz from Pittsburgh,PA
    2706.  Frank Signorini from Bellmawr N.J.
    2707.  Big J from your backyard
    2708.  Brandy Gaines from Pittsburgh, Pa
    2709.  erin from pa
    2710.  Tony & Debi from Herndon
    2711.  Crystal from Pittsburgh, PA
    2712.  Andrew E. from Peters Twp., Pittsburgh, Pa
    2713.  rene' from delaware !
    2714.  Karley Reed from Pittsburgh, PA
    2715.  David Evan from PGH PA!
    2716.  Kt Sarniak from Blitzburgh PA
    2717.  ALI KLOSS from USC BABY!!!
    2718.  Ben "LJ" Orendorff from Gettysburg, PA
    2719.  Josh Godish from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    2720.  Dan Witherup from Vandergrift pa
    2721.  Elliott Wagner from the boondocks, PA
    2722.  My Buddy from from Mt. Washington
    2723.  Maggie Horvat from Pittsburgh
    2724.  Cindy Witherup from Vandergrift Pa
    2725.  Brian Danison from New Ken
    2726.  Jen Rogo from Cranford, NJ
    2727.  Osama Bin Laden from a cave somewhere
    2728.  Elana DiPietro from Training Camp, Latrobe, PA
    2729.  Marie-HAIRYSTEELERLEGS from Pittsburgh
    2730. from PIAA Wresling Go Steelers
    2731.  Carol Rogoshewski from Kenilworth, NJ
    2732.  Terence "T-Ballz " B. from Bentleyville, PA
    2733.  Garrett from Pittsburgh
    2734.  Dan Weber from Pittsburgh
    2735.  FARNER from FARNERVILLE
    2736.  Matt G from Murrysville, PA
    2737.  Mike Hawk
    2738.  Ted from Pittsburgh!!
    2739.  Chase McNutt from New Brighton, Pa
    2740.  Clyde Miller POEM MAN! from Va Beach, VA One for the Thumb
    2741.  Jessica Woiner from State College, PA
    2743.  Scott "MutherClutter" C from Washington Mallguard. PA
    2745.  Nita from Belle Vernon
    2746.  Jake "Wild Man" Plummer from Galapagos Islands
    2747.  Barrie D gibbs
    2748.  James Olyarnik from Harrisburg, PA
    2749.  Big Dicked Will Bone from PA
    2750.  Alex Fronczek from California, PA
    2751.  Zach George from Altoona Pa
    2752.  Danny Orenstein from Pittsburgh, PA
    2753.  Gina Gamberoni from Camp Cowher SVC
    2754.  Eric "Clutch" Clouse from Camp Cowher at SVC
    2755.  Laura Freeman from Pittsburgh, Pa/ Menlo Park, Ca
    2756.  Bill Sovitski from Elizabeth, Pa
    2757.  Brock from Pittsburgh
    2758.  Jean Ray from Pittsburgh,Pa
    2759.  Zoe & Bode from Seneca Falls, NY
    2760.  Ric Fera from South Side, PA
    2761.  Nick "Italian Stalion" from Camp Cowher at SVC
    2762.  Itty Bitty from Jtown PA
    2763.  McCall Andy from Canonsburg, PA
    2764.  Ron "Cyclops"Hull from Washington, Pa
    2765.  John Fuller from Pittsburgh, PA
    2767.  Courtney Downey from Burgettstown P.A
    2768.  Jessica Hewitt from Oakland, Pittsburgh
    2769.  Miller....LAO from State College PA
    2770.  Josh from penn state
    2771.  Cathy Bittenbender from Allentown, PA
    2772.  Frank mitzen from Hilton Head Island, SC
    2773.  Tammy Havelka from Bugettstown P.A
    2774.  Adam Zeanchock from Altoona and Everywhere, PA
    2775.  Bryan from Dommick's from Washington Crown Mall, PA
    2776.  Liz Lingenfelter from Cherry Tree, PA
    2777.  Jim from From E. C. ,pa
    2778.  Ray Downey S.R from Burgettstown P.A
    2779.  Tommy Moran from Pittsburgh PA
    2780.  Levina B Jones from Heaven
    2781.  Mike Corcoran from Elon, NC
    2782.  Joshua Pahler from (Dormont) Pittsburgh, PA
    2783.  Brad Boban from Owings Mills, MD
    2784.  Jamieson Lash from Penn State
    2785.  MATT JONES from WV
    2786.  Anthony Doria from Pittsburgh, PA
    2787.  Brian Boggs (ugh) from Burgettstown
    2788.  Frank Speicher from Pittsburgh
    2789.  Carl Weathers from All That Is Man
    2790.  Philip Molnar from Pittsburgh Pa
    2791.  Nathaniel Pope from Falls Church, VA
    2792.  BOLT from Pittsburgh
    2793.  Sarah Oesterling from New Alexandria, PA
    2794.  David A. LaMendola from Too Close to Cincinnati
    2795.  Carlton A Jones from Deep Creek Lake, MD
    2796.  #1521 can go to hell!!! from Allentown PA
    2797.  Lea from PA
    2798.  Sergei Fedorov from Russia
    2799.  Gina from Pittsburgh Pa
    2800.  Leah Haynes
    2801.  Tyler Connor from Lexington, Kentucky
    2802.  Skeletor from Eternia
    2803.  Mr. T from The A-Team
    2804.  Jillian Radley from THE BURGH... GO STEELERS!
    2805.  Zachary Miles from PITTSBURGH BWEEEEEEEY
    2806.  Vince Ponzio from Pittsburgh, PA
    2807.  AJ Mays from Tampa, FL
    2808.  Jon Roden from Girard, Ohio
    2809.  The Big Cong from The Tape
    2810.  Kurt Pawlak from Bethel Park, PA
    2811.  GoOoOoOoOoO STILLERS!!! from PICKSBURGH CHA-CHA-CHA!!!!!!!!
    2812.  Jerry from Pittsburgh
    2813.  FLYGIRL from WV
    2814.  Nutzies from the Burgh
    2815.  Diane Condie from from the Burgh.....Go Steelers
    2816.  Colleen from Altoona
    2817.  Heidi Kaufman from Murrsville/Chicago
    2818.  Ann Myers from Pittsburgh
    2819.  *Nicole* from Pittsburgh, PA
    2820.  Daniel Bauer from Ft. Myers
    2821.  RJ Vincent II from Waynesburg PA
    2822.  Shannon Maloy from Pittsburgh, PA
    2823.  Garrett Vincent from Waynesburg PA
    2824.  Chris Auen from Silver Spring Md.
    2825.  Dale Gilbert from Mentor, OH
    2826.  Ryan Tyree from burgettstown
    2827.  Mary Vincent from Waynesburg PA
    2828.  Home of Training Camp from LATROBE
    2829.  Bob Rickel from Concord, OH
    2830.  Zac Parkhill from SVC (Stiller's summer home)
    2831.  Erica Lombardo from Pittsburgh, PA (#2831's girl!)
    2832.  ZUCKFACE from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    2833.  Angela Mazur from Lower Burrell, PA
    2834.  Nicole Talak from Pittsburgh, PA
    2835.  Nina P. from PA
    2836.  Rachel from Pittsburgh, PA
    2837.  Joe Fleming from Fredericktown, PA
    2838.  Scott Roskwitalski from Pittsburgh, PA
    2839.  Joe Lettrich from Gaithersburg, MD
    2840.  Tracy "balls Jr" from Bentleyville PA
    2841.  molly gura from pittsburgh
    2842.  Deeznuggets
    2843.  Pat Collins from Pittsburgh, PA
    2844.  melanie from pgh/dub c
    2845.  craig jernstrom
    2846.  Doug Ocheltree from Indiana, PA
    2847.  Plaxico Burress from New York
    2848.  Cal Winters from Madera, Pa.
    2849.  Crystal Riley from Baldwin, PA
    2850.  Kobe Bryant from Denv... I mean LA
    2851.  HOT DOG SAM from Heaven and BURGETTSTOWN
    2852.  Joey G. from PITT baby
    2853.  Crystal Riley from Baldwin, PA
    2854.  Becky from Johnstown, PA
    2855.  ARIZONA STEELERS from arizona state university
    2856.  Eddie Kacsuta from Greenville, NC
    2857.  faaaaaaaaaaaaaggggs
    2858.  Jesse Kelly from Virginia Tech / Pittsburgh
    2859.  Shane P. Nelsen
    2860.  Laura Petnuch from Point Breeze
    2861.  Jolene and Zack Previty from Evans City, PA
    2862.  Bin Ladin and Zwahri from United state
    2863.  Jan from PA
    2864.  Kristi Korzen from Upper St. Clair/State College
    2865.  Stomperrob from FantasyFootballCafe
    2866.  Betsy from Pittsburgh, PA
    2867.  Heath Miller from SUPERBOWL XL!
    2868.  J. Bush from Capital City, The District
    2869.  Jimmy C from The great commonwealth of PA
    2870.  Maria from Pittsburgh
    2871.  t good from the u
    2872.  Zachary McLaughlin from North Huntingdon, PA
    2873.  Chris Loeffert from Gibsonia, PA
    2874.  Sierra from Greensburg
    2875.  Shane Todd from Monongahela, PA
    2876.  Jay 'Bird' Martin from West 'By God' Virginia
    2877.  Johnny Longstroke Lewis from Elizabeth PA
    2878.  joe dirt from gibsonia pa
    2879.  sleeve monster from johnstown
    2880.  Rebecca Stottlemyer from Pittsburgh!!!
    2881.  Shaun Alexander from rain city USA
    2882.  Stephanie Funk from New Brighton, PA
    2883.  Peter Gozinia from Browntown
    2884.  Jenn Martin from I stand by my Man
    2885.  Lynn Elliott from New Wilmington, PA
    2886.  Some bacon from a fire
    2887.  A.J. Munoz from Las Vegas
    2888.  Igot Daclap from Your Mom
    2889.  Chris Collins from Pittsburgh, PA
    2890.  James E. Wahl from Evans City, PA
    2891.  Osama Binladen from Not in Iraq
    2892.  Eric Mallamo from Fairmont, WV
    2893.  Jim Irwin from asheboro, NC
    2894.  Sarah from N. C. , Pa
    2895.  Kelly Yurchick from Springdale, PA
    2896.  Kevin from Pittsburgh, PA
    2897.  FRANK CAPOBIANCO from Penn Hills, (Pittsburgh) PA
    2898.  BRYAN DICKSON from (steeler) Washington, Pa
    2899.  Ricardo Madrazo from Mexico City, Mexico
    2900.  Matt 'Stu' from Nicktown
    2901.  msp26505 from Morgantown, WV
    2902.  lil' kiehl from happy valley
    2903.  Osama bin Laden from Tora Bora
    2904.  Roger Pennington from Hickory, Pa
    2905.  Karen Guarin from Maryland
    2906.  Steph Davis from Cranberry Twp, PA
    2907.  Heather Osche from Butler, PA
    2908.  Mike Summits from Johnstown
    2909.  Charles Darwin from Shropshire, England
    2910.  Michelle Griffin from Pittsburgh, PA
    2911.  ron from cranberry twp
    2912.  Nathan Keane from Churchill
    2913.  heather from cranberry twp
    2914.  yo, Hawkers.... stay from out of STEELER BURG
    2915.  Angela Collins from Pittsburgh
    2916.  Calvin Zambornowski from Cleveland, Ohio
    2917.  stefan from WV
    2918.  Trent Beagle from Dallas, Texas (formerly PGH)
    2919.  mpthree from washington PA
    2920.  Luke Bonomo from Baltimore, MD
    2921.  Nate from Pittsburgh
    2922.  WVU BIG EAST CHAMPS from Morgantown, W. Va
    2923.  Oprah from Chicago
    2924.  Nate's Mom from Pittsburgh
    2925.  Nicholas Weisman from Harrisburg, Pa
    2926.  Drew Bethel from Greensburg, PA
    2927.  Larry C. from Marietta GA
    2928.  Vindicating #1521 from LETS GO STILLERS
    2929.  Patty from Pittsburgh respresenting WVU
    2930.  A Curse has been set from someone who sets curses
    2931.  Jay Grab from CT
    2932.  Juanita Coram from Pittsburgh
    2933.  Matt Erdosy from Northampton, PA
    2934.  It's Me from Fantasyland
    2935.  JT from Pittsburgh, PA
    2936.  Craig Degenkolb from Burgettstown, PA
    2937.  Mon City Tailgaters from Monongahela, PA
    2938.  BJ from Baltimore, MD
    2939.  Dr. Bill Simpson from Gibraltar, MI
    2940.  Chris Hughes from U of Pitt
    2941.  Gus from Burgettstown, Pa
    2942.  Sara Grey from Pittsburgh PA/Detroit MI
    2943.  Louie Russo from Greensburg, PA
    2944.  Louie Russo from Pittsburgh, PA
    2945.  Gabby Pesognelli from Pittsburgh
    2946.  PITTSPEED.COM from Pittspeed
    2947.  Dr. Jennifer Simpson from Gibraltar, MI
    2948.  Susan Dannhauser from Pittsburgh
    2949.  I HOPE THEY LOSE! from ERIE PA!
    2950.  Nicole from Drew's Livingroom floor
    2952.  Pete Helen from the shower
    2953.  Craig Woodward from Upper Burrell, Pa
    2954.  sam signore from germantown,tn
    2955.  About to kick #2950's from LECOM
    2956.  Jeremy Evans from Bellevue Pa
    2957.  Ryan from DC
    2958.  Allan "Big Al" from Jefferson
    2959.  Jordan Marks from Pittsburgh, PA
    2960.  Bill Martinak from Edison, NJ
    2961.  Hellen Keller from Atj483utjirehyr5
    2962.  Craig Collins from Carmichaels, PA
    2963.  David Hoylman from Penn State
    2964.  Matt Collins from Carmichaels, PA
    2965.  Denise from Pittsburgh, PA
    2966.  Kim Jong Il from North Korea
    2967.  Open wound on Shawn from Alexanders leg from Polamalu
    2968.  Carson from the hospital
    2969.  Jamie from Peters Township, PA
    2970.  Eric Echard from Upper St. Clair
    2971.  Driving to Detroit from From Pittsburgh
    2972.  Stacie McKnight from Pittsburgh, PA
    2973.  Nicole Rohr from Avella Pa
    2974.  Empty Pockets Racing from New Kensington, PA
    2975.  GO EAGLES from Orrtanna PA
    2976.  Sharla D -Dabus' fiance from Ellwood City
    2977.  Back Doc from Taylor, MI
    2978.  Marianne D'Auria from Connellsville, PA
    2979.  Alicia Smith
    2980.  Brian Cummings from Greensburg, PA
    2981.  AJ Burkett from Pittsburgh, PA
    2982.  RIKKI MARTIN from glen rock
    2983.  Brian Harewicz from Pittsburgh, Pa
    2984.  I HATE BEN from millersville PA
    2985.  Jen Dugan from From Bartlett Tn
    2986.  Steph from Pittsburgh, PA
    2987.  Lebron James from Cleveland, Ohio
    2988.  Paul Dugan
    2989.  Cara from Findlay OH
    2990.  Heather from Pittsburgh
    2991.  Garrett Ramsey from Emporium Pennsylvania
    2992.  Ritch Vogan from Atlanta
    2993.  Melanie from Roswell
    2994.  can anyone post from their computer
    2995.  Shelby from Roswell
    2996.  Rich Oaklief from "Lets do this for Bus 36" Ohio
    3000.  Elizabeth from Roswell
    3001.  Payton Manning watching from From my lazy boy
    3002.  Denise from Brentwood
    3003.  Emily McCalmont from Erie, Pa
    3004.  Cleveland Browns Team from From Hell
    3005.  Carl Krauser from University of Pittsburgh
    3006.  Bryan Yasko from New York City
    3007.  B00Bz from B00Bzville
    3008.  Ken Thompson from Harrisville PA
    3009.  Jarrod Murray from Los Angeles, CA
    3010.  Erica E from Pittsburgh (Steelerburgh) PA
    3011.  Craig Dolan from S V C
    3012.  Mrs. Randel el wannabe. from from pittsburgh
    3013.  Amy from Atlanta, Georgia
    3014.  Kayla from Pittsburgh
    3015.  jimmy martin from go steelers and WVU
    3016.  Matt Jones from Da Burgh
    3017.  Mark Del Pozo from PSU
    3018.  Jim Watson from Bulger, PA
    3019.  You Guys Are Toolboxes from Pittsburgh
    3020.  Amber C. from Ellwood City, Pa.
    3021.  T from Cleveland OH Allegheny College
    3022.  This ones for the Thumb
    3023.  Chris Baierl from Purdue University, Indiana
    3024.  Gretchen Ziegler from Charleroi, PA
    3025.  Frank Hahn from Gibsonia Pa
    3026.  Matt Acklin from Philly
    3027.  Dicky from Irwin, PA
    3028.  Mario Lemieux from Pittsburgh, PA
    3029.  Erica Moore from Washington, PA
    3030.  Lorie from Butler , PA
    3031.  Allegheny College from Meadville, PA
    3032.  Squirrel Master from New Ken
    3033.  the town drunks from bentleyville pa
    3034.  Justin Davanzo from SVC Camp Cowher
    3035.  Everybody from Seattle will cry on Sunday
    3036.  Joe Andrie from Homer City PA
    3037.  Jeff Roche from Upper St. Clair
    3038.  Susan from University of Pittsburgh!!
    3039.  Lucas Dubyak from Butler, PA
    3040.  THE QUEEN from Pittsburgh, PA
    3041.  Jake Nelko from Oakland, P-I-T-T
    3042.  NASTY from Pittsburgh, PA
    3043.  Mike Hawk from DC
    3044.  Tom Ziegler from from Steelers, PA
    3045.  Kenny B. from Pittsburgh, PA
    3046.  Jeffrey Novak from Newark New York, but from PITT
    3047.  Don Feitl from Pittsburgh
    3048.  Erin S from Eldersville, PA
    3049.  Katie from Durham, NC
    3050.  Drew Brise from Hawaii
    3051.  Ryan Porter from Charleroi, PA
    3052.  Plato from Greece
    3053.  we come from the burgh
    3054.  Nick Wilson from Pittsburgh, PA
    3055.  Katie Mrozowski from Raleigh, NC
    3056.  Marc from Raleigh, Norf Cackalack
    3057.  Dan Huber from Pittsburgh
    3058.  Chris Mrozowski from Durham, NC
    3059.  Patty Ziegler from Steelers, PA
    3060.  Randy Chilcoat from Kutztown Pa
    3061.  Rusty Weaver from Shippensburg
    3062.  UNCSteeler(guy) from Wilmington, NC
    3064.  Vince Curry from Belle Vernon ,PA
    3065.  hairy bush from between your legs
    3066.  Homeless from Fantasy Football Cafe
    3067.  The Real Squirrel from Scottdale, PA
    3068.  DS from Steiners Anal Cavity
    3069.  Craig Rolla from Lancaster, PA
    3070.  Mike Brestensky from Freeport
    3071.  Laura Purves from HOLLAND MICHIGAN
    3072.  Jerry May's Mom is HOT from I mooned her....
    3073.  Todd Rosa from JOHNSTOWN, PA
    3074.  Ron Eckert from Shippensburg, PA
    3075.  Amanda Guntrum from Oakland Pittsburgh
    3076.  Gerri Maurer from Murrysville, PA
    3077.  Stephanie C. from Geneseo /PITT
    3078.  Frank Vento from Sisily,Italy
    3079.  Felicia Binder from Bloomsburg Pa
    3080.  STEVE FABRY from CLARION, PA
    3081.  Ian Radcliff from East Petersburg, PA
    3082.  Ben Mourer from Chicora, PA
    3083.  Gunner from West Palm Beach
    3084.  Stoophers from The University of Texas
    3085.  Mike D from Normalville, PA
    3086.  Mark Delaney from Meadville, PA
    3087.  Cody Switzer from Chicora, PA
    3088.  maura
    3089.  D UNIT, from CLARION, PA
    3090.  Jared Burkholder from Taichung, Taiwan
    3091.  Cindy Henry from Pittsburgh BABY
    3092.  Kevin Beck from Chicora, PA
    3093.  maura
    3094.  Kelly Rutschilling from Findlay, OH
    3095.  Jeff Johnston from Chino Hills, CA
    3096.  Lew O Sr. from Freeport Pa.
    3097.  Man Man Stuvaints from Southside Ideal
    3098.  justin from hights, pa
    3099.  Jessica O. from Orlando, FL
    3100.  brandon lyle from erie pa
    3101.  1-2 PUNCH from THE MEMBERSHIP
    3102.  Josh Marquis from Washington, PA
    3103.  Ducpimp from Lower Burrell, PA
    3104.  Adam P. from frederriiiickkk MD
    3105.  Evan Crawford from Bradys Bend, PA
    3106.  Greg Shaw from Erie,PA
    3107.  Marilyn Moore from Miami Springs, FL
    3108.  pam from pittsburgh
    3109.  Ben McLay from Cowansville, Pa
    3110.  Cody Williams from Karns City PA
    3111.  Levi Paul Buck from Chicora PA
    3112.  Travis Ellwood from Washingto(Steeler)Pa
    3113.  Tiger Woods from Orlando, FL
    3115.  David & Sheri from Cresson,PA
    3116.  BIGSBY from KARNS CITY, PA
    3117.  Ryan Parker from Chicora Beotches
    3118.  Matt Andring from Marienville, PA
    3119.  Frank Rozik from lycippus
    3120.  Amanda Hagenbuch from Canonsburg
    3121.  Dan D'Antonio from Bronx, NY
    3122.  Kirsten from Blacksburg
    3123.  Eddie-Mon from Thornburgh,PA
    3124.  Sloe. from Latrobe, PA
    3125.  mozelljames from roseboro nc
    3126.  Zach Stainbrook from Coraopolis, PA
    3127.  Ibte Khilji of Plum, PA from i must grow a MIGHTY beard!
    3128.  Jared Foster from Pittsburgh
    3129.  Goobz from Dirrrrty south D-ville
    3130.  Twylia from New Brighton, Pa
    3131.  BIG AG from HIGH SOTA HEIGHTS
    3132.  Maria from Upper Burrell
    3133.  Devin Dunwoody from Johnstown pa
    3134.  Casey Bush from Penn State!
    3135.  your mom from my bedroom
    3136.  Dean Durham from "Its a buck..its a good buck"
    3137.  Manda Double from Chicora, PA
    3138.  Jessica Corrie from NHT
    3139.  PORNO RED from Pittsburgh,pa
    3140.  Adam Sciulli from Pittsburgh PA
    3141.  PITTSPEED.COM from Pittsburgh,pa
    3142.  Laura Domen from Scott Township, PA
    3143.  PITTSPEED.COM from Pittsburgh,pa
    3144.  Daniel Agliori from Pittsburgh
    3145.  PITTSPEED from Pittsburgh,pa
    3146.  John Madden from 6 Legged Turkey, PA
    3147.   Karen Bennett from Washington pa
    3148.  Ed Kelly from GREENFIELD PA
    3149.  PITTSPEED.COM from Pittsburgh,pa
    3151.  Julie Lindsey from Pittsburgh, PA
    3152.  Gmob from New Brighton PA
    3153.  Pete Morelli from I'm Sorry Troy, PA
    3154.  Mena Louies from Wexford,pa
    3155.  james kanfoush from pittsburgh
    3156.  Josh Gatesman from Clarion, PA
    3157.  troy roat from san diego, ca
    3158.  Jamie Cubeta from Baltimore
    3159.  I hate Jon Meck from Seattle
    3160.  Pup from Mexico
    3161.  I hate Big Ben from Tocoma
    3162.  Jenn from Scottdale, PA
    3163.  Travis Whiteaker from Orlando/UCF, FL
    3164.  I hate the Steelers from Olympia
    3165.  Casey Ritenour from Latrobe, PA
    3166.  Molly Miller from Pittsburgh
    3167.  Janet from Greensburg, PA
    3168.  I hate the Steelers from Olympia
    3169.  Joe Fagan from DELTA are cowards
    3170.  I hate the Steelers from Olympia
    3171.  Chad Kochis from Johnstown PA
    3172.  The Juice from Cresson Pa
    3173.  burning couches from semple street
    3174.  Chris Hartle from punxsutawney, pa
    3175.  Rachele Gentile from Apollo, PA
    3176.  In support of pledger # from 609 - his Mom from Dunmore, PA
    3177.  Anthony Miller from south central irwin
    3178.  Russ Driskel from Ebensburg PA
    3179.  Nikki Albertini from McDonald, PA
    3180.  I love eggs from my head down to my legs
    3181.  Jason Trocki from Culmerville, Pa
    3182.  E
    3183.  Joe Wasik from McDonald
    3184.  l
    3185.  Sean Hetrick from Punxsutawney, PA
    3186.  Kaitlin Donnelly from Pittsburgh
    3187.  Alex Lucas from canonsburg PA
    3188.  Ryan from Die Brady, RI
    3189.  Leanne Ganter from Pittsburgh
    3190.  Adam Badaczewski from JEROME Pa
    3191.  Joseph Karns from Dubois, Pennsylvania
    3192.  Alyssa Trynock from PA
    3193.  Pat Wilson from Pittsburgh
    3194.  Michael Trynock from PA
    3195.  Craig Blose from Dubois, Pa
    3196.  Pete from Yourmomville, PA
    3197.  Marijke and Wayne from Edmonton, Canada
    3199.  Garrett Pampiks from Johnstown, PA
    3200.  Andrea Lucas from Canonsburg PA
    3201.  Ross Maola from Pittsburgh
    3202.  Becky Gruendl from Pittsburgh
    3203.  Ross Hollopeter from Pittsburgh
    3204.  Jason Kahle from Lock Haven, Pa
    3205.  Nick Brown from Edinboro, PA
    3206.  Carl Kraus from Pittsburgh, PA
    3207.  Liz Lemley from Pittsburgh, PA
    3208.  Bernard Kung from Pittsburgh
    3209.  Erin Suhrie from Canonsburg, PA
    3210.  David Schatteman from Pittsburgh
    3211.  Jared Shoaf from Pittsburgh, PA
    3212.  Jon Paulus from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3213.  Don Baum from Mount Pleasant, PA
    3214.  Tony Soprano from Go Steelers!!
    3215.  Troy from Uranus
    3216.  Ben Golab from Ford City
    3217.  Kevin Cox from Pittsburgh, PA
    3218.  Tom Orfanelli from Johnstown Pa
    3219.  Matt Hoffmaster from LETS GO PENN STATE
    3220.  George Bush from Retard, TX
    3221.  Lizard King from 5th Millenium Earth
    3222.  Andy Milonakis from Pittsburgh
    3223.  Go To hell mr i wrote from number 3221
    3224.  RYAN JOHNSTON from Washington (steeler), PA
    3225.  Brian Iannacchione from Boise, ID
    3226.  Eric DiCenzo from Johnstown, PA
    3227.  Lorenzo de Medici from Florence
    3228.  Wayne Hollabaugh from State College, PA
    3229.  Renee Lendyak from ford city PA
    3230.  Antique Human from Shady Ave
    3231.  brian alejandro viviano from lewisburg west virginia
    3232.  Tom Haggard from Pittsburgh, PA
    3233.  Ben Iannacchione from from the BURGH now in Boise,ID
    3234.  Tom Easterday from Sheffield, Ohio
    3235.  Melanie Frank from Washington/Steeler PA
    3236.  Eric G. from Bronx
    3237.  Travis Speicher from State College PA
    3238.  Sam Lemley from Steeler, PA
    3239.  Joe Martin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia
    3240.  Lindsay Mensch, Hot RA from University of Pittsburgh
    3241.  Alex Swartzzzzzzzzz from Johnstown PA (UPJ) Go steelers
    3242.  Mike Biondi from Indiana University of PA
    3243.  Lance Thompson from Punxsy, Pa
    3244.  Michelle Thornton from Lock Haven, PA
    3245.  Frank Hetrick from Punxsutawney, PA
    3246.  Mike Ditka from Da Bears
    3247.  Shane DeVincent from Morgantown, WV
    3248.  Joe Smolenski from Greensburg PA
    3249.  Laura Cavagnaro from go codys stash!!!
    3250.  jonathan weber from dubois pa
    3251.  Doug Cooper from THE FIGHTING 12, McDonald, PA
    3252.  Kelly Verna from Pittsburgh
    3253.  Chad Zboran from Kittanning Pa
    3254.  Doug Spatafore from Lock Haven Pa.
    3255.  Nicole from York, PA
    3256.  Leslie Dean from Monroeville
    3257.  Jonathan Sebolt from Indiana, PA
    3258.  Michael Irvin from a crack house in Dallas
    3259.  Jeffery Muir from Lock Haven Pa.
    3260.  Mike Hamilton from Saint Petersburg,FL
    3261.  Lars Ulrich from Sweden
    3262.  Richard Viles from Brisbane, Australia
    3263.  Kirk Hammet from Skull Town
    3264.  Melissa Sue Trentadue from Lock Haven Pa.
    3265.  Ken Koenig from Venetia, PA
    3266.  Michael McQuillan from University of Pittsburgh
    3267.  Ronnie Openshaw from White Hall, MD
    3268.  David Bohl from Murrysville, PA
    3269.  Cailtin Sutorius from Leslie's bedroom, PA
    3270.  Chris Stoner from State College, PA
    3271.  george from georgia
    3272.  Brian Chadwick from SEATTLE, WA : GO STEELERS
    3273.  Yuri Gordin from Pittsburgh
    3274.  Brian McClimans from Meadville, PA
    3275.  Steve McQueen from Pittsburgh, PA
    3276.  Becky W. from Punxsy ,PA
    3277.  Mike Hubert from Moon Twp, PA
    3278.  Robert Chadwick from Seattle,WA : STEELERS RULE!
    3279.  Brian Cumpston from Clarion, PA
    3280.  Mike Tumas from Coudersport, PA God's Country
    3281.  Big Bryan B. from Miami, FL
    3282.  paul lucariello from boise id
    3283.  Lisa Lindquist from Moon Twp, PA
    3284.  Joel Trocki from West Deer, Pa
    3285.  Maddie Chadwick from Seattle, WA : STEELERS NATION
    3286.  johnny cash from nashville tn.
    3287.  A. Fertelmes from Wexford, PA
    3288.  Jason Wilson from Kittanning
    3289.  Danikka from Punxsutawney, PA
    3290.  Chris Adams from Hyndman, PA
    3291.  Hungarian Barbarian from Pittsburgh, PA
    3292.  Sophia from Mayport, PA
    3293.  Marcus Phennicie from Hyndman,PA
    3294.  Jack Mehoff from your pants
    3295.  JeSsIcA DrIsKeL from Ebensburg PA
    3296. from Pittsburgh,pa
    3297.  Shane Yoest from Muse, PA
    3298.  DICK TRICKLE from Pittsburgh,pa
    3299.  Meagan McMahon from Smithfield, PA
    3300.  Jessica Johnston from Waynesburg, PA
    3301.  Polamalu's Baby Maker from 'DA BURGH, PA!!!
    3303.  Big Ben Holms from Chambersburg, PA
    3304.  Nunnnnezzz from Dessert
    3305.  Brad Kyle from Gibsonia, PA
    3306.  John Sweeney, Jr. from West Newton
    3307.  Chris from J-town
    3308.  Newkleeahwafair from Waste
    3309.  Vicki Smith from State College, PA
    3310.  Chris Ungvarsky from North Versailles, PA
    3311.  Stiffened wounds test from their pride
    3312.  Matt Steele from Clarion, PA
    3313.  Josh Funk from Clarion, PA
    3314.  Megan, from Pittsburgh PA
    3315.  Jaison VanHorn from PSU
    3316.  Johnny Evankovich from Erie, PA
    3317.  Shouting Gun from on they run
    3318.  John "Hannibal" Smith from LA Underground
    3319.  Skyler from Arlington, VA
    3320.  Leah Mazzocca from New Castle, PA
    3321.  Josh Wilson from State College, PA
    3322.  Aron May from PSU
    3323.  Ben Roethlisberger from Steel City
    3324.  Erik Hoeke from Decatur, GA
    3325.  A-ron Weafer from the hole
    3326.  Metal Militia from HQ
    3327.  Alison Bush from Blitzburgh
    3328.  Rachel Shanker from Kutztown, Pa
    3329.  Kirtis Nimis from ??
    3330.  Soldier Boy from The Front
    3331.  Michele Reed from Lock Haven, PA
    3332.  Artie Rathell from Shippensburg PA
    3333.  Mario Burkett from Millersville, MD
    3334.  Harvester of Sorrow from Land of the Mad
    3335.  Joey Pilarski from Pittsburgh, PA
    3336.  Mitchel Janocha from Punxsy, Pa
    3337.  Don Ross from Cleveland
    3338.  Jess Dignon from P-I-T-T, PA
    3339.  David Stahl from Cleveland, Ohio
    3340.  Peter Dukovitch from Slammin Refs, PA
    3341.  J'aime Moses from Fox Chapel, PA
    3342.  Joey Mittens from PITTSBURGH!!!
    3343.  Robert Bordieri Jr. from Orwigsburg, PA
    3344.  Joe Cummins from State College PA
    3345.  Jessi Szramowski from UNIVERSITY of PITTSBURGH
    3346.  NASTY UNCLE JOE from Dirty D-ville
    3347.  Bakaf from North Huntingdon, PA
    3348.  gene slegle from philipsburg, PA
    3349.  Brian Hoover from Pittsburgh and i havnt shaved
    3350.  Donovan McNabb from from Philadelphia, PA
    3351.  Andrew Tumicki from Melbourne, FL
    3352.  Tony Perry from Apollo, PA
    3353.  Ryan from Cali, I aint shaving
    3354.  Addison from State College pa
    3355.  Big Al Holms from Chambersburg, PA
    3356.  Jonathan Gorski from good ol pittsburgh, pa
    3357.  Natalie Cable from Apollo, PA
    3359.  Jason from South Fayette
    3360.  Michael Knight from Parts Unknown
    3361.  bill from gannon
    3362.  Nuuuuuunnnnnneeeeezzzzz from Nuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnneeeeeezzzzz
    3363.  for whom the bell tolls
    3364.  Chach from The Ohio State University
    3365.  Scott Vascik from Sarver, Pa
    3366.  Weird Baby Powder Smell from The hallway of my dorm
    3367.  Puerto Rican Flava from Estaban
    3368.  Charles "Chuck" Norris from the begging of time
    3369.  The Bus from Motown
    3370.  Bridget K from Steeler Training Camp, PA
    3371.  Michael Donovan from State College, PA
    3372.  Tony Uccellini from Slippery Rock PA
    3373.  Enus from Nivlem
    3374.  Busch never shave beard from Beaver Cahnty
    3375.  Drew Black from Lynchburg, Va
    3376.  ADAM "BIG PIMPIN" COLBE from Beaver Falls, Pa
    3377.  rebecca aka veronica from washington, pa
    3378.  Pup's relatives are from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
    3379.  Andy Blystone from Pittsburgh
    3380.  Orlo Overly from Erie PA
    3381.  Jesse Lopata from North Huntingdon, Pa
    3382.  Stacey from CT
    3383.  FOOL from Greenfield, PA
    3384.  suz from Steeler, PA
    3385.  Lindsay Goble from Pittsburgh, PA
    3386.  Erika Reed from Beaver, PA
    3387.  Nicole Bubar from Erie PA
    3388.  Bill Freed from Ambridge
    3389.  Todd Leight from New Castle, PA
    3390.  Jennifer Cardinale from Pittsburgh Steel City PA!
    3391.  Abby from Cresson, Pa
    3392.  Mom, Go Troops,Go Steel from ers, Johnstown, Pa
    3393.  Maunee George II from Earth
    3394.  Doug S from Pittsburgh, PA
    3395.  Corey Fajerski from Pittsburgh, PA
    3396.  Megan Moore from Houston, PA
    3397.  Vicki Braund from Beaver, PA
    3398.  Dave Moore from Indiana Pa
    3399.  Frank Kocher from Pittsburgh, PA
    3400.  Keith Ruzomberka from State College, PA
    3401.  mLION from San Clemente, CA
    3402.  John Ciganik from Pittsburgh, PA
    3403.  Kelly Frick from Pittsburgh , PA
    3404.  Peter Griffin from Quahog
    3405.  BRIAN Z. from DA BURGH
    3406.  Mike "MEAT" Marisa from Johnstown, PA
    3407.  Amanda Susko from Notre Dame, IN & Johnstown, PA
    3408.  Amanda Meneo from Pittsburgh,PA
    3409.  M Sholakh from San Clemente, CA
    3410.  Erik Tracy from Phoenix
    3412.  Sarah Marie! from spring hill, tn
    3413.  Andrew Klimas from West
    3414.  Brian K. from PITTSBURGH
    3415.  Lori Lawhead from West Middlesex
    3416.  Jennifer Hughes from New Castle, PA
    3417.  Brian Hoover from Pittsburgh and i havn't shaved
    3418.  Jackie a.k.a CRACKIE from PITTSBURGH (moon twp)
    3419.  Kyle Kimmel from Hermitage, PA
    3420.  Dave "BJ" Aznar from Virginia Beach, VA
    3421.  Tiana Novak from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3422.  Staci Roland from Beaver, PA   (02/01/06)
    3423.  Franco Harris & Army from Cherry Hill, NJ
    3424.  Brad Clark from CalU PA
    3425.  Dugan from Pittsburgh
    3426.  Tyler Hendrickson from Beaver, PA
    3427.  Ian Legros from Belle Vernon, Pa
    3428.  James Anderson from Almighty Pittsburgh!!!
    3429.  Jenn from Mechanicsburg
    3430.  Laura from Johnstown Pennsylvania BABAYYY
    3431.  tj erdlen from indiana, pa
    3432.  Jenna McLaughlin from LATROBE-Where it all started!
    3433.  Mike Hunt from Intercourse Pa
    3434.  Anne McCready from HAIL TO PITT (Oakland)
    3435.  Lauren from Pittsburgh
    3436.  Barrett Goddard from Ligonier PA
    3437.  Jared likes men from Clarion,PA
    3438.  Mandy from Beaver Falls, PA
    3439.  Lindsay Rekuc from State College, PA
    3440.  Caitlin from Pittsburgh, PA
    3441.  laura kelly from clairton,pa
    3442.  Danielle from Monroeville, Pa
    3443.  Ankita from from Bridgeville, PA
    3444.  Amber from North Huntingdon, Pa
    3445.  Jock Ryan from Wilmington, NC
    3446.  Ed from Pittsburgh
    3447.  Alyshia Inks from Pittsburgh, PA
    3448.  Steve from Allison Park, PA
    3449.  Tim Krahe from Erie, PA
    3450.  Brad Fombelle from BEARDSBEARDSBEARDS
    3451.  Tim Cray from Erie, PA
    3452.  Smitty from New Castle, PA
    3453.  anthony kerr from columbus ohio
    3454.  Sean McCue from Pittsburgh, PA
    3455.  Timm Kray from Erie, PA
    3456.  Brian Higginbotham from Loretto PA
    3457.  Timothy Kraie from Andy Black
    3458.  Kyle Dubois from Kokomo IN
    3459.  B.(madman's mom )Haupt from Johnstown, Pa.. Go Steelers!
    3460.  Brian gaines
    3461.  Sarah from Harrison City
    3462.  Renee Rawding from Pittsburgh, PA
    3463.  Shake from O-burg
    3464.  Dean Privett from Pittsburgh PA
    3465.  Ernie Zeh from Pittsburgh, PA
    3466.  Justin Ross from Meadville
    3467.  sarah mattes from from pgh and j-town now CALI
    3468.  Jeff Wentz from Meadville
    3469.  Mike Ishman from Punxsutawney
    3470.  Chris Gray from Chicora, PA
    3471.  Paul Russell from canton, ohio
    3472.  Derick Schmidt from Wexford...currently Penn State
    3473.  Chas Mo from STATE COLLEGE BABY
    3474.  J. Potts from CALIFORNIA
    3475.  Danny Waltman from FENELTON PA
    3476.  Greg S. from Cleveland, Ohio
    3477.  CMics from STATE COLLEGE BAAAABBBYYYY!!!!
    3478.  angry ron from beelen st
    3479.  DEUCEY D from Boston (PITTSBURGH at heart)
    3480.  Joshua Foster from Oceanside CA SUPERBOWL BABY
    3481.  Steven Aloia from Washington/Steeler PA
    3483.  VERONICA CIACCIA from Toledo, OH (GO PITT)
    3484.  Beth B (my legs) from PITTSBURGH, PA
    3485.  MOM from Ashley PA
    3486.  Chris Wunderly from Pittsburgh Pa
    3487.  ZORRO from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    3488.  Rachel Lageman from Pittsburgh, PA
    3489.  Marissa Musico from Pittsburgh, PA
    3490.  Jonathan Donati from State College, PA
    3491.  Aaron Sedlak from Johnstown, Pa
    3492.  Andrew Verrillo from Pittsburgh, PA
    3493.  Jesse Wells from University of Pittsburgh
    3494.  John Patrick Mahon from Pittsburgh
    3495.  Dylan Conrad from Athens, OH
    3498.  Anthony Tierno from Plum Borough
    3499.  Jordan from North Hills of PGH
    3500.  Brent Losee
    3501.  Amber Loiselle from Scranton, Pa
    3502.  Flick from WASHINGTON, PA
    3503.  A.J. Hawk from The Ohio State University
    3504.  Paul Madison from Graysville,pa
    3505.  Martha Kalasky from Greensburg, PA
    3506.  J Bills from BlacksBURGH Va
    3507.  Bill Crow from Graysville,Pa
    3508.  John P. from Ohio
    3509.  Jeramie Davis from sanfrancisco ca
    3510.  Matthew Meixler from New York, NY
    3511.  dingle berries from my bum
    3512.  Franko Kukla from North Huntingdon
    3513.  Timmy Powell from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
    3514.  Franko Alexander from HOME,PA
    3515.  Fidel Castro from CUBA
    3516.  Aaron Fitzpatrick from Clarion, PA
    3517.  Dane Maurer from Murrysville, PA
    3518.  Kaitlyn Grosso from Morgantown, WV
    3519.  Ryan Chadwick from Washington, PA
    3520.  Anthony Wright from Grove City, PA
    3521.  Ashley Weimer from Morgantown, WV
    3522.  Kordell Stewart from Wall of Shame
    3523.  Tyler Vaughn from Scottdale
    3524.  Erric Peagram from about 10 years ago
    3525.  Lane Flynn from Summerfield, Florida
    3526.  Rachelle Evans from Slippery Rock, PA
    3527.  Casey Rogers from Greensburg, PA
    3528.  The Big Lebowski from Wackernheim, Germany (Army)
    3529.  Dennis P and Mike W from Biddyville, USA
    3530.  Jeff Metcalf from Las Vegas
    3531.  Jonathan Y. from PA
    3532.  Mike Obrycki from Pittsburgh, PA
    3533.  Jeramie Davis from sanfrancisco ca
    3534.  The Metts Family from Philadelphia, PA
    3535.  Scott Moore from Bellefonte
    3536.  Mark Quagliani from Kersey, PA
    3537.  ouch
    3538.  Butchie B aby from Dubois, PA
    3539.  John Carl Roat from Laf LA
    3540.  Erin Williams from Pittsburgh, PA
    3541.  Bob Vavick from South Greensburg,Pa.
    3542.  Linda Vavick from South Greensburg,Pa.
    3543.  Alan Hrovath from Alexandria, VA (PGH is home!)
    3544.  Heather Gadonniex from Koh Lanta - Thailand
    3545.  Mr. Emmett from Russellton, PA
    3546.  T Pater from Florence, KY
    3547.  Sarah Banks from Austin, TX
    3548.  Kelly Tookey from originally from Pittsburgh
    3549.  young mike from pittsburgh, pistolvania
    3550.  Bill Z from Aliquipppa, Pa.
    3551.  Matthew Aaron from N. Richland Hills, TX
    3552.  Courtney Cogley from Kittanning
    3553.  Tank S. from Seven Fields, PA
    3554.  Herb Smith from Edison, NJ
    3555.  dave cotterman from johnstown, pa
    3556.  Terry Bradshaw from Broadcasters booth
    3557.  Jeanine from Freedom,Pa
    3558.  Bobby Brown from Jail
    3559.  Andrew Zebroski from Monroeville, PA
    3560.  Tanner Branam from Bayville, NY
    3561.  Toga Joe from DuBois, PA
    3562.  Will Astron-Reese from NY
    3563.  Dennis John Kirkpatrick from Johnstown, PA
    3564.  Amy L. Matt from Baltimore, MD
    3565.  Thomas Prindle Jr. from College Park , MD
    3566.  Alina Mikas from Johnstown, PA
    3567.  Wendy D. from Farrell, PA
    3568.  Bob Cummings from Dunbar,PA
    3569.  Martha Matt
    3570.  Hugh G. Rection from Peters Township
    3571.  Sonny from Washington -Steeler,Pa
    3572.  Thom Russell from Rawlings, MD
    3573.  Kimberly Cerasi from The Burgh
    3574.  steve urchick from safety harbor , fl
    3575.  Double S from Pittsburgh
    3576.  kenny k from pittsburgh pa
    3577.  Teresa White from Markleysburg, PA
    3578.  Jenny Weis from Johnstown, PA
    3579.  Frank Criner from Pittsburgh
    3580.  Betsy Sullivan from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3581.  Jim from Natrona Heights, PA
    3582.  Amyjo McDade from Clairton, PA
    3583.  Otter from Sharpsville, PA
    3584.  carol corchia
    3585.  Wendy Dubbs from Altoona, PA
    3586.  Deborah Curry from Pittsburgh, PA
    3587.  Justin Pistininzi from Pittsburgh, PA
    3588.  P. J from New Kensington
    3589.  Dan Lucas from Uniontown,Pa.
    3590.  Jason Wade from Pittsburgh, PA
    3591.  Bethane Smith
    3592.  David Furgiuele from Pittsburgh
    3593.  Jessica Mitnick
    3594.  Rebecca Andring from florida
    3595.  Sandra Curry from Pittsburgh, PA
    3596.  Jim McGowan from Arlington, TN
    3597.  Laurie Coughlin from New Rochelle, NY
    3598.  Kirk Heavner
    3599.  Connie & Kim @ USAir from RIDC the Burgh
    3600.  PAPPY JEFF from Natrona heights pa
    3601.  Josh Taylor from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3602.  Dianna P from Pittsburgh, PA
    3603.  Debbie Webster from Pittsburgh, PA
    3604.  J-Steel from Oakland, MD
    3605.  Terry Schock from From Eagles Country
    3606.  Phil Coughlin from Bethel Park, Pa
    3607.  DTA from Shadyside, PA
    3608.  Liz Weis from Pittsburgh,PA
    3609.  Virginia Pierson from Bridgeville, Pa
    3610.  Joe Augustine from Uniontown, PA
    3611.  Renee Wantland from Natrona Heights, PA
    3612.  Jenn Koedel from Freeport, Pa.
    3613.  Rhonda Hackenburg from Carlisle, PA
    3614.  Cammy Crosby from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    3615.  Gary Waite from Madera PA
    3616.  Ed Crosby from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    3617.  Barry Makary from Smifflin Pa
    3618.  allen weller from sussex nj
    3619.  Jeanine Matse from Johnstown, PA
    3620.  Carol Bendel from South Park, Pa.
    3621.  Mike Wagner (#23) from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    3622.  Cathie Beck from Monroeville, PA
    3623.  Monica Austin from Apollo, Pennsylvania
    3624.  Heather Hall from Pittsburgh, PA
    3625.  Paulette Friguglietti from Connellsville
    3626.  Rich Frank from Washington, Pa
    3627.  Carmen Talmonti from Carnegie, PA
    3628.  jackie spagiare from pittsburgh
    3629.  Heather Nickle from Ohiopyle PA
    3630.  Bobbie Nadik from Georgetown, PA
    3631.  Natalie Hall from Slippery Rock, PA
    3632.  Angie Kostan from Baltimore, MD
    3633.  Nikki Bosley from Johnstown, PA
    3634.  Dick Gustashaw from Latrobe, PA
    3635.  Diane Smigielski from Ft. Myers, FL
    3636.  Mark Miller
    3637.  Diane Sample from Scottdale PA
    3638.  Lisa F. from Pittsburgh
    3639.  J J Was from Beechview
    3640.  Andrea Sadvari from Johnstown, PA
    3641.  Dody Herrington from Bullskin Twp., Pa.
    3642.  perry innes from bentleyville
    3643.  Michael Locke from Pittsburgh--HAIL TO PITT
    3644.  Mara Kudrick from Pittsburgh, PA
    3645.  Wayne Wissinger from Derry PA
    3646.  perry innes from bentleyville,PA
    3647.  Nikko Poole from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3648.  Mary Ann Holtz from Johnstown, PA
    3649.  ken meanor from new castle pa
    3650.  David Pisczek Sgt USMC from Johnstown Pa
    3651.  Donna Floyd from Nashville, TN
    3652.  Angela
    3653.  Sarah Worms from Pittsburgh, PA
    3654.  Steph Nestor from The Steel City
    3655.  Heather Slagle from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3656.  "J-Rock " The Felon from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3657.  Big B from Denver
    3658.  Melissa Fegely from Telford, PA
    3659.  Renee Mengle from Carlisle, PA
    3660.  Kelly R from Uniontown, PA
    3661.  John Fogel from Ligonier, PA
    3662.  Joe Manich from Pittsburgh, PA
    3663.  Nancy Medich from Bethel Park, PA
    3664.  Heather from Ingram, PA
    3665.  Kyle Orton from Chicago, IL
    3666.  Patty Konopka from N Huntingdon, Pa
    3667.  Cam Jones from Pittsburgh
    3668.  Bill Cowher from Fox Chapel
    3669.  J. Plummer from Denver, CO
    3670.  Johnny Muscle from Pittsburgh PA
    3671.  Guzzie from from Mars
    3672.  Kara and Morgan Pisczek from Johnstown Pa
    3673.  Pilar Palmer from Wilmington, DE
    3674.  Chico Kartovicky from Tampa, Florida Formerly of Che
    3675.  Kendra Rauschart from Dormont, PA
    3676.  Cathy Gilbert from Pittsburgh, PA
    3677.  Jason Kukic from South Park
    3678.  Frank Pidro from Canonsburg, PA
    3679.  Trish Dax from Economy, PA
    3680.  Jackie Bowman from Ingram
    3681.  Anniryn Armstrong from TAMPA FLORIDA
    3682.  Bill Kappel from Pittsburgh, PA
    3683.  Peggy from Pittsburgh
    3684.  Dana Mieze from Pittsburgh, PA
    3685.  Bob Schenken from South Hills
    3686.  Chris Ritter from Pittsburgh
    3687.  HomeBrewer from Harmony, PA
    3688.  Chris Edgar from Pittsburgh, PA
    3689.  Tim Caughey from from Tampa, Florida
    3690.  Nancy Lynn from Pittsburgh, PA
    3691.  Ian & Sarah Angelo from Washington, PA
    3692.  Debbie Marchesani from North Palm Beach, FL
    3693.  Katie June from McKees Rocks,PA
    3695.  Shannon Reed from Newell, WV
    3696.  Mike Oertel from DCU
    3697.  Vicky Patton from Ellwood City, PA
    3698.  Tammy G. from Accident, Md
    3699.  laura maloy from pittsburgh, pa
    3700.  Richard Conn from Latrobe
    3701.  william wells from pittsburgh,pa
    3702.  Judy Murray from Erie, Pa GO STEELERS
    3703.  Nancy Medich from Bethel Park, PA
    3704.  zachary brown from pittsburgh,pa
    3705.  Jen Bacior from Pittsburgh, PA
    3706.  Diane Flavin from PITTSBURGH!!!!
    3707.  Renee from Jefferson Hills, PA
    3708.  Darla Schaub from Sarver,PA
    3709.  Henry from Pittsburgh,Pa
    3710.  Ed Hamborsky from Chalk Hill Pa
    3711.  linda banaszak from pittsburgh pa
    3712.  Jeff Rhodes from Zambia
    3713.  Suzanne Destfino from Pittsburgh, PA
    3714.  Scott Mcdonald from Twin Rocks, PA
    3715.  Angela from Falls Church, VA
    3716.  JEFF.DEMAIO from TN.
    3717.  Robert MIller from Pittsburgh,PA
    3718.  Bruce Adams from Tampa, FL
    3719.  Chris Bross from Moon Twp,PA
    3720.  Joy Sentgeorge from Pittsburgh, PA
    3721.  Gail Miller from Pittsburgh,PA
    3722.  Natalie Nicholas from Cleveland, OH
    3723.  chtistian west from wheeling wv
    3724.  Susan from Pittsburgh, PA
    3725.  Pamela Tarnik from Canonsburg PA
    3726.  Kate from Pittsburgh, PA
    3727.  Lu Nuygen from Corning - NY
    3728.  Brett Marnell from Scottdale
    3729.  Mario Ranalli from Canonsburg, PA
    3730.  Karen Stowers from Pittsburgh, PA
    3731.  Kathy Terlecki from Pittsburgh, PA
    3732.  Leo Stankus from Heidelberg, Pa
    3733.  Walt from Portage , PA
    3734.  J Georgetson from Pittsburgh
    3735.  Jack Conway from Pittsburgh, PA
    3736.  Kim Nestor Ambrosee from Oakton, VA (orig. Sewickley,PA
    3737.  shannon wolk from Johnstown, PA
    3738.  Justina Bryan from Pittsburgh, PA
    3739.  Elmus Sugardog from the future
    3740.  Lu Nguyen from Big Ben is #1
    3741.  Laura Snyder from Pittsburgh, PA
    3742.  Jenny Hobbs from Pittsburgh
    3743.  Kim Smoot from Mon City
    3744.  Michael Terlecki, III from Pittsburgh, PA
    3745.  J.T. Stowers from Pittsburgh, pA
    3746.  bruce floyd from franklin tn
    3747.  Amber Terlecki from Pittsburgh, PA
    3748.  Terri P. Miller from Germantown, MD
    3749.  Dan Lewis from Steeler Nation
    3750.  carol p
    3751.  Steph Stichert from Columbia, SC
    3752.  Angie Sabatini from Cleveland, OH
    3753.  Mary Kay Finn
    3754.  Beardly bob from Beardtown,Wx
    3755.  LISA from LINCOLN BORO
    3756.  Kristin Brown from Pittsburgh
    3758.  Kim Ann from Mon City
    3759.  RMac3 from Pittsburgh
    3760.  FRANK from Cranberry Twp
    3762.  Pattie Kuzio from Clearwater
    3763.  Joe Swed from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    3764.  Lee, Kate & Karen from USAirways RIDC Pittsburgh
    3765.  Josh Fox from Worthington, PA
    3766.  Misty Pichardo from Miami, FL-Pitt girl always
    3767.  Lorraine from McKees Rocks
    3768.  Tara Husser from San Jose, CA
    3769.  Juelz Santana from Harlem, NY
    3770.  Seth McKinley from Johnstown, PA
    3773.  Audrey from Pittsburgh, PA
    3774.  Joanna McNally from Naples, Fl
    3775.  Black & Gold Chef from Green County
    3776.  Kevin Eckhart from Pittsburgh, PA
    3777.  Jim from Carnegie, PA
    3778.  Ryan Novosel from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3779.  Dirty Sanchez from Pittsburgh, PA
    3780.  amy king
    3781.  Steeler Fan from Carmichaels PA
    3782.  Genna Kuhn from Pittsburgh, PA
    3783.  Jessica Barnes from Cleveland, OH
    3784.  Melissa George from Kittanning, PA
    3785.  JImm Needle from Cleveland, OH
    3786.  Ashley Silvis from Erie, PA
    3787.  Kim Deyling from Akron, OH
    3788.  Slade Kane from NEw Kensignton
    3789.  Rachel Powers from Pittsburgh, PA
    3790.  Danni Piccolo from Da Burgh
    3791.  Dan Conte from Chicago, IL
    3792.  Steel Ride from to Detroit!
    3793.  Julia from Alexandria, VA (Hail to Pittl)
    3794.  carol snelsire from pittsburgh
    3795.  Buddy Fickly from Pittsburgh, PA
    3796.  Jeff Hoag from Pittsburgh, PA
    3797.  Marty Spieler from Statesboro, GA
    3798.  RC from Pittsburgh, PA
    3799.  Genienne Hernandez from Orlando, FL
    3800.  Tim Caudill from Pittsburgh, PA
    3801.  Patty Salley from Pittsburgh, PA
    3802.  Shannon Wolk from Johnstown, PA
    3803.  David Patterson from St. Petersburgh
    3804.  gary snelsire from kennerdell pa
    3805.  Carol Angermuller from Pittsburgh
    3806.  Jenn from Pittsburgh
    3807.  Teryl Austin from Detroit
    3808.  Ole Smezzlewig from Pittsburgh, PA
    3809.  Samantha Swift from Butler, PA
    3810.  Dannie Jones from Scottdale Pa
    3811.  Lorrie Oswald from Pittsburgh
    3812.  Kenneth P Fisher Sr from Lock haven Pa
    3813.  marty mccarthy from pittsburgh
    3814.  David Puskarich from Irwin,Pa
    3815.  Jen Rosenberry from Pittsburgh, PA
    3816.  Aaron Kohan from Coraopolis, PA
    3817.  Mara Fairley from PITTSBURGH PA
    3818.  Lorrie Oswald from Pittsburgh
    3819.  George W. Bush from Camp David, MD
    3820.  Lorrie Oswald from Pittsburgh
    3821.  Dave Bell from East Mckeesport, PA
    3822.  Todd Karpa from McKees Rocks, PA
    3823.  Ryan Robison from York,PA
    3824.  PGHJeep from Freeport, PA
    3825.  Darren Brooks from Cleveland,OH formerly of 84,PA
    3826.  Leah Michalek from Pittsburgh, PA
    3827.  Greg Faltenovich from Muncie, In
    3828.  Jim Lucas from Oakdale, PA
    3829.  John H Wilson from Cleveland ohio
    3830.  Elyse Stepnick from Pittsburgh, PA
    3831.  Pens Fan from Pittsburgh, PA
    3832.  K. Esposito from Wexford, PA
    3833.  Murph from Turtle Creek
    3834.  Kim Novosel from Pittsburgh, PA
    3835.  Monica Lewinsky from the oval office (under desk)
    3836.  Lynne Golembiewski from Steel City
    3837.  Rob Taylor from Tampa, Fl
    3838.  Susan Cooper from Windber, PA
    3839.  Ben Dover from Anal, CT
    3840.  Cory Shaffer from Windber PA
    3841.  Jonathan Henry from Washington, PA
    3842.  Osama Bin Laden from cave in Afghanstein
    3843.  Jason Wolf from Chicago, IL
    3844.  Lick my Balls from Fumunda, CT
    3845.  Amber Spiers from Brighton Heights, PA
    3847.  Tea Bag Me Please from Ellington, CT
    3848.  Tracy Hawkins from Bethel Park, PA
    3849.  Pittsburgh Steeler Time
    3850.  Debi Gray from Pittsburgh, PA
    3851.  Daniel Jason from Bear, Delaware
    3852.  ALSO the Gasparro BOYS from IRWIN,PA Luv ya BUS
    3853.  Bernie Matuszak from PITTSBURGH PA
    3854.  Alesia Chiaramonte from Greensburg
    3855.  Will Hopkins from Dillsburg, Pa
    3856.  Happy B-dayPaulAllison from Irwin,Pa Go Steelers
    3857.  The Chief from North Side
    3858.  Donna thomas from Sharon
    3859.  Dayna Cegan from Pittsburgh
    3860.  Kristne Mahler from Export, Pa
    3861.  Peter and Rose Miles from Pittsburgh
    3862.  Mark Bilecky from Lake Elsinore, CA
    3863.  lisa from homesick for the burgh
    3864.  John Davis from Elizabeth
    3865.  TOM PUCHTLER from PLUM PA
    3866.  Carol Vincenti from Eldersville, PA
    3867.  Charles Bronson from im not shaving my moustache,PA
    3868.  Shave my Anal Beard from Tolland, CT
    3869.  John Davis from Elizabeth
    3870.  Kerry T from Bethel Park
    3871.  Jeno Weaver from Beaverdale, PA
    3872.  Joey from Detroit, MI
    3873.  Kelly from Orlando
    3874.  Steve from Steel City from Pittsburgh
    3875.  Pam Carter from McKees Rocks, PA
    3876.  bethany peck from iup
    3877.  Nancy DeYoung from Buffalo,NY
    3878.  Tami Miller from Huntingtown, MD
    3879.  BIG Tommy T from Baldwin
    3880.  Pat Murphy from Pittsburgh, PA
    3881.  Dom Fair from STILLER COUNTRY ERIE
    3882.  Kathy Sclesky from Ligonier, Pa
    3883.  Marlene Creighan
    3884.  April and Marc Ski from Pittsburgh, PA
    3885.  Andy Warhol from The Burgh Baby
    3886.  Brian Soltis from Mount Pleasant
    3887.  Dawn Kyle from Pittsburgh, PA!!
    3888.  Julie Hobbs from Bloomingdale, OH
    3889.  Chuck Kyle, Jr. from Pittsburgh, PA
    3890.  Jacci @SUPERBOWLXIV from North Huntingdon PA
    3891.  Phillip Scott from Indiana
    3892.  Skud from Alexandria VA
    3893.  Scott & son Kyle from Cranberry Twp., PA
    3894.  Maria Dovi from from Pittsburgh, PA
    3896.  Ethan from Irwin , PA
    3897.  Sean Crawford from Pittsburgh, PA
    3898.  Dave Razorsek from Pittsburgh, PA
    3899.  Matthew Kundrat from Pittsburgh, PA
    3900.  Doug Stepp from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
    3901.  Michelle from N Huntingdon PA
    3902.  Dj from ford field. from Braddock PA
    3903.  Misty Lynn Zlacki from KEEP THE MURKIN
    3904.  Ethan from Irwin PA
    3905.  Glen Quagmire from Quahog
    3906.  Sally Novosel from Pittsburgh
    3907.  Dean R. Talmonti from Indianapolis IN
    3908.  Bean from Morgantown
    3909.  Jon Ruggieri from Pittsburgh
    3910.  Lynne from Grew up in Clearfield PA. (An
    3911.  Sharon Volenec-Talmonti from Indianapolis IN
    3912.  Shannon Kuzman from Pittsburgh, PA
    3914.  Rose Talmonti from Carnegie PA
    3915.  matt johnson from peters township PA
    3917.  M. G. M. from The Burgh
    3918.  Cara Stephens from Pittsburgh, PA!
    3919.  Aaron Kashmer from Brighton, MI
    3920.  Heather from Ocala, FL
    3921.  Showkilla from Bristol, CT
    3922.  Kelly Kevan from Pittsburgh, PA
    3924.  Heather W from Pittsbrugh, PA
    3925.  Ed Tufexis from Naperville IL
    3927.  Lauren Stephens from Pittsburgh, PA
    3928.  Gabriel Neu from Wexford
    3929.  Trevor from Doverburgh
    3930.  Marcel from Ross Township
    3931.  Casey Mitchell from Maryland from PITTSBURGH!
    3932.  Diane Cekada from Johnstown PA
    3933.  mike primm from pittsburgh
    3934.  Corey Barron from Pittsburgh
    3935.  Laura Hansen from Oviedo FL
    3936.  Dudesabiatch from Hampton PS
    3937.  Carol Cook from Cranberry Twp, PA
    3938.  JoAnn Moore from Castle Shannon, PA
    3939.  Will Cook from Cranberry Twp, PA
    3940.  Liz Roetter from Pittsburgh, PA
    3941.  Helen Elder from Brentwood PA
    3942.  Tyler Neff from Altoona/Cranberry Twp PA
    3943.  Shelley English from close to Pittsburgh, PA !!!
    3944.  Richelle Jordan from Pittsburgh, Pa
    3945.  Jason Rubin from Mt.Lebanon, PA
    3946.  1 POOLE from Pittsburgh
    3947.  Tammy Guenther from McKees Rock, Pa
    3948.  The Big "D" from You know where
    3949.  Marcus Vick from jail
    3950.  Anthony Traficante from Indianapolis, IN
    3951.  Amanda Gillooly from Pittsburgh
    3952.  Bill Ben Pa llama lu from Here we go.................
    3953.  Greg B. from Hampton Township
    3954.  Bev Sauer from Coraopolis
    3955.  Courtney Morgan from Syracuse,N.Y.
    3956.  JPK from Pittsburgh, PA
    3957.  Tyson Hilovsky from Pittsburgh, PA
    3958.  Taffy from Lowell, Indiana
    3959.  Matt from state college, pa
    3961.  Timothy Young from Foxburg
    3962.  Earl Schuette from Orlando, FL
    3963.  Peter Feltersnatch
    3964.  Kristen from Monroeville, PA
    3965.  Sherrie from Pittsburgh
    3966.  Lisa Snyder from Pittsburgh, PA
    3967.  Ryan Sheehan from Detroit Rock City
    3968.  Frescary from Yinzburgh n'at
    3969.  Pete nukka, who is better than andrew from West Mifflin, PA
    3970.  Tracy D from Pittsburgh, PA
    3971.  Harry Kawkenbawls from cranberry
    3972.  Jayme from Va Beach, VA
    3973.  mike swindell from pittsburgh baby
    3974.  Mr. S. Mizener from Gra[hics room, WMAHS
    3975.  Judy & Larry from Pittsburgh PA
    3976.  Marcos Bernal from The Burgh Baby!
    3977.  Arline Kennelly from Pittsburgh, PA
    3978.  Ryan from Pittsburgh, PA
    3979.  Dan Nelson from Carano, Italy
    3980.  Yinz Gizes from Eas Sliberdy
    3981.  Sally Abbott from Parkersburg WV
    3982.  Nathan Blazek from Warren, OH.
    3983.  Beth D. from North Huntingdon, PA
    3984.  Andrew "The Man" Fruehan from West Mifflin Nukka
    3985.  jack pastor
    3986.  Kate Williamson from Colorado
    3987.  emily from pittsburgh, pa
    3988.  Mike "I'm Better Than You" Pacolay from The Whit
    3989.  Jim Obringer Sr from Oakland Pittsburgh PA
    3990.  Teenutz from Lower Etna
    3991.  Lori Bittenbender from Allentown, PA
    3992.  Sarah M from Greensburg, PA
    3993.  Vikki Kopelic from Pittsburgh, PA
    3994.  Cory Hooks from Pittsburgh PA
    3995.  Johnny I. from West Mifflin, PA
    3996.  JEricoi from 4000
    3997.  Brian Marree from Pittsburgh
    3998.  kathy K. from Glenshaw, PA
    3999.  Tony Merolillo from Sharon, PA
    4000.  Margie Seman from Munhall, PA
    4001.  Michelle Lijewski Dewar from Monongahela PA
    4002.  Chad Roman from Baltimore, MD
    4003.  Dr. Howie Feltersnatch from The Y
    4004.  "J"Elliott from pittsburgh wont shave her legs
    4005.  Jon from Ruggieri
    4006.  Nancy
    4007.  Jon Ruggieri from Pittsburgh
    4008.  Rachael from Elizabeth
    4009.  SAINT VINCENT COLLEGE from Where it all BEGAN
    4010.  Katie Gartmann from Altoona, PA
    4012.  Dick from Dayton
    4013.  Danielle Lauff from Midway,PA
    4014.  Amanda Grosso from Morgantown, WV!!!!!
    4015.  heather jones from Pittsboro, North Carolina
    4016.  Heather L. Jackson
    4017.  Terri Benson from Pittsburgh, PA
    4018.  Mike Stewart from IUP
    4019.  Heather L. Jackson from Da 'Burgh via Lynbrook, NY
    4020.  Ed NEE from Spartacco Club, Arnold, PA
    4021.  Debbie K from Monongahela, PA
    4022.  Sarah & George from Greensburg, PA ~*~10/21/06~*~
    4023.  Amy Wilk from Pittsburgh, PA
    4024.  anna bella spatafore from lock haven, pa.
    4025.  Jason Varnish from Greentree, PA
    4026.  Babs from Fort Lauderdale, FL
    4027.  Keith Younger from Pittsburgh
    4028.  Greg from Los Cabos Mexico
    4030.  Justin Cummings from Pittsburgh!!!
    4031.  B & J from Connellsville, PA
    4032.  Michele & Darrin S from Hagerstown, MD
    4033.  John Dickun from Penn Township PA
    4034.  Al Simco from Pittsburgh
    4035.  matt davidson from jacksonville Fl
    4036.  Ben Markle from West Newton PA
    4037.  FrankieG from Canonsburg PA
    4038.  Jim Simonson from Brandon, Mississippi
    4039.  Brandi (future wife) from Arnold PA
    4040.  Sandy C from New Eagle, PA
    4041.  Joe Kania from PITTSBURGH
    4042.  Becky P from Atlanta, GA
    4043.  Doug Smay from Selinsgrove, PA
    4044.  Jim McElhaney from Butler, PA
    4045.  Pat C. from Pgh. PA
    4046.  Reno Benigni from Pittsburgh, PA
    4047.  PEGGY ALBRIGHT from lewisburg,pa
    4048.  Korry Augustine from Natrona Heights PA
    4049.  Cheryl Ferguson from New Cumberland, PA
    4050.  Chris Grimone from Saranac Lake, NY
    4051.  Pat Schlaich from West Mifflin, PA
    4052.  Kevin Kropf from Da Burgh
    4053.  Darla LeVay from Tampa, FL via Canonsburg, PA
    4054.  MK from Pittsburgh
    4055.  Andy Johnson from Pittsburgh PA
    4056.  Lisa Snyder from Pittsburgh, PA
    4057.  Erica Magrini from From Youngwood, PA
    4058.  Joe Hoffman from DA BURGH 'N 'AT
    4059.  Jason Dell from From Greensburg, PA
    4060.  Kelly Still from West Des Moines, Iowa
    4061.  Becklouch from Greensburg Here We Go!
    4062.  Scott Sayers from Edinboro, PA
    4063.  Ed "Rabid Bull" Slepsky from Port Vue, PA
    4064.  Renee Dickun from 4052
    4065.  phil Lewerth from Wexford
    4066.  Ryan Carolan from Allentown PA
    4067.  Eric Strayer from Latrobe, PA
    4068.  Danielle Lint from Scottdale
    4069.  DOug G from Delaware
    4070.  Gordon Bombay from Minneapolis, Minnesota
    4071.  Joe Amon from Fort Lauderdale, FL
    4072.  Little "BEN" from Pittsburgh
    4073.  Jodi Potts from Butler, PA
    4074.  Anita Beardsman from Pittsburgh, PA
    4075.  Bryan Lichius from Turtle Creek, PA
    4076.  Marsha, Trish, Gwen, from USair RIDC
    4077.  TJ Miller from Castle Shannon, PA
    4078.  Jordan Lozosky from Steeler, Pa (Washington,Pa)
    4079.  the Huffman Family from Murrysville, PA
    4080.  Matt Keddie from Elizabeth
    4081.  Tishbabe from Kingston, PA
    4082.  GREG THE STUD from ALTOONA
    4083.  Carly Buzz from PIttsburgh, PA
    4084.  DENNIS JORDAN from PGH PA
    4085.  Nancy from Glen Hope
    4086.  Tom & Lori Cacciatore from Pittsburgh, PA !!!!!!!
    4087.  Jen C from Pittsburgh Here we go
    4088.  Mike Gray from Pittsburgh
    4089.  Hayley from pittsburgh
    4090.  Deidre from Pittsburgh
    4091.  Melanie Dzurik from Erie,PA
    4092.  Lisa LaFrank from Washington D.C.
    4093.  Carla from pgh
    4094.  Rick James from the 412
    4095.  Lindsay Olivieri from Indiana, PA
    4096.  Mez from from the Burgh
    4097.  Elisa from Steeler Nation
    4098.  Ian S from Pittsburgh
    4099.  BUZZARD from WAYNESBURG
    4100.  Jimmy F'in Kong from Top Bunkin Steel City
    4101.  Skip Bayless from New York, NY
    4102.  Brenda W from Norvelt, PA
    4103.  WD Girls from Pittsburgh
    4104.  Matt 'thepol' Mazur from Uniontown, PA
    4105.  Adam Best from Washington, PA
    4106.  Billy Zopf from Wexford, PA
    4107.  H from coraopolis PA
    4108.  Wendy McClaine from Butler, PA
    4109.  Scott Gregg from Pittsburgh
    4110.  Gilit from Bethesdsa, MD
    4111.  Judy from Bethel Park
    4112.  Kristy from Pittsburgh, PA
    4113.  Dale and Adam from Hagerstown Md.
    4114.  Melissia Prushnok from Indiana PA
    4115.  Josh Springer from Seattle, WA
    4116.  Paula Krensavage from Weirton, WV
    4117.  john from homestead
    4118.  Dennis Cousins from Columbus, OH
    4119.  Theresa Simonetta from North Versailles, PA
    4120.  Allison Bates Steeler from Fan from Palm Beach, FLORIDA
    4121.  Joe & Kelley R from Pittsburgh, PA
    4122.  Jim from San Antonio, TX
    4123.  Natalee Holloway from not Aruba
    4124.  bob from cranberry twp, pa
    4125.  "Jocko Brown" from McDonald, PA
    4126.  Ryan Rahl from Greensburg, PA
    4127.  Earl Berkebile from Johnstown, PA
    4128.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. from Kannapolis, NC
    4129.  Jesse Bradley from Pittsburgh, PA
    4130.  Manderin from State College, PA
    4131.  Levis from Johnstown, Pa
    4132.  Fonda from North Versailles, PA
    4133.  RICK THE PICK from EMSWORTH, PA
    4134.  George Arington from Beaver Falls,Pa
    4135.  Jeff - from AlphaSource from Pittsburgh, PA - The 'Burgh!!
    4136.  Jim from Washington, PA
    4137.  WRC from Sarver, PA
    4138.  JIM DOOM from P-BURGH PA
    4139.  Bud Herman from Steeler Fan from Selinsgrove,
    4140.  Rachel E. Dillon from Rochester, NY
    4141.  Dorothy Petrocelly from Pittsburgh
    4142.  Patti Miller from Munhall, PA
    4143.  Frank Kochin from Pittsburgh
    4144.  buddy walker from clarksburg wv
    4145.  Amber Flanigan from Pittsburgh, PA
    4146.  Renee Altmire from Evans City, PA
    4147.  Jamie Caldwell from Fredericksburg, VA
    4148.  Laurie Karl from Johnstown
    4149.  Ken McKee from Karns City, PA
    4150.  Alexa Yamnitzky from WashPa
    4151.  RICK VEGAS from Central City, PA
    4152.  Baldy Croman from crazytown
    4153.  Justin Cameron from Washington, DC
    4154.  nate from pa
    4155.  Kelly Vaughn from Beaver Falls, PA
    4156.  Danielle Patton from New Eagle, PA
    4157.  Dan Gigler from Pittsburgh
    4158.  Stephanie Dean from Pittsburgh, Pa
    4159.  Troy Greathouse from Indiana, Pa.
    4160.  Justin Ehrenwerth from Pittsburgh, PA
    4161.  lisa J Daniels
    4162.  David Davies from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    4163.  Dave Krensavage from Weirton, West Virginia
    4164.  Neil O'Donnell from Super Bowl XXX
    4165.  Dave Ingram from Fredericksburg, Va
    4166.  Naomi from Johnstown, PA
    4167.  Debbie Symoniak from Snyder, NY
    4168.  Carrie Wojtowicz from Pittsburgh
    4169.  aj from da burgh
    4170.  Amanda Messmer from Columbus, OH
    4171.  Bill Jorden from Wexford, PA
    4172.  David Puskarich from Irwin,Pa.
    4173.  Casey from Shea
    4174.  Veronica Kane from Folsom, CA (raised in da burgh
    4175.  Kordell Stewart from Future Hall of Fame
    4177.  lydia from rothlesburgh, pa!
    4178.  anthony and alyssa from wendel
    4179.  Tony Avvampato from Pittsburgh, PA
    4180.  Kim Fitzpatrick from Butler PA
    4181.  Judie Fesz from Plum, PA
    4182.  Kathy from Jefferson Hills,PA
    4183.  Kevin Crawford from Irwin, Pennsylvania
    4184.  Charlie Fulmer from The Burgh
    4185.  Debby Chenoweth from Atlanta, Kansas
    4186.  Carrie Walker from Hookstown, PA
    4187.  Terry Gabrielson from Clearfield, PA
    4188.  Charlie Friazier from Butler Pa
    4189.  Plex from In front of my t.v.
    4190.  Kim Ann from Mon City
    4191.  Brent Mennitto from New Ken
    4192.  JASON KING from IRWIN
    4193.  Ryan Flynn from Newport Beach CA
    4194.  Kathy Lopez from San Antonio TX
    4195.  Shane Fox from Bedford, PA
    4196.  Brian Hansen South Dako
    4197.  Susanna Cammarata from Pittsburgh
    4198.  Daniel Pierre from Mars, PA
    4199.  Dan Diaz from Yorba Linda, CA
    4200.  Debbie Maguire from Jefferson Hills
    4201.  Lauren from Pittsburgh, PA
    4202.  Lisa Evans from Connellsville, PA
    4203.  Art Metts from Hopwood, PA.
    4204.  Mike E from Pittsburgh
    4205.  Mark Manning from Sent from His Blackberry
    4206.  Madeline Simons from Sharon, PA
    4207.  Nick Erlach from Seattle, WA
    4208.  Tisha Gomolka from Elmora, PA
    4209.  Ashley Arnoldddd from pittsburgh, PA
    4210.  Tina Williams from Imperial, PA GO STEELERS!
    4211.  Linda Shouey from Franklin, Pennsylvania
    4212.  Jenn Hoffman from Marlton, NJ
    4213.  Nick Campbell from Mars, Pennsylvania
    4214.  Ashley Williams from Steeler, PA
    4215.  David Grimes from McDonald, PA
    4216.  David Wolk from Johnstown, PA
    4217.  Momma Moo from Cecil
    4218.  Tara Wiater from Harrisburg, PA
    4219.  Michael A. Mathis from where else --- Pittsburgh, PA
    4220.  Allison Fuchs from Cranberry Twp.,Pa,
    4221.  The Babies from Johnstown, PA
    4222.  MARK LUCAS from Mars, Pa
    4223.  Kristin from Latrobe, PA
    4224.  Kayla Bischof from Bedford, Pa
    4225.  Kelley Hrutkay from California, PA
    4226.  Matthew Hrutkay from Washington, PA
    4227.  Meghan Ambrose from Tarentum, Pa
    4228.  Jordan Mickle from Johnstown
    4229.  Cheri Verbeck from Philipsburg PA - GO STEELERS!!
    4230.  Robert P Scheidter from Jefferson Hills
    4231.  AJ Corle from Johnstown
    4232.  John Bongiovanni from Allison Park, PA
    4233.  Chris Fauth from Greensburg, PA
    4234.  Holly Kern from Ginsonia, PA
    4235.  ANNE FRANK from THE ATTIC
    4236.  Hilary Buchanan from Franklin, PA
    4237.  Jason Rushin from Shanghai Kelly's, CA
    4238.  Keith Lander from Penn Hills, PA
    4239.  Karen Oill from Grove City, PA
    4240.  Jay Fullerton from Jackson MS
    4241.  Fat Chick-NO chocolate from Pittsburgh, PA
    4242.  Lynda L. from Erie, PA
    4243.  Kelly London from Bellefonte, PA
    4244.  L INDA T from MUNHALL
    4245.  Jennifer George from Pittsbrugh, PA
    4246.  Carrick Delbridge from San Francisco, HOOTERS CA
    4247.  jamie p from THE BURGH
    4248.  Erin Hallett from Pittsburgh, PA
    4249.  Tim Cooper from Coraopolis, PA
    4250.  Anthony Narcisi from San Francisco, via The Burgh
    4251.  Big Myke from Tha Hood
    4252.  BERT BOLEY from OCEAN PARK PA.
    4253.  Kelly Gray from Pittsburgh, PA
    4254.  Buddy Seese from Markleysburg,Pa
    4255.  Brian Wardle from Dallas, TX
    4256.  courtney from The Burgh
    4257.  Paul de Lucena from Washington, DC
    4258.  John Franchi from Kalamazoo, MI
    4259.  debbie nicotero from pittsburgh, pa
    4260.  Travis Secco from St Marys PA
    4261.  Kris Sekely from Etown, PA go steelers!
    4262.  vince nicotero from pittsburgh, pa
    4263.  "I have AIDS" from Magic Johnson
    4264.  tripoli nicotero from pittsburgh, pa
    4265.  Hollie Oesterle from PITTSBURGH PA
    4266.  Liz from Johnstown, PA
    4267.  WrapAround from pittsburgh
    4268.  Judie Forish from Jeannette,PA
    4269.  Arlene Beilner from from North Braddock, Pa.
    4270.  POM POM PEE Socks from Pittsburgh, PA
    4271.  Danny "Wilbur" Wilson from Bethel Park, Pa
    4272.  Jim Csonka from Aurora, OH
    4273.  Amanda from Pittsburgh
    4274.  Clif Chioda from Pittsburgh PA
    4275.  Heather from Pittsburgh, PA
    4276.  BoB George from Saint Vincent College, Latrobe
    4277.  Melissa from Pittsburgh
    4278.  Brian Horchler from San Francisco, CA
    4279.  Tony's Mom from Hegins,PA
    4280.  Rashelle Walthour from STEELER, PA (Washington)
    4281.  Suave from Pittsbugh
    4282.  karen werner from pittsburgh
    4283.  Tim Curry from Towanda,Pa
    4284.  Matt Shellgren from Oceanside, CA
    4285.  GAIL from VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
    4286.  Steve from Pittsburgh
    4287.  Sappy from Pittsburgh, PA
    4288.  L-Train from Pasadena, CA
    4289.  Mrs.V from the "other" 'burg(philipsburg)
    4290.  jennay from oakland, pa
    4291.  Cindy Palaima from Pittsburgh, PA
    4292.  Robbie Rae from Hotlanta, GA
    4293.  John Chabala from Ft Lauderdale
    4294.  David Rodeheaver from Kunsan AB, South Korea
    4295.  Rhett Heiple from Camp Hill, PA
    4296.  Arlene Beilner from From North B
    4297.  Braden Buchanan from Franklin, PA
    4298.  Arlene Beilner from From North Braddock, Pa.
    4299.  Adan Stroia from Pittsburgh, PA
    4300.  Fred Smoot from Viking's Party Ship
    4301.  Jen Van Horn from Pittsburgh, PA
    4302.  Poovey from New Castle PA
    4303.  Jennifer from Pittsburgh
    4304.  Jennifer Ray from Jefferson Hills, PA
    4305.  Stephen Lettieri from Brookfield, Ohio
    4306.  Adam Sites from Venetia, PA
    4307.  Bob DeMare from Rutland, MA
    4308.  Stephanie Ryan from Hookstown, YA'LL
    4309.  Chuck Pryor from Bethel Park
    4310.  Jennifer from Girard, PA
    4311.  Joe Beilner from Chicago formerly Braddock
    4312.  Jason Burkett from New Germany, PA
    4313.  Denise Olivieri
    4314.  Susan Angelucci from Sandy Lake,PA
    4315.  Doug Bennett from Boca Raton, FL (ex-'Burgher)
    4316.  Roger Mitchell from Hopwood, PA.
    4317.  ANGIE P from ST. LOUIS MO
    4318.  Casey Fenton from Monaca, PA
    4319.  Jeff Bowers from Phoenix, AZ
    4320.  Cordell "Stewart" Walke from Austin, TX
    4321.  Melissa Kean from Edinboro, PA
    4322.  John Birch from Madison, OH (org.-from Shaler)
    4323.  Trish Burgan from Chicago, IL
    4324.  darlene dunston
    4325.  Monkey Balls from Outer Banks, NC
    4326.  Amanda Baumann from Pittsburgh PA (GO PITT)
    4327.  Bill Doyle from Meadville/Guys Mills
    4328.  Mike Casciato from Pittsburgh, PA
    4329.  Tim Birch from Madison, OH
    4330.  Steve Burton from Inwood, WV
    4331.  Victoria from Pittsburgh
    4332.  Lenny Wittman from Delmont
    4333.  Bob King from Benicia, CA
    4334.  Ryan Schmidt from Allentown, PA
    4335.  Joshua Morgan from Pittsburgh
    4336.  Eileen Schrecengost from Imperial, PA
    4337.  Brad Peckyno
    4338.  Doug Schrecengost from Imperial, PA
    4339.  Shawn Cooper from Bealeton, Virginia
    4340.  David Pugh from Ft. lauderdale, Fl
    4341.  Jeff Fockler from Johnstown Pa
    4342.  Bill Blundon from Boston
    4343.  The McGinty's from Palm Beach Florida
    4344.  Brian Gallagher from Saltsburg PA
    4345.  DAN STONE
    4346.  Michael Hand from Pittsburgh
    4347.  Lee Ritenour from Johnstown, Pa
    4348.  Amanda Kolodynski from Pittsburgh, PA
    4349.  Barbara Boley from Ocean Park, WA
    4350.  A. Dotts from Pittsburgh
    4351.  Kailey Burtnett from Bedford, PA
    4352.  Caleb Astey from Squirrel Hill, PA
    4353.  JIm Grabigel from from Niantic, CT /GO STEELERS!
    4354.  Sue from South Park, PA
    4355.  Brandon Fritz from Southside, PA
    4356.  Joe Burton
    4357.  Sal from South Park, PA
    4358.  lynn harrison an ex Pa. from from TEXAS
    4359.  janet fish from columbus , ms
    4360.  Bob Barrett from SPI
    4361.  Tammy Radebaugh from From Jeannette,Pa
    4362.  The Ulisky's from Sebastian FL/Former Pickberg
    4363.  robin kenealy from stewartstown pa
    4364.  Sydney from Pittsburgh, PA
    4365.  Kris from North Versailles
    4366.  Jackie Rodgers from Pittsburgh, PA
    4367.  joanna from washington DC
    4368.  Therin Uncapher from Johnstown, PA
    4369.  Dave Peterson from THE Steel City baby
    4370.  Tammy Radebaugh from Jeannette,Pa
    4371.  Allison Williams from Guerneville, CA
    4372.  Josh from Cranberry Twp PA
    4373.  Tim Freeland from Port St. John, FL
    4374.  Ron Roupe from Georgetown, PA
    4375.  Kara Forno from Virginia
    4376.  Sean D. Howe from Port St. John, FL
    4377.  Natalia Dominique
    4378.  Cheryl Hendrickson from Medina, Ohio
    4379.  Mary Ellen Jackson from St. Petersburg, Fl
    4380.  Sue Greaves from from McDonald
    4381.  Steve Hughes from from Franklin, Pa
    4382.  Lisa from McDonald, PA
    4383.  Joel Snyder from Greensburg, PA
    4384.  L. Montgomery from Turtle Creek, PA
    4385.  Matthew Pruskowski from Edinboro/Pittsburgh, PA
    4386.  Michelle Gallagher from Saltsburg PA
    4387.  Brant Moore from Dravosburg, PA
    4388.  Steve Hughes from Franklin, Pa
    4389.  BILL LAWTHER
    4390.  Amy S. from Butler
    4391.  Jon Brewer from Tampa, Fl
    4392.  Cindy Heuer from Greensburg PA
    4393.  The Miller's from Steeler (Washington) PA
    4394.  Doug Johnston from Pittsburgh (GO STEELERS!!!)
    4396.  Fawn Maloy from virginia now/origin the burg
    4397.  Cocoa Sekely from Etown, Pa Go Steelers!
    4398.  Ron Howard from Greensburg,PA
    4399.  Jonno from Pittsburgh, PA
    4400.  BRUCE R. LANG from WEST VIEW, PA
    4401.  Amata Welsh from Pittsburgh
    4402.  Kristin Patek from Charleston, SC
    4403.  James Lovern from Port Clinton, OHIO
    4404.  bruce graham from johnstown, PA
    4405.  Tabitha Halfhill from Vanderbilt, PA
    4406.  Donna Wauthier from McDonald PA
    4407.  Adam Hinds from Baden, PA
    4408.  cheryl graham from Steeler Country, PA
    4409.  Rick Satcho from Kennedy Twp, PA
    4410.  Ralph Reynolds from McKeesport Pa
    4411.  chris walters from oakmont
    4412.  Barb Jakela from Monessen, PA
    4413.  Angela K. from Bay Village, OH
    4414.  Bobby Davis from Columbia SC
    4415.  Maggie Urda from Uniontown, PA
    4416.  Buns from North Huntingdon, PA
    4417.  Deb Windisch Roach from Penn Hills, PA
    4418.  Doug Zimmerman from Kittanning, PA
    4419.  Cory Rinkes from Bridgeport, OH
    4420.  donnalee fleming from penn township
    4421.  Matt Bernaciak from Bridgeville, PA
    4422.  Ron Jeremy from Your Mom's House
    4423.  Michelle & Rick from Jonstown PA
    4424.  Katie Gregg from Johnstown
    4425.  The Notorious CHP from Gettysburg PA
    4426.  Phil Ross from Washington, DC
    4427.  Michele Herbert from Lancaster, PA
    4428.  The Flag from Marino's High School
    4429.  Jay Alexander from Pittsburgh
    4430.  Lorrie Meier from Steeler Country, PA !!!
    4431.  Chris Nicklin from Edinboro/Gville PA
    4432.  PETE from FARMINGTON,PA
    4433.  Clay Ammerman from SNOW SHOE PA
    4434.  Erin Sherwood from BELSANO,PA
    4435.  Jodi Medvitz from the rocks
    4436.  Danielle Skinner from Virginia
    4437.  My left Nut from Da Burgh
    4438.  Frederick Makasakit from Hillside, NJ
    4439.  Marianne Franco from McDonald, Ohio
    4440.  My right Nut too from Da Burgh
    4441.  Dezmon Woodley
    4442.  Kurt Scheer from Harrison city
    4443.  Donovan McNelis from Pittsburgh
    4444.  Maggie Rosborough from Anchorage AK
    4445.  Thom Kautz jr from Phoenix via Harrisburg PA
    4446.  Suzi Kosh from Myerstown, PA
    4447.  Russell Micsky from from Dillsburg, PA
    4448.  Eddie Gillette from Pittsburgh
    4449.  TOM PETER RITENOUR from ellsworth pa
    4450.  Pat Andros from Atlanta, GA
    4451.  Josh Sayers from Shippensburg, PA
    4452.  Melissa Luketich from ellsworth pa
    4453.  Mike Leon from Cranberry Twp.
    4454.  Buddy Hacket from Las Vegas
    4455.  Angie V from Revloc, PA
    4456.  Cindy Gholami from Uniontown PA
    4457.  Chris Rosleck from Crafton
    4458.  Madison Woods from Pittsburgh, PA
    4459.  jeff dusch from mckees rocks
    4460.  Dawn Anus from Bentleyville,Projects
    4461.  Shut the F up Donnie from The Dude
    4462.  Billy Cardosi from Fontana, California
    4463.  Mark (penguin) Howard from Tempe AZ
    4465.  howie feltasnatch from johnstown
    4466.  Todd Sherwin from Peterless Township
    4467.  Jim Anders from Bourbonnais, IL
    4468.  Dave Bliss from Pittsburgh
    4469.  Herr Kaufmann from I love Men and I Love Big Ben
    4470.  Terry Bradshaw from the 1970s
    4471.  Phil Gizzi from FORT WORTH, TEXAS
    4472.  Loreen M. Joseph from Austintown, OH
    4473.  Ham Carlson from Snow Shoe, PA
    4474.  Andrew Austin from Canonsburgh
    4475.  Jen Plasko from Parma, OH
    4476.  Ralph Machio from Da Rocks
    4477.  Diana Blackmon from Pittsburgh, Pa
    4478.  Steve A. Craig from Nashville, TN
    4479.  John Locke from Pittsburgh
    4480.  Matt Micsky from Youngstown, OH
    4481.  Watshire P. Filibuster from my vacation in Bangkok
    4482.  Dann Carr from Ambridge, PA!!
    4483.  TONA from OHIO
    4484.  Fran Vogel from Pittsburgh
    4485.  Joshua Epling from Russell, KY
    4486.  Megan Brady from Pittsburgh, Pa
    4487.  Chris "No Carbs" Cooper from HOOTERS (SF)
    4488.  Kathy Vogel from Pittsburgh, PA
    4489.  Chad Duff from Lynchburg , VA.
    4490.  Travis Fisher from Julian
    4491.  Brian & Rose Obman from originally from Mars, PA
    4492.  Greg Ciccone from wexford
    4493.  Sara Dreger from McKees Rocks, PA
    4494.  Dave Pollick from West Leechburg,Pa. GO STEELERS
    4495.  Russ "Chuck" Palumbo from Deer Lakes
    4496.  James Ferguson from Tampa FL
    4497.  Katie McCune from Pittsburgh
    4498.  EILEEN from ATLANTA
    4499.  Laina Dufour from Clearfield, PA
    4500.  mattb47 from Fantasy Football Cafe
    4501.  Clint from Clearfield PA
    4502.  evan & reese from dover ohio
    4503.  Duane
    4504.  Pat Karolewski from the 'burgh STEELERS RULE!!!
    4505.  A.C. Slater from Jessie Spanos house
    4506.  Duane McDonald from Murrysville, PA
    4507.  Gary Roney from Monroeville, PA
    4508.  Dick & Chris Best from Oil City, PA
    4509.  Jeffrey Milletary from Peters
    4510.  Katie from Erie
    4511.  Jim Coyle from Pittsburgh- GO STEELERS!!
    4512.  Russ Ferguson from Marietta Ga
    4513.  Ken Buns from Smurf Village,Gargamel's woods
    4514.  Maggie Billotte from Fallentimber, PA
    4515.  Roberta Tabb from Steele City
    4516.  Chad Billotte from Fallentimber, PA
    4517.  Greg Mallon from Clearfield, PA
    4518.  Kelli Anderson
    4519.  Jim Pritt from Aliquippa
    4520.  Brian Visnosky from Indiana, PA
    4521.  Darren Pavlik from Pittsburgh, PA
    4522.  randy berger from irwin
    4523.  Beau Franzetta from North Braddock Pa.
    4524.  Chris Major from Philadelphia, PA
    4525.  Donna from Irwin, PA
    4526.  Valerie from Colorado Springs, CO
    4527.  METZ from WEXFORD
    4528.  Chelle from Lebanon, PA
    4529.  Michael Weimer from Greensburg PA
    4531.  *POKIE* from Cleveland
    4532.  Mary from Sharon,PA
    4533.  EGIDIO from PLUM
    4534.  Keith D. from Munhall
    4535.  Susan (Scharf) Caruso from Jacksonville FL Greentree, PA
    4536.  Ralph from Leesburg, VA
    4537.  CheAna from Pittsburgh!!!
    4538.  TONY SANTILLI from DALLAS
    4540.  Justin Fitch from Leechburg PA
    4541.  Rick from Steel Valley
    4542.  STEELERS WILL LOSE from WA
    4544.  Casey Crytzer from Freeport, PA
    4545.  Bob Hartung from Pittsburgh, PA
    4546.  Joe Mura from McDonald PA an'at
    4547.  luke parker from pittsburgh
    4548.  Bryan Harbison from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
    4549.  GO SEATTLE from GA
    4550.  Jo Anne Uphold from Washington PA
    4551.  Dennis Wood from Blast Furnace, Clearfield PA.
    4553.  Nicole & Company from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    4554.  Will Rose from Pittsburgh, PA
    4555.  Patron Anejo from Duquesne U
    4556.  Dylan Jacobs from Pittsburgh, PA
    4557.  Mary Arnold from Pittsburgh, PA
    4558.  Dave McGuave from New Florence, PA
    4559.  Cindy Haski from E. Pittsburgh, PA
    4560.  Sara Grazulis from "Steeler", PA (Washington, PA)
    4561.  Kelly Conti from Erie, Pa
    4562.  Janie Schubert from Displaced Pittsburgher
    4563.  NaT from BoYeRs WhAt ?!?!
    4564.  Kyle "KG Ain't Hot" L. from Clairton, PA
    4565.  Valerie Messer from The Burgh
    4566.  Pat Ginkel from Conneautville, PA!!
    4567.  RACHAEL from ELIZABETH, PA
    4568.  Laci from Erie,PA
    4569.  Evey from Cranberry PA
    4571.  Karl Jones from Penn Hills
    4572.  PAT AND BUCKET from SHUTTLE
    4573.  Scott Algeri from PITTSBURGH, PA - GO STEELERS!
    4574.  Dale Keslar from Connellsville PA
    4575.  KATHI from SCHOLZ
    4576.  Lora Keslar from Connellsville PA
    4577.  Diane from Pittsburgh
    4578.  Ashley Overand from Pittsburgh
    4579.  Jerome Bettis from Bring Home the Lettuce
    4580.  Bin Laden from Uniontown Pa
    4581.  Moira B. Kaleida from Pittsburgh, PA
    4582.  Jacks from the 'burg
    4583.  Drew Nelson from Pittsburgh
    4584.  Matt George from Altoona PA
    4585.  Scott "Knute" Cromling from North Huntingdon, PA
    4586.  jess from the burgh
    4587.  Zach Clutter from West Alexander, PA
    4588.  Drew Nelson from Pittsburgh
    4589.  Dave Kaminsky from Ft. Myers, FL
    4590.  Pooky from Chippewa Lake, OH
    4591.  Rich Guy from the burgh
    4592.  Mike Franzetta from East Pittsburgh
    4593.  Peggy Lonett (I won't from Cranberry Township, PA
    4594.  Mike Cornetti from From Baltimore
    4595.  Andrea from Harrisburg, PA
    4596.  Kiersten from Steeler (aka Washington), PA
    4597.  Peggy Lonett from Cranberry Township, PA
    4598.  Katie Wilson from Pittsburgh PA
    4599.  Denise and Marc DiRaimo from Williamsburg,Va
    4600.  Ashley Nagy from Pittsburgh, PA
    4601.  Jerry Fronzaglio from Cranberry Twp, PA
    4602.  Ron Reed from Pittsburgh, PA
    4603.  Mike N from mars
    4604.  Emersonb Fazekas II from Greensburg, PA
    4605.  Charlie Guy from Da Burgh
    4606.  Rita Onderick from Pittsburgh
    4607.  Maggie from South Bend, IN
    4608.  Nick Rawlins from Steeler and Jefferson College
    4609.  Valerie Chippich from Pittsburgh, PA
    4610.  Rick Dacey from Brooklyn, NY
    4611.  Michael E. Salaj, Jr. from West Mifflin
    4612.  Jeff Fordeley from Hermitage
    4613.  Peter J. Turner from Evans City, PA
    4614.  Tom Kloes from Butler PA
    4615.  Michelle Blasko from Munhall, PA
    4616.  Kyle Krupa from La Plata, MD
    4617.  Kim Santa from Pittsburgh, PA
    4618.  rachael gazica from pittsburgh
    4619.  wayne dehn from BALDWIN
    4620.  Sean Coulehan from Shippensburg, PA
    4621.  Becky from Mt. Lebanon
    4622.  Patty Libert from Canonsburg, PA
    4623.  Kordell Stewart from Schenley Park, Pa
    4624.  Jeremy Chaplin from Altoona, PA
    4625.  Jennifer Pugh from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    4626.  Matt Sadler from Mechanicsburg, PA
    4627.  Marisa from Pittsburgh
    4628.  Sean Romo from Michigan
    4629.  Jaimie Deer from PITTSBURGH-HOME OF THE STEELER
    4630.  J. Walker from Pittsburgh, PA
    4631.  Jesse Proie from Castle Shannon
    4632.  Jason Michael Florentin from Reading, PA
    4633.  Larry Gioia from Pittsburgh, PA
    4634.  Tom Brady from waaaaa pawk my caar
    4635.  Chris "Cosby" Wilson from Pittsburgh PA
    4636.  Brandon Karpy from Bridgeville
    4637.  Sidney Coles from Penn Hills, PA
    4638.  Amol "FOB" Shanbhag from Pittsburgh, PA (little India)
    4639.  Robert Salaj from Tualatin, OR
    4640.  Jason Scarpo from Greensburg Pa
    4641.  Jason Altenbaugh from Pittsburgh, PA ! ! !
    4642.  Joe Previte from Blairsville, PA
    4643.  Tom Perdeus from Sarver PA
    4644.  Terry Bradshaw from Some bar in NYC
    4645.  Mike Coletti from San Francisco, CA
    4646.  Frosty from Clarion, PA
    4647.  Ryan Wertelet from Baldwin
    4648.  Kitty Smith from Navarre,FL / Forbes Road, PA
    4649.  Sally Wiggin from on my t.v.
    4650.  P. Rauenswinter from from Kennerdell, Pa.
    4651.  Richelle Russell from OH, but a true Pittsburgher!!!
    4652.  ubbit from pa
    4653.  PAUL RESKO from CHINER
    4654.  LANCE from Ft. Laudeedawdee, FL
    4655.  Ryan Nuttridge from shave it Ryan
    4656.  Stephanie Reynolds from New Castle, PA
    4657.  Bill from Happy Hour
    4658.  anal beads RW from baldwin
    4659.  Edward T Pekachaskey from Da Burgh
    4660.  Tiffany Bianco from Pittsburgh, PA
    4661.  Amanda Swisher from Myrtle Beach, SC
    4662.  MARK DONAHUE from ALBANY,N.Y.
    4663.  Aaron Miller from Ford Cliff, PA
    4664.  Holly Van Wagenen from Lower Burrell, PA
    4665.  Tom Hamilton from Canonsburg
    4666.  Barbara from Augusta, Georgia
    4667.  David Donahue from Pittsburgh, PA
    4668.  Mike Pohland from Latrobe, PA
    4669.  Shawn Anderson from Altoona, PA
    4670.  Jayme & Nichole from Pittsburgh, PA
    4671.  Mike Lubianetsky from the 'Burgh
    4672.  mdehn from my bed
    4673.  Ryan "Hillbilly" Virtue from Louisville, KY
    4674.  Beth S. from Uniontown, PA
    4675.  Niki from Pittsburgh, PA
    4677.  Robin Anderson from Steeler Nation~Pittsburgh,Pa.
    4678.  Ed Thomas from Mckeesport
    4679.  Megan Clark from Pittsburgh, PA
    4680.  Anthony Calderone from Morgantown, WV
    4681.  Paul H. from Wampum, Pa.
    4682.  meghann marco from Chicago (go Bears), IL
    4683.  Jen Jones from Oviedo, FL
    4684.  Heather "Beef" from from CBG, PA
    4686.  Mark Santory from Pittsburgh, PA
    4687.  Deb Hudson from Franklin, PA
    4688.  Lisa Izzo from Fairfield, CT
    4689.  Terri from Butler, Pa
    4690.  D. "CoverMyChin" Miller from Chin City, KY
    4691.  Jennifer Aughenbaugh from Steelersville, Pennsylvania!
    4692.  Jerry Gallardo from Sunny San Diego
    4693.  Nick H from The Steel City
    4694.  Seann Cunningham from McDonald, PA
    4695.  BONICS 96.1 KISS from PITTSBURGH!!!!
    4696.  Sean Alexander from Holding the Trophy
    4697.  Chris Kozel from Highland Heights, KY
    4698.  Dan thompson from the ding
    4699.  Caroline Woodward from Seattle, WA
    4700.  JVH from Good old DL
    4701.  Lori
    4702.  mark a from Millvale
    4703.  Chad Thomas Reilly from Philadelphia, PA
    4704.  Carol Rodgers from Gibsonia
    4705.  Kristen Dudash from New Castle, PA
    4706.  T O from My couch...I'm a JERK
    4707.  Justin Brindger from Philadephia via Indiana PA
    4708.  E. Z. Marotta from Cleveland, Ohio
    4709.  Kevin Shea from Wilkes-Barre PA
    4710.  paul nemenz from washington, pa
    4711.  Lori from Pittsburgh fan from Cleveland!
    4712.  brett winkleman from pittsburgh, pa
    4713.  Pocahantas a.k.a. Anne from N.Castle/Pgh Steeler Bus Crew
    4714.  Lisa Linamen from Saxonburg, PA
    4715.  The Prince Men & Woman from Beaver Falls, PA
    4716.  Gina from The Burgh!
    4717.  Tracey Klinger from Pittsburgh
    4718.  Frank Jeffries from Garards Ft. Pa.
    4719.  Peggy Beem-Jelley from Monroeville, PA
    4720.  Rich Klinger from Pittsburgh
    4721.  Jimmy Zugec from Pittsburgh, PA
    4722.  Arthur L from Detroit, MI
    4723.  Tim J. Chismar from Pittsurgh, PA
    4725.  Paul Higgins from Cecil
    4726.  Jerramy Stevens, from from a stretcher on Sunday. Detroit
    4727.  Lee Ellis from Pittsburgh, PA
    4728.  Phyllis Grubb from Pittsburgh, PA
    4729.  Terrah B. from Morristown, NJ
    4730.  Bobbie Schiegg from Pittsburgh
    4731.  Heidi Donlan from State College
    4732.  teddi from pittsburgh
    4733.  Gizmo C. Grubb from New Brighton, PA
    4734.  Coach Gary from McCandless
    4735.  Katie Komoroski from PITTSBURGH!!
    4736.  Joe Yuhasz from Bethel Park, PA
    4737.  erissa scalera from pittsburgh
    4738.  Big Dog from Pittsburgh,PA.
    4739.  Pauli Wogger from Northern Virgina
    4740.  footballhead from mine 84 pa
    4741.  Brendan Donnelly from displaced PGHer in Columbus,OH
    4742.  Ed & Anna from Pymatuning Oh
    4743.  Matt Germanowski from Birmingham Alabama
    4744.  Chuck P. from Fombell
    4745.  i don't hsve one from west mifflin
    4746.  Annie Casey from Pittsburgh, PA!!
    4747.  I hope the Hawks win!!! from Aaron Bodenschatz
    4748.  Aaron K from The Ville, PA
    4749.  Ashley from Ephrata
    4750.  Natalie Greco from South Side, Pittsburgh PA
    4751.  Annette from Ephrata
    4752.  Footballisawasteoftime from USA
    4753.  alyssa w. from pittsburgh, pa
    4754.  Adele from Pittsburgh
    4756.  Drew from Frederick, MD
    4757.  Cathy M. from Pittsburgh, PA
    4758.  Bob White from Binghamton, New York
    4759.  Aaron Bodenschatz from dislocated STEELER FAN!
    4760.  Plaxico Burress from Not Detroit
    4761.  Sam Amirmoazzami from Las Vegas
    4762.  Deanna Stewart from Pittsburgh, PA
    4763.  Kevin Greene from I still haven't cut my hair
    4764.  MICHAEL RATO!!! from PITTSBURGH 2.1.06
    4765.  Mike K. from Oakmont, PA
    4766.  Mike Bell from Pittsburgh
    4767.  Emily Sluk from Dayton, OH
    4768.  Kevin Bryan from Raleigh, NC
    4769.  Sammy from Pittsburgh PA
    4770.  sandy lee dee from valencia
    4771.  Holly M from Harrisburg, PA
    4772.  Sarah Fields from Cranberry, PA
    4773.  Phil M'Cracken from Pittsburgh
    4774.  Nici from Lincoln Park, MI
    4775.  Kevin L. Bennett from Pittsburgh, PA
    4776.  JoAnn Cordell from Decatur, AL
    4777.  Chad Keibler from Erie PA
    4778.  Alyssa Knierim from Millvale, PA
    4779.  Joshua Nunzio Tanase from Pittsburgh, PA
    4780.  Selene Sowden from Pittsburgh
    4781.  Arch Bishop from Pittsburgh
    4782.  Rob Nolan from Monaca
    4783.  Harry Paratestes from Pittsburgh
    4785.  Chiro Joe from Taylortucky, MI
    4786.  Beaver Falls Tigers from Beaver Falls, Pa
    4787.  caitlin from pittsburgh
    4788.  Jemma Carr from from Blitzburgh, PA
    4789.  Ben Nivek from Blawnox, PA
    4790.  Brian from Dunbar (my hair & beard is >)
    4791.  Annie Smith from Mt. Washington
    4792.  David Varela from Albuquerque, New Mexico
    4793.  Mike Daley from Pittsburgh
    4794.  Michelle Floyd from Steelerville, PA
    4795.  Danny Smith from Mt. Washington
    4796.  Genna from Pittsburgh
    4797.  Mike Daley from Jefferson Hills
    4798.  Pete "The Beat" Povich from WJPA Studios
    4800.  Jemma
    4801.  Mike M. from The Burgh
    4802.  8 from 9
    4803.  Cheryl Frey-Iohio from ,haven't shaved since playoffs
    4804.  Paul Rubish from PITTSBURGH, PA
    4805.  Selene Sowden from Pittsburgh 2/1/06
    4806.  Julie Buffington from University of Pittsburgh
    4807.  Bren from Natrona Heights
    4808.  CJ from Pittsbrugh, PA !!!
    4809.  Mark Boley from Sydney NSW, Australia
    4810.  Mike Jasenak from Groton, Ct.
    4811.  Kent R. from steelers country
    4812.  Nate Feduska from San Francisco, CA (Pitt Alumi)
    4813.  Bethany Orr from Indiana, PA
    4814.  WAM from Pittsburgh, PA
    4815.  Jeff Wise from Roanoke, VA
    4816.  Deanna from from the burgh
    4817.  Wayne Carr from from Blitzburgh, PA
    4818.  Jason Broze from Pittsburgh, PA
    4819.  Hannah McNutt from Pa
    4820.  Shaun Alexander from Blue Oyster Bar
    4821.  DANNO from STRABANE
    4822.  James from Sewickley, PA
    4823.  Doug Shirley from Raleigh, NC
    4824.  Kellie Kwiatkowski from Pittsburgh-Go Steelers!
    4825.  Brandon Custer from North East, MD
    4826.  Matt Findle from Blacksburg, VA
    4827.  Tony Bucci from Green Tree, PA
    4828.  Brian Coughenour from Butler,PA
    4829.  Matt Perdeus from Pittsburgh
    4830.  Matt George from Altoona, PA
    4831.  Dan Claypool from Rural Valley, PA
    4832.  Tracy Petzuk from Allison Park, PA
    4833.  Larry Speelman from Blitzburgh
    4834.  Sara Locke from Owings Mills, MD
    4835.  Doug Rich from orginally from New Castle PA
    4836.  Katie Millward from I <3 Ben
    4837.  Kelly Sizer from New Castle, PA
    4838.  Amy Lewis from I <3 Tom Brady
    4839.  Allie Cherven from St. Louis
    4840.  yoyomld from Shadyside, PA
    4841.  Don Ditter from Trafford, PA
    4842.  Kelly Costanzo from from Mckees Rocks, PA
    4843.  THE WAMBOLDT's from Baltimore, MD
    4844.  ADAM P. from frederriiiickkk MD
    4845.  Alicia Wienand from PITTSBURGH
    4846.  Chad Brown from Not in superbowl
    4847.  The Beer Ghost from Your Rotting Liver
    4848.  Allie Cherven from St. Louis, MO
    4849.  Tina Manos from West PAlm Beach, FL
    4850.  The Pugh Family from pembroke pines, Florida
    4851.  Victor Utlak from Greenville, PA
    4852.  Billy Strathmann from Bridgeville, PA
    4853.  Mrs. Moose from Medina, OH
    4854.  Matthew Kramer from Pittsburgh PA
    4855.  Bill Ridinger from Mt. Lebanon
    4856.  P Wee from Pittsburgh, PA
    4857.  Joey B from MI
    4858.  Jana Grubor from PITTSBURGH, PA !!!
    4859.  billie b
    4860.  Brandi Gorton from Mercyhurst NE
    4861.  Ahmad Graham from Washington, DC
    4862.  Ron Nolla from Turtle Creek. PA
    4863.  Terry G. from Butler, PA
    4864.  Kevin McDade from Clairton
    4865.  Ghost of Larry Brown from Extinguished!!!
    4866.  Nikki Mautino from Plum
    4867.  XS6DFG0 from Wexford, PA
    4868.  Chris from YTown
    4869.  Dan Vannan from Scranton, PA
    4870.  Grizzly Adams
    4871.  Hank Guerke from Monroeville, PA
    4872.  Ben's MOM from MY NUTS
    4873.  Phil @ #4842 on this from list is a hooker
    4874.  Kendra from Harrisburg PA
    4875.  Jerome Bettis from THE PEGUSUS
    4876.  Pam Santoro from Philadelphia
    4877.  Lindsey McDonough from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    4878.  Jeffrey Mandus from bethel park/philadelphia
    4879.  Nicole Lee Udanis from Pittsburgh!!!!!
    4880.  bill cowward from cordell steward house
    4881.  Tammy Wells from Pittsburgh PA
    4882.  Pam from West Palm Beach, F
    4883.  Natasha S. from Pittsburgh, PA
    4884.  Tom Burdette
    4885.  Joe "Smoochie" K. from Philadelphia, Pa.
    4886.  elvis from just left the building
    4887.  Bob Theys from Detroit MI/Pittsburgh PA
    4888.  Robin Stanton from Washington, PA
    4889.  John Furniss from Pittsburgh
    4890.  Gregg from Pottstown, PA
    4891.  Bam Morris from Texas State Penn
    4892.  Tom Burdette from Columbia, SC
    4893.  Joe Smo from key west,Pa
    4894.  John Furniss from Pittsburgh
    4895.  Charles Morin from Orlando, FL
    4897.  Doug Davis from CT
    4898.  Amanda Grupp from PITTSBURGH, PA
    4899.  Robyn Koontz from Cranberry , PA
    4900.  Gretchen from Washington
    4901.  Tony A from MD
    4902.  "THE HEATH" from North Hills YOI Double YOI, PA
    4903.  Alex Matthews from Pittsburgh
    4904.  William Towns from Notre Dame, IN
    4905.  Kelsee Hibner from Pittsburgh, PA
    4906.  geo stu from Mckeesport
    4907.  Larry Brown - Cowboys from Where is Neil?
    4908.  SCOOPY Safe-T-ConeClown from Hermitage, PA
    4909.  Gregorius from All over
    4910.  Chris from Johnstown, PA
    4911.  Kelsey Stanton from Pittsburgh PA
    4912.  "Steel Nut" Dave from Kensington, MD
    4913.  Stacey Very from Pittsburgh, PA
    4914.  Kathy Zeiler from West Mifflin PA
    4915.  Jim Vance from Circle Center,Washington, Pa.
    4916.  Stephanie Harper from Beaver Falls, PA
    4917.  Ellyn Stanton from Washington Pa
    4918.  Harry Ballsich from Daytona, FL
    4919.  Lacey Yeah Baby!!!! from In TEXAS!!
    4920.  Stephanie Sisley from F-Town Pennsylvania
    4921.  Pee Wee Herman from The Garden Movie Theatre
    4922.  Bryan Mungin from Pittsburgh, PA
    4923.  Dave (Alfalfa) Perry from Pittsburgh
    4924.  Dave Cochenour from New Castle PA
    4925.  My Jerome from Capital City of Steeler Nation
    4926.  Iron Mike Moreau from McDonald
    4927.  GLW (Ben's The Man!!) from Boardman, OH (GO STEELERS!!!)
    4928.  Jerome cowher from motown
    4929.  Connie from Ohio-- Go Steelers!!!
    4930.  melonie zavodnik from pittsurgh
    4931.  Susan Carter from Mesa, AZ (formerly from Pgh)
    4932.  Kristi Parke from Pittsburgh, PA
    4933.  Lindsey D. Allen from Pittsburgh, Pa
    4934.  Ty Bennett from Beltzhoover
    4935.  Joann Park from Uniontown, PA
    4936.  John MitchellGo Hawks ! from Ducksburg, Pa
    4937.  Andrea Bandzuh from Johnstown, PA
    4938.  Snoop Dog from anywhere a bong is
    4939.  Stork from P-burg
    4940.  Chuck Carter from Mesa, AZ (formerly from Pgh)
    4941.   Brandi Osborne from South Riding VA
    4942.  William A. Kosciuszko from NEW CASTLE PA
    4943.  Sonja from Dayton, OH
    4944.  Andy Noll from South Fork, PA
    4945.  Lauren Gault from Natrona Heights,PA
    4946.  Candi Ott from Erie, PA
    4947.  Jon Savko from Louisville, KY
    4948.  Ken Martin from Abottsford BC Canada
    4949.  JD #4 from Columbus, OH
    4950.  Jose from NY
    4951.  Keith Green from Charleston, SC
    4952.  Dan G from Pittsburgh, PA
    4953.  Roscoe P Coltrain from Hazaard County
    4954.  Heidi Love from Pittsburgh Pa
    4955.  Kelly Lyle from Bulger, PA
    4956.  Scott Almendinger from Oakmont, PA
    4957.  Jerry Mancini from Blitzburgh, PA
    4958.  Eric Kightlinger from Bulger, PA
    4959.  Lex Cayman from Pittsburgh, PA
    4960.  Benny D from Burgh, PA
    4961.  Joey Torrero from Latrobe/Slippery Rock pa
    4962.  Jenn Blakley from Grove City, PA
    4963.  Tony Soprano from The Bada Bing
    4964.  Matthew Yoklic from Fairmont WV
    4965.  carrie from washington, dc
    4966.  Scott A. Wilmot from St. Louis, Mo
    4967.  philip neyman from Butler, PA
    4968.  matt molchen from Summit, N.J.
    4969.  Clark Griswold from Chicago, IL
    4970.  Tiffany Cramer from Pittsburgh, PA
    4971.  Kim Stevens from Co Spgs, CO (Kittanning, PA)
    4972.  Mr. Hand from Ridgemont High
    4973.  Jaison Locchetta from Lawrenceville,ga (Fmr Burrell)
    4974.  Vince Amato from Upstate NY
    4975.  Morningside Boyz from gold chains and turtlenecks
    4976.  Tommy Maddox from bench
    4977.  sherry andeits from pittsburgh
    4978.  Scott Kilhefner from Cape Coral, FL (or. from PA)
    4979.  Nello DeFelice from Pittsburgh,PA
    4980.  Kara Fine from Jacksonville, FL [GO BIG BEN!]
    4981.  Debbie Arington from Cleveland, OH
    4982.  Homer Simpson from Springfield
    4983.  Brenda Campisano from Raleigh, NC
    4984.  DOC from BARTO, PA
    4985.  Queen Frosty from Candyland
    4986.  Gary Weinberg from Pittsburgh, PA
    4987.  Mike Grove from Bethel Park, PA
    4988.  Tammy Rocco from Glenshaw, PA
    4989.  Sean Alaxender from seattle ,washington
    4990.  Carol Stodolsy-Cochenou from NEW CASTLE, PA
    4991.  Princess Jerrica from Geneva NY/ Erie PA
    4992.  Teena Leydig from South Park, PA
    4993.  Nikki Coffee from Pittsburgh, PA
    4994.  Martin Over from Altoona, PA
    4995.  Craig Thomas from Johnstown, PA (Penn State UP)
    4996.  DEEZ NUTS from DEEZ PANTS
    4997.  Keith Leydig from South Park, PA
    4998.  JPK - berger beards from Pittsburgh, PA
    4999.  Bret Leydig from South Park, PA
    5000.  #5000 from HERE
    5001.  Danielle Grilli from Glen Burnie, MD
    5002.  Violeta from PA
    5003.  Browns lover from Cleveland
    5004.  Nick Spanoudakis from South Side Pittsburgh
    5005.  Mike Egerer from Kilmarnock, VA
    5006.  Frenchy Fuqua #33 from Canton, Ohio
    5007.  Shari P from Pittsburgh, PA
    5008.  Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top from Texas (Go Steelers)
    5009.  Tina Myslinski from Crafton PA
    5010.  Doug - steeler_skillz from Huntington Beach CA
    5011.  Ted DeJong from Windsor Ontario CANADA WOOO
    5012.  Jon Enyeart from Bethel Park PA
    5013.  Keisha Hull from Pittsburgh, PA
    5014.  Ness Family from Monroeville PA
    5015.  Stacy Wiater from Erie, PA
    5016.  Kwamme Kilpatrick from Mayor, Detroit Michigan
    5017.  DAVID from NEW BRIGHTON
    5018.  Chuck Kaezyk from Washington Pa
    5019.  Darrin Germany from pittsburgh pa
    5020.  Miter Benisdurty from Baghad
    5021.  Dave Hay from Steeler, Pa
    5022.  Jen Hiserodt from Pittsburgh, PA
    5023.  Tiffy from NYC
    5025.  Alexa Dombrowski from Plum, PA
    5026.  Santa Claus from North Pole
    5027.  Chad Poshard from The Bar
    5028.  Alisha White from BETHEL PARK!
    5029.  hood from columbus, ohio
    5030.  Ben Snatchko from Langeloth
    5031.  Michael Jackson from Webster's bedroom
    5032.  EmilyElizabeth from Plum, PA
    5033.  Judy Painter from Epilepsy Foundation Western PA
    5034.  Kevin Kearney from South Park, PA
    5035.  Michelle Forkosh from Pittsburgh, PA
    5036.  Tanya H from North Platte, NE
    5037.  CBQ from Pittsburgh, PA
    5038.  The Purist from The 'burg
    5039.  Kyle Orton from Chicago, IL
    5040.  Ray Braeunig #1 Fan from Springton Early Birds
    5041.  Bill Abel from Omaha, NE
    5042.  LWC from Nashville,TN
    5043.  Jim Naugle from Orlando, FL
    5044.  Big Red
    5045.  corey schoonover from sumner iowa
    5046.  whos ben roethlisberger
    5047.  Dan Patrick from Bristol
    5048.  Tort from Altoona
    5049.  Ricky Stefano from Tempe, AZ
    5050.  Jeff Hanak from Warren, OH
    5051.  Marty Skis from Milford, PA
    5052.  Grady from Sanford & Son
    5053.  Jason W from Aurora
    5054.  dave mcallister from bristol home of espn
    5055.  wbf from los angeles, ca
    5056.  The Searcy 8 from Detroit, MI (Go Stillers!)
    5057.  Dan Patrick from Bristol, CT
    5058.  Cox from Mon City
    5059.  Jen Dubbs from Pittsburgh
    5060.  Parke Junker from Pittsburgh
    5061.  Cordell Pace from Los Angeles, California
    5062.  Joe Mc
    5063.  Angela Romanowski from Brownstown, MI
    5064.  C. Smith from Williamsburg, VA
    5065.  Vanessa Johnson from Columbia, SC
    5066.  The Big Korbazi
    5067.  Ral Mitlo from west mifflin
    5068.  GinSar from Pittsburgh
    5069.  Ron Harshman from Manor, PA
    5070.  Richard Nebel from Orlando Florida
    5071.  Plaxico Burees from not the playoffs
    5072.  Jonathon Hartman from Pittsburgh (its game time!)
    5073.  David Simon
    5074.  Ihateben from cincy
    5075.  Wade from Dudik
    5076.  Tania Binder from Clearwater, FL
    5077.  PETER DAVID from PHOENIX AZ
    5078.  Joyce Porco from Pittsburgh, PA
    5079.  Jared Nebel from Miami, FL
    5080.  John Gotti From Hell
    5081.  Max from Montpelier
    5082.  terry mohney from myrtle beach sc (mt. union,pa)
    5083.  Vaughn Horton from McKeesport, PA.
    5084.  John Nebel from Aventura FL
    5085.  Larry The Cable Guy from Sanford, FL
    5086.  Brett Favre from Retirement
    5087.  Nicodemus from Coatesville, PA
    5088.  Uni Bomber from Jail
    5089.  Joe Kohut from Twinsburg, OH
    5090.  Jeff VanDenbergh from Columbia, Maryland
    5091.  Koy Detmer from Philadelphia, PA
    5092.  The little mexican from from New Mexico
    5093.  Brian K. Copeland from Odessa, Texas
    5094.  L.T from the crackhouse
    5095.  Katie Zirkel from Pittsburgh, PA!!
    5096.  Janel from Pittsburgh, PA
    5097.  Cicero from State College, PA
    5098.  Jackie Shearer from Chicago (but i luv the 814)
    5099.  Jonathon Bielek from Apollo, PA
    5100.  Ryan Mueller from San Diego
    5101.  joel s from bandwaggonerville
    5102.  Cory Bush from Greensburg, PA
    5103.  Fat Boy from State College, PA
    5104.  Louie Pappan from thee Beaver County
    5105.  Bob Haley Jr. from Canton, Ohio
    5106.  That one dude with the from beard and long hair.
    5107.  Eric Cadman from Pittsburgh
    5108.  Anthony Yang from Pittsburgh PA!!! WAHHHH
    5109.  FRANCIS TUSA from MY RECTUM
    5110.  Shawn Callahan from Cleveland, OH
    5111.  Bill Reeves from Bloomington, IN
    5112.  Seattle Fan from Seattle
    5113.  Tim Cacchione from Erie, PA
    5114.  Sherrie is having from Cliffs baby,Congrats
    5115.  Francine Whitman from Pittsburgh, PA!!!
    5116.  Shane Berman from Omaha, Nebraksa
    5117.  Bubby Brister from 1990
    5118.  JAZZ from Cheney WA
    5119.  Scheppele II from Fort Wayne, IN
    5120.  Kelli Megill from Charlottesville, VA
    5121.  Tom Bushong from Cherry Hill, NJ
    5122.  lorey from Elizabeth, PA
    5123.  Jesse S. from Blacksburg, VA
    5124.  Helen Kellar
    5125.  Jules Thomas from Elizabeth, PA
    5126.  irv Bloom from Greensburg. Pa
    5127.  HERE WE GO.... from STEELERS, HERE WE GO!
    5128.  Doug Mann from Dayton, Ohio
    5129.  Trash Talker from Springton Tennis Early Birds
    5130.  Adam McQuaide from Connellsville, PA
    5131.  John Rion from Dayton, Ohio
    5132.  Bruce Campbell from a remote cabin in the woods...
    5133.  Sherry is pregnant from Big Cliff
    5134.  Mark Meese from Savannah, GA
    5135.  Matt Schmidt from Dayton, Ohio
    5136.  Donald from Wilinsburg..PITTSBURGH
    5137.  Jack Nelson from Allison Park, PA
    5138.  Ed Pietrzak from Dallas, PA
    5139.  ladybags a.k.a lori bag from destin fl
    5140.  TommyParalyzed from indiana
    5141.  Jamie M from NYC
    5142.  Barb "HERE WE GO!" from Syracuse, NY
    5143.  Colnel Sanders from the Chicken Coop
    5144.  Polka Polka Polka from go Stillers (da Burg!)
    5145.  The Roses from Waterford (Erie), PA
    5146.  Kris Bauer is a Tool from Erie, PA
    5147.  Patrick Dunlap from Balad, Iraq
    5148.  Jeremiah King from Milwaukee
    5149.  FlavorSavor Rieg from Washington County, PA
    5150.  Justin B from Bedford. PA
    5151.  Kristopher G. Senko from Pittsburgh, PA
    5152.  Grizzly Adams from Rocky Mountains
    5153.  Helen hopes the from Steelers lose
    5154.  John Madden from Monday Night Football
    5155.  Shawn White from Dahntahn
    5156.  Tammy Smith from Germantown, MD
    5157.  Chris Schnall from New Jersey
    5158.  Tom Bryant IH8Vikes from Minneapolis, MN
    5159.  Ryan Patterson from Tappahannock, VA
    5160.  Evan Eberlein from Pittsburgh
    5161.  Jenelle Cummings from Dunbar PA
    5162.  Phil from Norwalk, CT
    5163.  Dawn Athy from Bensalem
    5164.  SAV from berger beard of VA
    5165.  Anthony Wakim from State College, PA
    5166.  Kelly Reed from Pittsburgh, PA
    5167.  andrea from Baltimore, MD
    5168.  Carlos Levet from Mexico City
    5169.  Dawn Athy from Bensalem, PA
    5170.  Joshua Cochran from Pittsburgh
    5171.  justin pinkney from p-lakes nj
    5172.  Ryan Roche from Butler
    5173.  Paul M from Baldwin, PA
    5174.  Dave Turner from New York, NY
    5175.  Tracy Treadwell from Penn Hills
    5176.  Kristen Kolash from pittsburgh pa
    5177.  Lucifer from Hell
    5178.  Amy from Altoona, PA
    5179.  Inches from Normal from Columbus, OH
    5180.  Mark Ficco from THE Pennsylvania State Univ.
    5181.  Alex Rhodes from Pittsburgh, PA
    5182.  Kelly Rovnak from Pittsburgh!!!!!
    5183.  phil from from punxatawney - let it snow
    5184.  Donald from Wilinsburg..PITTSBURGH
    5185.  MIKE GUALAZZI from 84,PA.
    5186.  Tim Cole from The Miami University of Ohio
    5187.  Sean Alexander from Seattle Washington
    5188.  Dan Haight from San Diego
    5189.  Todd Hoover from Pittsburgh City!!!
    5190.  Tim Willis from Blitzburgh, PA
    5191.  Jeff Tash from Kittery, Maine
    5192.  The Shocker from Pittsburgh
    5193.  Zach Clopton from Cambridge, MA
    5194.  Cecilia Kraus from Mars, PA
    5195.  CHAD T from ALTOONA, PA
    5196.  JEFF ABRAMOWITZ from Frenchy Fuqualand, PA
    5197.  Scott Betza from Greensburg...Chechum Seattle
    5198.  Laina Wax from Harrisburg, Pa
    5199.  Apulmadeekaoud from Uranus
    5200.  Joe Schwabenbauer from Wilson,NC
    5201.  steph vellente from hermitage, pa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5202.  Brian Oleksa from Johnstown PA
    5203.  Pam Schwabenbauer from Wilson, NC
    5204.  Kete McQuaide from Connellsville PA
    5205.  Raymond R. Jastrzab from Johnstown, PA
    5206.  Shawn Inlow from Central Pennsylvania
    5207.  Kristin Caskey from Tappahannock, VA
    5208.  Matt Schwabenbauer from Wilson, NC
    5209.  Jacque Huggins from SteelerFanCity,PA
    5210.  The Shocker from Pittsburgh
    5211.  TIM from KAPTEIN
    5212.  Greg Buggy from Clymer, pa
    5214.  Michael Mazoch from Baghdad
    5215.  Mark and Joyce Rose from Lebanon Indiana
    5216.  Sherry Moore from Canonsburg, PA
    5217.  DOSLEEZY from FORT WAYNE, IN
    5219.  Mike Vanderjagt from WIDE RIGHT!
    5220.  Jeremy Haas from San Diego, CA
    5221.  Phil McGroin from 10incheslong, PA
    5222.  LANCE T from ALTOONA
    5223.  Dennis Empson from Baghdad
    5224.  The Shocker from Pittsburgh
    5225.  Jim Posney from Brackenridge PA
    5226.  E. Salicce from Penn Hills
    5227.  Kristin Morrow from Portland, Oregon BABY
    5228.  Russell Floyd from Baghdad
    5229.  Theresa Rado-Shalaby from Nashville, TN,NOW, 'BURGH 4EVR
    5230.  Tom Brady from not at the Superbowl
    5231.  TOE-LEE-NO from TOE-LEE-DO
    5232.  Daniel H from pittsburgh, pa
    5233.  Diane Barna from Pittsburgh
    5234.  Lu Fulmer from North Huntingdon, PA
    5235.  IAN BENNETT from J-TIZZLE, PA
    5236.  Steven Torre from Annapolis, MD
    5237.  Bizzz Rummel from Ebensburg, PA
    5238.  Jake Gaul from Beaver Falls, PA
    5239.  Jessie Phelan from PENN STATE
    5240.  Mitch Dolinka from work
    5241.  BMF from Pittsburgh
    5242.  Ken Crawford from Plum Boro
    5243.  Steve Czaban from Redskin Land
    5244.  Mike Stough from York PA
    5245.  Wesley Kyle from Pittsburgh, PA
    5246.  Jordan Kozik from New Kensington, PA
    5247.  P. Manning at home as from usual at this time, IN
    5248.  Rob (Maggot) Bosco from Pittsburgh, PA
    5249.  Ron Taylor from Carson City, NV.
    5250.  Delphine Giles from Penn Hills, PA
    5251.  bobb patterson from homer city,pa
    5252.  Jeremiah king from WI
    5253.  Vince Vacha from Irwin,Pa. 15642
    5254.  Mary Ann Stiffler from Staunton, VA
    5255.  Todd Berry from Miami
    5256.  Tha Mancuso from Austin, TX
    5257.  Russell Winland from West Virgina
    5258.  stephen budzinski from bloomfield pgh pa
    5259.  Dominic Priore from Penn Hills
    5260.  Mike Fowler from Econ Homework
    5261.  Michael megahan from the burgh
    5262.  D. Rose from Los Angeles, CA
    5263.  Cory Taddeo from Aliquippa
    5264.  Commander Will Riker from U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-NCC-1701-D
    5265.  Gary Loyd from Omaha, NE
    5266.  Kathy Mondak from Hermitage, PA
    5267.  Roger Bartley from Butler,Pa
    5268.  Nicole Bauer from Pittsburgh,Pa
    5269.  Tha Mancuso from Music Capital of the World
    5270.  Nicole Trapuzzano from Steelers (Washington), PA
    5271.  Dewey Krueger from Mankato, Minnesota
    5272.  Greg Fleming from Mt. Pleasant ,Pa
    5273.  Phil Ross from Big Ben A$$
    5274.  Debbie Trapuzzano from Steelers (Washington), Pa
    5275.  Jason Martello from Latrobe
    5276.  Emily from Pittsburgh, PA
    5277.  Chris Duncan from BFE
    5278.  Anthony Cortese from Greensburg PA
    5279.  Princess Taylor from Coraopolis Pa
    5280.  Mike Rhoades from New Germany, PA
    5281.  rob hankle from the burgh
    5282.  Tyler from The Steel City
    5283.  Rachel Walters from Pittsburgh
    5284.  Mark from Texas
    5286.  Karen Beaudway from Ambridge, PA
    5287.  Karl & Karen Klink from Oak Creek , WI
    5289.  Chelle from Pittsburgh, PA
    5290.  Beth Mizikar from Greensburg PA
    5291.  Brian from blitzburgh
    5292.  Joan Bartley from Butler, Pa
    5293.  Kelli Thompson from Arlington, VA
    5294.  D Jubes from Buena Vista 1STEELERS1
    5295.  Ben Vos from New Brighton, PA
    5296.  Shawn & Renee from Pittsburgh, PA
    5297.  t peoples champ
    5298.  stephen budzinski from bloomfield pgh pa
    5299.  The Lone Ranger
    5300.  Katie David from Grove City, PA
    5301.  Elena from Shaler
    5302.  josh eurich from from the steel city
    5303.  Hairy Potter from Page 27
    5304.  Tom Brady from I already have 3 rings
    5305.  John Frederick Go Pitts from Seattle, WA
    5306.  Roger Bartley from Butler, Pa
    5307.  Ellen Datsko from Pittsburgh, PA
    5308.  Jamie Motta from Pittsburgh PA
    5309.  Chrystie Jones from Robinson Twp. (Pittsburgh, PA)
    5310.  Bob Pirro from Pegasus
    5311.  Gram Elenore from Blitzburgh
    5312.  Roger Bartley from Butler, Pa
    5313.  Harry Beaver
    5314.  Sandy Smith from Pittsburgh, PA
    5315.  Eric Jones from Shadyside
    5316.  Annamarie Lorenz from Pittsburgh, PA
    5318.  Connie from Monroeville PA
    5319.  Chris Rogers from Dormont, Pennsylvania
    5320.  Craig from Clinton,PA
    5321.  Doug Cerm from Butscrew, Jerkoff
    5322.  Brandon Busch from Greenville, PA
    5323.  Tiffany!! from Pittsburgh PA
    5324.  Kristina Palenchar from greensburg, PA
    5325.  The peoples champ from James creek,pa
    5326.  Tommy Maddox from the sideline
    5327.  Ron Rhoades from New Germany, PA
    5328.  John Burdick GO STEELER from DuBois, Pa
    5329.  Rachel LuAnn from PITTSBURGH
    5330.  Rose from Steelers (washington), PA
    5331.  John Palenchar from Greensburg
    5332.  Tupac Shakur from the grave
    5333.  Tricia Tarlo from Pittsburgh, Pa
    5334.  Scott Eicher from Butler, PA
    5335.  Jaime Burdick from DuBois, Pa
    5336.  Ray Lewis from from Pluto so no1 can c me
    5337.  Jeff Linney from Connellsville, Pa
    5338.  Matthew Joseph Bauer from Gaithersburg, Maryland
    5339.  Megan the Megan from pittsbugh were else
    5340.  Jordan from North Huntingdon
    5341.  Shaye Kurdziel
    5342.  The Lone Rangers from Seattle
    5343.  Erica Sowden from Pittsburgh, PA
    5344.  ANDO yes ANDO from The One With The Gnarly Beard
    5345.  morgan the morgan from the bestest city pittsburgh
    5346.  Rob D from Beaver, Pa
    5347.  Rachel from Pittsburgh!
    5348.  Tommy Maddox from The Clipboard
    5349.  Jimmy Walker from Da Burgh
    5350.  Jesus from Hooters (aka Heaven)
    5351.  King ANDO from DA BURGH Stupid
    5352.  Mike Thomas from Banksville
    5353.  8===D from South Oakland
    5354.  Heather Adams from Elyria, Ohio
    5355.  Chuck Rothert from DTown
    5356.  Bernie Kurdziel
    5357.  sandy from greensburg
    5358.  Sharon from Pitcarin
    5359.  Ed Butler from Sterling, Va
    5360.  Rod R. from Pittsburgh, PA
    5361.  Scott Wilford
    5362.  Jill L. from Pittsburgh
    5363.  Donna from Oil City, PA
    5364.  Ian Brendel from Pittsburgh, PA
    5365.  Easy E from DaHood
    5366.  dan burns from columbus ohio
    5367.  Brandon from Burgettstown, Pa
    5368.  Jake Martinez from THE Westminster college
    5369.  DilZ from H-Town, PA
    5370.  Nikki Falchini from Ebensburg/Pittsburgh
    5371.  rick & angie yacoviello from frankfort springs, PA
    5372.  One Game from Glory
    5373.  rick johnson from Cleveland, OH
    5374.  Annie Hoffman from Pittsburgh, PA
    5375.  Jenn Blore from Slippery Rock, PA
    5376.  JWUGoalie from Brad Childress' Basement
    5377.  GOD from Heaven
    5378.  Pete Williams from Silver Spring, MD
    5379.  Alan Ward from Kansas
    5380.  Stephanie from Strongsville, OH
    5381.  John Datsko from Madison, CT
    5382.  CLEVELAND FAN from PRISON
    5383.  Ryan O'Hara from Philadelphia
    5384.  zach from da burgh
    5385.  Everybody from Sports-Boards
    5386.  Dominic Nardone
    5387.  Karen Krinock from Derry Pa
    5388.  Dominic Nardone from the hawk....
    5389.  Gregory Thomas from Pittsburgh, PA
    5390.  The Beaded Lady from the Circus (I STARTED IT!)
    5391.  Jim Draskovich from Land O Lakes, FL
    5392.  Jason Herman from Monongahla, PA
    5393.  Jacque' Walker from the 'Burgh
    5394.  Matt Stadelman from The Burgh, PA
    5395.  Ditka
    5397.  Mr. T from The A-team
    5398.  Tracy Guida from Tampa, FL
    5399.  Chad Meyer from Sioux Falls, SD
    5400.  kevin from homeville
    5401.  Cynthia Collins from Las Vegas, NV
    5403.  Banan 88 from Leisenring, PA
    5404.  Father time from Times square, N.Y.
    5406.  Jennifer G. Marburger from NYC
    5407.  amy bolt from pittsburgh
    5408.  swilt from altoona
    5409.  Becki Golden from Smock, PA
    5410.  Ashley for Goobz from from D-Ville
    5411.  Drew from Bethel Park
    5412.  Bigfoot from Oregon
    5413.  Doug Radio in Da 'Burgh
    5414.  Jay Lleras from Tampa, F L I LOVE BEN!!!!!!!
    5415.  Robert Collins from Las Vegas, NV
    5416.  LeeAnn from PA
    5417.  Charlotte Bruno from North Huntingdon, PA
    5418.  Linda Husa from Pittsburgh
    5419.  Dawn from Indiana, PA
    5420.  Bigfoot from Oregon
    5421.  Paul Morris from Atlantis, FL
    5422.  HERE WE GO!
    5423.  Beretta Mike from tennessee
    5424.  yer mum from yer house
    5425.  Melissa Lewis from Elizabeth
    5426.  Karen Donnelly from Westerville, OH
    5427.  Spencer from Pittsburgh, PA
    5428.  Joe Remic from Lady Lake, Florida
    5429.  Bigfoot from Oregon
    5430.  Mason Schoolfield from Austin, TX
    5431.  Alexis Miller from Zanesville, OH
    5432.  chad johnson from cincinnatti
    5433.  tom brady from new england
    5434.  Kelly Ann from Baltimore MD
    5435.  R.L.S. from Pittsburgh, of course!!!
    5436.  Lt. Worf from U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-NCC-1701-D
    5437.  8 Waterside
    5438.  Get a life
    5439.  The Rat from pennsylvania
    5440.  Kevin D. Brown from Mechanicsburg, PA
    5441.  Lori from MO from originally from Confluence, PA
    5442.  PSU dominates Pitt from Joe Pa
    5443.  Holly Peters from Fort Lauderdale FL
    5444.  GO from STILLERS!!!
    5445.  Bernadettewontshavelegs from PITTSBURGH, PA
    5446.  Rusty from State College PA
    5447.  Sue Soergel from Valencia, PA
    5448.  Paula Newbaker, Washing from Washington, D.C. via Pgh.
    5449.  Matt Wells from London, Ontario
    5450.  Big Dane from Bairdford
    5451.  carol mcfeely from shippensburg, PA
    5452.  PiTTSBURGH STEELERS! from Fox Chapel, PA
    5453.  Bobbi from Johnstown, PA
    5454.  Erick & Amanda from Vancouver, WA
    5455.  Greg Masiuk from Wexford, PA
    5456.  Eric Cartman from South Park, CO
    5457.  banks from pittsburgh
    5458.  Jason Schwer from Menifee, CA
    5459.  Lizazy from LA, Da Burgh
    5461.  Michaelcallmedanny from Wexford, PA
    5462.  Daniel Mandehr from Los Angeles
    5463.  Sabrinawon'tshavemuff from Da 'Burgh
    5464.  Nichole Smith from South Orange, NJ
    5465.  Pat Russo from Pittsburgh, Pa
    5466.  Jill Jones from Jamestown, PA
    5467.  Pat Cox from Pittsburgh
    5468.  Ryan Ghilani from Peters Township, PA
    5469.  Erika Burke from Idaho
    5470.  Joe Krieg from The Burgh
    5471.  Donna O. from Florence, SC
    5472.  Dustin Schreiner from Eagan, MN
    5473.  Dr. Michael J. Sampson from Virginia Tech Sports Medicine
    5474.  91-54 pitt. domination. from joepa won't play us,5446
    5475.  Dennis Goltko from Peru, IN Go Steelers
    5476.  Jerry Garcia from Dead
    5477.  kayla from steubenville
    5478.  Mike Mackin from Soon to be Detroit
    5479.  Santa Claus from North Pole
    5480.  Smart Boy Odom from Florence, SC
    5481.  Kevin Steedle from Greenfield
    5482.  Bens Lover Lindsay from Osceola Mills, Pa
    5483.  JAMES DEAN from PARTS TRUCK
    5484.  Kelly Rose Duttine from Ben's house
    5485.  ERIC from cumberland md from STEELERS TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!
    5486.  Lance Snow from Cranberry Twp, PA
    5487.  Joey Skweres from Greenfield
    5488.  James Felt from Pittsburgh, PA
    5489.  Fred Smith from Under Linda's Thumb
    5490.  John Hall from *Shaving after SuperBowl* PGH
    5491.  Cahr pahr from dahntahn
    5492.  Kevin Noone from Steeler, Pa
    5493.  Kevin Casciotti from North Hills - da burgh
    5494.  frank j collier from steubenville
    5495.  Neil O'Donnell from Interceptionville
    5496.  Jessica from North Huntingdon
    5497.  Jerry Mancini from Blitzburgh, PA
    5499.  One For the Thumb from Hermosa Beach, CA
    5500.  Sammy Berz
    5501.  Mike "Shady" Revell from Shadyside
    5502.  Maureen Donnelly
    5503.  Johnny Gilbert from Bucktown Pennsylvania
    5504.  Jon Kuhnash from Canton, Ohio
    5505.  Primanti Sista (Nicole) from Hot-lanta, GA (orig. QuipTown)
    5506.  Adam Coolong from MN but born in da BURGH!
    5507.  Chris Shea from Picksburgh, PA
    5508.  Jackie Terrey from PA. i donot have a beard
    5509.  Rachel Hopkins from Pittsburgh
    5510.  Getaway from me
    5511.  Matt from Fredericksburg, VA
    5512.  michael fazio from arnold pa
    5513.  Tabatha Halfhill from Vanderbilt Pa.
    5514.  Ed Peterson from dallas, PA
    5515.  Michael McEntire from Louisville KY
    5516.  Bam "Drugfree" Morris from Prison
    5517.  Amit Bansal from Chicago, IL
    5518.  Jason Broadbent from Indiana, Pennsylvania
    5519.  Nick Dice from Pittsburgh
    5520.  Luke paker from the burgh
    5521.  Chris3The Limo6Hopkins from PITTSBURGH
    5522.  Scott Southard from Mike Vanderjagt fanclub
    5523.  Joy. dammit BUZZ!!!! from tarentum...GO STEELERS!!!!!
    5525.  Krystal from Pittsburgh
    5526.  Ashley from Pittsburgh, Pa
    5527.  Kramer from Marta Drive
    5528.  Matthew Clark from Pittsburgh,Pa
    5530.  Rennae Allison from Harrisville, PA
    5531.  Michelle from Masontown, Pa
    5532.  Tyler Burhans from Homer, NY
    5533.  Carl Mercincavage from Plains PA
    5534.  Randy Haywood from Greensburg
    5535.  Johnny Polansky from Columbus, OHIO
    5536.  Josh Howard from Blairsville, Pa
    5537.  David from Scranton Pa
    5538.  Jayelyn from Slippery Rock :)
    5539.  Nicole Polansky from Columbus, OHIO
    5540.  Pitt Charlie from Palm Beach Fla
    5541.  Michael Groff from Clearfield, PA
    5542.  Dr. Mark from Bethlehem
    5543.  Tracie from Erie, PA
    5544.  Steelers Pimp from Superbowl PA
    5545.  Sarah Best from Erie, PA
    5546.  Jon Auciello from State College, PA
    5547.  Nathan Bickar from Tallmadge,OH
    5548.  Big Fag
    5549.  Erin from Cal U
    5550.  Steven Weiss from Hopwood, PA
    5551.  Franco Harris from Pittsburgh, Pa
    5552.  Katherine from North Huntingdon, PA
    5554.  Jennifer O. from Chippewa, Pa
    5556.  Luke Kershner from Boardman Ohio
    5557.  Demond Grove from Chicago, IL
    5559.  Randy Shank from Connellsville Pa
    5560.  Doug Hall from Dayton, Ohio
    5561.  double oi
    5562.  Amy Lee from Fredericksburg, VA
    5563.  Gail from Valencia PA
    5564.  Eric Wadowsky from Pittsburgh, PA
    5565.  janet begnoche from brockport, NY
    5566.  Craig Kubicek from Orwigsburg
    5567.  Jesse! from Kent, ohio
    5568.  Tony Stark from Pittsburgh, PA
    5569.  Mark R Gustashaw from US Navy...GO STEELERS!
    5570.  CW & Kathy Y from L E B O
    5571.  Charles Worthington from DC
    5572.  Motorpsychos from Pittsburgh
    5573.  Coll K from Pittsburgh
    5574.  steelers will losse big from Baltimore, MD
    5575.  Julie Boucek from Red Bank, NJ
    5576.  Lisa B from Canonsburg, Pa
    5577.  Jill Cavaliere from Blitzburgh, PA
    5578.  Deuce Deuce from Cheswick, PA
    5579.  I P Freely from Hell Oh
    5580.  Carolyn Vivaldi from Philadelphia, PA
    5581.  Urine colors will loose from Bel Air,MD
    5582.  Greg Hartnett from Indiana, PA/Lynchburg, VA
    5584.  Mary Carter from Youngstown, OH
    5585.  Dick Crossman from Seminole,FL.
    5586.  Jasmine Trentadue from Long Island New York
    5587.  Nikki Rae from Monroeville
    5588.  Phil P from Austin, TX
    5589.  :: IRISH :: from Wilmington, DE
    5590.  Chris Friend from Deep Creek Lake, MD
    5591.  Mike Hunt , hicksville from NY
    5592.  Chris from Long island
    5593.  roger birkhimer from johnstown pa
    5594.  Barbara Tester from Pittsburgh,Pa
    5595.  Gina Dreucci from Perryopolis, PA
    5596.  kelly birkhimer from johnstown pa
    5597.  Cory Lemasters from Pittsburgh,Pa
    5598.  Molly from Pittsburgh, Pa
    5599.  Donald Lambert from Darlington, PA
    5600.  johnny steimenson from new york steeler
    5601.  Heather Neuman from Pittsburgh (Castle Shannon) PA
    5602.  SKIZZY from Tampa, FL
    5603.  David Urbaniak from Pleasant hills Pa
    5604.  Tony R. from Stephens City, VA
    5605.  bryan earliwine from north carolina
    5606.  Kip from London UK
    5607.  Chrissy from West Mifflin, PA
    5608.  Alex Erdely from Gibsonia PA
    5609.  Larry Sefchick from Somerdale NJ
    5610.  Smokin' Ashley Panaia from Plum, PA
    5611.  Jacqueline Toti from Baltimore MD
    5612.  Kila *J* Adams
    5613.  Box Eater from Clarion Univ
    5614.  TLL from Pittsburgh, PA
    5615.  Randy Swackhammer from Oakland
    5616.  Rick Trosky from Zelienople PA
    5617.  Rhoda Zeitman from Georgia, Penn State!
    5618.  Jennifer from Slippery ROCK
    5619.  John Cain from Pittsburgh
    5620.  Justin Mock from Centreville VA
    5621.  Bill Clinton from The little Girls Room
    5622.  John & Terri Dreucci from Pittsburgh, PA
    5623.  Kathee The K from P-Town
    5624.  Stephen Lang from Yorba Linda, CA
    5625.  Lauren Stoner from Harrisburg, PA and Pittsburgh
    5626.  Zak Smith from california PA
    5627.  All LIBERALS from MUST DIE
    5628.  Kamri from Freeport, PA
    5629.  Nichole from Greensburg
    5630.  Justin Kauffman from STEELER PA
    5631.  Kesslers are NFC fans
    5632.  The Klose Family from Munhall,Pa
    5633.  SHANK BANK AKA SMASHY from Pittsburgh roflsup
    5634.  *Denise Mostella* from PiTtsBUrGh, PA
    5635.  Mike Marcus from Glen Burnie, Maryland
    5636.  Big Ben from Loves boys
    5637.  Bad Andy from Castaic, CA
    5638.  Wildcat from Waynesboro PA
    5639.  Pam Tissue from Farmington PA
    5640.  Dave (DJ DIZZY) from ChuckCity DubVee
    5641.  Terry from Upstate, NY
    5642.  lew Otterman from Freeport pa
    5643.  AK from Big ben will fall
    5644.  Steven Lane from STL, MO
    5645.  5640 must from b a broncos fan...hahaha
    5646.  Trevor Stevenson from Texas
    5647.  Chopper Dan from J-town, PA
    5648.  Sascha Hubig from Rastatt, Germany
    5649.  Steve Reed from Slippery Rock U
    5650.  Sharon Smith from Crescent, PA
    5651.  KB SUAREZ from New York, New York
    5653.  Johanna Hendley from Alabama
    5654.  Stanley Raymond from Stiller Country
    5655.  Stephanie Smith from Bel Air, MD and Moon Twp. PA
    5656.  SEAHACKS will fall from CASTAIC, CA
    5657.  where are all my fans from West Virginia???
    5658.  Jack Mahogoff from Daily in PA
    5659.  James M. Stockdale III from Punxsutawney,PA HappyGroundDay
    5660.  KC & TB from CS, PA
    5661.  Jessie Ortz from Petersburg, Ohio!!!
    5662.  SB from CS, PA
    5663.  DEBBIE LUCCI from DELMONT
    5664.  FAC from Pittsburgh
    5665.  Dan Buckley from Dover, Delaware
    5666.  Maya Jackson-Arnold from My home & heart in PA
    5667.  Jen Serra from Wisconsin, heart in da Burgh
    5668.  Kristi Campbell from Pittsburgh baby!
    5669.  steve wilson from sioux fallssd
    5670.  Punxsutawney Phil from sees his 2 o'clock shadow
    5671.  Stephen R from USC(suburb outside of Pitt)
    5672.  Jesus
    5673.  Burton Grove from Punxsutawney PA
    5674.  Steve Clark from Griffith, IN
    5675.  PJ C from Wexford, PA
    5676.  Cynthia Crossman from Seminole
    5677.  Pat Bair from Washington PA
    5678.  Joan Kunkle from Spring Church, PA
    5679.  Heidi Marie Adams from Pittsbugh
    5680.  Chris Marhelko from Kulpmont PA
    5681.  Your mom from GO STEELERS
    5682.  Tera Lynch from Wilmington, NC from PA
    5683.  Daniella Plumb from Pittsburgh
    5684.  Stephen Haines from Connellsville, PA
    5685.  Randy(bearded version) from Waldorf, MD/New Castle, PA
    5686.  Larry Kunkle from Spring Church, PA
    5687.  Chicco and Rocco from Baltimore MD
    5688.  Adam Roman from North Hills,PA
    5689.  Ted Bundy
    5690.  DaBrave (Go Steelers!) from Busto- Italy
    5691.  Brooke Larocc from Pittsburgh
    5692.  E A G L E S from Next Year Baby
    5693.  Cole Alu from Pittsburgh, PA
    5694.  Beanie from LEBO
    5695.  Jim Colley from Williamsport, PA
    5696.  Kristen Sadvari from Palermo, Italy
    5697.  Yvonne Harlow from Pittsburgh
    5698.  Brit Phillips from Wexford PA
    5699.  Vinay Singh from Muncie, IN & NJ
    5701.  John M. Shields from New Kensington, Pa
    5702.  Rick, Here we go, eb from Pittsburgh
    5703.  Alex Barker from Da Burg, PA
    5704.  Doug Stanton
    5705.  the bengals got screwed
    5706.  Jon Nardin from Eugene, OR
    5707.  jamie from pittsburgh
    5708.  maggie hayes from grimes, iowa
    5709.  Courtney Semplice from Crafton, PA
    5710.  Hillarys Nastysnach from ny
    5711.  ashley from iowa
    5712.  Patricia Sommers from Munhall, PA
    5713.  Paul Rubritz from PITTSBURGH, PA
    5714.  jim uber from penn run pa
    5715.  Lindsey Price from Pittsburgh, PA
    5716.  colleen rockwell from las vegas, nv
    5717.  John Simonetta from San Antonio, TX
    5718.  Tom Hophins from Pittsburgh
    5719.  Mike MONGO D'Itri from Marietta GA
    5720.  koopa from texas
    5721.  Sunny M.-dedicated fan from New Cumberland, WV
    5722.  Heidi Pullen from from Pittsburgh Copy CAT
    5723.  Cindy Bauer from Pittsburgh
    5724.  Bella & Sky from Pittsburgh,PA
    5725.  Ben Meza from Austin, TX
    5726.  Brad Tebbets from Hookstown
    5727.  Jess Hays from Pittsburgh, PA
    5728.  Tom tripod from Pittsburgh
    5729.  David Valencik from Uniontown, PA
    5730.  brewgoggle from Steeler Country
    5731.  Sputzie from RURAL VALLEY, PA * GO STEELERS
    5732.  Tristan #1 FAN from Finleyville, PA
    5733.  number seven from grizzly adams show
    5734.  Sunil
    5735.  GRAMMIE GERT from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    5736.  Sorry you feel that way from #5709
    5737.  Mark Kennedy from Pittsburgh
    5738.  screwBEN
    5739.  Sue Young from Rural Valley, PA
    5740.  Dawn Oliver
    5741.  Mark Kennedy from Pittsburgh
    5742.  Joe Lemanski from Penn Hills Pa
    5743.  Grampop Herbie from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    5744.  Ben Will Fall
    5746.  Abu Noaman from Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh
    5747.  The bus Drops the ball
    5748.  Barry from Kane, Pa.
    5749.  Mike and Lana Weaver from Mansfield OH
    5750.  Eric Seigh from Pittsburgh
    5751.  iceburgh from Orange County, CA
    5752.  Blame President Bush from When you lose
    5753.  Gary Gibson from Vienna, Ohio
    5754.  Leslie Sparks from McCandless
    5755.  Erin Ammer from San Francisco, CA
    5756.  regis durbin from aliquippa pa
    5757.  Brett Keyes from Salt Lake City UT
    5758.  Sandy Martin from Greenburg, PA
    5760.  Roderick R. Shadman from Tyrone, PA
    5761.  Bill Giesler from Freeport, Pa
    5762.  Mike Lesonick from Pittsburgh, PA
    5763.  Corrie Bacasa from Park City UT
    5764.  Markus W. from Findlay,Oh
    5765.  Joey Pope from Pittsburgh(east end)
    5766.  Ellie Winkleman from NYC
    5767.  Ken Julian from Aliquippa, PA
    5768.  Amanda Kearn from Costa Mesa, CA
    5769.  CJ Baronio from Centre County
    5770.  I LOVE BEN...-Lesley from Brockway PA
    5771.  Brad Kelly from California
    5772.  Joseph from Pittsburgh
    5773.  Deborah Nuttall from York, PA
    5774.  Matt " Puffy" Lown from PITTSBURGH, PA
    5775.  Louie Cuccaro from Monroeville PA
    5776.  Sonja W. from Findlay,Oh
    5777.  Sean Frey from NYC
    5778.  Bill Sunderland from Clinton, OH
    5779.  Brandon Hanson from Reading, PA
    5780.  Janice Paik from CT - formerly of Pittsburgh
    5781.  Thelma from MARS PA
    5782.  JACK JOHNSON!
    5783.  Trent Mohney from East Palestine, OH
    5784.  LauraPaik "Paiksburgh" from CT (I miss you, Pittsburgh!)
    5785.  Rosanne Montemurro from New Kensington, PA
    5786.  Michael Keener from Canonsburg
    5787.  Lucy the Calico Cat from I wear black & gold all year!!
    5788.  Stevie Ray from Lake Tahoe, Nevada
    5789.  Shelby Ford
    5790.  Kyle O'Connor from Philadelphia, PA
    5791.  Dave Muroski from Farmville, VA
    5792.  Eric Weiskotten from Colonie NY
    5793.  Shawn Stockdill from Pittsburgh, PA
    5794.  Ray Torris from Pittsburgh Baby
    5795.  chris from MONTOUR GIRL IN AKRON< OHIO
    5796.  joyce makary
    5797.  Cindy Barnes from Ellwood City, Pa
    5798.  Troy Alwine from Towanda, PA
    5799.  Tim Giel
    5800.  Nick Haynes from Freeport, PA
    5801.  D.J. White from Beaver Pa
    5802.  Keith Skirpan from Pittsburgh, PA
    5803.  Lauren Getty from Verona, PA
    5804.  Rebecca Mettee-Carter from PIttsburgh, PA
    5805.  Kerry Krueger from South Fayette Twp, PA
    5806.  leigh from pittsburgh, pa
    5807.  Chip Andrews from Pittsburgh, PA
    5808.  The Birkies from Penn Hills (via Charlotte now)
    5809.  Janet Muccioli from Newell, PA
    5810.  paul good from aliquippa PA
    5811.  Danielle from Steel City baby
    5812.  Butchie Zombeck from Muse, PA
    5813.  Amy Dennis from Newell, PA
    5814.  Donkey Lips from Camp Anawanna
    5815.  Joni Fiorenzo from Pittsburgh, PA
    5816.  Dave Derrico from Fort Cherry Ambulance
    5817.  Steve Balamuta from Johnstown (UP)
    5818.  Callie Hoke from Mt pleasant Pa
    5819.  Harry Beaver from from theY Pa.
    5820.  Leo Pueblitz from Laramie, WY
    5821.  Sean Langnecker from Oakland
    5822.  SPSI boys from Meadowlands, PA
    5823.  Joe Seneca from Apollo, PA
    5824.  Daniella Plumb from Pittsburgh
    5825.  Chuck Hetrick from Punxsutawney Groundhog
    5826.  Amy Paior from Latrobe, PA
    5827.  San Cumpston from WaShInGtOn Pa
    5828.  Jimmy Allshouse from Plum, PA
    5829.  Rachel from Steel City
    5830.  Tom Groll from Austin, TX
    5831.  Dick Hyde from Peters Twp., PA
    5832.  Renee Gray from New Castle
    5833.  Becky B from Penn Hills
    5834.  Chris Douglas from New Castle, PA
    5835.  Don Senchak from Pittsburgh
    5836.  H. Kirkwood from Ellwood City, PA
    5837.  Marlo Z. from Pittsburgh, PA
    5838.  Dominic DiBucci from Erie,Pa
    5839.  Diane W from Somerset
    5840.  SteelerMike Fitzgibbons from double YOI -CHARLOTTE, NC
    5841.  Vinny Z. from Pittsburgh, PA
    5842.  daniel s danzuso from pittsburgh,pa
    5843.  Ray Z. from Pittsburgh, PA
    5844.  Tommy Messich from Plum Pa
    5845.  Jen Perez from Erie, Pa
    5846.  carol gallis from pgh pa
    5847.  Melinda Cameron from Middle Taylor, PA
    5848.  Gina Z. from Pittsburgh, PA
    5849.  iron head from connecticut steelers nation
    5850.  Tom Love from McDonald, PA
    5851.  Pam C from Pittsburgh, PA
    5852.  Jake Mulcahy from Cuse, NY
    5853.  jason very from pittsburgh
    5854.  T J Wilson from Phoenix MD
    5855.  Darth Vader from Death Star
    5856.  Ben
    5857.  Kate from Moon Twp.
    5858.  Jeff Mulcahy from Cuse, NY
    5859.  da Stillers! from da Burg! (Polka Polka Polka)
    5860.  Thomas Plummer from Nyack, NY
    5861.  Greg Scott from Pittsburgh PA
    5862.  CHEWBACCA from From a galaxy far, far away.
    5863.  GO DALLAS!!!!!!!!! from PITTSBURGH ,PA
    5864.  Dayton Steeler Fan Club from Dayton OH (go Stillers!)
    5865.  Pat O. from Sharon, PA
    5866.  Lindsey from PA
    5867.  Brandon Skosnik from Philadelphia, PA
    5868.  Doug Cook from Pittsburgh
    5869.  Zach Wood from Clearfield, PA BABY!
    5870.  Doki from Adena, OH (da Burg!)
    5871.  Amber Jenkins from
    5873.  Big Ben (Not Kidding) from The Cuse (NY)
    5874.  Samu - Sama from Washington Pa... Go Steelers!!
    5875.  Larry Hatch from Shadyside, PA
    5876.  Adam Huth from Butler, PA
    5877.  Steve Jackson from Da Burgh
    5878.  Sammy Haser from Pittsburgh!! GO STEELERS!! :)
    5879.  Sammi from Pittsburgh
    5880.  JAZZY from LAS VEGAS
    5881.  Megan from Pittsburgh
    5882.  Nick Ludewig from New York
    5883.  Jenny D I love you BEN from MORGANTOWN, WV
    5884.  Chris Morgan from Manor, PA
    5885.  Doddsie from Wartburg, TN
    5886.  Todd Wags from Downtown
    5887.  Matt Wisinski from Walnut Creek, CA
    5888.  Nick Jones from Pittsburgh
    5889.  Megan from Camp Hill
    5890.  I Have Not Shaved from the Cincy Game On!
    5891.  Michele Kirwan from pittsburgh
    5892.  Erin from Dunbar, PA
    5893.  Janelle George from Altoona Pa
    5894.  Claire Vellente from Hermitage PA
    5895.  Leanne McCandless from Cabot, PA
    5896.  Paul Weir from Phoenix
    5897.  just me from Watsontown, PA
    5898.  Andrew & Kari from Cincinnati, OH
    5899.  Emo Bowen from Pittsburgh
    5900.  kelsi cook aka big ben from new castle pa
    5901.  The Cromlings from Here We Go Steelers Here We Go
    5902.  Joe Parello from Miami, FL
    5903.  Shane #1 Go STEELERS!!! from JENNYD IS HOT
    5904.  Kristina Strosser from Pittsburgh!!!
    5905.  kelsi cook aka big ben from new castle pa
    5906.  Mike from EASTMONT, PA
    5907.  JESSY YOUNG from Rural Valley, PA
    5908.  corey from PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5909.  Jamie Rorabaugh from Clymer, PA
    5910.  Dick Chaney
    5911.  J. "donkey teeth" Elway from Denver
    5912.  Bryan Mullen from Blitzburgh, PA
    5913.  Dan Fiore from Pittsburgh
    5914.  Ferg from Deep Creek Lake
    5915.  Ryan Bowers from Alexandria, VA
    5916.  Charlie Young from Indiana, PA
    5917.  Al Montuoro from Pittsburgh
    5918.  Matt H from Seattle Wa.
    5919.  Tina Malunney from West Mifflin, PA
    5920.  nique jones aka ms ward from new castle pa
    5921.  Vinny Reed from Baltimore Md
    5922.  Bob Pack from West View, PA
    5923.  Greg Pencheff from Lancaster PA
    5924.  Joy Thoma from Pound Ridge, NY
    5925.  Charlotte Pack from Go Steelers - West View, PA
    5926.  Ron Topinka from Franklin, Tn.
    5927.  Bruce Tuttle from Portage Lakes, Ohio
    5928.  Ashley Tylavsky from Murrysville, PA
    5929.  Cara Clarke from Pittsburgh!
    5930.  Vince Sniegocki from Castle Shannon,Pa.
    5931.  Frank Koszak from McKees Rocks, PA
    5933.  Patrick Greer from Hermitage PA
    5934.  Gannon 01 from Randle El +Big Ben=SB win
    5935.  Michele Kocis from Pittsburgh
    5936.  Travis Grant from Charlotte, NC
    5937.  Megan Kelly from Pittsburgh, PA
    5938.  Julie Bulford from Da Burgh
    5939.  Amy Raymond from South Park, PA
    5940.  Johnny Quest and Haji from Cartooon Network
    5941.  Kyle J. Parry from Northampton
    5942.  Jack Grant from State College, PA
    5944.  Chris W from Murrysville
    5945.  Chad McCall is the Man! from Castle Shannon, Pa
    5946.  Rip Van Winkle
    5948.  Robert Butchko from Pittsburgh, PA
    5949.  Joe Mak from Elizabeth, PA
    5950.  Delilah from Morgantown
    5951.  kathy Clark from north hunington, pa
    5952.  Amy from Pa
    5953.  5951 YOU R A LIAR from PITTSBURGH ROX
    5954.  Ben Groll from Murrysville, PA
    5955.  lauren from johnstown, pa
    5957.  Danielle from moon
    5958.  Luann Thomas from Naples, FL - originally Pgh
    5959.  Becky Muir from Pittsburgh PA - #86!!!
    5960.  Jason Martello from Latrobe, PA
    5961.  Ben Groll GO STEELERS!! from Murrysville, PA
    5962.  Sean Mckain from Butler, PA
    5963.  Nikki Moose from PITTSBURGH,PA
    5964.  Karen Renner from New Castle
    5965.  Stephen Santella from Pittsburgh,PA
    5966.  Stormin Norman from Wilcox, PA
    5967.  Nick Haley from Uptown
    5968.  Patrick White from Ohio
    5969.  Ashley Babich from Johnstown, PA
    5970.  Elizabeth Lubert from Charlotte, North Carolina
    5971.  the unibomber from prison
    5972.  Shawn Britton from Kingwood, WV
    5973.  Bob and Amm Biddle from Harleysville, PA
    5974.  Seattle Line Backers from Under The Bus
    5975.  Bob Ross from The grave
    5976.  Bob Mlinek from State College PA
    5977.  Tatoo & Mr Rork from Fantasy Island
    5978.  Kelly Altemose from Apollo, PA
    5979.  Kara from Morgantown, WV
    5980.  Will P. #43 Go Pgh.
    5981.  Tony Giarnella from Pittsburgh, PA
    5982.  Kerry Michaelson from Middletown, NJ
    5983.  John Hummel from Kennerdell, Pa.
    5984.  Billie Myers from Markleysburg PA
    5985.  Rowdy Roddy Piper from WWF
    5986.  Sarah Brandon from Gibsonia, Pa GO STEELERS!!!!!
    5987.  JEB from Washington, DC
    5988.  Kim from Santiago del Estero, Argentina
    5989.  ZZ TOP from On tour
    5990.  John T from Dayton, OH
    5991.  mike McSpedon from Chicago
    5992.  erika h from Pittsburgh
    5993.  Rick M. from Etna, PA
    5994.  LILY S. from Pittsburgh
    5995.  Charles Rager from Land of the Free USAF
    5996.  Nicholas Olinzock from Denver -spying
    5997.  Jimmy Hoffa from Paterson, NJ
    5998.  Steve Timko from Pittsburgh, Pa
    5999.  John Lopez from Anaheim, CA
    6000.  uncdavis from Asheville,NC
    6001.  Keane Mohney from Myrtle Beach, SC
    6002.  Michael Brandon from Waxhaw, Nc
    6003.  Jennifer D. from Pittsburgh
    6004.  Jeannie from Wiilcox, PA
    6005.  Mike J from Anchorage, Alaska
    6006.  Matt L. from Ellwood City, PA
    6007.  Paul R Kulick
    6008.  Andy D from Pittsburgh
    6009.  Kyle Cornette from I ONCE ILIVED IN PITTSBURGH
    6010.  Angelina Jolie from Hollywood, Cal.
    6011.  Jason Coshun from Johnstown PA
    6012.  justin forsythe from imperial PA
    6013.  Mike Jones from Georgia
    6014.  Craig Turner from Markleysburg the other burg
    6015.  TALOR O'HARA from PATTON, PA
    6016.  Zach Sisler from Morgantown, WV
    6017.  TAYLOR O'HARA from PATTON, PA
    6018.  J and J from Jefferson Hills
    6019.  SLG from Pittsburgh, PA
    6020.  Doug Francart from Indiana, PA
    6021.  Jack from Boulder
    6022.  Neil O'Donnel from My bad
    6023.  Singer/writer R. KELLY from aclosetinabathroom of a school
    6024.  scott barkby from new eagle
    6025.  BRAD O'HARA
    6026.  Jeff Sutton from Economy, PA
    6027.  Tom Moiani from Havertown, PA
    6028.  Jody G from North Huntingdon
    6029.  Tim Barnes from Lawrence, PA
    6030.  Michael Puchany from I won't shave at all...
    6031.  Rachel Barnes from Lawrence, PA
    6032.  Nathan Stephens from Steelers Nation!!
    6033.  Ben Roethlisberger from Findlay, Ohio
    6034.  Jamie Nagel from Mt. Union, PA
    6035.  Troy Whitmire from Butler, PA
    6036.  NOAH from OHIO
    6037.  Megan Monstrola from Irwin,Pa
    6038.  Womens Volleyball Team from University of Pittsburgh
    6039.  Michael Myers from Edinboro PA.
    6040.  eric custer from neenah WI.. Steelers rock!!!
    6041.  Tyler Auker from Lock Haven, PA
    6042.  andy from holtzville new york
    6043.  Crystal Schaub from Pittsburgh
    6044.  Moe Howard from From the Great Beyond
    6045.  JEFF JUDY from CAMP HILL PA
    6046.  Marissa from IUP
    6047.  Asa Shafran from LATROBE, PA
    6048.  How did I get over here from there?????????????????????????
    6049.  Animal from North Huntingdon, PA
    6050.  TinaCicero from Gibsonia
    6051.  DICK MCNALLY from NAPLES, FL
    6052.  Peter Cicero from Gibsonia PA
    6053.  Tom Karasic from Pittsburgh
    6054.  6052 You must know from where you came. GO STEELERS!!!
    6055.  Patrick & Janet from Rennerdale, PA
    6056.  Norm Nieder from St. Louis, MO (originally PGH)
    6057.  Kate McKee from Clinton, PA
    6058.  Tom Kearns from Scenery Hill, Pa
    6059.  Holly from New Alexandria
    6060.  E Marotta from Steubenville, OH
    6061.  mike jennings from columbus, ohio
    6062.  anthony from oakland
    6063.  Paul Bamford from Orwigsburg, PA
    6064.  Joanne from Steeler City
    6065.  Dave Clifford from NJ
    6066.  eileen ross from pgh pa
    6068.  Joseph A. Kidd from Steubenville, OH
    6069.  Crista Stoyanoff # 7 from Pittsburgh, PA
    6070.  Harry Balzonia from Undacheese Down Under (AUS)
    6071.  Joe Vargo from Nashville TN
    6072.  Jeff Rounsville from Mechanicsburg, PA
    6073.  Poochie Allegro from New Castle PA
    6074.  Joe Kalasky from Greensburg
    6075.  Matt Kania from Pittsburgh, PA
    6076.  Brad Thal from Pittsburgh, PA
    6077.  Alexis Uher from Washington DC
    6078.  GARY SHARP from WV
    6079.  Jonathan P. Schwerer from Pittsburgh, PA
    6080.  Sarah Pencheff from Brooklyn, NY
    6081.  Mike Johnson from Caldwell, Idaho
    6082.  Brenda A. Renner from Lawrence Co, Pa.
    6083.  Lisa Mitolo from pittsburgh-GO STEELERS
    6084.  Kristen Sortino from Omaha NE
    6085.  aarol elliott from genesee, PA
    6086.  tom rectorschek from findlay, ohio
    6087.  Joepa Rules from Gettysburg PA
    6088.  Harry Potter from Hogwarts
    6089.  Anne Byrnes from State College, PA
    6090.  Mike Shumaker from California.....GO STEELERS!!!
    6091.  Adam Schwartz from Washington, DC
    6092.  Jackie Treehorn from Lebowskiville
    6093.  Jenn Ghelarducci-Evans from Bridgeville P.A.
    6094.  Elizabeth from Washignton DC
    6095.  Moondawg from Latrobe, PA
    6096.  AJ from PITTSBURGH. Go Steelers!!!!!
    6097.  Andi Wright from Richmond, KY
    6098.  Ididyer Mom from Down and Dirty
    6099.  Terry from McDonnel
    6100.  Liz LaBella from Pittsburgh, PA
    6101.  Mike Evans from Bridgeville P.A.
    6102.  Leah Kelly from Carthage, NY
    6103.  Nathan Bickar
    6104.  Patrick Kelly from Carthage, NY
    6105.  Nikki Bononi from Greensburg, PA
    6107.  THE WORM from Follansbee WVA
    6108.  Karen (i wish) Porter from the island
    6109.  Brooke from Ebensburg, Pa
    6110.  Lance Bartholomew from Richmond, KY - the 859
    6111.  KIPPY KUZIOR from Bulger Pa
    6112.  Jeremy Martincic from Upper St. Clair pa.
    6113.  John Oleksa from Youngstown, Ohio
    6114.  Nina Giannuzzi from Shaler, Pa GOOOOOO STEELERS!!!
    6115.  Mike Linnert from Pittsburgh
    6116.  Sonny Casale from west deer
    6117.  Rocky from Kennerdell,Pa
    6118.  Cya Indaendzone from Hines Ward
    6119.  Kayle from Pennsylvania
    6120.  Jen Pisczek from Roanoke Va
    6121.  Jake "The Mistake" from CO
    6122.  pete and dodie walker from st petersburgh florida
    6123.  Lissy P from Pittsburgh PA
    6124.  Kayle from Pittsburgh
    6125.  Bunk Mathieson from Grove City,PA
    6127.  Jordanna Riggi ""MY MAN from IS A STEELERS FAN" Jackson, NJ
    6128.  Joe Jena from Pittsburgh
    6129.  Jordanna Riggi ""MY MAN from IS A STEELERS FAN" Jackson, NJ
    6130.  Vince from Carnegie Mel from PA
    6131.  Celeste Mathieson from Grove City,PA
    6132.  Santa Clause from North Pole
    6133.  Michael Mohney from Punxsutawney, PA
    6134.  Colleen Schnieders from San Antonio, TX
    6135.  Devendra Banhart from some bearded hippy town
    6136.  Stephanie Stemple from Jeannette, PA
    6137.  margaret leishear from fredriiickkk MD
    6138.  Jenny Walsh from Pittsburgh, PA
    6139.  Gretchen Hallahan from Baltimore, MD (orig from Pgh)
    6140.  Derek Myers from Pittsburgh, PA
    6141.  Bridget from New Castle
    6142.  Buddy The Elf from The North Pole
    6143.  Cait Kaminski from Moooooon Township
    6144.  Robyn from Morgantown
    6145.  Krista McKenzie from Johnstown
    6146.  Caroline Maloy from Hermosa Beach via Pittsburgh
    6147.  Jessica Barrow from Long Beach, CA
    6148.  Jeremy Martincic from Upper St. Clair pa.
    6149.  Sam Gaetano from Upper St Clair Pa
    6150.  Joanna McNally from Naples Fl
    6151.  Peppi Puppy from Beallsville, Ohio
    6152.  Dustin M. Diesing from McMurray, PA
    6153.  Donnie Turner from Columbus, Ohio
    6154.  john kopnisky from youngstown,ohio
    6155.  Steve...Jim...Sue from FROGTOWN PA
    6156.  Craig Hoone from Mapletown,PA
    6158.  Matt Trabbold from Pittsburgh, PA
    6160.  Benjamin Coulter from Happy Valley!!!!
    6161.  Mike Trabbold from Pittsburgh, PA
    6162.  Becky Schneider from Mesa, AZ (Pgh original first!)
    6163.  God from Heaven
    6164.  Pitts Uxbad from Nittany Lion Country
    6165.  Marty Zabiegala from Willowick, OH
    6166.  Amy Schneider from Duisburg, Germany (Pgh 1st)
    6167.  Alexis Reuter from Pittsburgh, PA
    6168.  Jack Meoffer from DA BURGH
    6169.  Natertot from pitt
    6170.  DJ from UT
    6171.  Taylor Pratt from Grove City, PA
    6172.  Candy C from PITT
    6173.  Todd Sortino from My Pespi truck Omaha NE
    6174.  Jim Hosey from Louisville KY
    6175.  Mark Feivou from Newington , CT
    6176.  Gina Hudock from Uniontown PA
    6177.  Charlet Parker from Windsor,CT I miss PGH!!!
    6178.  Mike Scheid from the North Scheid
    6179.  It came from the deep
    6180.  Ryan
    6181.  Sheryl Stevenson from Ft Myers,Fl
    6182.  Laura Almendinger from Oakmont, PA
    6183.  Joyce Alvarez from Belle Vernon, Pa.
    6185.  Ryan Hreczkosiej from Da Burgh
    6186.  Mary Cay from Petersburg, WV
    6187.  Joe Dailey from From the Burgh
    6188.  eric s clarke from verona pa
    6189.  Dogfoodtony from "Let's Ride!!!!!" Idaho
    6190.  amanda lesnoski from pgh,pa(stationed andrews,afb)
    6192.  Zane Cuneo from hookstown pa
    6193.  Terry Bradshaw from pittsburgh, pa
    6194.  Tyler Findle from Upper St.Clair
    6195.  Bill Fedorka from Lexington, SC (via the 'burgh)
    6196.  The Creature from The Black Lagoon
    6197.  Sami Haushalter from Imperial, PA
    6199.  Sam Forte from Eighty Four,PA
    6200.  Tom Yohn from Chandler, Arizona
    6201.  Jillian Londino from Upper St.Clair
    6202.  Mike Shumakerloveslilbo from California
    6203.  ivy DiBasilio from imperial, pa
    6204.  I love Tom Brady from PA
    6205.  Kathy from Pittsburgh, PA
    6206.  Mike Reish
    6207.  Kaley Marie Wilson from Pheonix MD
    6208.  Mike Reish
    6209.  Judy America from Brookline, Pgh.,PA
    6210.  go steelers
    6211.  Michelle Turbanic from Pittsburgh, PA
    6212.  Satan from Hell
    6213.  Dreads are my style from PA
    6214.  i luv the steelers from not
    6215.  Ian Turner Wilson from Phoenix MD
    6216.  Cahty K. from Trafford, Pa.
    6217.  LINDA from LEETSDALE, PA
    6218.  steelers cry
    6219.  Robbie Nickell from Minneapolis, Minnesota
    6220.  Lesa Scalise
    6221.  Allie Colwell from Coventry, Rhode Island
    6222.  Chelsea Pflugh from Youngstown, OH
    6223.  Linda from from the Burgh
    6224.  guoda the dog from phoenix
    6225.  Nikki from Derry PA
    6226.  Mike Nelson From Grove from City College/ Monroeville
    6228.  Jeremy Crouse from We are Penn state
    6229.  Brittany Pearson from Bradford Woods, PA
    6230.  DVH from Pittsburgh, PA
    6231.  Bela the cutest dog from Detroit, Michigan (hi 5 for TD
    6233.  Mary from Rocky Grove, PA
    6234.  gumbo from washpa
    6235.  Marcia Siemsen from Louisville, Colorado
    6237.  Anthony Zuccarini from Houston, Texas
    6238.  WE LOVE NOISE
    6239.  Emily B. from Columbus, OH
    6240.  Tyler, Nick & Alex from Cecil, PA
    6241.  hawks own steelers from not pensylvania
    6242.  Jason Olenick from Long Beach, CA
    6243.  roseann parker from the burgh
    6244.  Adam Hollobaugh from Chardon, OH
    6245.  dom parker from his couch
    6246.  Jordan from Steel City loving clarion
    6247.  kiley parker from her room
    6248.  Lisa from PITTSBURGH, PA
    6249.  Don from Carmichaels, PA
    6250.  007 KAFJ-5125
    6251.  LouAnn Dormer from Plum Boro,Pa.
    6252.  Jukie and Bob Giffen from Blitzburg, Baby!!
    6253.  Jeremiah Conley from Springboro Pa
    6254.  Kman from H-burg
    6255.  Diane K. from Pittsburgh, Pa
    6256.  bill shreve is a faggot
    6257.  The Haun's from Charlotte, NC
    6259.  Rhonda from Pittsburgh
    6260.  Barb Genzler from Beaver Falls, PA
    6261.  Courtney Kline from Annapolis, Ebensburg PA
    6262.  Doug Kossert from tampa fl
    6263.  Allen Thompson from Pittsburgh, PA
    6264.  Shawn Grogan from West View
    6265.  Shaun Alexander from Detroit
    6266.  Tara Pope from Beaver Falls, Pa
    6267.  Al B's 35 yr old beard from Cheswick PA
    6268.  Heide Torock from Latrobe, PA
    6269.  Sunny Vellente from Hermitage, PA
    6270.  Dana Williams from Natrona Heights, PA
    6271.  Heather Busch
    6272.  mark lucas from pittsburgh, pa
    6273.  judy sanders
    6274.  becky dubyak from pittsburgh, pa
    6275.  judy sanders
    6276.  Well-Machine from Duq Nukka!
    6277.  Joe Mangana from from ERIE, PA
    6278.  bob sanders from kittanning, pa
    6279.  Neil Comiskey from Hermitage, PA
    6280.  Alyssa from Cranberry
    6281.  Gary"Gizmo"Givens from Bloomfield,PA
    6282.  Mike Bertovich from Avella
    6283.  Ryan Carson from Safety Harbor, Fl
    6284.  Brendan Carlo$ from Berkeley Heights, NJ
    6285.  Nathan Guskiewicz from Indiana PA
    6286.  Matt Graham from Greensbur, PA
    6287.  PHIL from Punxsutawney, PA
    6288.  Eric & Michelle from Washington
    6289.  Harry Stein from McKinney, Texas
    6290.  mackenzie from pittsburgh
    6291.  Jody Zilko from Pittsburgh, PA
    6292.  Thank you STEELERS from YOU ROCK! Fredericksburg VA
    6293.  Michele Zeiler from Munhall PA
    6294.  Ed H from Wellington, FL
    6295.  Paul Dedionisio from Erie,Pa
    6296.  Steven C. Micklo from Jefferson Hills
    6297.  Ron Mexico from Atlanta GA
    6298.  Allison Horner from Baytown, TX
    6299.  Michael Frank from Lewisville, NC (via Gibsonia)
    6300.  Andy Holland from Castle Shannon
    6301.  phix8 from orlando
    6302.  Meghan "boots"Draper from Compton CA
    6303.  ML Winkleman from Orlando, FL
    6304.  LINDSAYYY. from Pittsburghhh. the burgg =]
    6305.  Shelly Sager from McMurray, PA.
    6306.  Chris Dean from Clevelind OH
    6307.  Rich Bickert from St. Louis
    6308.  kylene b from erie, pa
    6309.  Zachary Maffio from Canonsburg Pa
    6310.  Matt Heards from ~Blitzburgh~
    6311.  Leah"Tha Chia"Boskeeee from IUP Frat House
    6312.  Nick Honchar from Carnegie, PA
    6313.  eric rose from erie, pa
    6314.  dan griifth from salem, ohio
    6315.  Joel Rogers from North Branford, CT
    6316.  MORGAN from philadelphia. pittsburgh SOON
    6317.  Dawna from Canonsburg, Pa
    6318.  Darlene Seminko from Orlando but I miss the Burgh!
    6319.  Diet Pepsi Machine
    6320.  Daniel Kimicata from Pittsburgh
    6321.  Melanie Cosco from Pittsburgh PA.. GO STEELERS!!
    6322.  Carolyn Pencheff from Lancaster PA
    6323.  Bob Johnson from Lexington KY
    6324.  Shane Fleming from Pittsburgh
    6325.  Madonna Ciccone Ritchie from London, England, Manhattan, NY
    6326.  Jennifer Harbst from Havre de Grace, Maryland
    6327.  Anthony Thomas from West View
    6328.  Chrissy from Canonsburg, PA
    6329.  Guy Ritchie from London, England
    6330.  Steve Beatty from Phoenix, AZ
    6331.  arlene shipley from roscoe,pa
    6332.  Alex hell yes steelers! from Da Burgh
    6333.  Anthony Vavick from South Greensburg
    6334.  Justin (J-mill) Miller from Pittsburgh, PA
    6335.  Richard Koris from Rosslyn Farms
    6336.  Kevin Stiller P from Steel City
    6337.  Kate- i wont shave my from legs or armpits till he shaves
    6338.  LIZ HEINRICH
    6339.  greg lefaivre from Da Burgh
    6340.  Keith Hellman from Irwin, pa
    6341.  Ryan Booth from Bethel Park, PA (M4L)
    6342.  Angela h. from PITTSBURGH BABY!
    6343.  Lauren from Johnstown, PA
    6344.  Heather Fazekas from Greensburg, PA
    6345.  Joshua,Heather Hyrczyk from FT MYERS, FL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6346.  Brenda Cheplic from monongahela , pa
    6347.  Matt Lentz from Upper St. Clair, PA
    6348.  Tim and Susan Lewis from Nemacolin PA
    6349.  Fred Weidle from Oil City, PA
    6350.  Jim Milner from South Park, PA
    6351.  Eric O'Brien from Purdue University
    6352.  Evan Bianchi from Pittsburgh
    6353.  Stephanie
    6354.  Aaron Downing from Albuquerque, NM
    6356.  matt from altoona
    6357.  Melissa Morrison from da 'Burgh
    6358.  Nick Wytiaz from Jefferson Hills, PA
    6359.  Greg Conrad from Loretto, Pa & Nokesville, Va
    6360.  Jamie "SHAMUS" Perri from (BLOOMFIELD)...Pittsburgh PA
    6361.  Timothy O'Neil from Annapolis, MD
    6362.  Donna & John from N. Huntingdon, PA
    6363.  John Ontko from Penn Hills
    6364.  Amanda Blasik from Dayton, OH
    6365.  Gene & Annie long time from Plainfield, IL
    6366.  Justin Harper from Indiana PA
    6367.  Morgan Berkebile from Boswell, PA
    6368.  Bill Berry from Pittsburgh
    6369.  Jeremy Flinn from Manor, PA
    6370.  Caitlyn Pryde from Pittsburgh
    6371.  TJ Reckner from Johnstown, PA
    6372.  Mike from Beaver Falls
    6373.  J.R. Helms from Arlington, TX
    6374.  Dave Hummel from 60 miles north of DaBurgh
    6375.  Les Weilacher from Thornton, CO
    6376.  Sam Kaminski Coffee from Ashland, OH
    6377.  Les McCutcheon from marietta , Oh.
    6378.  sam mcclenathan from steelers,pa
    6379.  Duane Oakes from Green Bay
    6380.  Kathleen from Pgh PA
    6381.  Rick Poehling from Omaha NE
    6382.  Cody Crook from Pittsburgh
    6383.  Dat Dude from Seattle
    6384.  Chelsey Eaton from Pittsburgh PA
    6385.  Shaun from Allison Park
    6386.  Karly West! from B-well, Pa
    6387.  Joe Paterno from Beaver Stadium
    6388.  Jackie Gall from NH
    6389.  Tom Barber from Pittsburgh
    6390.  Julia Rodgers from Pittsburgh
    6391.  Meredith Ward from Pittsburgh
    6392.  Hines Ward from Da burg'
    6393.  Blake from Rochester PA
    6394.  Chris from From Irwin
    6395.  Dave Gervase from Raleigh, NC
    6396.  Misty from Cincinnati, OH.
    6397.  Chad McDevitt from Cincinnati Ohio
    6398.  Joshua Steffey from Wheeling, WV
    6399.  Greg Victor from Northside, PITTSBURGH, PA
    6400.  Bob Bernaki from Hicktown, ID
    6401.  Rachel Stum from Elizabethtown,PA
    6402.  Tony Kosydar from Eynon, PA
    6403.  Hines is the best
    6404.  CP (HERE WE GO) from Bethel Park, PA
    6405.  Mike Gallo from Pittsburgh Pa
    6406.  Walter Fink from Denver, PA
    6407.  Bridgette from PITTSBURGH! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!
    6408.  Alicia Hutchinson from SW Virginia
    6409.  Ben is better
    6410.  Josh Zerfoss from AcoSta PA
    6411.  Mrs. Troy Polamalu from HBG, PA
    6412.  Michelle from Pittsburgh
    6413.  Mike Hawk from Sweaty Bawls, PA
    6414.  Katie Johnston from Carlisle PA
    6415.  TroyPolamalu's Mistress from Kittanning, Pa
    6416.  Joe from Steeltown, USA
    6417.  Andy Dolhi from Bnox
    6418.  I
    6419.  LMAO @ 6419 from Z FROM K-TOWN
    6420.  Michelle Fao from Pittsburgh Pa
    6421.  I
    6422.  Josh Peer from Penn Trafford, Pa
    6423.  BC from CT
    6424.  Karen Preston from Pittsburgh, PA
    6425.  I Love Hines Ward
    6426.  Jason Wilson from loves little boys
    6427.  Joe Burton from Stephens City VA
    6429.  chris shento from delray beach, fl
    6430.  Amber from PGH Transplant to Cincinnati
    6431.  stephanie karavlan from butler, PA
    6432.  Brant Mollers from Dville, Pa
    6433.  Dale Wilson from Naples, FL (from Hempfield twp
    6434.  Emma Montgomery from Pittsburgh PA
    6435.  Chad Hill
    6436.  Niggy Wiggy wUt wUt
    6437.  Shawn Smith from May I Please Speak to Kristen,
    6438.  HVYHTTR started in Dec from ATL, GEORGIA
    6439.  Petey Drove Me
    6440.  For the Horde!
    6441.  Allie Swihura from Stoystown, Pa
    6442.  lelia & randy armstrong from fairmont wv
    6443.  HonkyTonk BadonkaDonk
    6444.  Traci Anderson from Hookstown, PA
    6445.  Derek Romano from State College
    6446.  Gillian from Steel Town, USA
    6447.  Megan Beachley from Columbiana, Ohio
    6448.  Sir Justin A. Pagano from Upper St. Clair
    6449.  LETS GO STEELERS from San Fransisco, CA
    6450.  Mattie Weimer from Boswell, PA
    6452.  Heath Winslow from Raleighwood, NC
    6453.  Ryan Cain from Pittsburgh, PA
    6454.  Bob Schachte from Lowell, NC
    6455.  We Are Penn State from Johnstown, PA
    6456.  Dave Quinn from Monroeville Pa
    6457.  Eileen from Levelgreen, PA
    6458.  Dan Kable from Indialantic, Florida
    6459.  Scott B from Washington, PA
    6460.  Karen Mercincavage from Plains, PA
    6461.  jake plummer from home
    6462.  matt heufelder from ohio
    6463.  Alex from San Antonio, TX
    6464.  Lisa Warner from Bakerstown, PA
    6465.  Kenny Tennant from Carmichaels, PA
    6466.  Amy Resetar from Huntington Beach, CA
    6467.  John McDaniel from San Diego, CA
    6468.  King Blumpkin Supreme
    6469.  Rob Helwig from Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania
    6470.  Kramer from Wexford, PA
    6471.  Amanda Zerfoss from Acosta, PA
    6472.  Brian (3-0) Medford from Pittsburgh, PA
    6474.  Brianne Stewart from Pittsburgh, PA
    6475.  Anita Fabert from Carlisle, PA
    6476.  Erin Sparks from Pittsburgh PA
    6478.  Erick Carcamo from Collegeville, PA
    6479.  jaden yuki from japan
    6480.  Andrea from Bloomfield
    6481.  matt swackhammer from plum
    6482.  Kristen Sokalski from Pittsburgh, Pa
    6483.  Kim Roupe from Georgetown, PA
    6484.  Dave Pegher from Warrendale, Pa
    6485.  Chris Fleming from Whitehall,OH
    6486.  Ben Kuhn from Erie, PA
    6487.  The Sokalski Family from Rennerdale, Pa
    6488.  Lisa Moyer from Pittsburgh, PA
    6489.  RJ Reuter from Columbus, OH
    6490.  Les W from Waterford PA
    6491.  Jim Alexander from Towson MD
    6492.  Jennifer Little from Steeler, Pa
    6493.  Angie G. from St. Louis
    6494.  Erica Lyn Bender from Moon Township
    6495.  Megan Raybuck from sweetsville
    6496.  Chris Drummond from Pittsburgh
    6497.  Rebakah Cartwright from Zelienople, PA
    6498.  Dusty Buffington from French Lick , Indiana
    6499.  Kurt B. Ladley from Philadelphia, Pa
    6500.  hacefalo from Carnegie, PA
    6501.  Steve Miller from Philadelphia-formerly Wexford
    6502.  Jim Hish from South Riding, VA
    6503.  Gary & Deb Slatinsky from Austintown, OH
    6504.  Lin Stratton from Pittsburgh, PA
    6505.  GO STEELERS!
    6506.  Justin Charles from New Jersey
    6507.  Jean Killeen from Dormont, Pa
    6508.  Bridgette Loiselle from PITTSBURGH
    6509.  shawn from Pittsburgh, PA
    6510.  Shawn from Cambridge, OH
    6511.  Jennifer Todd from Midland PA
    6512.  Katherine the Great from McDonald, PA
    6513.  Harry Pairatestis from Your Crotch
    6514.  Stan Savran is sexy from Altoona, PA
    6515.  bruce williamson from Groove City, PA
    6516.  Mark Pellstench from Loretto, PA
    6517.  The Pope from Vatican City
    6518.  Megan Lengyel from Hermitage, PA
    6519.  Mike Spisak
    6520.  tommy from bethel park PA
    6521.  Lloyd Werner from Pittsburgh, PA
    6522.  Kelsey Roethlisberger from Morgantown, WV
    6523.  Bill Caparoula from Nokesville, Va
    6524.  Stephen Wolfe from Pittsburgh PA
    6525.  Lauren R. Brown from Pittsburgh, PA
    6526.  Chris Broach from Nokesville, Va
    6527.  Mike McInnes from Dirty Couch Burnin Souf Oaklan
    6528.  Kathy O
    6529.  Zach Zacchero from Pittsburgh PA
    6530.  Keisho Akamatsu from Pittsburgh, PA
    6531.  Jeff Perrone from Philadelphia, PA
    6532.  Brendan Palombine from Bethel Park, PA
    6533.  Dan Thomas from Philly (F the eagles), PA
    6534.  John, Paul, George, & R from Liverpool England
    6535.  Dave Harrison from North Liberty, IA
    6536.  Shawn Bulisco from Alexandria, VA
    6537.  Corey Heller from Muncy
    6538.  Jeff Richards from Edinboro, PA
    6539.  Matt Crawford from Muncy, PA
    6540.  Maggie Gibson from Pittsburgh, PA
    6541.  BROOKS AMES from AKRON, OHIO
    6542.  Emersom Bigwuns from Jugs City
    6543.  Rob J. from Orange. CT.
    6544.  Eric Strawn from Erie Pa
    6545.  David Romanowsky from Denver, CO
    6546.  Ken Smith from Bethel Park, PA
    6547.  Neal Duryea from Cleveland, OH
    6548.  Els Soxman from Broomfield Colorado
    6549.  Jay Lang from McKeesport Pa.
    6550.  Adolf Elizabeth Hitler from Auschwitz
    6551.  Jeff Clark from Hampton, IL
    6552.  Brad Pitt from Hollywood, CA
    6553.  Lou Takacs from Pittsburgh, PA
    6554.  Bobba Ganoosh from MXC
    6555.  Steve Sipek from Holbrook, NY
    6556.  Brad Haas from pittsburgh,pa
    6557.  Karen Hoffmann from Squirrel Hill
    6558.  Hanz from DABURGH
    6559.  Stephanie Migyanko from New Salem, PA
    6560.  Rachel Ward #86 from WEST VIEW aka PITTSBURGH
    6561.  April Trexel from Boswell, PA
    6562.  Donovan McNabb from Philly, PA
    6563.  Nick Benzie from Fort Dodge Iowa
    6564.  Gary Michael Sapp Jr. from Bozeman Montana
    6565.  Samantha Evelhoch from Butler, PA
    6566.  April Trexel from Boswell, PA
    6567.  Gregory T Buggy Sr. from Clymer,Pa
    6568.  Dan Homitz from Hyattsville, MD
    6569.  Phil Thaxton Jr from Steeler (Washington) PA
    6570.  Dennis & Sue Cramer from Mohnton, PA
    6571.  KIM STEWART from PGH, PA
    6572.  Carly Hershberger from Johnstown, PA
    6573.  Hannah
    6574.  Julianne Feather from Johnstown, PA
    6575.  Lori Croskey from Whitehall,OH
    6576.  Margaret M from Pittsburgh, PA, of course!
    6577.  Jen Gaudio from Pittsburgh, PA
    6578.  Wyndoll Willams from Cell Block 2
    6579.  Frank Tenney from Morgantown WV
    6580.  Ellen Anderson from Erie, PA
    6581.  Derwyn Hollobaugh from Cleveland Area
    6582.  Sue O'Halek from formerly of Greensburg, PA
    6583.  Terrell Owens from Pittsburgh, next year
    6584.  Lawrence Mussio from Ardmore, PA
    6585.  Jordan Paul Marckisotto from Pittsburgh, PA
    6586.  Mike McErlain from Saratoga,CA
    6587.  Stacie Ferguson from Erie, PA
    6588.  Rick Martinez from Fort Worth, TX
    6589.  Matthew Kikta from Upper St. Clair
    6590.  Johannes Ernharth from Aspinwall (Pittsburgh), PA
    6591.  Ed Petronsky from Pittsburgh, PA
    6592.  Austyn Wink from Pittsburgh, PA
    6593.  BreAna Croskey from Whiiitehall,OH
    6594.  lisa t from pixburg, pa
    6595.  Ernie Valdez from Fort Worth, TX
    6596.  Marcie Mazzarese from Altoona, PA
    6597.  Sean Gray from Melissa, TX
    6598.  T.Boariu from Ellwood City
    6599.  Danny from The Real World, Austin
    6600.  Anne Probert from Phoenix, AZ
    6601.  Brian McCoy from TheGhetto, PA
    6602.  Aimee Smith from Cleveland, OH
    6603.  Ben Shapiro from Trumbull, CT
    6604.  Rick McElhaney from Broadview Hts
    6605.  Barbara Sullivan from Annandale, NJ
    6606.  Nick Royer from Lock Haven
    6608.  Luke Skinner from Pittsburgh
    6609.  Chris Englert from United States Air Force Academ
    6610.  Puddin from Downtown Pgh
    6611.  Tabby Holnaider from Pittsburgh PA
    6612.  Michael King from Worthington OH
    6613.  Bob Hamon from Wilmington, NC
    6614.  Heather L. from Brownsville, PA
    6615.  Elmo Grove from Punxsutawney PA
    6616.  Mark Teasdale from Schererville, In
    6617.  Sondra Greer from Naples, Florida
    6618.  Neil Bellamy from Donora, PA
    6619.  79 Superbowl Baby from Arlington
    6620.  Adam Poole from Connellsville, PA
    6621.  The biggest fan CODY from LOCK HAVEN
    6622.  Uncle Jesse from San Francisco
    6623.  The Uhrinak Family from West Mifflin PA
    6624.  Jerramy Stevens from my grave, where Porter put me.
    6625.  Sandy & Jesse from East New Market, MD
    6626.  Regis P from Uniontown PA
    6627.  Ken Keefer from Canonsburg Pa
    6628.  Chad Cornell from Erie,PA
    6629.  Betsy Eckerson Mancuso from Tampa now, born in Erie, PA
    6630.  Jennifer Bradburn from Burgettstown, PA
    6631.  Kevin Forringer from Fruitland, MD
    6632.  Eric Johnson from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    6633.  Natasha Vincent from Crafton, PA
    6634.  Lea A Rosenberger from Washington DC
    6635.  Gabriel Cetra from CITY OF CHAMPIONS, PA
    6636.  Nikki B. from Pittsburgh, PA
    6637.  Deb Mikita from Youngstown, OH
    6638.  Dave "Willow" Williams from Overland Park, KS
    6639.  Carl Weiss from Chicago
    6640.  GOD from EVERYWHERE
    6641.  SEBBY 'giants' pusateri from bethpage, ny.
    6642.  Reni from Butler,Pa
    6643.  The Browns from Last Place
    6644.  Mike G from Pittsburgh
    6645.  Mark theMexican Cherico from I Love the steelers.
    6646.  Chris Smithco from Seattle, WA
    6647.  bartoe from wvu
    6648.  Lindsey Shaffer from Butler, PA
    6649.  beav the dick s
    6650.  Leah Senneway from Pittsburgh
    6651.  Randy Woodring from Katy, Texas
    6652.  Mansi Mansi from Hellard
    6653.  brandon from crafton
    6654.  Dan Kozma from SARVER PA
    6655.  Stinky Brinky from Tarentum, PA
    6656.  Sarah Raneri from Greensburg, PA
    6657.  Alex Brown from Hanover, PA
    6658.  Dave Gindlesperger from New Egypt, NJ
    6659.  The Pope from The vatican
    6661.  Michael Martz from Charlotte, NC
    6662.  Busy Beaver from Castle Shannon
    6663.  guess from Who?
    6664.  Chad Wilson from Pittsburgh, PA
    6665.  emily from beaver falls, pa
    6666.  ed hufnagel from denver, colorado
    6667.  Ron Kotts from Houston, TEXAS
    6668.  Chris Baradziej from Jeannette, PA
    6669.  Ritaray from Aliquippa, Pa
    6670.  Alejandro from Mt. Lebanon
    6671.  Tony Lozano from Clarksburg, WV
    6672.  T Schott from Clarion University of PA
    6673.  Elaine Conley RN from in Ft Myers, FL heart in PGH
    6674.  Nate Sherman from Pittsburgh PA
    6675.  Wm Scott Graffius from Deatsville, Alabama
    6676.  Shanna from Dayton, OH
    6677.  Brian McLaughlin from Lexington, SC
    6678.  Ben Dwulit from Fort Dix, NJ via "The Burgh"
    6679.  JOSH STERLING from WVU/north hills (stache)
    6680.  Jess "hairy legs" M. from Dormont, PA (da burgh)
    6681.  Torrey Poholsky from Greensboro, NC
    6682.  Nancy Lia from Pittsburgh, PA
    6683.  Kayla Guerrieri from Pittsburgh, PA (Plum!)
    6684.  Mark Finfrock from "Worshington" Pa.
    6685.  Brendan Kenneth Brown from Upper St. Clair PA (THE BURGH)
    6686.  Ethan Nadorlik from Baltimore, MD
    6687.  Scott Attwood from Mt. Washington, PA
    6688.  Chris Harris from UK
    6689.  LEECH from Seattle
    6690.  I love Jeff Reed.. from He's so HOT
    6691.  Amy Bruce from New Sewickley
    6692.  Erin O'Brien from Conway, PA : GO STEELERS!
    6693.  Sid Bream from Rounding Third and Headed Home
    6694.  J. Nicholas Smarto from Level Green, PA
    6695.  Rachel Shidemantle from New Sewickley.. HERE WE GOO!!!
    6696.  Adolf Hitler from Hell
    6697.  Andrea from Denver, CO Go Steelers!!!
    6698.  Joshua Johns from Wheeling, WV
    6699.  Corrie Berk from Pittsburgh, PA
    6700.  Mandie Spignesi from Zelienople...GO STEELERS!
    6701.  Nicole Borrelli from McKeesport, PA
    6702.  kristine stevenson from NST ---lets go steelers!!!!
    6703.  Mike Cinefra from Representin PH
    6704.  Sir Matthew Mcewen from Greenwich CT (from Pittsburgh)
    6705.  C.J. Lennon from Washington D.C.
    6706.  PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL from Punxsy PA
    6707.  Marge H from Pittsburgh
    6708.  gibbles from west mifflin pa
    6709.  Neil O'Donnell from Jerry Jones' living room
    6710.  Jim Chabalie from Station 10, Cecil, PA
    6711.  Brent Herman from Milton PA you know how we do.
    6712.  Me from Here
    6714.  Gemma Jones from Crafton, Pennsylvania
    6715.  Brian Okonak from I really don't like sports
    6716.  BIGGER BEN from Super Bowl City ( 4 times )
    6717.  Marc F from Greensburg, PA
    6718.  Jon Stone from Dormont
    6719.  Jessica Davis from Washpa
    6720.  Osama Bin Ladin from Afghanistan
    6721.  Monica Macellari from Pittsburgh
    6722.  george h from pittsburgh, pa
    6723.  Ray Fierst from Pittsburgh, PA
    6724.  Jason Moskal from Washpa
    6725.  Elliott Crichfield from Morgantown
    6726.  Matt Logan from Hoboken, NJ
    6727.  Your Dad...Stadel from Oakland
    6728.  Rebean the Great One from Pittsburgh, PA
    6729.  Harrison Turkheimer from Morgantown
    6730.  Doreen Phillips from Gifford, PA
    6731.  EG Murphy from Shadyside/Pittsburgh
    6732.  Joe Harbulak from Pittsburgh, PA
    6733.  Catie Sieber from North Hills, Pittsburgh Pa
    6734.  JK Rowling from Edinboro
    6735.  My huge nuts from inside your mouth
    6736.  Noah Petronic from Wexford, PA
    6738.  Jessica Zerishnek from Pittsburgh
    6739.  Arthur Joseph Lastoria from Weirton WV
    6740.  Nate Sherman from Pittsburgh PA
    6741.  Dennis Schweinsburg from Beaumont, TX Go Steelers!
    6742.  Shane Downes from Moon Township
    6743.  Ken & Barbie Jordan from Level Green, PA
    6744.  Justin King from Penn State
    6745.  JESUS #1 Fan from HEAVEN in my BLK&GLD Mansion
    6746.  Dan Wiegand from Cranberry Twp., PA
    6747.  Big J. Rowe from Laural MD
    6748.  Rachel from Pittsburgh, PA
    6749.  Pittsburgh Voyager Crew from North Shore, Pittsburgh, PA
    6750.  April Mcdonald from twnrocks pa
    6751.  Nessie from Lake Loch Ness, Scotland
    6752.  Amanda Noelle from Orlando FL (Pitt by birth)
    6753.  Broc Rowe from Laurel Md
    6754.  Kim Everhart from Latrobe, PA
    6755.  Matthew Bottorf from Herdtown WV
    6756.  77u76u from utyu
    6757.  Katelyn Ballard from New Philadelphia, OH
    6758.  Katie G from Harlingen,TX
    6759.  Nicole Schweitzer from Phoenix, AZ
    6760.  Big ben's dick from from his groin
    6761.  Bret Applequist from State College, PA
    6762.  Will Parker from Lancaster, OA
    6763.  Ben Worthlessburger from Philadelphia, PA
    6764.  Chris Weston from Tampa, Fl
    6765.  Ferd & Fred Berfal from Analintercourse, Pa.
    6766.  Tony and Nancy from Minneapolis, mn
    6767.  Leftyclaire from Pittsburgh PA
    6768.  Amanda from Pittsburgh what?!
    6769.  Pat from Pgh
    6770.  Shane G from Indiana PA   (02/02/06)
    6771.  Erika Dowd from Los Angeles, CA by way of Pgh
    6772.  Hart broken from the steel city with asian girl
    6773.  Andy Schnieders from San Antonio, TX
    6774.  Screech from Pittsburgh, PA
    6775.  Sandy Gray from Pittsburgh
    6776.  Zach Clingan from Uniontown, PA
    6777.  Brian Kiesel from Narvon, PA
    6778.  Big E from Sharon, PA
    6779.  Kara Hines from from D.C., by way of Pgh
    6780.  jeff barron from gove city, pa
    6781.  Justin Steel from Greensburg, PA
    6782.  Cheryl
    6783.  Rick Grubb from LBC PA
    6784.  Cheryl S from Aliquippa, PA
    6785.  Pat Lackey from Hermitage PA
    6786.  Cindy LaMantia from Pittsburgh, PA
    6787.  Will Robb from Pittsburgh, PA
    6790.  Molly Kier from Beaver Falls, PA
    6791.  Mike Haley from Oakland, Pittsburgh
    6792.  Bill Heufelder from Pittsburgh
    6793.  Judy Neidich from Franklin, Pa
    6794.  Bob Axelson from Harrison City, PA
    6795.  Lynne Peterson from State College
    6796.  Kristin Chulack from Jacksonville, FL
    6797.  Ryan Ward from Pittsburgh, PA
    6798.  Jessica Drost from Pittsburgh, PA
    6799.  Kate McKelvey from Camp Hill, Pa
    6800.  Dave Yanief from Pittsburgh, PA
    6801.  Crazy Jew Dave Cohen from Tucson, AZ
    6802.  Betsy Hines from Beaver, PA
    6803.  Wesley Huff from Al Kasik, Iraq
    6804.  Pablo from Venice CA
    6805.  Jared McFarland from Erie, PA
    6806.  Bill W. from Sidman, PA
    6807.  Pilex from Hermitage, PA
    6808.  Dania Cook from Pittsburgh, PA
    6809.  zac edwards from upper burrell pa
    6810.  huey from mckeesport
    6811.  PJ Williamson from Pittsburgh, PA
    6812.  Scott Syster from Tappahannock, VA
    6813.  Don Bright from Smithburg, WV
    6814.  Connie DeCaria from Weirton WV
    6815.  Michelle Miller from Pittsburgh, PA
    6816.  Socrates from Univsersity of Pittsburgh
    6817.  Jenn Piscitella from Harrisburg, PA
    6818.  Josh Friedberg from Lancaster, PA
    6819.  Rush "Fat Boy" Limbaugh from The corner crack house
    6820.  Scott Fortune from Pittsburgh, PA
    6821.  Leigh Manetta from Pittsburgh,PA
    6822.  DJ-Kenny-The-Juggler from McCandless
    6823.  Sue from Wichita, KS
    6824.  Matthew Duke from Pittsburgh, PA
    6825.  Brianne W. from Windber, PA
    6826.  Alex Garan from Weirton, WV
    6827.  THE WHEELS ON THE BUS from Detroit!
    6828.  Anthony Cappa from Pittsburgh, PA
    6829.  Johnny Crook from Tulare, CA
    6830.  Candace Rose from Johnstown
    6831.  ALEXIS FREONI from Johnstown, PA
    6832.  Billy Casey from Boulder co
    6833.  RJ Denney from Loveland, CO
    6834.  Big Al Faust from Denver CO (south Hills)
    6835.  Patrick Dawson from Fort Collins, CO...GO BRONCOS!
    6836.  Rebekah Shoemaker from McSherrystown
    6837.  Amber Storey from Pgh, Pa... Marry Me Ben!!!
    6838.  Eric Winger from Venus, PA
    6839.  ZACH ROSENBAUM from johnstown, pa
    6840.  Leonard Gurule from Thornton, CO
    6841.  Bronco from Denver Colorado
    6842.  Verley from Aspen, Colorado
    6843.  stephanie devall from monroeville,pa
    6844.  Cole Hadaller from Edmonds, WA
    6845.  Ron Mexico from Atlanta, GA
    6846.  Justin Thorn from Edmonds, WA
    6847.  Jerome Bettis from 2yd line, RCA Dome
    6848.  Pat Taha from Imperial. Pa
    6849.  Maureen Cheung from Boston Heights OH
    6850.  Greg Boros from State College, PA
    6852.  AJ Bonaventura from Pittsburgh, PA
    6853.  Renee from from Pittsburgh, PA
    6854.  Kitty McGurer from Tulsa, OK
    6855.  Go Steelers from Cville , pa
    6856.  Anthony C. Dunleavy from Lyndhurst, NJ
    6857.  Nikki McCutcheon from North Huntingdon, PA
    6858.  Alan Young from Pittsburgh, PA
    6859.  Full Bush from Short Hairs PA
    6860.  Frank McGurer from Tulsa, OK
    6861.  Bryce Croyle from Summerhill PA
    6862.  Mike Benes from New Galley Pa
    6863.  Eric Lazzini from South Fayette (Cuddy), PA
    6864.  Jessica Billigen from Pittsburgh
    6865.  Palmer from Vail, Colorado
    6866.  I Love You, Tim from My Heart
    6867.  Ryan McConnell from Indiana PA
    6868.  Luann from charleroi
    6869.  jane from PGH
    6870.  Kelly from Pittsburgh, PA
    6871.  Chris Zastawniak from Greensburg, Pa
    6872.  Anthony Pennington from Curwensville
    6873.  Jessica from Oil City-Chicago
    6874.  Tim Antoline from Freedom PA!
    6875.  BRIAN B from JOHNSTOWN,PA
    6876.  Kristi from Pittsburgh
    6877.  Zachary Englert from Philadelphia
    6878.  Joey Vernon from Utown
    6879.  Regis McDevitt from Pittsburgh, PA
    6880.  SHERRY GUYER from ERIE PA
    6881.  Michelle from Pittsburgh
    6882.  ADAM SACCO from pittsburgh
    6883.  Laura Crielli from Gottley, ND
    6884.  Ian Rice from Pittsburgh
    6885.  William Doran from Florida
    6886.  Matt Freund from South Park, PA
    6887.  Niki Six from Mesquite NV.
    6888.  Ryan LaQuay from Hanover, PA
    6889.  erik
    6890.  Emily from Johnstown, PA
    6891.  Andy Aren___ from Sharpsville, PA
    6892.  Fred Flintstone from yellowstone nat;l park
    6893.  Kevin from Oxnard, CA
    6894.  ian kirby from downingtown, pa
    6895.  George W Bush from Seattle,Wa.
    6896.  Andrew Danto from DC
    6897.  The Brothers from The hood
    6898.  Mr. Salty from Pittsburgh
    6899.  ella finnerty from pittsburgh
    6900.  seajammer from vallejo ca
    6901.  jared biesinger from Provo, Utah
    6902.  Jamie Jenkins from da Burgh baby!
    6903.  sean [aka frenchy] from pittsburgh
    6904.  sarah hickman from germany/oilcity pa
    6905.  Laura Hall from San Antonio, TX
    6906.  Joe Sulkowski from Erie, PA
    6907.  Becky Maruca from Martins Ferry, OH
    6909.  Rudy P. Keron from "Steelers/ Washington", PA
    6910.  Daniel Kindell from Denison University in Ohio
    6911.  Dellapina from LA via Burgettstown
    6912.  Dave Trocki from Your Worst Nightmare
    6913.  Bubba and MoMo C. from DubJ aka Steeler Country
    6914.  Heather and Mic Bryant from Stuttgart, Germany
    6915.  Doug Johnson from Oregon, Wi
    6916.  Bill Serra from Pittsburgh, PA
    6917.  Jessica Lynn from Pittsburgh, PA
    6918.  AJ DeMarco from Pittsburgh, PA
    6919.  Pam Ventorini from Natrona Heights
    6920.  Mitch Kramer from Pittsburgh PA
    6921.  R.J. from Pittsbuuuurrrgghhh, PA
    6922.  Big Bubba from west side
    6923.  laurie wooten from army base germany
    6924.  Jennifer from Brookline,Pittsburgh
    6925.  charlotte grossheim
    6926.  leeann robertson from white oak, PA
    6927.  Amanda from the BC
    6928.  Lyndsey Miller from Greensburg,PA
    6929.  Anna P from Pittsburgh PA
    6930.  quager Q from Vancouver, BC
    6931.  Adele DeCampli-Cirkelis
    6932.  kirk rush from oakmont,pa
    6933.  David Kramer from Rio Rancho, Nm
    6934.  Adele DeCampli-Cirkelis from San Francisco, CA (formerly El
    6935.  Jon Wilson from Philly, PA
    6936.  Mike Prinkey from Greensburg,PA
    6937.  Joe the Pharmacist from Illesheim, GERMANY
    6938.  Diana Giffen Bartelds from Kenai, ALASKA (prev Bethel Pk)
    6939.  David Vucich from Germany
    6940.  Bernd Broadband from Frankfurt, Germany
    6941.  BJ Yot from Munhall
    6942.  Jay Z from Calgary, Canada GO STEELERS!!
    6943.  Nancy Kraus from Sarasota, Fl
    6944.  Chase Richardson from Scottdale, Pensylvania
    6945.  shannon wooten from afghan
    6946.  ...8OO8IES... from Bra
    6947.  Kara Patton from from Bad Windsheim Germany
    6948.  Mike Herring from Germany/Franklin PA
    6949.  G Qeen Elisabeth from Milan-Italy
    6950.  girls at sheetz from bentleyville pa
    6951.  Nick Hall from Baltimore, MD
    6952.  Josh Panik from Northampton
    6953.  Kelly Cargo from U Idaho, Born&raised in Pitt
    6954.  Cindy Dubich from Jeannette, GO STEELERS
    6955.  michael torrez from Albuquerque, N.M.
    6956.  John Rulli from Connellsville PA
    6957.  Mike Holmgren from Seattle-ain't-Green Bay!
    6958.  Karen Cuffman from Butler
    6959.  saf from ca
    6960.  shane hughes from barksdale afb, la
    6961.  muggins from limerick, ireland!!*
    6962.  michael jobes from brentwood
    6963.  Aaron Gray from The stratosphere
    6964.  Jonathan Hunter from Society Hill, South Carolina
    6965.  Peter Tumbas
    6966.  Tyler Holloway
    6968.  James-Haterade-Caulder from Washington D.C.
    6969.  Bob Figard from Spokane, WA
    6970.  Marc Schlegel from Penn Township PA Take tails!!
    6971.  mick reno from churchville, PA
    6972.  Wes Nason from KC
    6973.  mike dumas from Potsdam, NY
    6974.  Ray M from Northside PA
    6975.  Michelle from Johnstown, PA
    6976.  Sonny Walter from Sidman Pa.
    6977.  I wont shave my balls from in Washington
    6978.  Mr_Speedway_Man from Sugar Hill, GA
    6979.  Michael P. from Johnstown, PA
    6980.  MomToBe, wife of HVYHTR from ATL, GA
    6981.  Tom Kearn from Pittsburgh PA
    6982.  Bimmy Stockdale from Punxsutawney, PA
    6983.  Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia, PA
    6984.  Foster's from Johnstown, PA
    6985.  Missy Rininger from Erie, PA 02/02/2006
    6986.  debbie hindman from ft myers fl
    6987.  Shawn Evans from from Beaver, PA
    6988.  Have 2 shave job requir from Rose Valley, PA
    6989.  Cheryl Shirley from Ravenna, OH
    6990.  bill palmer from newkensington pa
    6991.  JK (toofriggin funny!) from Moon Township!
    6992.  Angela Baker from Nemacolin, Pennsylvania
    6993.  Sharon Walden from Pittsburgh
    6994.  chris delverne from arnold pa
    6995.  holly loves troy 43 from acri
    6997.  Pam from Homestead
    6998.  MustShaveorNoSex!!!! from da BURGH
    6999.  Alex Carlson from Donora, PA
    7000.  Lauren R. from Pittsburgh, PA
    7001.  barb from s
    7002.  Daniel Keener from Pittsburgh, PA
    7003.  T Owens from lookin 4 work PA
    7005.  Dick Hurts from Pittsburgh
    7006.  GEORGE SOLTIS from SAYRE
    7007.  Marivel from Chester, NY
    7008.  Leslie Smith from New Sewickley Twp, PA
    7009.  baby cim from pgh. pa
    7010.  Franco & Amanda Galvan from Da Bridge (Ambridge) PA
    7011.  rich
    7012.  Tommy Muir from N. Huntingdon, PA
    7013.  Arthur Rooney Jr
    7014.  The Silver Bullet from Pittsburgh
    7015.  Jen Stoner from Lauren's Mama from Hbg, PA
    7016.  Arthur Rooney Jr from Pittsburgh, Pa
    7017.  Jacqueline Krakowski from Pittsburgh, PA GO STEELERS!!!
    7018.  patti usher from charleroi, P;A
    7019.  Isaac Zortman from Shaw AFB, SC
    7020.  Mark Majewski from Erie
    7021.  Stephanie Krakowski from Pittsburgh, PA
    7022.  Cindy Donovan from Pittsburgh
    7023.  Dennis Walters from Duncansville PA
    7024.  Brandon F from Center Twp, Beaver Cty, PA
    7025.  Hank Rehrer from Scotch Plains NJ
    7026.  Jim Lewis from Lancaster, PA
    7027.  Jay Baird from Winter Haven Florida
    7028.  judy b from penn hills
    7029.  Lydia Walter - NC from heart in Bucks Cty, PA
    7030.  Sarah from Pittsburgh, PA
    7031.  Hugh G. Rection from Barberton, OH.
    7032.  Mitch Mansfield from Verona, PA
    7033.  Nick from Ephrata, PA
    7034.  Barrett Graham from New Castle, PA
    7035.  Wally H. from Mount Pleasant PA
    7036.  Kristin Leidy
    7037.  T. J. Willard from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    7038.  R Charlton from Franklin, Tn
    7039.  Blair Lough from Greensboro PA
    7040.  Matthew Younkin from Confluence
    7041.  Ryan Fonzi from North Huntingdon, PA
    7042.  Kellie Megahan from Moon Township, PA
    7043.  SLATEMAN from Mt. Pleasant
    7044.  Tim ward from POCONO'S, PA
    7045.  Joe Mayer from Pittsburgh
    7046.  The Mogg Family from Hubbard, OH
    7047.  Lesley A. from MD (formally Pittsburgh)
    7048.  Billy Timpson from McKeesport, PA
    7049.  Brett Fawcett from Representing in Philadelphia
    7050.  Bill Pointer from Norfolk Va.
    7051.  Russ Herbster from Apollo, PA
    7052.  Jack W. Fritz from Indialantic, Florida
    7053.  Brendan Foley from Cleveland, TN - GO STEELERS!
    7054.  Tom Urbain from Cresson, PA
    7055.  John Burgh from Sewickley PA
    7056.  jeff lamb from Colorado Springs
    7057.  Holly Hill from Bryn Mawr, PA
    7058.  Julie Benzer from McKees Rocks, PA
    7059.  Jason Cooper from York, PA
    7060.  Joe Olzewski from Charlotte NC
    7061.  Karen Novak from Pittsburgh, PA
    7062.  Jeff Lindgren from Steelers want to be
    7063.  the winger from oh
    7064.  Marge Corrie from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
    7065.  Mike Hedglin from Sarver, PA
    7066.  Maria Urbain from Cresson, PA
    7067.  Eric "My Fed- Ex Boy" from Indialantic, Florida
    7068.  Jen Mussio from Ardmore PA
    7069.  Valerie Miller from Towanda, PA
    7070.  Joseph Cuevas from philadelphia,pa
    7071.  Kim Rengstl from Palm Beach, Fl.
    7072.  Emma Holliday from Latrobe, PA
    7073.  Jeff from from the Mothership
    7074.  Patty Conley from Pittsburgh PA
    7075.  Joanne VanHorn from Ohio
    7076.  Shawn Nix from McDonald
    7077.  Farrah M Faucette from representing the Steal City
    7078.  Veronika"No Beard Here" from Philadelphia PA
    7079.  Jason Sinay from Elizabeth, PA
    7080.  Graham Wagner
    7081.  Amy Petro from Greensburg, PA
    7082.  Lori House-Vinay from Pittsburgh, PA
    7083.  Kyle L. from Hendersonville, NC
    7084.  Cathy Pisarcik from N Huntingdon, PA
    7085.  Mike Edwards from Lancaster, PA
    7086.  Carrie & Rich P. from from Charleroi PA
    7087.  Nicholas Parker from Pittsburgh, PA
    7088.  Doug Kline from Lancaster, PA
    7089.  Tina Doog from Pittsburgh, PA
    7090.  Ryan Beaver from Washington,Pa
    7091.  Chrissy from Pittsburgh, PA
    7092.  Jessica Cherico from Fredericksburgh, VA
    7093.  Sam Kraynak from Ocala, florida
    7094.  Eric Rosnick from Pittsburgh, PA
    7095.  Stephanie Lipomi from Lancaster,PA
    7096.  Linda Leasure-Maddox from Pittsburgh
    7097.  Gary VanHorn from Ohio
    7098.  Brandon Mayer from North Hills
    7099.  Karen K Go Black & Gold from Pittsburgh & Louisville, KY
    7100.  Jenn O'Connor from Wilmington, DE
    7101.  Jeanette J. from Colver, PA
    7102.  Kevin DiFrango from Columbus, OH
    7103.  Kaylee Moore from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    7104.  Kathy S. from Sheraden, PA
    7105.  Jay "Da Gudz" Kashuba from Schwenksville, pa
    7106.  Ricker from Mars Hill, NC
    7107.  The Beegle's from Duncansville Pa
    7108.  Todd M. Jones from Fort Wayne, Indiana
    7109.  Kevin Cinnamon from Parts Unknown
    7110.  Dan Swanger from Monroeville, PA
    7111.  Kevin Scahdt from Lancaster, PA
    7112.  Eric T Noddings from THE BURGH, PA
    7113.  Ryan Pastorek from Johnstown, PA
    7114.  M Foliano from Columbus, OH
    7115.  John Bernauer from Beaver Falls, PA
    7118.  RJ Wagner from Whitehall, Pa
    7119.  Becky Allyn from Burgettstown, PA
    7120.  Dana from Lancaster"GO STEELERS"
    7121.  K. Cartney from Pittsburgh
    7122.  Dawn Knisley from Hermitage, PA
    7123.  K.Cartney from PGH. PA
    7124.  The Carlins from Erie, PA
    7125.  Cowtown Mike from Fort Worth Texas
    7126.  Eleanor Deantonio from New Castle, PA
    7127.  Don from Whitehall
    7128.  Andrea Westhoff from Columbus, OH
    7129.  Cindy Miller from Fort Worth, TX
    7130.  Jeff K from Eburg, PA
    7131.  Jackie Eamigh from Pittsburgh, PA
    7132.  Miranda Lombardo from PA
    7133.  Tonya & Bill from Salem, OH GO STEELERS!!
    7134.  Jill Troxell from Reading, PA
    7135.  Clare Hilburn from Columbus, OH
    7136.  Mike from Shuker
    7137.  Amy Lilly from Herndon, VA
    7138.  Mary Ann Phelan from McMurray, PA
    7139.  Ryan "24" H. from Mt. Lebanon
    7140.  Amber Brkich from I'm single again!!!
    7141.  Dustin Pico from Beaver Falls, PA
    7142.  Nicole Ferrance from Pittsburgh, PA
    7143.  Allison from Koehler
    7144.  Nancy Unglaub from Orlando, FL
    7145.  KIM from SINKING SPRING
    7146.  Dennis Poskon from Las Vegas, Nevada
    7147.  Carl Spade from Pittsburgh, PA
    7148.  Larry Tweed from Johnstown, PA
    7149.  Bonnie from from Orlando, FL
    7150.  Stacie Fischer from Boswell, PA
    7151.  Kim M from Clymer, PA
    7152.  Cindy Keefer from Greentree, PA
    7153.  Punxy Phil from Punxy, PA
    7154.  Todd Schrader from Greentree, PA
    7155.  Lori Myers from Da' Burgh!
    7156.  Debi Gallagher from Hickory, PA
    7157.  Michelle Windsheimer from Pittsburgh!! GO STEELERS!
    7158.  Kathie Stanger from Gibsonia
    7159.  Tyler Mayer from Peeweeville
    7160.  Barbara Locke from New Kensington
    7161.  Lyndsey Kramer from 'Da Burgh!!
    7162.  Bill Gerhardt from West Mifflin, PA
    7163.  I hate the Steelers from Salem, Ohio
    7165.  Jayne from Possum Hollow, PA
    7166.  Kim Merichko from from New Alexandria, PA
    7167.  Denny Mardell from Irwin, PA
    7168.  REINA from LOWER BURRELL, PA
    7169.  Laurie Butcher
    7170.  Adolf Olover Bush from Esplen, PA
    7171.  Mike Lavery from South Park, PA
    7172.  Heather Mihm from Zelienople Pa
    7173.  Marie DeSimone from from Pittsburgh
    7174.  Reinette M. Dubich from Langeloth, PA...BRING IT HOME!
    7175.  Bret Zundel
    7176.  Kathy Seybold from Salisbury, NC
    7177.  Kordell Stewart from Schenley Park ;)
    7178.  Trever Yeager from Morrisdale PA
    7179.  Juan Bermudez from Allapattah, Miami FL
    7180.  Skeeter from Pittsburgh
    7181.  Neil O'Donnell from I was paid off in '95
    7182.  Debbie from Cary NC - Go Steelers!
    7183.  Stacy Whiteman from Da 'Burgh!
    7184.  Amy and Lillian from Baltimore, MD
    7185.  Lisa Diemert from Sewickley, PA
    7186.  Amanda Hug-n-kiss from The Steeler Nation, PA
    7187.  Jeff from Centerville
    7188.  Ed AFD from Reading
    7189.  The Bear from Smithfield Pa.
    7190.  Hangman77 from Bring 1 home for the thumb
    7191.  Kate from Ross Twp.
    7192.  John McDonough from Pittsburgh, PA
    7193.  Julie Leczkowski from Pittsburgh, PA
    7194.  Jeremy Barr from carrollton ohio go steelers
    7195.  Linda Cuda from Bethel Park
    7196.  Carol from Hermitage, PA
    7197.  Terry Churney from Naples, FL
    7198.  Candy Solterbeck
    7199.  Adam Curry from Curwensville, PA
    7200.  Carl Cuda from Bethel Park, PA
    7201.  Rick Zinsner from Steeler fan in Cleveland!
    7202.  Lance Leathers from BTown,PA
    7203.  Bryan Mack from Manchester, CT
    7204.  Matthew Cummings from PGH
    7205.  Dan Allen from THE 412,PA
    7206.  Bob Hanus from Springdale, PA
    7207.  Rachel George from ALTOONA PA!!!
    7208.  Capitan Coconuts from Crofty, Ohio
    7209.  Mary D'Amico from Canonsburg
    7210.  Antwaan Peck from Squor H'l, PA
    7211.  RuthMurphy-howboutlegs? from Ft Pierce,FL
    7212.  Ryan Wolfkiel from Arlington, VA
    7213.  SteelCactus Rush from Phoenix, AZ
    7215.  Mike, Joe and, Chris from Tremont Lounge Col, Oh
    7216.  Tedd Law from Harmar, PA
    7217.  Mike Hawk from Pittsburgh, PA
    7218.  Max Oravetz from West Alexander, PA
    7219.  Mandy Sable from West Mifflin, PA
    7220.  Mary Hann from Washington, PA
    7221.  Ben Roethlisberger from Is awful
    7222.  Shawn Lesky from DuBois, PA
    7223.  bob yankowski from staunton VA
    7224.  Will Ben Just Die? from Please!
    7225.  Rachael Lasco from Waverly, NY
    7226.  Steven C. Wilk from Washington
    7228.  Laura Lizotte from from Pittsburgh, PA
    7229.  Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek
    7230.  Maggie Gates from Baltimore, MD
    7231.  Billy Bell from Harrisburg Pa.
    7232.  Mary Hann from Try Electrolisis
    7233.  Morgan Maravich from Pittsburgh, PA
    7234.  Cathy Krol from Cranberry Twp, Pa
    7235.  ron pritts from washington,pa
    7236.  Harry Porterfield from Connellsville
    7237.  Diane Bucci from Pittsburgh, PA
    7238.  Jan Scheib from Cleveland OH
    7239.  William Hudak from North Brunswick, NJ
    7240.  Virginia from Cranberry Twp
    7241.  Jayanne
    7242.  Brendan Kenny from Pittsburgh
    7243.  Sue Cardillo from Robinson Twp, PA
    7244.  Scott from Greensburg, PA
    7245.  Mary Ann Brown from Scottdale PA
    7246.  Sandra Zeliesko from Pittsburgh, PA
    7247.  Suzanne Venneri from Fayette City PA
    7248.  Tim Farley from Towanda, PA
    7249.  Suzanne Venneri from Fayette City PA
    7250.  david humphries from catlett va
    7251.  J Galbreath from Pittsburgh
    7252.  Walter Hayton from Mt. Pleasant PA
    7253.  James Brown Reed from New York City
    7254.  David Baumiller from PA
    7255.  Sharon Jaffre from Wendel, Pa.
    7256.  Missy, Evan, & Abbey from Patton, Pennsylvania
    7258.  Darlene Kightlinger from Bulger, PA
    7259.  Deanna Bennis from Arnold PA
    7260.  Jan Maier from Harrison City, PA
    7261.  Heather Farroux from North Huntingdon, PA
    7262.  Frank Morgan Jr from Marianna, Pa
    7263.  D & R (and Harry!) from Steelers Country baby!
    7264.  Hilary Martin from Richmond, VA
    7265.  Glenn Wolfe from Toledo, OH
    7266.  Ken Phillips from Columbus, OH
    7267.  Kristy Schavolt from Nashville, TN
    7268.  Nathan Holmes from Celina, Tennessee
    7269.  Jake from Robinson, PA
    7270.  Randi from Greensburg PA
    7271.  Paul Grieser from Allegheny Acres
    7272.  Timothy Bianco from Mineral Ridge, OhiO
    7273.  Hannah Conroy from Jeannette
    7274.  Matt Croyle from West Palm Beach, FL
    7275.  QUINNMODE from TRAFFORD, PA/
    7276.  bub hiestand from zanesville, ohio
    7277.  Shelby Huie from Charlotte, NC
    7278.  Aaron Craig from Cleveland, OH
    7279.  Carol Beuten from North Huntingdon, PA
    7280.  Anita from Irwin
    7281.  Steve and Avery from Evans City, PA
    7282.  Tom Coulter from Pittsburgh, PA
    7283.  Ryan Patton from Sarasota, FL
    7284.  Pittsburgh Will Lose from Cleveland, Ohio
    7285.  Jim Pacelli from Jeannette, PA
    7286.  Cindy McKinney from Weatherford, Tx.
    7287.  Nathan C. Kerr from Pittsburgh, Pa.
    7288.  Heather Zinsser from Hopewell, PA
    7289.  Judi from South Side
    7290.  Sparky 'G' Armstrong from New Castle
    7291.  Marty Futscher from McKeesport/Cortland, OH
    7292.  Ethan from Bucks County
    7293.  Stein from Chi-Town aka Da Big Windy
    7294.  Cathy Luckenbaugh from Seven Valleys, Pa
    7295.  Damian Fedorko from St. Simons Island, GA
    7296.  Sue from Clearfield, PA
    7297.  Linda Foschia from New Stanton, PA
    7298.  Mark Kramer from Palm Bay, FL
    7299.  Sarah from Uniontown, PA
    7300.  PAUL SWANEY from ERIE
    7301.  Karen Hicks from Washington, PA
    7302.  Amy Pugh from Columbus, OH
    7303.  Rita Hicks from Washington, PA
    7304.  Bob and Tracy from Evansville, IN
    7305.  Ginna Kraus from irwin, PA
    7306.  RANDY MILLER from TOWANDA, PA
    7307.  Ken Hicks from Washington, PA
    7308.  Brittny Norris from Cranberry Twp, PA
    7309.  Tom Cox from Herndon, VA
    7310.  Rob Kruse from Aurora, CO
    7311.  Kim Humphries from Catlett, VA
    7312.  Gunna D-man from F-L-A (beyatch)
    7313.  Will Newmyer from Pittsburgh PA
    7314.  Tammi Dyson from N. Huntingdon, PA
    7315.  Raymond Alexander from Wilmerding, PA
    7316.  Marianne from Pittsburgh, PA
    7317.  BRIAN SMITH from BUTLER , PA.
    7318.  Ken Cataldo from Pittsburgh Pa.
    7319.  Barry Holden from Latrobe, PA
    7320.  jackie k phillips from columbus, oh
    7321.  Lynne Heuber from Carnegie, PA
    7322.  THOM MILLER from SEATTLE WA
    7323.  Bob from Morgantown, WV
    7324.  Hope Riddle from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    7325.  Kathy Hochberger from Pittsburgh, PA
    7327.  Janet Mell from Imperial PA
    7328.  DIANE KREMER from IRWIN PA
    7329.  Mike Pugh from Dublin, OH
    7330.  Kelly Ann Antalek from Orlando, FL
    7331.  Mark Doerr from Slippery Rock,Pa
    7332.  Sally Hill
    7333.  Karen Forsythe from Farmington, PA
    7334.  Marlene from Pittsburgh Pa
    7335.  Rhonda Sprenger from Indiana, PA
    7336.  Andy-bearded since Jan. from Dublin, OH
    7337.  Rachel Rininger from Roaring Spring, PA
    7338.  Jo Lieb from Farmington, PA
    7339.  Kim Roth from Pittsburgh, PA
    7340.  Lori Vender from Shadyside, PA
    7341.  Deanna Chuba DiPaolo from Pittsburgh, PA
    7342.  Grammy The Steelers wil from ALIQUIPPA, PA
    7343.  Jason Evans from Merritt Island, FL
    7344.  Sue J. from Pittsburgh, PA
    7345.  Lisa Walker from Elk County PA
    7346.  Timber Walker from Johnsonburg PA
    7347.  New England from Boston, MA
    7348.  Meghan Long from Pittsburgh, PA
    7349.  Carl from Rieger
    7350.  Jayme Ohnhaus from Pittsburgh, PA
    7351.  Colleen Fulkerson from Cranberry, PA
    7352.  Leah Cushman from Minot ND
    7353.  Terri Bradley from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    7354.  Jennifer Dolansky from INdiana PA
    7355.  Don Faust from Pittsburgh PA
    7356.  Mike Dumas from Colton, New York
    7357.  Blair Dore
    7359.  Patty from Butler, PA
    7360.  Scott Baio from New York City, New York
    7361.  Brian H from Voorhees, NJ
    7362.  Kathy Risko from Pittsburgh, PA
    7363.  Patti from Oviedo, Florida
    7364.  Wendy from Pittsburgh
    7365.  Lisa B. from Pittsburgh
    7366.  Jason from Stow OH, but Pittsburgh 1st
    7367.  Gwen from Beaver Falls, PA
    7368.  Scott Schlemmer from Colorado Springs
    7369.  Marsha & Clark O'Keefe from North Hills, PA
    7370.  Chris Treasure from Greensburg Pa
    7371.  Taylor from from PITTSBURGH BABY!
    7372.  Linda Drury from Jeannette
    7373.  Greg Tarr from Canonsburg, Pa
    7374.  Barbara Jackson from Pittsburgh, PA
    7375.  Joe Thomas from Irwin
    7376.  Sandi Lamar from Upper Saint Clair
    7377.  erika woodard from raleigh nc
    7378.  John Budai from New Castle, PA
    7379.  Joseph Scharl from Portsmouth, VA
    7380.  E T from GREENSBURG PA
    7381.  Jack Bauer from Counter Terrorists Unit
    7382.  Tom Jaskula from Chicago, IL
    7383.  Mike McGovern from South Fayette
    7384.  tim mcfeely from shippensburg
    7385.  Don Jobes from Pittsburgh
    7386.  Terri Lancaster from Turtle Creek, PA
    7387.  Marcus Dobson from Carnegie
    7388.  The Weidingers from From # 1 Pittsburgh
    7389.  Debbie from Erie Pa
    7390.  Faith Mulach from Dayton, OH
    7391.  Cherisse Abinanti from Evansville, IN (Pittsburgh)
    7392.  TARA GANNI from MOON TWP PA
    7393.  John Scungio from Cranberry, PA
    7394.  Adam Scuglia from Sewickley
    7395.  Scruff McGruff from Chicago, IL, 60652
    7396.  Nate Harper from Toccoa, GA, burghboy no doubt
    7397.  Scott Hackenburg from from Carlisle, PA
    7398.  Katie Rahl from Greensburg, PA/Kent State U OH
    7399.  Cathy from Carnegie, PA
    7400.  Jim Roberts from Irwin, PA
    7401.  Judy Kennedy from New Castle, PA
    7402.  "Edie
    7403.  Mike Shafer from Pittsburgh, PA
    7404.  Kevin Hall from Milton Florida
    7405.  Pittsburgh from PA
    7406.  "Edie" Taurish from Greensburg, PA
    7407.  Pat Huie from Calhoun, TN
    7408.  Alan McMullen from Bradford Illinois
    7409.  Margie Smith from Pittsburgh, PA
    7410.  Aaron Dacko from Munhall, Pa
    7411.  Dana
    7412.  Fred from Baden, PA
    7413.  Patty from Pittsburgh
    7414.  Gregory S Brueckman from Singer Island, Florida
    7415.  Steve Swamp from Apex, NC
    7416.  Dana from Pittsburgh!!
    7417.  Kacie Kline from Bessemer, PA
    7418.  Corrie Ritson from Bethel Park, PA
    7419.  Erin O from Pittsburgh
    7420.  Pam from Harrison City
    7421.  Leslie Schavolt from Cleveland, OH
    7422.  Renee from Colorado Springs, MU alumni!!
    7423.  Justin Mack from Myrtle Beach, SC
    7424.  BigDaddy!! from Pittsburgh
    7425.  Rachel Swick from Lewes, Delaware
    7426.  Jeff Mendenhall from ohio
    7427.  janet briancesco from new brighton
    7428.  Driscoll from Pittsburgh
    7429.  Mary Ellen from Bridgeville, PA
    7430.  Kristen from Butler
    7431.  Sherie Painter from North Versaills, PA
    7432.  Gary Martell from Canton, PA
    7433.  Brandon Heid from STEEL CITY
    7434.  Kellie Gossett from Canonsburg, GO STEELERS!!!!
    7435.  Tina Jones from Pittsburgh, PA
    7436.  Kim from Pittsburgh, PA
    7438.  Janet from McMurray, PA
    7439.  Lucky Cookie from Pittsburgh, PA
    7440.  mike hopkins from washington,pa
    7441.  David A Espinosa from Orange Park Florida
    7442.  Anakin Skywalker from The Dark Side
    7443.  webelrino from Whiskerino2005dotcom
    7444.  W from The White House
    7445.  Ken HIllenbrand from Cranberry, PA
    7446.  Brian Briggs from Baldwin
    7447.  Anthony Raposa from VA
    7448.  MU Athlete of Year '03 from Granger, IN
    7449.  Mary Frey from Pittsburgh, PA
    7450.  Pam King from Greensboro NC
    7451.  Rosemary Barger from Spartanburg, South Carolina
    7452.  Monica Thompson from Kansas
    7453.  Karen Blanchette from St Cloud, FL
    7454.  Ron Dansak from Deerfield Beach, FL
    7455.  David Manning from Oviedo, Florida
    7456.  Laura B from West E
    7457.  Jeff Aldrich from Pittsburgh - Go Steelers....
    7458.  Alexandra Mikhaylova from Pittsburgh, PA
    7459.  Ryan Pryor from Bethel Park ap
    7460.  Melissa Malloy from Pittsburgh, PA
    7462.  Ed Molek from Canonsburg, PA
    7463.  Joss Pryor from Bethel Park PA
    7464.  Anne Krzewinski from ERIE, PA, GO STILLERS!!!!
    7465.  Kelly Tobin from Orlando, FL
    7466.  Dan Reed from Baltiburgh
    7467.  shaun alexander from im gonna run all over you
    7468.  Regina N from Arkansas
    7469.  FRANK ZATTA from STEELER, PA
    7470.  Patti from North Huntingdon, PA
    7471.  Ami G. from Harrisburg, PA
    7472.  Paula Burdine from Beaver Falls, PA
    7473.  Brett Hock from Charlotte, NC
    7474.  Mary J Pryor from Bethel Park PA
    7475.  Chief Burdine/The Beast from Beaver Falls, PA
    7476.  Rachel Hovancik from New Brighton, PA
    7477.  ane HOWARD
    7478.  Sunshine from Steeler Country
    7479.  Ann White from Bethel Park PA
    7480.  ane HOWARD
    7481.  A. Ilko from Beaver, PA
    7482.  Tiffany Busha from Pittsburgh, PA
    7483.  Amanda Hovancik from New Brighton, PA
    7484.  Ricki Frye from Moundsville, WV
    7485.  Jane HOWARD from BOLIVAR,PA
    7486.  Missie from Bethel Park PA
    7487.  Chris (Brown's Fan) from Cleveland, Ohio
    7488.  T. Dugan from Brisbin, PA
    7489.  Philip Maffeo from Pittsburgh, PA
    7490.  steeler fan whip from Erie , Pa.
    7491.  ddotter from pgh,pa
    7492.  Jr from da burgh
    7493.  Michael Grist from Pixburgh PA haha
    7494.  MWSS 471 DET A from Johnstown, PA
    7495.  v-dizzle from pittsburgh baby
    7496.  Melissa Burge from WV
    7497.  Jen from MA from New Bedford, MA
    7498.  Kevin N. from Miami, FL
    7499.  Jerry Brewster from Sharon, PA
    7500.  Robyn Freeh from Pittsburgh PA
    7501.  Jennifer Parks from Baltimore, MD
    7502.  Jerry Barkley from Pittsburgh
    7503.  girls at subway from bentleyville pa
    7504.  Elvissaysgetlost from not gonna lose, to Ohio people
    7505.  Ed Lutz from Columbus, OH
    7506.  judieV from Steeler Country
    7507.  The Zang family from Johnstown, PA
    7508.  Gina Zdanowicz from Mount Washington
    7509.  who is jerome from cordell steward house
    7510.  Bob Rivard from Ft. Laud, STEELER NATION
    7511.  Bill Bell from Emlenton,PA
    7512.  Andrew Haag from Pittsburgh, PA
    7513.  Trimble Family from Beaver County
    7514.  Tom Brucker from Butler, Pa.
    7516.  Rebecca Donadee from Pittsburgh, PA
    7517.  Michele S. from Hermitage, Pa
    7518.  Korey Roberts from Johnstown, Pa
    7519.  The Weilachers from Sapulpa, OK
    7520.  Mommy Brown from Hanover, PA
    7521.  Amy loves Ben's beard!! from Pittsburgh
    7522.  DALE ROY!! from THA BURGH BABY
    7523.  patty borcik from pittsburgh,pa
    7524.  Nick Cammuso from Clarion, PA
    7525.  Mike from From Pitt, PA but a 49ers fan!
    7526.  Kellie from Uniontown, PA
    7527.  Brittany Dill from Pittsburgh, PA
    7528.  JoAnn Koza from Pittston Pa
    7529.  Mark Haradzin from North Irwin
    7530.  From unda cheese from Pittsburgh
    7531.  Marci McElhaney from Baltimore, MD
    7532.  Patti Connelly from Pittsburgh, Pa
    7533.  Joyce Weaver from Weirton West Virginia
    7534.  Cathy from Harrisburg PA
    7535.  colt power, who dey? from Mile High solute...HAHA
    7536.  Rechter Likes Cowboys from Philly
    7537.  Jason Casper from El Segundo California
    7538.  Debbie from STEELER PENNSYLVANIA
    7539.  PATTI from STRABANE, PA
    7540.  Marlynn from GOO STEELERS Pittsburgh
    7541.  Joe Lutz from Cranberry Twp., PA
    7542.  Roberta (Lowe) Martin from Steeler Fan in Cleveland!
    7543.  The Clark's from Kittanning, PA
    7545.  Kathy from I don't have a beard in HBG!!
    7546.  Shannon Lipniskis from Penn Run, PA
    7547.  Debbie McClelland from Pittsburgh, PA
    7548.  Al Greene from Aliquippa, Pa
    7551.  Nathan Palm from North Versailles, PA
    7552.  Carina from Naples,FL
    7553.  Joey Porter from Jeremy Stephen's Head
    7554.  Jason Striner from Pittsburgh
    7555.  jgroves from Weirton WV
    7556.  Jeremy Stephens from Under A Rock
    7557.  Chet Withrow from Parma, Ohio
    7559.  Tom from Dayton, Ohio
    7560.  Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek
    7561.  JP Savage from Pittsburgh Intl Airport
    7562.  Marlene Lorkowski from Pittsburgh, PA
    7563.  Batman & Robin from Gotham NY
    7564.  David Leach from State College, PA
    7565.  Danny Abraham from Jensen Beach, FL
    7566.  Rick Vrecic from Toronto Canadas Steeler City
    7567.  Craig Solensky from Herndon, VA / Johnstown, PA
    7568.  Osoma from Afghanistan
    7569.  Ben Midulla from Alpharetta, GA
    7570.  Hollie Polen from Moon Twp (Pittsburgh) PA!!!!
    7571.  Whirly J Bird from Easton Pa
    7572.  Edjah Jean-Louis from Pittsburgh, PA
    7573.  Ed Emmett from MCKEES ROCKS, PA
    7574.  Jacob Bratton from McMechen W. Va.
    7575.  wally cushing from dupont
    7576.  Linda from from New Brighton
    7577.  Barbara Lolly from Aliquippa, PA
    7578.  Cory Shaffer from Chardon, OH
    7579.  TomSmith from Ft Lauderdale, FL
    7580.  Jackie from Ambridge
    7581.  Alexis Engle from Beaver Falls, PA (WVU)
    7582.  Beth from Coral PA GO STEELERS!
    7583.  Matthew Dempsey from Ijamsville MD
    7584.  B Albright from tha 'Burgh, PA
    7585.  Joe & Carla Nagy from Olathe, Kansas
    7586.  Charla Loebig from Washington, Pa
    7587.  ol' lonesome bob from greensburg, pa.
    7588.  Kellie Ingalls from Walton, KY
    7589.  Shelby Rogers from from South Park, PA
    7590.  Larry Bratton from McMechen W. Va.
    7591.  David Fisher from Portland Oregon
    7592.  B-Luv & Jess from Seven Fields, PA
    7594.  Patty Harton from Wheeling, WV
    7595.  Nick De Longis from BURGHBOO, PA
    7596.  Megan Cypher from Butler, PA
    7597.  Kareemioz from Pixburgh, PA
    7598.  kristen hammel
    7599.  Kelly from Mt. Gilead, Ohio
    7600.  Brian Scaletta from Shaler, PA
    7601.  Jonathan Martin from Bethel Park, PA
    7602.  K. Fletcher from Pittsburgh, PA
    7603.  Jen from Pittsburgh
    7604.  Val Blake from Pittsburgh
    7605.  michelle chovanec from pittsburgh, pa
    7606.  Sunil Mathew and Cliff from Sutherland Hall
    7607.  NIKKI MERRY-HELLMANN from Steel city, PA
    7608.  Carol Marshall from Aliquippa, PA.
    7609.  Lynda Gutnrum from Butler, PA
    7610.  Rico R. from Steelertown, Pa.
    7611.  Don't Choke again Cowhe from Fox Chapel PA
    7612.  Matthew Dempsey from Ijamsville MD
    7613.  Erica from I'm not shaving my legs!!
    7614.  Cole luvs HELM from PGH
    7615.  Rob Short from Paintsville, ky
    7616.  Neil O'Donnel from Where's Larry Brown
    7617.  Jeff Reed's Hair-do from North Carolina
    7618.  Rumplestiltskin from FairyLand PA
    7619.  Isaac Curtis from Bloomfield
    7620.  Jerry Marshall from Adamstown, MD
    7621.  Kimo VanCheapshoter from State Penn
    7622.  Dave Kerr from West Palm Beach, FL
    7623.  Marissa Gourley from Pittsburghhhh
    7624.  Dawn Ulm from Pittsburgh, PA
    7625.  Brad Billeter from Highland Hilton PA
    7626.  RYAN CORTAZZO from north carolina raised in jerze
    7627.  Shiner from The Burgh
    7628.  DK from Kenosha, WI
    7629.  Andrew Langsdale from Daaaa Burgh
    7630.  Tom from Pittsburgh
    7631.  Danielle Adams from Greensburg, PA
    7632.  Jay Blews from Marion Center, Pa
    7633.  Graham McD from Da 'Burgh
    7634.  jaime and jeff from lake norman north carolina
    7635.  $hmack from Pittsburgh
    7636.  Lee Namit from Houston, PA
    7637.  Steve Chiang from pittsBURRRRRRRGH
    7638.  Jim Matrogran from Canonsburg, PA
    7639.  Snopik from Section 128, Ford field
    7640.  Douglas from Allison Park
    7641.  Kristi Herman from Charlotte NC
    7642.  Stephen Hochstetler from Happy Valley, Pa
    7643.  ruth anthony
    7644.  Debbi Spotts from McKees Rocks, PA
    7645.  Jordan Farmer from Pittsburgh, Pa
    7646.  Briggs from West View, PA
    7647.  Jossie Santiago-Ramos from Bayamonesa!
    7648.  Molly from Ross Twp
    7649.  Joe Alfonsi from New York, NY
    7650.  Diane Double D's from Peoria, AZ
    7651.  Sue from Pittsburgh, PA
    7652.  Melissa Leach from Coraopolis, PA
    7653.  Adam Mihlfried from McCandless
    7654.  Lauren Lilliott from Perry, FL (from orig-Mars, PA)
    7655.  Jay Marshall from Dayton, OH
    7656.  Jaymian Martinka from Tarentum, PA
    7657.  Kane from Trafford, PA
    7658.  Brittany from from Pgh but in FL
    7659.  Gary from Blairsville, PA
    7660.  Michael Tuttle from Cerro Gordo, IL
    7661.  Justin S. from Boston, MA
    7662.  Ted Knafelc from Pittsburgh, PA
    7663.  Beth Joyce
    7664.  Lorraine from Wilkinsburg
    7665.  Taylor A. Cope from Pittsburgh, PA
    7666.  chris g. from tuscaloosa, al
    7667.  Joe Toast from Coconut Grove, FL
    7668.  Dave "Seek" Seko from Yorktown, VA
    7669.  lisa thayer from akron oh
    7670.  Jetta Cooper from Pittsburgh, PA
    7672.  Jason McCullough from Pittsburgh, PA!
    7673.  marilyn hamlin from washington, pa (steeler, )
    7674.  Burger from Alexandria, VA
    7675.  Sara McClure from Carbondale, Colorado
    7676.  Jed Springer from Ashburn VA
    7677.  Mike Trusz from Lawrence, PA
    7678.  Susie Ransom from Mechanicsville, MD
    7679.  Wally Taberski from Bay City, MI
    7680.  WHO from RIDE
    7681.  Kordell Stewart from DO YOU REMEMBER ME?
    7682.  Tara Bouie from Pittsburgh
    7683.  Tom Forrest from West View, Pa
    7684.  Nic Beam from Da' burgh 420
    7685.  Bonnie Downing from Washington Pa
    7686.  mick jaggers from madrid spain
    7687.  Eric Mitchell from Bishopville, Maryland
    7688.  crazystripperwife from portland, ME
    7689.  Kordells Boyfriend from I REMEMBER YOU
    7690.  Peg Osselborn from Western Pa
    7691.  Emily from Pittsburgh, PA
    7692.  Neil O'Donnell from Me to Larry Brown
    7693.  Dell Saunders from Pittsburgh, Pa
    7694.  SammyW from USC, PA
    7695.  denise geramita from imperial
    7696.  Larry V Hammond from Pittsburgh, PA
    7697.  Jessica Legg from Charleston, WV
    7698.  Jack Kirsch from Northern Cambria, PA
    7699.  Amanda from Butler, PA
    7700.  DaveClark from New Cumberland, Pa
    7701.  Jeffrey from Da' Norsahd.
    7702.  Andrew Olson from Bridgeport, OH
    7703.  Adam & Andrea Redfield from Raleigh NC
    7704.  Lori LaMarca from Pittsburgh, STEELER COUNTRY
    7705.  old dad from sp, pa
    7706.  Elliot Galand from Uniontown, PA
    7707.  HeyAndy from near Cleveland, now that's fun
    7708.  Jaso from BlitzBurgh
    7709.  Debbie from Beallsville- GO BEN!!!
    7710.  Keith Stewart from Franklin Park, PA
    7711.  Shawn’s Dad (see 6511) from Cambridge, Ohio
    7712.  T Haugh #13 from Steeler Nation
    7713.  Gary McClure from Carbondale, Colorado
    7714.  John P. Ryan from The Line
    7715.  Tracy Koch from Virginia
    7716.  Debbie Ray from Economy, PA
    7717.  Cindy Cramer from Latrobe,Pa
    7718.  Marlea in Atlanta via from New Castle, PA LOVE the B&G
    7719.  Big Ben is a JOKE
    7720.  Craig Coppaway from Pittsburgh, PA
    7721.  Tara Leininger from Pittsburgh PA
    7722.  nick buell from da burgh, biatch!
    7724.  Dan McGovern from Bridgeville
    7725.  Shark love those hairy from pgh women Toothe
    7726.  Nic Toth from Blitzburgh
    7727.  Amy Malacos from Centerville, OH
    7728.  Raoul Duke from Las Vegas, Nevada
    7729.  Jenny from Hermosa Beach, CA
    7730.  Sarah Jo from Pittsburgh
    7731.  KIZZY = LOVE from PITTSBURGH
    7732.  Michael J. Grimes from Tucson, AZ Steeler Country
    7733.  Arnaldo from Orlando, FL
    7734.  Carrie Ann from Pittsburgh
    7735.  Tiffany J. from Colorado Springs, CO
    7736.  Duke Ramsey from West Mifflin
    7738.  Mark Valentich from Pittsburgh, PA
    7739.  Michelle Kerosky from Pittsburgh, PA
    7741.  Mindy Miller from Somerset, PA
    7742.  Mama P. Mach 3 Turbo!!! from Willow Grove PA
    7743.  Adam Steedle from Long Beach, California
    7744.  Jerome Fattis from Almost "The Fumble"
    7745.  Jackie Lynn from Moon Township, PA
    7746.  Steel City Spaghettiboy from Save the Steeler Nation
    7747.  Parker Trostle from University Park, PA
    7748.  bekah from johnstown
    7749.  Chris Pekor from Plum Boro, PA
    7750.  Heavy "T" from Pittsburgh
    7751.  don caivano from imperial p
    7752.  Jerome Fattis's Mom from the new chunky, chunky mom
    7753.  ONE FOR THE THUMB from J-town, PA watchin XL in Qatar
    7754.  Valerie Crow from Washington, PA
    7755.  John Lucas from Sarver Pa
    7756.  Mary Beth Baker from Reynoldsburg, Ohio
    7757.  Avirat Pandya from Harrisburg, PA
    7758.  Ray Belhumeur
    7759.  Albert Parish from Carnegie, PA
    7760.  Al Zheimer from I forget
    7761.  Carole Lehman from Bethel Park
    7762.  "Big" John W. Lynch from ATL
    7763.  Ben Haters from Cleveland & Just Jealous
    7764.  #1 Fan - Sis from Greensburg, PA
    7765.  Richard Ackerman from Long Beach, CA
    7766.  Julie D. from Pittsburgh, PA
    7768.  Adam Locke from Pittsburgh, PA
    7769.  Nancy Peters from Jeannette, Pa.
    7770.  sandy wells from west mifflin
    7771.  Bekah Huie from Atlanta, GA
    7772.  Tim and Katie Hickey from Ralleigh, NC
    7773.  Bob Greene from Orlando
    7774.  Colleen Stephens from ^her roommate^
    7775.  Brittany Bauer from North Hills, PA
    7776.  Gravyboat from New Castle, PA
    7777.  Ted Coleman from Denver, CO
    7778.  Carolyn Teter from DENVER, CO-GO PITT!!!
    7779.  Neil O'Donnell from Nashville, TN
    7780.  Jayson from Pittsburgh
    7781.  Mike Goldinger from Rockhill S.C.
    7782.  Wild Turkey Man from Charlotte, NC
    7783.  Johhny Dizzle from The BURGH
    7784.  Mary Kay Bianchi from Beaver, PA
    7785.  BDiggity from Da Hill Sugar Top
    7786.  Brian Tinlin from New Brighton Pa
    7787.  Bruce Harris from Pittsburgh, PA
    7788.  Butch Delaney from Robinson Township, PA
    7789.  Ron from Pittsburgh
    7790.  Kyle Millet from Cleveland, OH
    7791.  Andrew Lynch from Wexford, PA
    7792.  Lisa from Plum, PA
    7793.  Joyce from Wilkins Township
    7794.  Tammie Shoemaker from Pittsburgh, PA
    7795.  Bill Hines from Pittsburgh
    7796.  Erin Veoni from Clearfield, PA
    7797.  Nichole from Pittsburgh, PA
    7798.  Josh Varga from Johnstown
    7799.  Tamara from Beaver PA
    7800.  Jim Todaro from Newell, PA
    7801.  Lonnie Petrill from Pittsburgh
    7802.  Elise McKenna from Aliquippa, PA
    7803.  Al Sichak from Green Tree PA
    7804.  Kellie Treharn from Youngstown, OH
    7805.  Brian W. Pillar from Indiana University of PA
    7806.  Dave from Clinton, Pa.
    7807.  Bert Szypulski
    7808.  #1 FL fan play to win from davenport, FL
    7809.  Kelly S from Clarksville, Pa
    7810.  Don from Mount Pleasant
    7811.  Chuck & Kathy from Ford City PA
    7812.  Jeanne Y from Northern Cambria, PA
    7813.  Coleen Kennedy from Seneca, SC
    7814.  Lori Lane Mason from Bridgeville, PA
    7815.  Jennifer from Erie
    7816.  SLUGBONE from Irwin, PA
    7817.  Shelley Boyd from Beaver, PA
    7818.  Erik Tomalis from Cleveland / Middletown, PA
    7819.  Diane D from Erie, PA
    7820.  Tony W. Gerg from S. Kersey, Pa
    7821.  Dan Handley from Atlanta GA
    7822.  Mike J. Gerg from St. Marys, Pa
    7823.  SPOTTS from Blitzburgh,PA
    7824.  Moe from Raleigh NC
    7825.  Patty Langer from Moon Township, PA
    7826.  Meredith from Pittsburgh, PA
    7827.  jackie from dahntahn
    7828.  Mike Drong from Grand Forks, ND
    7829.  Alli from Pittsburgh, PA
    7830.  Rich H from W Virginia
    7831.  Jo Jo from Monaca
    7832.  Patty Wintermantel from Aliquippa, PA
    7833.  Doug & Jackie H. from Perryopolis PA
    7834.  Josh Young from Wexford, PA
    7835.  Leah P. from Syracuse, NY
    7836.  Matt M. from Pittsburgh
    7837.  Tiffany Breinig from Bethel Park
    7838.  Natalie Rudzinski from Pittsburgh
    7839.  Kevin krzewinski from erie pa
    7840.  Mary Kurtz from New Brighton, PA
    7841.  Ryan Enscoe from North Washington, PA
    7842.  Shawn & Beth Leslie from North Braddock
    7843.  Kristie Kovtun from Detroit, MI
    7845.  Jessica Leuthold from Cranberry Twp., PA
    7846.  Lois Ducar from West Mifflin PA
    7847.  Angie Livingstone from Fayette City, PA
    7848.  Kevin & Erin Huff from Bentleyville, PA
    7849.  Get me a Beer from The Fridge
    7850.  Licci Midicci from Tipto Base
    7851.  Terry Howard from Atwater, CA
    7852.  Shelley from South Hills
    7853.  Jim Hughes from Phoenix, Az
    7854.  Chris Haller from San Diego, CA
    7855.  Get Yer Head from Outta My Ace
    7856.  Jake Young from Wexford, PA
    7857.  Paula and Walter George from Altoona PA!
    7858.  Rako from Under J's Desk
    7859.  Lorrie Leuthold from Cranberry Twp., PA
    7860.  Jim Welsh "Here we go" from Elyria Ohio
    7861.  Zach Peden from TEXAS
    7862.  Charlene Wallace from Harrisburg PA
    7863.  Dave Mackowiak from Pittsburgh, PA
    7864.  Franks's from Unda Cheez
    7866.  Billy Bullis from Pittsburg
    7867.  Qbee 50 from Lawrence County PA
    7868.  Ryan from newport news,va
    7869.  Mary Palmino from Mt Lebanon
    7870.  Vince from Sigma Nu
    7871.  T.J. Bunner from Bear, DE
    7872.  Cindy Bargerstock from Aliquippa, Pa.
    7873.  Dave O'Halek from Port Charlotte, FL..
    7874.  Nick Sobr from Pittsburgh
    7875.  Beverly Berger from Indianapolis IN
    7876.  Richie Moran from New sewickley
    7877.  Brad Sterling from Rockford, IL
    7878.  Betsy Reed from Henderson, NV
    7879.  Annette Jubert from Vancouver, British Columbia
    7880.  Michele Miller from Pittsburgh, PA
    7881.  John Kohler from Pittsburgh
    7882.  Beverly Berger from Indianapolis IN
    7883.  Jean-Francois Bouffard from Edmonton, AB
    7884.  Honora Faix Handley from in Atlanta, from Fox Chapel PA
    7885.  Nicole Walters from Pittsburgh, PA
    7886.  Eric Cannon from Dallas, TX
    7887.  nancy rawe from pgh
    7888.  Katy Dawkins from Washington, PA
    7889.  Kathy Daugherty from Natrona Heights, PA
    7890.  Diana Withrow from Cleveland, Ohio
    7891.  Katy Dawkins from Washington, PA
    7892.  Tex Rusilko from Cokeburgh-Junction, Pa
    7893.  KAZ from Bethel Park
    7894.  Don Bennett from Bentleyville, Pa
    7895.  Slab from Aston ( Originated from Shaler
    7896.  Larry Pike from Bentleyville, Pa
    7897.  Pauline Albright from Patton, PA
    7898.  Neil "Chief" Larsen from Greensburg, PA
    7899.  Lexie Phelan from Virginia Tech
    7900.  Matt Shento from Canonsburg Pa
    7901.  Alethea Bennett from Bentleyville, Pa
    7902.  The Snake from Ft. Worth, TX
    7903.  Alana Pike from Bentleyville, Pa
    7904.  debbi berger manich from mt. lebanon
    7905.  Jean Corsaro from Sacramento, CA
    7906.  Joe Molina from Seattle, Washington
    7907.  Mike Kelly from Gibsonia
    7908.  Agnes Rusilko from Cokeburgh-Junction, Pa
    7909.  Mark Geiger from Atlanta, Ga
    7910.  SGT. O'Connell USMC from Bethel Park PA.
    7911.  Kevin & Julie Barton from Cooperstown, PA
    7912.  Sean Connolly from Richmond, VA
    7913.  D. Mason from Bethel Park
    7914.  Jack A Figaretti from Pittsburgh, PA
    7915.  Brad Griffith from Ellwood City, PA
    7916.  Angela Leuthold from Springfield, IL
    7917.  Kalin Replogle from PA
    7918.  Eugene Morrone from It's a Burgh Thing
    7919.  vicki noss from beaver county
    7920.  Paulee Manich from Mt.Lebanon
    7921.  cleveland stinks from cleveland ohio
    7922.  RYAN from Pittsburgh,PA.
    7923.  Dan Haidle from Washington, DC
    7924.  Kevin Mallon from INGRAM
    7925.  Vicki Stilwell from Pacific Grove, CA (Pgh native)
    7926.  Tomahawk from Beaver, PA
    7927.  Celeste Lazzaro from Cecil, PA
    7928.  Mike Pitcairn from Steeler Country
    7929.  Mindy Bracken :) from Kittanning, PA
    7930.  Jaime Brewer from Cranberry
    7931.  Kim Trama from Pittsburgh of course
    7932.  Matt Schwartz from Long Island, NY
    7933.  Phil Tizio from Hermitage, PA
    7934.  Steve Greenawalt from Connellsville!!!!
    7935.  Jake Bennett from Edinboro, Pa
    7936.  Becky from PA
    7937.  Jack Bauer from CTU
    7938.  B REGAN from IRWIN PA
    7939.  Peter Jackson
    7940.  Phil Gaida from Ashville, Pa
    7941.  June Mc Cann from Bellevue, Ne.-BIG RED COUNTRY
    7942.  RAG from Ellwood City, PA
    7943.  Jenn Wong from Pittsburgh, PA
    7944.  Deb from Pittsburgh
    7945.  "Mark Ficco is Brutal" from Everyone in Greensburg
    7946.  BIG Ben Culbert from Ephrata, PA
    7947.  Andrea Speicher from South Park, PA
    7948.  Shaun Alexander from Seattle, Wash
    7949.  Freddie Mitchell from Philadelphia Soul
    7950.  Kelly from STEELTOWN, PA
    7951.  Harry from Tulsa
    7952.  judi8746 from STEELER COUNTRY
    7953.  Alyssa Heffern from Hermitage, PA
    7954.  Kate Moss from Rehab
    7955.  Urkel from Chicago, Ill
    7956.  Lizzy Ross from Pittsburgh, PA
    7957.  Drulz B. Bearsfan from Dallas, TX-Say that to my face
    7958.  Corey "Hitman" Hart from Cochranton, PA
    7959.  Big Ben from Inyer Rear PA
    7960.  mj fetsko from Johnstown, PA
    7961.  Mike (Steeler Wheeler) from Bethlehem, PA
    7962.  Skippy Pinkerton from your Mom's house
    7963.  tracy shupp from pittston twp. pa
    7964.  Dan Greim from Plum
    7965.  mj fetsko from Johnstown, PA
    7966.  Karen Barish from Pgh.
    7967.  Pam from Columbus, OH
    7968.  Nick Terry from Visalia, CA
    7969.  Heather R from Fort Lauderdale, FL
    7970.  Dale Pflug from Chicago, IL
    7971.  Charlie from New Castle, PA
    7972.  Stephanie Faskow from Canonsburg Pa
    7973.  Maria Maria Castellano from Brookline, PA
    7974.  Cork Nelms from Steeler Country, Franklin, PA
    7975.  Elissa Tunno from Alexandria, VA
    7976.  Meredith McCaskey from Pittsburgh, PA
    7977.  Scar from Canonsburg
    7978.  Charles from Hopewell, PA
    7979.  Richard Belding from BAYSIDE HIGH
    7980.  Scott Peterson from Death Row
    7981.  Michelle McDivitt from Westminster, MD
    7983.  Joe Kochendarfer from Washington D.C.
    7984.  Ray Russell from PITTSBURGH, PA
    7985.  Jay Baker from Reynoldsburg, Ohio
    7986.  Jimmy Clanagan from Armed Forces Europe
    7987.  Steve Mahony from Pittsburgh, PA
    7988.  Pat Hunt from Pittsburgh, PA
    7989.  Randy from elizabeth pa
    7990.  BIG JOE from Pittsburgh PA
    7991.  Bill Berryman from Altoona PA
    7992.  Shelly from from Baden, PA
    7993.  Michelle M. from Alexandria, VA
    7994.  Denny Hunt from Pittsburgh, PA
    7995.  James Le Jeune from Sewickley
    7996.  Victor from College Park, MD
    7997.  Dave Rodwick from The Burgh
    7998.  Mark dell from Charlotte NC
    7999.  Tobias Palmer from Altoona, PA.
    8000.  Tom Brady from Foxboro, MA
    8001.  bryan shupp from pittston twp. pa
    8002.  Dennis M. Hunt from Pittsburgh, PA
    8003.  Patty & Bob from Eighty Four, PA
    8004.  Heather Hissong from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    8005.  Bill Cowhers Spit from Your Face, Pa
    8006.  Kathleen Bowen from Pittsburgh
    8007.  Erin Kelly from Brookline
    8008.  itchy & scratchy from LA wanna be in - da Burg!
    8009.  Craig Hallman from Zep Manufacturing
    8010.  Katrina from Pitt
    8011.  'troit Fans from love da Burg & da Stillers!
    8012.  T.A. DZIAK from ELYRIA OHIO
    8013.  Larry Ginberg from San Rafael, California
    8014.  paula from Burgettstown
    8015.  C D in da hood from New Castle PA
    8016.  Vince D. from Geneva, NY
    8017.  Hate the Seahags-Lory from Altoona PA
    8019.  Al Schwartz from New Castle Pa
    8020.  Bryan Gough from Cortland, Ohio
    8021.  Michael J. Hay, Jr. from Kettering, Ohio
    8022.  Susan Speicher from Pittsburgh
    8023.  Steven Ranella from Greensburg
    8024.  Jose the Papo from Miami
    8025.  Jason Latoche from Portage, Pa
    8026.  Rose Fraley from North Huntingdon
    8027.  Stephen Speicher from South Park, PA
    8028.  Amanda Stoner from Canonsburg, PA
    8029.  Brent Barie from COLUMBUS OHIO
    8030.  Jan Saxton from Boca Raton, FL (Ex: Burger)
    8031.  Dolly Nye from from Harmony, PA
    8033.  Alicia HIlton from Pittsburgh, Pa
    8034.  Robert Kelley Jr. from Adena, Ohio
    8035.  Beth Matarrese from Philadelphia, PA
    8036.  Crystal Aldridge from Springfield IL
    8037.  jeffrey jeanjacques from miami fl
    8038.  Harry Snatch from pittsburgh
    8039.  D.Treloar from Tampa, FL
    8041.  Tina Hulick from Pittsburgh
    8042.  al kochendarfer from hopkins, SC
    8043.  Art from Kissimmee Fl
    8044.  Rosemary Ritenour from Cokeburg,Jct.
    8045.  Rachel Smith from Tampa, FL
    8046.  Mick Restid from Ellwood City
    8047.  Cathy Easter from Mechanicsville, VA
    8048.  Jamie Birty from Pittsburgh, PA
    8049.  Richard Ritenour from cordell steward house
    8050.  Fox from New Brighton Go Steelers
    8051.  rebecca reefer from Rural Valley, Pa
    8052.  Diane Holder from North Huntingdon
    8053.  Kathie Mercurie from Philadelphia (Pittsburgh Born)
    8054.  Keith Davis from Grove City, PA
    8055.  Josh Shultz from Altoona
    8056.  Chris Coleman from Beaver Falls
    8057.  Jason Koerth from Hermitage, PA
    8058.  Chris Coleman from Beaver Falls, PA
    8059.  Who Dey from Cincinnati, Ohio
    8060.  Terry T. from McKeesport/York, Pa
    8061.  Jenn Barclay from Johnstown
    8062.  Nikki Richter from Normalville, PA. Good Luck!
    8064.  Nispy Russell from Kennedy Twp
    8065.  Tom Gress from Plantation, Florida
    8066.  lynn bieda from pittsburgh, pa
    8067.  Myca Bruno from Pittsburgh
    8068.  Jarrett Krivjansky from Altoona, PA
    8069.  Betty Beddoe from Pittsburgh, PA
    8070.  GARISH from PITTSBURGH
    8071.  Bubby Brister from on the 'river' in Cleveland
    8072.  Jason Koerth from Hermitage, PA
    8073.  Rose Dent from Gibsonia, PA
    8074.  Brittob Crum from Greensburg, PA
    8075.  Ron Rusnak from Coral Springs, FL
    8076.  Tina from Washington,Pa
    8077.  Mike Bernstein from Denver CO
    8078.  Steelers Fans from The Beer Garden, Petrolia, PA
    8079.  Terry Clayton from Colorado Springs, CO
    8080.  Fred Flinstone from Bedrock
    8081.  Rick Riley from South Beaver PA
    8082.  Brian Sipe from Cleveland
    8083.  Ned Plimpton from Iowa
    8084.  Jeffrey Jones from Ellsworth, PA
    8085.  Dan Pastarini from Houston
    8086.  J. G. from New Castle, PA go steelers
    8087.  leslye thomas from biggest steeler fan ever
    8088.  Tim Hartung from West Palm Beach
    8089.  Cliff Catropa from Commack, NY
    8090.  God from everywhere
    8091.  Scott Wynne from out of no where
    8092.  Sam Allen from H
    8093.  Santa from North Pole
    8094.  Jack Wright from Hutchinson PA
    8095.  Jeff Dalhmer from Food Bank
    8096.  John Smith from Pittsburgh, PA
    8097.  Big Rupe from Pittsburgh, PA
    8098.  Nick Niggel from Monroeville, PA
    8099.  douglas j wingenbach from pittsburgh
    8100.  Debbie Ferencz from Scottdale, PA
    8101.  Pina McElhaney from Pittsburgh, PA
    8102.  Chris Kelley from Seven Fields, PA
    8103.  Renee' from Washington, PA
    8104.  Pee Wee Herman from Movie Theater
    8105.  Sam Allen from Hendersonville, NC
    8106.  Linda Maus from Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, PA
    8107.  GEM from "Da Burgh" from Da Burgh
    8108.  Jack Meehogoff from Intercourse, PA
    8109.  Denise Devinney from Pittsburgh,PA
    8110.  Frank Lazzaro from Cecil, PA
    8111.  Weasel from Overbrook
    8112.  Ron Jeremy from Green Room
    8113.  Rick and Cherri Feineis from Virginia Beach, VA
    8114.  Mindy Best
    8115.  Diane Castellano from Plum (Pittsburgh)
    8117.  Satan from Hell
    8118.  Gary Repcik from Sidney, Oh
    8119.  Sammy Tracey from South Park, Pennsylvania
    8120.  Mindy Best from McKeesport, PA
    8121.  Sarah Maffio from Eighty Four PA
    8122.  In memory of Bubba from Virginia Beach, VA
    8123.  Jeramy Stevens from Joey Porterville, Pa
    8124.  Alaine Raistrick from Charlotte, NC
    8125.  Sadam Hussein from ???
    8126.  Thomas E. McElhaney from Pittsburgh, PA
    8127.  Dan Best (TOOLBOX) from McKeesport, PA
    8128.  Dave Smith from Freeport, Pa
    8129.  Terri Loop from Avalon, Pittsburgh, PA
    8130.  On Behalf of Cher & from Cliff Catropa I pledge!!!
    8131.  West Virginia Miners from 200 feet below and stuck
    8132.  K.Hamilton from Mercer,PA
    8133.  Kevin Doyle from Altoona, PA
    8134.  Judy Smith from Carnegie P
    8135.  jojo hudock from monroeville
    8136.  Tim Myers from Morrisdale, PA
    8137.  Mark Callender from Palm Harbor, FL
    8138.  Kimmie Fulmer from Memphis, TN
    8139.  Bryan Muscia from School-PSU Erie, From PGH
    8140.  Robbie King from Emerson,Ohio
    8141.  Tammy from Ebensburg, PA
    8142.  Danne from under John V's desk
    8143.  Joyce Pacey from Pittsburgh, PA GO STEELERS!!
    8144.  Paul Hoffman from Red Lion, PA
    8145.  Elvis from has left the building
    8146.  Arthur Phillip Dent from London, England. Earth
    8147.  Stefan Heidinger from Pittsburgh
    8148.  LeRoy M. Vaughn from Cranberry
    8149.  Andrew from Grove City, PA
    8150.  Justin Miller from The "LBC"
    8152.  Bob Carroll from Pittsburgh
    8153.  Kate Dushaw from Littleton, Colorado
    8154.  Rob Kelley GO STEELERS! from Adena, Ohio
    8155.  tom smith from collier twp pa
    8156.  Angela Leuthold from Springfield, Illinois
    8157.  Luke newmyer from GBG
    8158.  Demi Moore from Pittsburgh PA
    8159.  MELLO THE CLOWN from Pittsburgh, PA
    8160.  Stacey Albright from Pittsburgh, PA
    8161.  COMMESSO from NEW CASTLE PA
    8162.  Erin Hanson from Pittsburgh
    8163.  Matt Van Wormer from Rhinebeck/Hoboken
    8164.  Bill Connelly from Pittsburgh GO STEELERS!
    8165.  Chris Gornik from LEVELGREEN, PA
    8166.  Keristen Burks from Tempe, Arizona
    8167.  Beth Ann Chandler
    8168.  Bill Connelly from Pittsburgh GO STEELERS!
    8169.  Phil the Groundhog from Punxy
    8170.  Toni Colangelo from Pittsburgh, PA
    8171.  Tim Settle from Altoona, PA
    8172.  Amanda S. from Pittsburgh, PA
    8173.  Seth Rogers from Temple GA
    8174.  Rick Locke from PGH
    8175.  Twanda Smith from Pittsburgh, Pa.
    8176.  Mike Dehnert from Seattle, WA (GO STEELERS)
    8177.  Meggan Diaz from Pittsburgh
    8178.  Guido Colangelo from Pittsburgh, PA
    8179.  Olivia Newton John from Grease, PA
    8180.  Olive Juice from Pgh
    8181.  Debbie Hall from Melbourne, FL
    8182.  Lisa Klasterka from PGH
    8183.  jenn pgh
    8184.  MOON from STEELER COUNTRY
    8185.  Erik Crawford from Herndon, VA
    8187.  Sandy from Pittsburgh, pa
    8188.  Ben Roethlisberger from Ohio
    8189.  Theresa from East Pittsburgh, PA
    8190.  Sally Cain from Cultural trust
    8191.  Paul "Big O" Madsen from Da Man from De Forest, WI
    8192.  Jen Strang from Pittsburgh PA
    8193.  The Hammer from Upper Cecil
    8194.  Dave Gaj from Silver Lake, OH
    8195.  Ryan Laidlaw from Butler, PA
    8196.  Macy Angel from Hopewell PA
    8197.  Brenda Ringler from JOHNSTOWN
    8198.  Jim Mazuek from Las Vegas, Nev.
    8199.  Wendy C from from Salix
    8200.  Jackie Stringer from Warren, RI
    8201.  Sarah Fischer from PIT, PA-1 More For The Thumb
    8202.  mjani from pgh
    8203.  Claude Bawls from Pittsburgh Zoo
    8204.  Kory B. from Salix
    8205.  Meri from Zebulon, NC
    8206.  Rick Jackson from DUQUESNE, PA
    8207.  ernie fletcher
    8208.  A. Barclay from Salix
    8209.  Kordell from The Oval in Schenley
    8210.  Scott Hillard from Great Falls, MT
    8211.  Ryan Schoff from Pittsburgh Steeler Time
    8212.  Ginger from Gilligan's Island
    8213.  ernie fletcher from pardonville ky
    8214.  Tristyn from Asheville, NC
    8215.  Ed from Steubenville, oh
    8216.  DJ COOP from The ROX
    8217.  Elizabeth from Pilot, NC
    8218.  Saddam Hussein from A cave
    8219.  Shannon Rhoades from Nashville TN
    8220.  Heather G Pentsas from Altoona, PA
    8221.  Alexqandria the Grape from Washington
    8222.  Joe Smith from Atlanta, GA
    8223.  Joe McClung from Russellville Arkansas (ATU)
    8224.  Kathy from Butler, PA
    8225.  Lady "T" from Greensboro, NC
    8226.  Mike Silverman from Mt Lebanon
    8227.  Ryan Creager from JOHNSTOWN, PA
    8228.  Cpt. Caveman Rossi from Everywhere
    8229.  Mike Ribar from Aliquippa
    8230.  Dodo and Daddy from The Hill, Pittsburgh, PA
    8231.  j. scarpino from Cabot, Pa
    8232.  Anthony Butera from Ambridge pa
    8233.  Dorothy from Prospect, PA
    8234.  jennifer c.
    8235.  Donna Hughes from Phoenx, AZ
    8236.  Julie Doyle from Hollidaysburg, PA
    8237.  Anthony Winters from Aliquippa, PA
    8238.  Jamie W from from York,PA
    8239.  Randy Sherwin from Moon Township, PA
    8241.  Nancy Baldwin from Pittsburgh, PA
    8242.  Meredith Stephenson from from Allison Park, PA
    8243.  Robert Yacoviello from Baltimore MD - Go Steelers
    8244.  Seth Putnam from Black & Gold Colostomy Bag
    8245.  Tammy Melnick from Moon Twp. Pa
    8246.  TINKYPOOH from SARVER, PA
    8247.  Mark Jacobs from of WJPA Radio, Steelers Pa
    8248.  Mark Moss from N Huntingdon Pa
    8249.  Jennifer Taylor from North Versailles, PA
    8250.  KATIE LOU from SARVER, PA
    8251.  Daniel from Cheswick, Pa
    8252.  TD BARTRUG from ALIQUIPPA, PA
    8253.  JD Kubalak from Spring Mills, Pa
    8254.  COOKSTER from Aliquippa, Pa
    8255.  Your MOM from First Day Dead
    8256.  MIchael Melnick from Moon Twp. Pa
    8257.  Lolly Sue from north of da burg
    8258.  Doug Veliky from Arlington, VA
    8259.  Boozeman from North Carolina
    8260.  Mary Ann from New Jersey
    8261.  Kathy Cavlovich from Gibsonia, PA
    8262.  The man w/ two bumholes from You know where I'm from
    8263.  Ted Kennedy from O'Charlie's Tavern
    8264.  Jen Lennon
    8265.  MARTHA from ORLANDO, FL.
    8266.  Mike Vanderjack from from wide right
    8267.  Denise Egercic from Ambridge, PA
    8268.  Misty from Pittsburgh
    8269.  Joshua Melnick from MoonTwp. PA
    8270.  Debbie Schoenberger from Bethel Park, PA
    8272.  Kim from Homer City
    8273.  John Prizer from Glen Rock, Pa
    8274.  Brandon Deal from Alabama
    8275.  Steve Maciejewski from Atlantic City NJ
    8276.  Mick Bargerstock from Aliquippa, Pa.
    8277.  TIM, I LOVE YOU from MY HEART
    8278.  Lisa Curry from Hopewell Twp, PA
    8279.  Sam Allen from Hendersonville, NC
    8280.  Thomas F Bianco from Pittsburgh PA
    8281.  Tom Guerrero from California
    8282.  Aaron Carr from Pittsburgh
    8283.  Phil McCrakin from Elizabeth PA
    8284.  Brandi from Ocean City, Md.
    8285.  S Jeran from Da Burgh!!!!
    8286.  keith burton from steeler country, PA
    8287.  JLS from beheading a seattle bird
    8288.  patrick borcik from holiday ,fl
    8290.  Jill Scott from Oakdale PA
    8291.  matthew borcik from pittsburgh ,pa
    8292.  Seehacs are going down from NASCAR20FAN
    8293.  Tim Callahan from Savannah, GA (Ex-Pittsburger)
    8294.  Gio from Johnstown, PA
    8295.  ryan from Pittsburgh,PA.
    8296.  Ryan Baker from Pittsburgh, PA
    8297.  Gina Giorgianni from Bethel Park, Pa
    8298.  The Handsome One from Sarver, PA
    8299.  art anderson from Pittsburgh,PA.
    8300.  Stephanie from Erie, PA
    8301.  Kevin from Oviedo, Florida
    8302.  Josh Sproat from Steel City
    8303.  Amber Areford from CBG, PA
    8304.  Margaret Baxter from Pekin, Illinois
    8305.  Kimberly Thomas from Brentwood PA
    8306.  Brittany Leuthold from Cranberry Twp, PA
    8307.  kathy and ron from Pittsburgh,PA.
    8308.  Ashley Spiker from PITTSBURGH!!!!!!
    8309.  Katy Ochs from Thurmont, MD
    8310.  KAMM from las vegas, nv
    8311.  Ryan Keitzer
    8312.  Bridgette from Pittsburgh
    8314.  Liz Nahm from Pittsburgh, PA
    8315.  Benjamin Steel from the 'burgh
    8316.  POOR RICHARDS from ERIE PA
    8317.  matthew borcik sr from pittsburgh ,pa
    8318.  The Ross Family
    8319.  Molly from PITTSBURGH, PA!
    8320.  Leanne B from Center Twp., PA
    8321.  pam haburjak from pittsburgh,pa
    8322.  K
    8323.  bill haburjak from pittsburgh ,pa
    8324.  Dorothy M from from Rennerdale, Pa
    8325.  Maura DeRiggi from Pittsburgh!!!!!
    8326.  michael reynolds from west mifflin ,pa
    8327.  Maegen Noble from Aliquippa, PA
    8328.  LISA from WHITAKER
    8329.  Ryan Hester from Orlando, FL
    8330.  Skitch from PA
    8331.  Jedd Duncan from Smokerun, PA
    8332.  richard reynolds from west mifflin , pa
    8333.  Semour Hairs from Catholic University of Nashvil
    8334.  Mike Tranovich from Steeler, PA
    8335.  Becky from Pittsburgh, PA
    8336.  Joe Ratto from Hoboken NJ
    8337.  Hunter and Meah from Beaver Falls PA
    8338.  Bernadette from Gibsonia PA
    8339.  Phil from Punxsutawney, PA
    8340.  Jodi and Mark Colella from West Mifflin
    8341.  Scott Neeley from Pittsburgh
    8342.  Kathy Grossman from Wexford, PA
    8343.  Sue Seaman from Johnstown, PA
    8344.  Nikki Yonlisky from Beaver Falls PA
    8345.  Dustin Grossman from Wexford. PA
    8346.  Rolo McTolo from Schenley Park
    8347.  Anthony Argirakis from U of Pitt!!!
    8348.  Tom from Trusco from My desk in Smithton
    8349.  Scott Grossman from Wexford, PA
    8350.  Paul Moore from NY
    8351.  Ellie Grossman from Wexford, PA
    8353.  Kevin & Amanda from Ebensburg
    8354.  Carolyn McDaniel from Morehead City, NC GO BIG BEN
    8355.  Paul Shoes from PITTSBURGH PA
    8356.  Dan Duffy from Pittsburgh
    8357.  Katie Lodovico from Beaver Falls, PA
    8358.  Suzanne Bakos Dendy from Orlando FL
    8359.  Connie Koster from GO Pittsburgh!!!!!
    8360.  April Gallagher from Freedom PA baby! Lets Do This
    8361.  Erica Smith from Midland, PA
    8362.  Non bearded female from PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!
    8363.  Hope Thornton from from Valencia, PA
    8364.  Jim Kester from Pittsburgh Pa
    8365.  Randall P from Natrona Heights
    8366.  Tom DaVia
    8367.  Karol Lynn Rosengarth from PITTSBURGH PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8368.  Melissa Goda from Pittsburgh, PA
    8369.  Billy from Orlando Fl.
    8370.  Barbara A. Giles from Pittsburgh, Pa GO STEELERS
    8371.  Jaime Quigley from Pittsburgh, PA
    8372.  Heywood Jablome from Zelienople
    8373.  Greg Rosenthal from Coral Springs, Florida
    8374.  Koki Rosengarth from Pittsburgh (GO STILLERS!)
    8375.  Jess Clark from Hanover, PA
    8376.  Matt Mraz from Pittsburgh PA
    8377.  Taraleigh Pleskonko from Smokerun, PA
    8378.  Jack Quinn from Erie, PA
    8379.  Dustin Baxa from New Sewickley, PA! HERE WE GO!
    8380.  Snoopy Rosengarth from PGH (GET ONE FOR THE POODLE)
    8381.  Tamara Kaib from Pittsburgh, PA
    8382.  Stuart Scott from BOOYA, PA
    8383.  Eileen Keelan from Butler, PA
    8384.  william Clark from PIT
    8385.  Alex Mulherin from Hanover PA
    8386.  Tony Castellano from Plum Boro ( PITTSBURGH ) PA
    8387.  JULIANA HOWELL from Clearfield, PA
    8388.  Curly Sue Robison from Morgantown, WV
    8389.  Heather Learish from Clearfield, PA
    8390.  John Adduci from Punxsutawney, PA
    8391.  Adam Fantone from Jacksonville NC
    8392.  Spence from Cheswick, PA
    8393.  KILEY MCQUILLEN from Clearfield, PA
    8394.  Heather Coleman from Midland, PA
    8395.  Mary Ellen Witzel from from Youngsville, PA
    8396.  Jedd Duncan from Smokerun, PA
    8397.  CAMERON CUTLER from Clearfield, PA
    8398.  Lets go Seahwaks from Seattle
    8399.  Joe Shaughnessy from Mt. Lebanon
    8400.  Kellie Manini from New Sewickley, PA
    8401.  S. Gerstel from Monroeville, PA
    8402.  Stacey From from Aliquippa PA
    8403.  Sue from Merritt Island, FL
    8404.  Emily Ochs from Thurmont, MD
    8405.  Kelly Ralston from Richmond, VA
    8406.  Susan Mittelberg from Pittsburgh, PA
    8407.  Susan Dickey from Pittsburgh
    8408.  Timmy A I Love you, from from Rolo Mctolo
    8409.  Deirdre Kane from Pittsburgh, PA
    8410.  Elaine Hupchick from Folsom, PA
    8411.  Amanda Crooks from Pittsburgh, PA
    8412.  Big Keith Young from Wexford, PA
    8413.  chuck Meyers from Geneva NY
    8414.  Billy D from B-Town
    8415.  Toby Taylor
    8416.  John Dickey from Pittsburgh
    8417.  Travis Wilcox from from Warren, PA
    8419.  Joseph Hagan from Chicago, IL
    8420.  Bud from from Pgh. ONE FOR THE THUMB
    8421.  Diane Wentling from Hamburg, NY
    8422.  Jeff Giroux from Richmond, VA
    8423.  Mike Muller
    8424.  Stacy I. from Pittsburgh, PA
    8425.  Brenda Wilks from Midland, PA (GO STEELERS!!!)
    8426.  Anthony Musmanno from Pittsburgh, PA
    8427.  Jessi Bosetti from Pittsburgh
    8428.  Epiphone girl from Merritt Island, FL
    8429.  James Backes from Mobile, AL
    8430.  Karen Hess from West Mifflin, PA
    8431.  Kim Bryant from Pittsburgh
    8432.  Kristin Coley from Freedom, pa
    8433.  Jean Lupnacca
    8434.  John Dodd from Sealy, TX
    8435.  Lisa Frioni
    8436.  Dana Bodnar from Bridgeville, PA
    8437.  Tom Wilt from Wash, PA
    8438.  Angela Reno from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    8439.  Andy Swain from Sacramento, CA
    8440.  regina duch from ohio
    8441.  Jobo from Chicago, IL
    8442.  D. Rose from Gaineville, FL
    8443.  Tracy Giroux from Richmond, VA (I Support my ma
    8444.  Steve Goodman from Allison Park Pa
    8445.  Bonnie & Stefan Forever from Pittsburgh GO STEELERS YEAH!!
    8446.  Nancy Razorsek
    8447.  Steve Shepard from West Newton, PA
    8448.  Cathy Dylewski from Mingo Junction, Ohio
    8449.  Carla Strawoet from Springdale, PA
    8450.  Jeff Immel from C'ville Pa
    8451.  Tom Wilt from Wash, PA
    8452.  The Uhlyar Family from Jefferson Hills, PA
    8453.  The Lazzaro family from Pensacola, Fla
    8454.  Napoleon Dynamite from Midland,PA
    8455.  Mick Lilley from C'ville P
    8456.  brian woods from pittsburgh
    8457.  Brian Dugan from Bethel Park PA
    8458.  Carla Mast from Steeler, PA
    8459.  not at all from seattle
    8460.  Kip Dynamite from Midland PA
    8461.  Katie from Steeler Way-Cyclone, PA
    8462.  Corey Barnes from Oakdale, PA
    8463.  Marilyn from Northern Cambria SD
    8464.  Happy Birthday! 8145948893
    8465.  Chris Goggin from Johnstown, PA
    8466.  Marti DeLay from Verona, PA
    8467.  DYLAN K from Ford City PA
    8468.  Brent Sandrock from Finleyville, Pa
    8469.  Eva Brunell from Houston, TX
    8470.  Brandon from The valley north of da burgh
    8471.  sally samuels from pittsburgh
    8472.  Scott "SCUBA" Holtkamp from Canonsburg, PA
    8473.  shawn & beth leslie from north braddock (da ghetto) PA
    8474.  Brian Moses from Port Allegany, Pa
    8475.  Paul McDaniel from Hooterville NC
    8476.  Rene from Mechanicsville VA
    8477.  Greg Goldbach from Carnegie, PA
    8478.  A.E. from Pittsburgh PA steeler country
    8479.  Roberta Smith from Myrtle Beach, sc
    8480.  Jean Wilt from Wash, PA
    8481.  Sharyn Sanko
    8482.  Lori from COWHER POWER, PA
    8483.  Sharyn Sanko from East palestine Ohio- born in t
    8484.  Andrew Glover from Downingtown, Pa
    8485.  Snoop Dogg from LBC
    8486.  RENEE D. from from RICHLAND
    8487.  Pam Anderson from Silicon Valley
    8488.  Abraham Lincoln from Springfield, IL
    8489.  Scott Connor from Greensburg, PA
    8490.  Jeremy Pott from Hampton
    8491.  Carrie Cohen from New York
    8492.  THE UTCHELS! from Pinckney, MI (XL)
    8493.  Will Yano from Rosslyn VA
    8494.  Michelle S from Hollidaysburg PA
    8495.  Paul Rosengarth from Not in Pittsburgh
    8496.  Yeak from Punxsy, PA
    8497.  Sarah Kalahan from Murrysville
    8498.  Don Todd from Streetsboro, OH
    8499.  derek bovill from allison park
    8500.  Patti G. from Pittsburgh PA
    8501.  Teri Rockar from Oviedo, FL
    8502.  Ben Benzio from Connellsville
    8503.  Gail Rosa from North Huntingdon, PA
    8504.  Lisa DeMaiolo from Pittsburgh
    8505.  R. Finney from Pittsburgh
    8506.  Anna Riddle from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    8507.  aDaM a.K.a. A-WiK from bLoOmFieLd......Pittsburgh PA
    8508.  Greg Tkach from Attleboro MA (Kenndey Twp.)
    8509.  Nick & Beth Gazda from Heidelberg, PA
    8510.  Ally Riddle from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    8511.  Melissa from Polish Hill
    8512.  Robyn Gardner from Round Rock, TX
    8513.  Heather Cartwright from Hopewell
    8514.  Jamie Dzyak from Clarksville, TN
    8515.  Carol Albertini from McDonald, PA
    8516.  cathy from lower burrell pennsylvania
    8517.  Marcedes McGill from Pittsburgh
    8518.  Lisa Grabowski from Penn Hills, PA
    8519.  Davina from Maryland
    8520.  Judy Szwedko from Gibsonia, PA
    8521.  The Leidy Ladies from Pittburgh, PA
    8522.  Cleveland Browns NOT from a superbowl
    8523.  David Banks from Pittsburgh, PA
    8524.  Lisa Y. from Verona, Pa.
    8525.  David Worden from Central PA
    8526.  John Get back to work from your wife
    8527.  My Balls Hurt from Geinecologist
    8528.  Lemieux & Harley from Coraopolis, PA
    8529.  Arnold Slick From from Turtle Creek
    8530.  Patricia L Baker from Baden, Pa
    8531.  Big Daddy Dady from Norfside
    8532.  Erin Burke from Emporium,PA-living in Vegas
    8533.  Gary B. from Pittsburgh, PA
    8534.  Arnold Slick From from Turtle Creek
    8535.  Keoni Csedi from Pittsburgh, PA
    8536.  Eichelberger from Lancaster, PA
    8537.  Phil Dillon from Bethel Park, PA
    8538.  Steve Sobkiewicz from Palm Bay Florida
    8539.  Chris Smith from Al's Nutz
    8540.  Mario Lemieux from Sewickley, PA
    8541.  Tom O'Connor from Mechanicsville VA
    8542.  Lex! from FROM PITT!
    8543.  Bill & Toni Brundage from Pittsburgh, PA
    8544.  margaret baxter cooney from pekin,il.
    8545.  Jim Jablonowski from Pittsburgh, PA
    8546.  Wayne and Hutch in Ga. from Lake Lanier Ga.
    8547.  Joe Milioto from Guntown, Pa
    8548.  VINCENZO S. from MCKEES ROCKS
    8549.  Stephen Colbert from Truth Town
    8550.  Tommy Maddox from Mars, PA
    8551.  Jen Corbi from Charlotte, NC
    8552.  jamie gregro from lebanon
    8553.  Carolyn from Horsham, PA
    8554.  Andrea Schweinberg from Pittsburgh
    8555.  Lisa S. from Allison Park, PA
    8556.  The Steeler Beach Bums from Holden Beach, NC
    8557.  Stephanie Berneburg from Cranberry Twp., Pa.
    8558.  Steve Brun from Ft. Myers, Florida
    8559.  JIMMY STIX from JOFFRE
    8560.  Julie Lamantia from Steubenville, OH
    8561.  Brandy Hogan from Pittsburgh
    8562.  ted f coleman from 7Springs PA
    8563.  Elizabeth LeBeau from Grove City Ohio
    8564.  God from Heaven
    8565.  Larry "BAZ" Basilone from Pittsburgh, PA
    8566.  Lindsey Yeakle from Happy Groundhog Day Punxsy, PA
    8567.  Jim Lugosi from Milaukie, OR
    8568.  Pam Lacey from Charlotte, NC
    8569.  curlie from harmony, pa
    8570.  Harleymama
    8571.  Adam Deist from Boswell, PA
    8572.  Stephanie Griffith from Vandergrift, PA
    8573.  JRG from PITTSBURGH
    8574.  Tim Yocca from Greensburg
    8575.  Adam Deist from Boswell, PA
    8576.  A from North Sewickley
    8577.  Melissa " I have no from beard so I'll shave my V"
    8579.  K Colt from Midland, PA
    8580.  Tom Bell from Cranberry Twp
    8581.  Beth Wesesky from North Hills
    8582.  Saddam Hussein from Jail
    8583.  Niall Kinney from Squirrel Hill, PA
    8584.  Bob Beerhalter from Check this 8===> out!
    8585.  *SaManThA FiTZsiMMoNs* from Loretto, Pennsylvania
    8586.  Bobby Malick from San Diego, CA
    8587.  Roddigga from IUP
    8589.  Carl "The Hammer" Haber from New Kensington, PA
    8590.  Pgh Gal in Harrisburg
    8591.  Andrea L from Reading, PA
    8592.  n. anderton from greenville, PA
    8593.  Sarah McCarthy from Bradenton, FL
    8594.  Andy McCabe from Pittsburgh, PA
    8595.  noreen wert from brookline
    8596.  Ashley from Steeler Country
    8597.  Digger from Bethel Park,Pa.
    8598.  Jordan L from Reading, PA
    8599.  Connie Datsko from Ebensburg, PA
    8600.  Jesse Bauer from The Burgh
    8601.  Donnie Brunswick from Pittsburgh PA
    8602.  Jose YOung from Warminster, PA
    8603.  Bobby The JAw from McMurry, PA
    8604.  Shayne McDavid from Richmond, VA
    8605.  MEC from Vandergrift
    8606.  Pete Bonura from Fayetteville, GA
    8607.  Brad Klock from Johnstown, PA
    8608.  Nick Mangini from Lower Burrell, PA
    8609.  Shelley Jakell from South Park, PA
    8610.  Brian and Lisa from Whitehall, PA
    8611.  ODABA from Economy Boro, PA
    8612.  The Ricker from Greensburg/Orlando
    8613.  Michelle Kail from Peters Twp
    8614.  Vanilla Ice from Word to ya motha
    8615.  gene lefebvre from midland , pa
    8616.  Denise M. from Pittsburgh
    8617.  Jodi Gasper from Hickory, PA
    8618.  Dwight from Dillsburg, PA
    8619.  Ray Wetzel from Cranberry Twp. PA
    8620.  Michelle Rud from Brookline
    8621.  Tiffany Shaw from Adamsburg, PA
    8622.  Bob Bradley from Columbia SC
    8623.  Clark J Hall from Beaver Falls, Pa
    8624.  I'm keeping my flavor from bout you?
    8625.  Zach Pyle from Murrysville, PA
    8626.  Pat Messner from Oakdale, Pa
    8627.  Austin Tepshich from Beaver Falls, Pa
    8628.  Stacey DeMarchi from Port Vue, PA
    8629.  Dana Andrade from Pittsburgh, PA
    8630.  Matt Palko from Hopewell Twp, PA
    8631.  Bob Welsch from Carnegie,PA.
    8632.  Craig Morton from Harrisville, PA
    8633.  Amanda Mackin from Pittsburgh, PA
    8634.  Dave Berneburg from C
    8635.  Justin H. from rva
    8636.  Goodrich from Harford, PA!!! YEE-HAW!!
    8637.  Les Crim from Charleston, SC
    8638.  Chuck Hanna from Mt Vernon, Ohio ( Originally
    8639.  Ashley Davis from London, KY
    8640.  S.Ozoskey from 15226
    8642.  Sherry Y from CHARLEROI,PA
    8643.  Tiffany Kelly from Pittsburgh
    8644.  Kelly LeFebvre from Midland, PA
    8645.  Kathleen Deese from Brentwood, TN (Nashville)
    8646.  Todd Thomas from Huntington Beach, CA
    8647.  Nancy Robins from Jacksonville, FL
    8648.  Brad Heath from charlotte,nc
    8649.  Pat Cox from Aliquippa,PA
    8650.  Michael V. Pruss from South Park, PA
    8651.  Brandon Plunkett from Bethesda, MD
    8652.  Ben Wesley from Ebensburg Pa
    8653.  Ilene Rowan from Monaca PA
    8654.  Susan Ward from Pleasant Hills, PA
    8655.  Walter Muehlbauer from Pittsburgh, PA
    8656.  Mary W from Go Steelers Go, PA
    8657.  Sally Sperski from Pittsburgh, PA GO STEELERS!!
    8658.  Big Johnson Loving It from PA
    8659.  Nancy from Gibsonia
    8660.  Don Jenkner from McKeesport, PA
    8661.  Chuck Hanna from Mt, Vernon, Ohio
    8662.  Wanda from McKeesport, PA
    8663.  Car Mascia from Greensburg
    8664.  Lora Smith from PiTTsBuRgH, pA!!! hErE We gO.!
    8665.  BHINEMAN from CHESTER WV
    8666.  Courtney Rogers from Georgia
    8667.  Amanda Nixon from Seven Fields, PA :]YAY STEELER
    8668.  Kyle Dizzle from Ebensburg, PA
    8669.  Patrick Conneely from Da Burgh, PA
    8670.  Chrissy Boyer from Indiana, PA
    8671.  MySpace Junkie from Pittsburgh
    8672.  Stephi Reese from PITTSBURGGHHHH
    8673.  Matt Hammar from The Burgh
    8674.  Lindsay Neal from Pittsburgh
    8675.  Shaun Alexander from Seattle,WA
    8676.  Fred from Cowgirls
    8677.  MR.V. i shaved mine from JAKE "4mistake) Plummer
    8678.  BarB Gruber from PITTSBURGH, PA
    8679.  Annie Kytka from RoethlisBURGH
    8680.  Mary Ann Powell from Lakewood, NJ
    8682.  Adam Dively from Selinsgrove, PA
    8683.  peter guzinya from ginerville
    8684.  Joey De Luca from Corona, CA
    8685.  Wayne C. from from Cresson, Pa.
    8686.  Jamielynn Walsj from Pittsburgh, Pa
    8687.  TC Henretta from Richmond, Va
    8688.  Cheryl Bean from Monaca, Pa.
    8689.  Robert Jenkner from Bellevue, NE
    8690.  Kyle Rosengarth from Bealeton, VA
    8691.  MIKIM from PITTSBURGH
    8692.  Jimmy Helbig from The Burgh
    8693.  Priscilla Spears from Oak Harbor, WA
    8694.  Hillary Clinton from Whatever State Will Let Me In
    8695.  Sugar from Las Vegas
    8696.  Paul Rosengarth from Bealeton, VA
    8697.  Miss Slavova's Mole from back of the neck
    8698.  Nancy Rosengarth Go Ben from Bealeton, VA
    8699.  Michael Croyle from West Palm Beach, FL
    8700.  Jen
    8701.  XANDERMAN from MIDLAND, PA
    8702.  Martin Coe from Seneca, PA
    8703.  HALEY from OHIO
    8704.  Alicia Rosengarth from Arlington, VA
    8705.  Andi from Canonsburg PA
    8706.  Jeff Gordon from Dallas, TX
    8707.  Megan Joy from Granville Ohio
    8709.  Rachel Rosengarth from Bealeton, VA
    8710.  Austin Ryan,Brian, Lisa from Whitehall, PA
    8711.  carey ann files from las vegas, Nevada
    8712.  Punxatawney Phil from A big whole in the ground!!!!
    8714.  Beth Harper from Maryland
    8715.  jay from pittsburgh
    8716.  PGHDOLL from Monaca, PA
    8718.  JAMES TROUP from BIG BEAVER , PA
    8719.  Dennis from Pittsburgh
    8720.  Julie McDonald from Murrysville, PA!!!
    8721.  Harris Andrews from Hinesville, Georgia
    8722.  Mary Ann Powell from from Beaver Falls, PA-STEELER
    8723.  Dan K from Industry, PA
    8724.  DJG from BRIDGEVILLE
    8725.  Bill from Glenshaw, Pa
    8726.  Jerramy Stevens from Seattle
    8727.  Chris M. from from johnsonburg
    8728.  Mack Strong from Seattle
    8729.  Allison Lucas from Pittsburgh :-D
    8730.  Lofa Tatupu from Seattle
    8731.  Gina Young from Stowe Twp, PA
    8732.  Uriah Robins from Crofton, md
    8733.  Luke S. from from St. Marys
    8734.  Deanna Pulice from steeler country.. pittsburgh
    8735.  Glenn from Phoenix AZ
    8736.  Linda from Virginia
    8737.  KathE from CT
    8738.  Mike Saylor from thibodaux louisiana
    8739.  Jenn M from Pittsburgh, PA
    8740.  Juleen Welsch from Jacksonville, FL
    8741.  Vince Warrington from Leicester, UK
    8742.  Jim from Lincoln Place
    8743.  Chris Ribarchak from Pittsburgh, Pa Baby!
    8744.  Jodi Ball from Pittsburgh, PA
    8745.  randy rohe from pittsburgh
    8746.  Tyler Armantrout from St. Clairsville, Ohio
    8747.  Eileen Matasich from stoe, ohio
    8749.  Eileen Matasich from Stow, Ohio
    8750.  Cheryl from Pittsburgh
    8751.  Jimmy King from Davenport, Fl
    8752.  Mike Thiry from Isapunk, Pa
    8753.  alissa baxter from marquette heights
    8755.  JAMES COONEY from pekin, il
    8756.  Dena Agnolucci from Virginia Beach, VA
    8757.  Max from University of Pittsburgh!!!
    8758.  John Smith from Ladies Pleged not shaving legs
    8759.  Jill Peters Isaliar from Bethel Park, Pa
    8760.  joe from white oak
    8761.  Lee Thomas from Greensburg, PA
    8762.  GO BEN !! WE LOVE YOU !
    8763.  Dawg Pound from Cleveland,OH
    8764.  Gabby Caruso from PA
    8765.  Bearcat Dave from St. Vincent's College
    8766.  Clydean Eifert from Pittsburgh
    8767.  Joe Maines from Pittsburgh PA
    8768.  Megan Mooney from Pittsburgh, PA
    8769.  Kristen Funkhouser from Bel Air, MD
    8770.  Abbey from Beaver Falls
    8771.  Doug Riley from Scottdale, PA
    8772.  Sandy Baker from Jacksonville Florida
    8773.  Sarah from Bridgeville,PA
    8774.  Sean Sawchuck from Frederick, MD
    8775.  Mike & Taryn from Sarasota, Florida fans!!!!!
    8776.  CTG
    8777.  Jeff N. from Allenport, PA GO STEELERS!!
    8778.  *kRiStEn PaRoNiSh* from Northern Cambria, PA
    8779.  Robin King from Orland, FL
    8780.  Kim Plutko from Pittsburgh, PA
    8781.  DeezNutz from White Oak, PA
    8782.  Protecting my junk from Warts
    8783.  Ericka Berrish from Pittsburgh, PA
    8784.  Bill Cowher's mustache from Pittsburgh Steeler Time
    8785.  Ryan Krischer from Fort Wayne, IN
    8786.  Amanda from from Mt. Washington
    8787.  Nicole Taurence from Detroit Michigan
    8788.  Betty Best from Nashville, TN born inthe Burgh
    8789.  Jennifer Evans from Meadville, PA
    8790.  Kevin Musser from West Mifflin, PA
    8791.  Rob Closson from Altoona, PA
    8792.  TI Goodwin from Hollar # 1, Rutan, PA
    8793.  Amy Goodin from Norristown, PA GO STEELERS!!
    8794.  Lindsey Melnyk from Bethel Park, PA
    8795.  Mary from Palo Alto, CA
    8796.  John D'Andrea from Orlando, FL
    8797.  Andrew Lee from Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania
    8798.  Isabel Patterson from Gettysburg, PA
    8799.  Pete Bonura from Fayetteville, GA
    8800.  Todd Seth from Pittsburgh, PA
    8801.  Cynthia Hostetler from North Versailles Pa
    8802.  Billy Baker from JAX, FL. but heart in Altoona
    8804.  Who is Nate Natale from Planet Earth
    8805.  Jon Fuller from West By God Virginia
    8806.  Mark Evans from West Hartford, CT
    8807.  Ben Galati from Pittsburgh, PA
    8808.  Dustin Weber from Clarion University
    8809.  My Brother from Another Mother
    8810.  John J Rullo Jr from West Mifflin, PA
    8811.  Bruce L. Dively from Selinsgrove, PA
    8812.  Kevin Goat Hamilton from Pittsburgh Pa
    8813.  Debbie from born in PA (now in CA)
    8814.  Sandra from Healdsburg, CA
    8815.  Amanda Naughton from Arlington, VA
    8816.  Danielle Savelli from New Castle, PA
    8817.  John Holmes from California
    8818.  Dave Curry from THE 'BURGH'
    8819.  "Chris Please!!!!" from from Arlington, TX (Greensburg
    8820.  Ryan Baffone from Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    8821.  Beth from Altoona, PA
    8822.  Janet Martinich from Grand Ledge, MI
    8823.  Tim DeAngelis from Beaver Falls, PA
    8824.  Todd Skinner from Pittsburgh
    8825.  Dale Anderson from Pittsburgh, PA
    8826.  Jack Sweaterback from Ft. Wayne, IN
    8827.  Chuck Dumont from Pittsburgh PA
    8828.  "Janzen" from Oakdale, PA
    8829.  Bill Musher from Wexford
    8830.  Wendy from Cabot-GO STEELERS!
    8831.  Ricky T. Balls from Richfield, OH
    8832.  Cindi from Beaver, PA
    8833.  Pat Sheridan from Quaker Street Elementary
    8834.  Steve Darrall from Frederick, MD
    8835.  Hope Wilden from Lexington,KY
    8836.  Alexis Martin from Pittsburgh PA!
    8837.  Scott Coleman from Jax, FL
    8838.  Tom S from Freedom
    8839.  Tyler C from South Fayette, PA
    8840.  Amanda Panosky from Greensbrug, PA
    8841.  Jessica Scragg from Beaver, Pa
    8842.  Kristi Rutherford from Moon Township
    8844.  Dana from Pittsburgh
    8845.  PuNcHy from portland, me
    8846.  SCOTT JONES from WEIRTON, WV
    8848.  Jay Nikolich from Baltimore via Pittsburgh
    8849.  Dave Figgins from Carnegie Mellon University
    8850.  Sean Smykes
    8851.  P. J. from Mt. Morris, PA
    8852.  Anthony Monda from NHT, PA
    8853.  Marc C from South Fayette, PA
    8854.  Greg Palenchar from from Greensburg PA
    8855.  Shane Griest from Cincinnati, OH
    8856.  JB from Sonoma, CA
    8857.  i luv the steelers from pittsburgh
    8858.  Terry Sethman from Irwin PA
    8859.  Karen from Sumner from Pittsburgh
    8860.  J-Rod from Wake Forest NC
    8861.  Tim Bucklew from East Coast Strip Clubs
    8862.  Alexander from Wake FOrest NC
    8863.  Bob Charles from Duncansville, Pa
    8864.  jon mancino from erie, pa
    8865.  Britton Meyers from Pittsburgh PA go steelers
    8866.  jjj
    8867.  If I had a beard, would from NOT shave it. -N. Carolina
    8868.  Anna Styperk from Bulger, Pa
    8869.  Dan Gallagher from Pittsburgh, PA- Sheraden what
    8870.  SuZi fricken Joyce from PITTSBURGH, PA ... da burgh!
    8872.  luv ya Steelers! from G-ville, NC
    8873.  Evan Hazlett from Pittsburgh
    8874.  Nate Schult from Atlanta, GA
    8875.  Courtney Garza from Jacksonville, Fl
    8876.  Dana from Baltimore, MD
    8877.  Skylar from Moon Township
    8878.  Chud & Dickie Coral from Have Sum, Bums Hollow
    8879.  John Cheatwood from I Love the Steelers!!!
    8880.  kevin hayes from wexford PA
    8881.  Lorna from San Antonio, Tx
    8882.  Captain MOINA from ARRRRRR!!!!
    8883.  Gail "Doglickme" Arvay from Sarver, PA
    8884.  John Cheatwood from I Love the Steelers!!!
    8885.  Heather from Pittsburgh
    8886.  John Cheatwood from I Love the Steelers!!!
    8887.  Rick Schontz from CLEVELAND, OH
    8888.  Shelly Crothers from Smithfield, PA
    8889.  Aaron from pittsburgh
    8890.  Jake Climo from Greensburg
    8891.  Leea Fratangelo from Pittsburgh,Pa
    8892.  Jason Gobel from Pittsburgh, PA
    8893.  Matthew from pittsburgh
    8894.  Jason Travis from Pittsburgh!
    8896.  Tom Gallant from Pittsburgh
    8897.  Adrian Salomon from Werdau, Germany
    8898.  Steelrunner from Steeltown, PA
    8899.  shane keeney from md
    8900.  Josh Stape from Virginia
    8901.  Kristen
    8902.  samantha lynn from emmitsburg maryland
    8903.  Drew Baranet from Athens, OH
    8904.  Olivia from Pittsburgh! Oh Yeah!
    8905.  Rhi Rhi from Hampton, VA
    8906.  Chris N from Steeler, PA
    8907.  Tom Gallant from Pittsburgh
    8908.  Everett Good from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    8909.  $ean H from Meadville, PA
    8910.  Vicki Moyer from Duncansville, PA
    8913.  Olivia Cochran from Pittsburgh! Oh Yeah!
    8914.  Gary Ramsey from Annandale, VA
    8916.  Reid Otto from Madison, WI
    8917.  Lauren DeKosky from Arlington, VA
    8918.  UR faggots from Seattle, where else?
    8919.  Lauren Trimboli from Hermitage PA
    8920.  Sarah Hersh from florida
    8921.  Barbara L from Brandon, Fl.
    8922.  John
    8923.  Hammer from Da Burgh
    8926.  John Warren from West Mifflin, PA
    8927.  Rhea Huber from Pittsburgh! South Side!!
    8928.  Zach Appman from Squirrel Hill/Greenfield
    8929.  Here We Go Steelers!!! from St. Clairsville, Ohio
    8931.  Shelly Brenner from Romeoville, Il
    8932.  johnny blaze aka g man from Everywhere you can imagine
    8933.  Ashley Petronzio from Pittsburgh, PA
    8934.  yousaysomething from Garner, IA
    8935.  TJ Petronzio from Charlotte, NC
    8936.  Briana- GO STEELERS! from TN.. used 2 live in Da Burgh!!
    8937.  Carla Williams from Indianapolis, IN
    8938.  Don Rich from Allison Park
    8939.  David Dixon from Port St Lucie,Florida
    8940.  LANCE AARON from WARREN PA
    8941.  Cleveland Browns from Cleveland! ur better than us
    8942.  Brian Stillings from New Castle Pa
    8943.  Jenn from Pittsburgh, PA
    8944.  "Black" Rob Jones from Chester, VA
    8945.  Ken Dinger from Mareitta GA
    8946.  Kevin Kiley from Butler, PA
    8947.  Bob Dephillips from Boston, MA
    8948.  Steve Hudson from Orlando, FL
    8949.  Shawn Danowski from Glenshaw PA
    8950.  FLONK
    8951.  BIGG Mike Sonner from Lower Burrell, PA
    8952.  Chris L from Pittsburgh
    8953.  Megan B from State College, PA
    8954.  THE HOBBIT from The Shire
    8955.  8931 from Must not have a beard!!
    8956.  Sarah Brissman from Baghdad
    8957.  Scott Bittner from Dayton, Ohio
    8958.  Rosie Calland from Baltimore, MD
    8959.  JoeBob Merriman from Baghdad
    8960.  Lea from Patton, PA
    8961.  Dan Normignton from Baghdad
    8962.  The Gomola Family from Falls Creek, PA
    8964.  Jason from crystal lake
    8965.  Brianne Mackin from Pittsburgh, PA
    8966.  Stoughton Bailie from Tacoma, WA
    8967.  Vicky from Baltimore, MD
    8968.  Chris May from Mt. Lesbanon
    8969.  rob hudock from monroeville pa
    8970.  Brian Tamburriello from Pittttsburgh!!!
    8971.  Stephanie Buckley from Wyoming DE
    8972.  Dale & Lori Crook from Somerset, OH - Go Pittsburgh!
    8973.  Ray from Cranberry
    8974.  Ammie Hatala from Pittsburgh, PA
    8975.  Benjamin Kosko from Lansdale, PA
    8976.  Courtney from NYC
    8977.  bo roman from black and gold nation
    8978.  Megan from I bleed Black & Gold
    8979.  Joey from Leuch
    8980.  matt jarvis rust from beaver county , pa
    8981.  Jessica from One of the Melrose Be'atches
    8982.  Jordan Canavesi from Center, PA
    8983.  Chelsea from Elizabeth, PA
    8984.  Matt MacCollum from Roethlisburgh
    8985.  Corrie Starr from Pittsburgh Pa.
    8986.  Linda Edwards from South Fork, PA
    8987.  Arika Steele from Pittsburgh, PA
    8988.  Jessi Gregg
    8989.  tim from beaver county beotches
    8990.  Margaret Munsch from Greensburg
    8991.  Danny Starr from Pittsburgh Pa.
    8992.  Jessi Gregg from Villanova, PA
    8993.  Denise Smith from Dallas,TX, don't hate the play
    8994.  Katrina Rosengarth from Bealeton, VA
    8995.  Ed Fillipih from Pittsburgh, PA.
    8996.  Carl Vesch from Pittsburgh Go Steelers!
    8997.  Don Mallick from Lancaster, California
    8998.  Cathi Clark from Pittsburgh, PA --- whoop whoo
    8999.  Tom Anders from Johnstown, PA
    9000.  Dolly from Twin Peaks, Tennessee
    9001.  Miami of Ohio graduate from Miami, Fla.
    9002.  Arika Steele from Pittsburgh, PA
    9003.  Jessica from Washington, PA
    9004.  Kevin Rich from Shaler, PA
    9005.  JB Kime from Clarksville, PA
    9006.  Sonya Lageman from Memphis, TN
    9007.  John Hilbert from Erie, PA
    9008.  Jason Blatt from Butler, PA
    9009.  Emily from Pittsburgh
    9010.  Jon Kohilakis from Rye Brook, NY
    9011.  Jason Fareri from Pittsburgh,PA /Akron,OH
    9012.  Emily Wesley
    9013.  Greg Wingard from Alliance, NE
    9014.  Dan Zimmerman from Cleveland, OH
    9015.  dan/raven hater from baltimore md
    9016.  Matt Saban from Shaler
    9017.  Victoria Rosenberger from Indiana Pa
    9018.  Kevin G from Kansas
    9019.  Cinar Sahin from Pittsburgh, PA
    9020.  Gerald Blanco from Mount Clemens Michigan
    9021.  Valerie Marchetti from Oviedo, FL
    9022.  Sydney Stromberg from Pittsburgh PA
    9023.  ME!!!! from My house DE
    9024.  Ralph A. Littleweenie from from West Mifflin, PA
    9025.  Cosmo Kramer from A place called Anytown, USA
    9026.  Terry Clayton from Security Co-Jeannette Pa
    9027.  Kayla Galina from Freedom, PA
    9028.  Scott Hall from OHIO
    9029.  Chelsea Rosengarth from In Spirit, In Heaven
    9030.  Sharon von Weiland from Miamisburg, OH
    9031.  Steve Edsall from Pittsburgh, Pa
    9032.  Jake C from Lebo WHAT WHAT
    9033.  jos3ph slavik from pittsburgh... where else?
    9034.  Robert from University Park, PA
    9035.  Lauren Blumling from State College, PA
    9036.  Jere Singleton from McCandless
    9037.  Jess Swiokla from Greensburg, PA
    9038.  james thomas from pittsburgh
    9039.  Renee Abbondanza from Pittsburgh, PA
    9040.  dean Vietmeier from pittsburgh
    9041.  Scott Tolleson from Charlotte NC
    9042.  Jessica McClain from Ellwood City
    9043.  Susan Jacko from Murrysville, PA
    9044.  Brendan Roberts from Cecil, PA
    9045.  Kenya Key from Maryland
    9046.  John Cheatwood from the #1 STEELER Fan!!!
    9047.  Mickie Roth from Hollidaysburg, PA
    9048.  Katie Gutowski from Sewickley, PA
    9049.  Matt Nichols from Uniontown, PA
    9050.  Jeff Sefchok from Hollidaysburg, PA
    9051.  Steve Lapp from Fairfax Virginia
    9052.  Harry Bush Nunn from Back door entry
    9053.  leah roethlisbeger from findley ohio
    9054.  Nate Schoedel from Cranberry, PA
    9055.  Micki "Do" Murray :-Þ from PITTSBURGH
    9056.  Ron Lindley from Burgettstown, PA
    9057.  Warun Bubna from Pittsburgh, PA
    9058.  leah roethilsberger from findley ohio
    9059.  Michael "Blee" Persi from PITTSBURGH!!!!!
    9060.  FAH Q from CLEVELAND, OH
    9061.  Maureen from Pittsburgh
    9063.  Mindy Gill from Pittsboro, NC
    9064.  Kev Mac #25 from Pittsburgh PA
    9065.  Earl Gill from Pittsboro, NC
    9067.  Chris Z from Pittsburgh PA
    9068.  Wayne Blumling from Pittsburgh
    9069.  Peter Burns from MD
    9070.  Mike S. from Freedom PA
    9071.  Gordon Beers from Houtzdale PA
    9072.  John Dragicevic from Auckland, New Zealand
    9073.  Joe Capoz from West Palm Beach, FL
    9074.  Melissa O'Bradovich from State College, PA
    9075.  Jennifer from Go Eagles
    9076.  Kyle DiGiacomo from Orlando, Fl
    9077.  Scott Wonderly from North Hills
    9078.  SHOCKER from 2 IN THE PINK 1 IN THE STINK
    9079.  Evan Blose from University of Pittsburgh
    9080.  Justin from Townville PA
    9081.  Mary B from Blitzburgh!
    9082.  Jerramy Stevens from Boise, ID
    9083.  TROY P's FAN CLUB from Cpt. Curts - Siesta Key, FL
    9084.  Ryan Smith from University of Pittsburgh
    9085.  brian peoples from charlotte nc
    9086.  Tom Harford from Pittsburgh,PA
    9087.  Chris Simpkin from Pittsburgh Pa
    9088.  Lexie "Shion" DeRiggi from Pittsburgh, baby
    9089.  Brian Higginbotham from Greensburg
    9090.  Serena DiLo from Davidsville
    9091.  Chris Brunner from Skinprick,OH GO STEELERS!!
    9092.  Mar DiLo from Davidsville
    9093.  Betsy T - from Pgh, PA
    9094.  Laura Gilmour from Memphis, TN (formally da burgh
    9095.  Eric P from Pittsburgh, PA
    9096.  Luke Petrozza from Peters Township PA
    9097.  Don Adams from Chandler, AZ from PA!!!
    9098.  Ron Pella from Kittanning, PA
    9099.  Jennifer Griffith from St Louis, MO
    9100.  Eric D Deithorn from State College
    9101.  Todd Levy from bloomfield, PGH, PA
    9102.  Nicole Baedke from iowa
    9104.  Lucy Connaught from hot tamali, washington
    9105.  Andrew Starr from DA BUUUURGH
    9106.  CRAVEN MOREHEAD from HOME, PA
    9107.  Michelle Vukmanic from Columbus, Ohio
    9108.  James V Rizzo Jr
    9109.  Brian Kaufman from Venice,CA -from Clearfield,PA!
    9110.  Alex DeLoia from Pittsburgh, PA
    9111.  John McDonald from Pittsburgh PA
    9112.  cindy wareham from latrobe,pa
    9113.  Keri Flowers from Anonymous (OK...St. Louis, MO)
    9114.  Ashley Adams from Arizona..Go Steelers!!!
    9115.  Lonna Shepherd from Dallas, Texas
    9116.  The Doyle's from -GO STEELERS-Port Carbon, PA
    9117.  Kate from Clinton, NJ
    9118.  Steve Ely from Akron, Ohio
    9120.  Terri Edwards from Bentleyville,Pa.
    9121.  Donnie Starr from West Virginia
    9122.  E & M Greenslate from Burgettstown PA
    9123.  Jim Spalding from Nashville, TN
    9124.  aveeka from pittsburgh
    9125.  Megan Evans from Pittsburgh / Kent, OH
    9126.  Craig Warznak from Washington, DC
    9127.  Janean Stringer from Marshall 'n at
    9128.  Ryan Mason from Santa Barbara California
    9129.  One For The Thumb from Heinz Field
    9130.  Dennis Hennessy from Wauconda, IL
    9131.  Chad Rohrbaugh from Oxford Michigan
    9132.  lisa hedin from pittsburgh, pa
    9133.  Jo Lockard from Key West, Fl
    9134.  Mike Del A Hoia! from THE BURGH!
    9135.  Tom S. from Claridge from "LETS GO JR"
    9136.  emilee from philadelphia, pa
    9137.  Greg Collins from Pittsburgh, P.A.
    9138.  Mike Ludwig (aka Luddy) from Pittsburgh
    9139.  chuck bremer from cleveland (but a ROX man 4ever
    9140.  Lynn Pleskonko from Philipsburg, PA
    9141.  Joey D from Da Burgh (representing at PSU)
    9143.  timbo from ruffsdale pa
    9144.  Satan from From Hell
    9145.  Sue Pleskonko from Philipsburg, PA
    9146.  Adam Seese from P - Burgh
    9147.  Andy Spanier from Mendota, IL
    9148.  Ralph Riberich from West Mifflin
    9149.  Tristan Trutna from Pittsburgh, PA
    9150.  Brandy Urich from McKees Rocks
    9151.  Nancy Adams from West Mifflin, PA LeBeau Rocks!
    9152.  Hot mama from Pittsburgh, PA
    9153.  Garret Reams from Cottonwood, AZ
    9154.  Dana Brandi from Pittsburgh, PA
    9155.  Mike Tomko from Houtzdale, PA
    9156.  Rose Swiokla from Johnstown, PA - GO STEELERS!
    9157.  A.L.Fedrow from Kansas State University
    9158.  JOOSE from Greensburg, PA
    9159.  Brandi H from Butler, PA
    9160.  bennyp
    9161.  shawn carroll from mckeesport, pa
    9162.  Nate Yoho from WDM, IA
    9163.  Steve Lepish
    9164.  Big Dave from Johnstown, PA
    9165.  Diana Yandrick from Moon Township, PA
    9166.  that's uh benny p from z-town
    9167.  Sara Mikolajczak from Menamona, WI
    9168.  Dylan
    9169.  steph from johnstown pennsylvania
    9170.  Caitlin and Kristen from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    9171.  Karen Mazzei from San Clemente, CA
    9172.  Eric Bresnehan from Butler, PA
    9173.  Charlie Mead from East Liberty, PA
    9174.  Jamie Antonelli from Weedville, Pa
    9175.  BOOTSKY
    9176.  Carol Richards from Wexford
    9177.  Bill Smith from newbury Park, CA
    9178.  Kenneth Hunter from the Steel City baby
    9179.  Jesse Ball from Orchard Park, NY
    9180.  Roni Newhart from Columbus, OH
    9181.  Karen Mazzei from San Clemente, CA
    9182.  Lisa G from Pittsburgh good luck Steelers!
    9183.  Addi Buffington from French Lick, IN
    9184.  chuck from n.y.
    9185.  Bryan Haines from Lewistown, Pa.
    9186.  Travis Baumiller from Freedom, Pa
    9187.  Hot mama from Pittsburgh, PA
    9188.  Payton Buffington from French Lick, IN
    9189.  Zach Craig from Washington, DC
    9190.  Brooke Buffington from French Lick, IN GO BIG BEN!
    9191.  Jackie Fisher from Pittsburgh PA
    9192.  Mark Mitchell from Clovis, Nm
    9193.  Alisa D. from AZ
    9194.  Mike Oswalt from Johnstown
    9195.  Zach Waters from Washington{Steelers} Pa
    9196.  bens the best from fj from oh
    9197.  Michael Laskowsky from Brisbin P.A.
    9198.  Megan Ardary from Pittsburgh, PA
    9199.  bens the best from from oh
    9200.  charlene phillips from Portland, Oregon
    9201.  Pimply Dan from Steelers Message Board HOF
    9202.  Mel Stone from Dormont
    9203.  Mike Zuhl from Pittsburgh
    9204.  Annette from Latrobe, PA
    9205.  Carson in the hospital
    9206.  Kirk F. from Bethlehem, PA
    9207.  Rob Marks from Plano, TX
    9208.  Wayne Powell from New Jersey
    9209.  Arun Janakiraman from Pittsburgh, PA
    9210.  Crystal Maki from Charleroi, PA
    9211.  josh
    9212.  Mallory from Latrobe, PA
    9213.  ed stone from Atlanta
    9214.  Kevin Conklin from Philadelphia Pa
    9215.  Bethany M from Steeler Nation (( Pittsburgh))
    9216.  Amy from Greensburg, PA
    9217.  Jamie Kay from Las Vegas
    9218.  Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek
    9219.  Chris Oplak from Ashburn, Virginia
    9220.  CarrieAnn Evans from Merritt Island, Fl
    9221.  ShirleyComfort from Washington Pa
    9222.  Elmer Sobansky from Cecil
    9223.  Nick B from Da 'Burgh (yinzers takin over)
    9224.  Dariu Topan from Denmark
    9225.  Hannah C. from Jeannette
    9226.  Katie Koenig from Penn State
    9227.  LIL' WAYNE from New Orleans
    9228.  Alan Hunter from From Sheraden
    9229.  Ryan C from From Bridgeville, Pa
    9230.  Sara from Gettysburg, PA
    9231.  ALEX BONELLI from RMU
    9232.  heinz ward
    9233.  Chad Kocher from Santa Ana, California
    9234.  lil jen from philly , pa
    9235.  Megan Becer from Ligonier,PA
    9236.  THE FITCHS OF PHOENIX from Phoenix, AZ
    9237.  Toni Bilesimo from Cleveland OH
    9238.  Scott Ramsey from Germantown MD
    9239.  Cali Atoy from PA/VA
    9240.  Alison T. from Kalamazoo
    9241.  Mick from jennete
    9242.  Niki from PITTSBURGH!!!!
    9243.  Ant Williams from Memphis, TN
    9244.  Kristen Beistel from Antioch, TN
    9245.  Jen Vogt from Lancaster, PA
    9246.  Mike Eldridge from Black Lick, Pa
    9247.  Sandy Jones from Colver, Pa.
    9248.  Joe Michaels
    9249.  Jodi from jennete
    9250.  luke parker from brookline
    9251.  Emm from da burgh
    9252.  Corey Thomas from Wayne, PA
    9253.  Donald Webb from Jax, born in Pittsburgh!
    9254.  James Hernon from Milwaukee, WI
    9255.  Kyle Melat from Cranberry, PA
    9256.  "T"
    9257.  Hilary Ramsey from Germantown MD
    9258.  Jimbo from Strasburg
    9259.  Hector Peraza from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    9260.  Jennifer Hartung from PA
    9261.  Mike from Pittsburgh
    9262.  JOSH W from FJ OHIO - GO BEN
    9263.  Linda from Latrobe, PA
    9264.  bill murry from hollywood
    9265.  Julianne from Pittsburgh PA!
    9266.  Zac Anderson from Pitt
    9267.  Tall Girl Steph from Philadelphia, Pa
    9268.  HAMMY from HOPEWELL, PA
    9269.  Andy Baran from Northern Cambria
    9270.  Trevor Braun from Harrison City, PA
    9271.  Jason Edwards from VA transplant from PGH
    9272.  Jared from Economy, PA
    9273.  Shawn Beistel from Antioch, TN
    9274.  M Kershishnik from Atlanta
    9275.  Stephanie from Chicago from win so my guy can shave!
    9276.  Sue Zigarovich from suezig@netzero
    9277.  Karen Mazzei from San Clemente, CA
    9278.  Milwaukee, WI from Entire state of Wis.
    9279.  Barry from Pittsburgh
    9280.  Wayne and Lisa Hoffman from Northern Cambria, PA
    9281.  Karen Mazzei from San Clemente, CA
    9282.  Michael Pincek from Dumfries, VA via Butler, PA
    9283.  Andy Baran from Northern Cambria
    9284.  Eric Kaseler
    9286.  Gary from Pittsburgh
    9287.  J. Wildi from New Kensington PA
    9288.  Ryan Thomas from Johnstown, PA
    9289.  Julie Costello from Bridgeville, PA
    9291.  Shannon Rady from Pittsburgh, PA
    9292.  Ben Ramundo from Dallas, TX
    9293.  Jen Holcomb from Great Falls, MT
    9294.  Sarah Rady from Pittsburgh, PA
    9295.  C.J. Armer from Arlington, TX
    9296.  mom from steeler, pa
    9297.  Mushcup from Beaver County, PA
    9298.  Shane Rady from Pittsburgh, PA
    9299.  JOnathan Boulos
    9300.  Leann Petrilla from Pittsburgh, PA
    9301.  Matt Popik from Beaver Falls, PA
    9302.  Bill Moore from Washington, PA
    9304.  Robert Green from Fort knox, ky
    9305.  David boulos
    9306.  Jessica Diminno from PITTSBURGH, PA - GO STEELERS!
    9307.  George Carloss from Orange CA
    9308.  George KEILHOLTZ from AKron, OH10
    9309.  Jillian Ploof from Pittsburgh, PA
    9310.  Gary Casteluuci from Pittsburgh, PA
    9311.  Sue Rudy Rusch from SW FL via Youngstown OH
    9312.  Kelly Hannah from Las Vegas, Nevada
    9313.  Tim Sheridan from Arroyo Grande, CA
    9314.  Kim Heckert from North Huntingdon PA
    9315.  Jenn from Pittsburgh Pa
    9316.  Krissy from Pittsburgh PA
    9317.  Sara Ann from slippery rock, pa
    9318.  Bomber Watson from Johnstown, PA
    9319.  Conni Way from Kirkwood, N.Y.
    9320.  Rolly Young from Homer City Pa
    9321.  Willie from Steelers, PA
    9322.  Joe Cramer from West Chester, OH
    9323.  Anthony Rusnak from from CoralSprings,Fl.
    9324.  Ben Blough from Johnstown, PA
    9325.  Andy Bingman from pittsburgh
    9326.  Marissa Glick from Latrobe, PA
    9327.  Kolt Green from Windber, PA
    9328.  Allyson Rusnak from from Coral Springs Florida
    9329.  Rita M. Riley from Enola, PA
    9330.  Brent Heckel from Latrobe, PA
    9331.  John Rusnak from Coral Springs FL
    9332.  Renee Marko from Latrobe, PA
    9333.  Bernie McAllister from Fairfield, OH
    9334.  Jesus Loves You from Heaven
    9335.  Liz Walko
    9336.  Allah from Hell
    9337.  Leslie Hollandsworth from Willis VA
    9338.  Kevin Dykyj from your parents bedroom
    9339.  Shaun Lemley from Pittsburgh, PA - COWHER POWER
    9340.  Walter Trychta Jr. from FT. Lauderdale,FL
    9341.  Lauren from Pittsburgh P.A
    9342.  Leanne Shaurette from Spokane, WA
    9343.  Arlene Harris from Concord, NC
    9344.  Jesse Sedlock from Ohiopyle, PA
    9345.  Toughtown from Brooklyn NY- member Steeler MB
    9346.  DON FERGUSON from Northern cambria,Pa.
    9347.  Gale and Ken from Hanover Pa
    9348.  Dee-Dee Mccarthy from Gibsonia, Pa
    9349.  Travis Hoffman from Northern,Cambria Pa GO PITT
    9350.  Your Mom from your house
    9351.  CHEETAH from TKD VILLE
    9352.  Dominic from Ambridge
    9353.  R.Scott from Oxford, OH (Miami!)
    9354.  *******WALLY HAYTON**** from Mount Pleasant, PA*****
    9355.  Ed Hoover from Washington DC -- GO STEELERS!!
    9356.  joyce kisner from ohio
    9357.  Terry Dunlevy from Baton Rouge, LA
    9359.  Leigha Hoffman from N. Cambris Go STEELERS!!!!!!!!
    9360.  Susan S. from Harmony, PA GO STEELERS!!!!
    9361.  Kait Luttner from Pittsburgh, PA
    9362.  Breanna Genevro from BROCKWAY, PA
    9363.  Michelle Gregory from Baden, PA
    9364.  Matt Yourd from U o Pitt
    9365.  Mrs. Ben Roethlisberger from (Brittany) from SRU
    9366.  Mike Nilles from Ft. Myers, FL
    9367.  Jean Wachter from Beaver, PA
    9368.  El Dave from Sumter SC
    9369.  Todd Markowski's balls from Pitt
    9370.  Nancy from Monroeville
    9371.  Logan from Meyersdale PA GO STEELERS
    9372.  DONT BE DUMB YINZERS from & act like idiots if they win
    9373.  J Logan from Mercer, PA
    9374.  Andrew Trychta from Ocala,Fl
    9375.  Matt Muffly from Pittsburgh, PA
    9376.  PLease Explain #8868 from Webster's
    9377.  Anh-Tuan from Pittsburgh, PA
    9378.  Elizabeth Keith from Cherry Tree ,Pa
    9379.  Amber Meier from Akron Ohio
    9380.  Kurt Sintz from Butler, PA
    9381.  jenna talia from homestead
    9382.  Mark W from Raleigh, NC
    9385.  Thomas Kuczynski from Pittsburgh, PA
    9386.  JOHN KEITH from CHERRY TREE, PA
    9387.  Jessica Keso from the Field
    9388.  Pete Lashley from Largo, Florida
    9389.  John C. von Weiland from Miamisburg, Oh
    9390.  Lori Croskey from Whitehall Oh Go Stillers
    9391.  Jen F owler from Rising Sun, Maryland
    9392.  Erin Hennaman from Pittsburgh
    9393.  deb urda from WEST MIFFLIN
    9394.  Greg Sinal from Perryopolis, PA
    9395.  Marty Marinack from Pittsburgh PA
    9396.  Zacgary Croskey from Whitehall Oh
    9397.  Marty Marinack from Pittsburgh PA
    9399.  Stuart Cohen from Newport Coast, CA
    9400.  Marie G from Utica, N.Y.
    9401.  Brian Meck from Orwigsburg, PA
    9402.  Mike Maric from Vernon, BC Canada
    9403.  Shaun & Carie Lemley from Pittsburgh - Double Yoi
    9404.  Aundra Weissert from Chestertown, MD
    9405.  JOE MILLER from MUNHALL..PA
    9406.  Kathy Cochran from Ruffs Dale, PA
    9407.  Dyana Martin from Tarentum, PA
    9408.  sharon nagy from Virginia
    9409.  Harry Dick from URANUS
    9410.  sharon nagy from Virginia
    9411.  Marisa(ben biggest fan)
    9412.  Josh Hooke from North Huntingdon, PA
    9413.  Abby from pittsburgh
    9414.  matt herold from pittsburgh pa,
    9416.  Claire Knepshield from Ford City P
    9417.  Alaina from Pittsburgh Pa
    9418.  Many much moosen from The Woodsen
    9419.  Lou Marino from Pittsburgh, PA
    9422.  Joe M from PA-CA-FL-DE
    9423.  Ben Katko from Morgantown, WV
    9424.  Brittany L from MUNHALL, PA
    9426.  melanie gordon from pittsburgh pa
    9427.  Marissa Tucker from Pittsburgh, PA
    9428.  WHO DEY!!!!! from CINCINNATI
    9429.  Kris Hennaman from Altoona, PA
    9430.  Joe Comfort from Washington, Pa
    9431.  karrie from emporium, pa
    9432.  BOB BETHEL from BETHESDA OH
    9433.  Steve Patrick from Wheeling, WV
    9434.  Pat Feeney from Pompano Beach, Fl
    9435.  Beavis & But Head from Long Island, NY
    9436.  shirleyComfort from Washington.Pa
    9437.  Vic Carelle
    9438.  Scott Peskowitz from Cranberry Twp
    9439.  Patrick Blankenship from Rome,GA
    9440.  HarryTwater
    9441.  Deb Morris from Riverside, Pa
    9442.  Scott Peskowitz from Pittsburgh, Pa
    9443.  Tom Blankenship from Rome,GA
    9444.  Fairview Fire Dept. from bridgeville, PA
    9445.  Andrew J Medsger from Pittsburgh Suburbs, PA
    9446.  boodles and princess from crafton heights
    9447.  A to the K from CASTAIC, CA
    9448.  Aaron Wright from Newmy
    9449.  Rick the Reff Harden from Twinsburg,ohio
    9450.  Mike Madigan from Pittsburgh
    9451.  Dawn C from Washington, DC
    9452.  Patty McKeever from Blenheim, NJ
    9454.  Jessica Galano from Warren, NJ
    9455.  Who Dey?? WE DEY!!!!
    9456.  sarahlynn from pittsburgh pa
    9457.  Teresa McElhattan from Oldsmar, FL
    9458.  Kathy Roth from Encinitas, CA
    9459.  Heywood Jablome from Atlanta, GA
    9460.  cody steelers rule from dunbar
    9461.  Mark S from Harmony, PA
    9462.  Derrick M from Washington, DC
    9463.  A.S.P. Headquarters from Pittsburgh, Pa
    9464.  Vinny Bonanno from Northern Cambria,PA
    9465.  Ron Weicht from Central City, PA
    9466.  Adam Matonic from Upper St. Clair, PA
    9467.  BOB BETHEL from BETHESDA OH
    9468.  KERRY CLARK from CORONA,CA
    9469.  Melanie London
    9470.  Karen Morgan from Brownsville PA
    9471.  Melanie London from I LOVE YOU BEN!!!
    9472.  Patrick Ewing from Georgetown 1985
    9473.  Becky Sanzo from Cairnbrook, PA
    9474.  Chuck Hoffman from Da Burg'
    9475.  Ann-Marie from south side
    9476.  Anthony Pancia from Cedarhurst, NY
    9477.  Emily from Hubbard, OH (Go Steelers)
    9478.  Jimmy B from from North Hills now Baltimore
    9479.  Jen from Johnstown, PA
    9480.  william(chilli)mcclemen from stuart fl.
    9481.  Mark - Here we go!!!! from Gambrills, MD
    9482.  Laber family from North Huntingdon, PA
    9483.  Jack Mehoff from Down South
    9484.  Anthony Pancia from Cedarhurst, NY
    9485.  Domenica Ferraro from Penn State University
    9486.  Todd Markowski's balls
    9487.  Meem from Palamaloo, Pa.
    9488.  Jessica Heckert from North Huntingdon, PA
    9489.  Mike Morgan"#1BenFan" from Pembroke Pines FL
    9490.  Doug W from Zelienople, PA
    9491.  Walt U from Manteca, Ca
    9492.  Jena Martincic from Upper St. Clair pa.
    9494.  Chris Trageser from Penn State
    9495.  Danielle Konchak from South Park
    9496.  Mark Stahler from Oakland
    9497.  Jen Zotter from Wexford, PA
    9498.  Danny Lang from Athens, OH
    9499.  Lisa from Erie PA
    9500.  Andrew Shive from York, PA
    9501.  David Kuna from Gibsonia, PA
    9502.  George W Bush from Wasd. DC Go Stillers
    9503.  Jerry Breen from Prescott Valley, Azz.
    9504.  kevin osso from beaver falls
    9505.  Josh Homison from Cincinnati, OH (Evans City, Pa
    9506.  Doug Pickens from Stoneboro, PA
    9507.  Emilia Bohn from Pittsburgh, PA
    9508.  Sheri from Baltimore, MD
    9509.  Cindy Bargerstock from (Raccoon Twsp.)Aliquippa, Pa.
    9510.  Dina from Pittsburgh
    9511.  Rich King from Cincinnati, OH
    9512.  Aimee Carlen from Deltona, FL
    9513.  Greg Osborne from Bridgewater, PA
    9514.  The Mayer Family from Merritt Isl, FL (Clairton PA)
    9515.  Mick Bargerstock from (Raccoon Twsp.)Aliquippa, Pa.
    9516.  Chrissy from Pittsburgh
    9517.  Jesse Mitolo from Woodbridge, VA
    9518.  gunner barr and donna b from carrolton the burgh west ohio
    9519.  junk in trunk from beep beep
    9520.  Biker Bear from Reno, Nevada
    9521.  Holly Sunseri from Wheeling,WV
    9522.  Jimmy Finley from Pittsburgh, PA
    9523.  Kordel Stewart from I luv you guys
    9524.  bob mankowski from fort myers florida
    9525.  Nicky D from New Kensington, PA
    9526.  Jodi McGee from Spring Hill, Fl.
    9527.  mark from MIA
    9528.  Madame Cheri from Connecticut
    9529.  Mike Pollack from Monaca
    9530.  Megan Janusek from Silver Spring, MD
    9531.  Ben Roethlisberger from Detroit, MI
    9532.  Robert M. McElhone from Winfield, Kansas
    9533.  Penny Mohney my legs from are going to be hairy
    9534.  Evil Joe from Thurmont, MD
    9535.  Jordan Duncan from Pittsburgh, PA
    9536.  Angela Anders from Illinois (Bear Country Yuck!)
    9537.  Tracy Parkes from Bridgeville, PA
    9538.  Shawn Alexander from Seattle
    9539.  Lindsey Clark from State College, PA
    9540.  Chris Vendilli from Pittsburgh, PA
    9541.  justin calhoun from clarion
    9542.  amanda hugnkiss from pittsburgh,pa
    9543.  Andy from The Burgh
    9544.  Colleen from Marianna, PA
    9545.  Steve Dugger from Scottdale PA SteelerMafia
    9546.  DREW SCULLY from Philly
    9547.  Heather from Bethel Park
    9549.  A 12 year old from I dont even have stubble
    9550.  Todd Hart from Gibsonia, PA
    9551.  Jerome Bettis from Detroit, Michigan
    9552.  Dan Zsolcsak from New Kensington, PA
    9553.  Nick (BigMags) Magnotte from Macomb, MI
    9554.  Snoop Dogg from LA
    9555.  Patty Ritchey from Claysburg PA
    9556.  Lindsey from VA
    9557.  Erin from Steelers, PA
    9558.  Mike DeRose from Parkersburg, WV
    9559.  Lindsey Lear from Philadelphia, PA
    9560.  Tim Ruane from Los Angeles
    9561.  NATEBALLZ from State College, PA
    9562.  Moe Voytus from I love UAL
    9563.  Jim Rhode from Denver CO
    9564.  Leyland Card shark from Smith
    9565.  lori from oakdale
    9566.  AJD from LAS VEGAS,NV
    9567.  Jeron Sedlock from Mt Washington
    9568.  Michael Reutzel from Capitola CA.
    9569.  Will Herbick from Johnstown, PA
    9570.  1st Sgt. Russel D. Mars from 2nd Rhode Island Volunteer Inf
    9571.  Alex Kinlock from Syracuse NY
    9572.  Marisa Teolis from Pittsburgh, PA
    9573.  Emily Duff from Pittsburgh, PA
    9574.  JoAnn from Scott Twp
    9575.  Jason Maurer from Shaler, PA
    9576.  Ashley Sokolic
    9577.  Lauren from Fox Chapel, PA
    9578.  Monica Rothermel from Pittsburgh
    9579.  Hairy Para Testicles
    9580.  Amanda Connelly from Natrona Heights
    9581.  Hazel's from castle shannon
    9582.  Lisa Drakulic from PITTSBURGH, PA
    9583.  Stephanie from Pittsburgh
    9584.  JON from DELTONA GO STEELERS!
    9585.  Olivia Lai from Roswell, Georgia
    9586.  *Jess Gerek* from Pittsburgh
    9587.  Grace from PITTSBURGH, PA
    9588.  Lindsay McIntosh from Pittsburgh, PA
    9589.  Colton Grove from Accident, Md
    9590.  Patrick D. Jardini from Edwards Air Force Base, Ca.
    9591.  Erin Mills from Beaver, PA
    9592.  Alyssa Haber from Mt. Lebanon, PA
    9593.  Jessica from Johnstown, PA
    9594.  Jeremy Crow from Washington, PA
    9595.  Tommy from Houston, TX
    9596.  God from Heaven
    9597.  Jenn Cava from Loretto, PA
    9598.  Jillian Lorich from DITKAville, PA
    9599.  Bryan Boyer from Pittsburgh, PA
    9600.  Tina Karel LaFayette from Palm Bay, Florida
    9601.  Kerri Owens from Pittsburgh, PA
    9602.  Leigh Anne Shubert from Pittsburgh
    9603.  Tony Chiatello from Pittsburgh, PA
    9604.  Mandy K. from Purchase Line, PA
    9605.  Ryan Hanes from Savannah GA
    9606.  Walter Diethorn from Monessen
    9607.  John J. Webb from University of Florida
    9609.  Brian Nypaver from Tarentum, PA
    9610.  Leo Spagnola from Cleveland, OH
    9611.  Chelsea W from Zelie, PA
    9612.  Lindsay Nypaver from Pittsburgh PA
    9614.  louise arner from Natrona Heights
    9615.  Michelle from Hermitage, Pa
    9616.  gregg pallaria from canonsburg
    9617.  Michelle Benner from Bethlehem PA
    9618.  dick from dan taan pittsburg
    9619.  Laura Augustine from Memphis, TN
    9620.  Paul Benner from Bethlehem PA
    9621.  Dick Llessur from Lewisburg, PA
    9622.  Nikki Sarver from Greensburg Pennsylvania
    9623.  Ron Jenkins from Brownsville, PA
    9624.  Savannah Benner from Bethlehem PA
    9625.  Kim from lancaster
    9626.  "Beanie" Eckerson from Bradenton, Florida/ERIE NATIVE
    9627.  Nicole Ostrowski from pittsburgh
    9628.  Luke Pietroforte from Finnleyville, PA
    9629.  MARLBORO RANCH STAF from Bozeman Montana
    9630.  Dena Parnis from Sterling, VA
    9631.  KellyAnne
    9632.  Toby & Jordon Grove from Accident, Md
    9633.  Jeff Rimko from Greenville, PA
    9634.  Cara Cole from Bel Air, MD but really Pgh!!!
    9635.  Dana Rupert from Charlotte nc
    9636.  Erika Felack from Pittsburgh, Pa.
    9637.  Andy Hunn from St. Louis, MO
    9638.  Justine from University of Pittsburggghhhh!
    9639.  Stephen Mostella from UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA-LAS VEGAS
    9640.  Cara from Ellwood City PA
    9641.  Tim Berkebile from Boswell, Pa
    9642.  Deez Nutz from In Sea's Mouth
    9643.  Nicki Johnson from pitt
    9644.  Moe Lane from Hemet, Ca.
    9645.  Kordell Stewart
    9646.  Nicole Johnson from Brockway, PA
    9647.  Jessica Simpson from 3rd booth Pizza Hut
    9648.  Scott Ross from Pittsburgh
    9649.  Professor Truth Straub from Pittsburgh, PA
    9650.  Gina Ross from Pittsburgh
    9651.  Sumir Roethlisberger from H-burg
    9652.  Donna Ross from Pittsburgh
    9653.  Caesar Ross from Pittsburgh
    9654.  Al Vignolini from Hope Well
    9655.  Scotty Ross from Pittsburgh
    9657.  Fox Mulder from Somewhere out there
    9658.  Jack Meoff from your hand
    9659.  Luke Felack from Pittsburgh, Pa
    9660.  Jessica Smith from Scranton, PA
    9661.  Aaron Gary from Boswell PA
    9662.  Dana Bruck from Pittsburgh/Berlin , PA
    9663.  Nikki from Ellwood City
    9664.  Denise Dow from Connellsville
    9665.  Hannah Airgood from Pittsburgh PA
    9666.  Dave McGinty from West Mifflin, PA
    9667.  Richard Jason from Kil Texas/ Greensburg PA nativ
    9668.  Neil O'Donnell
    9669.  Sandee Beatty from Wexford, PA
    9670.  Jen Wauthier from Pittsburgh, PA
    9671.  Alyssa Lou7 from i wont let my daddy shave
    9672.  Joe Shmo from Down the Road
    9673.  Myron Cope
    9674.  Bam Morris from Jail
    9675.  Caden Coppetti from Pittsburgh, pA
    9676.  Dave Friend from Slippery Rock PA
    9677.  Chase Coppetti from Pittsburgh, PA
    9678.  Robert Wallace from Charlotte, NC (from Trtl Crk)
    9679.  Steve Rothermel from Pittsburgh
    9680.  Abbie from Philadelphia, Pa
    9681.  Maureen Dowd from New York City
    9682.  Matthew J. Shupe from Slippery Rock, PA
    9683.  Alayna Angiulli from Pittsburgh, PA
    9684.  Jamie Bakaj from State College, PA
    9685.  Dana Rose from Mt. Airy, NC
    9686.  Matt from Franklin Park in Pittsburgh, P
    9687.  Dave Rupert from Centreville, Va
    9688.  Steve Ferris from Uniontown
    9689.  Barb Todaro from Jefferson Twp.
    9690.  Liam McNamara from Fishersville, VA
    9691.  J. Skoff from Mars, PA
    9692.  Hallie Cohn from Milwaukee
    9693.  Harold Southard from New Tazewell, TN
    9694.  Rob Moody from Winter Garden, Fl
    9695.  Grizzly Adams from the woods
    9696.  Matthew BMOC Strods from Orlando, Fl
    9697.  ZZ Top from NEVER
    9698.  Amy Coppetti from Pittsburgh, PA
    9699.  Jake Lewis from Leesport, Pa
    9700.  Ken Wisenhunt from Steelers
    9701.  Lynn from Long Island
    9702.  Shaybabes from Slippery Rock, PA
    9703.  Justin Mikita from E-Town, PA
    9704.  Jenna Miller from Cranberry Twp, PA
    9705.  Gary O'Brien from Conway, PA : GO STEELERS!
    9706.  Thomas E. Glover from Aspinwall
    9707.  Emily from WVU
    9708.  mark busser from darlington, pa
    9709.  Butchy from Pittsburgh
    9710.  Ron Absten from Pittsburgh, PA
    9711.  Natalie Cardinale from Charleroi, PA
    9712.  Mike Metz from Hagerstown, Md
    9713.  Shannon O'Brien from Conway, PA : GO STEELERS!
    9714.  Elsie Hillman from Where Your not Allowed
    9715.  L. Harrison from Butler, PA
    9716.  Bonnie Bonobo from The Jungle (I love any type of
    9717.  Harrison Leipold from Latrobe,PA GO STEELERS!
    9718.  Ralph Mielnik from Hollidaysburg, PA
    9719.  Walter Hutsky from Johnstown, PA
    9720.  Dawn Duffy from Pittsburgh
    9721.  Kristie Bubenko from Orwigsburg, PA
    9722.  David Ingram Sr. from Glendale yearound Flinton, Pa.
    9723.  Bernie Chmiel from Penn Hills, PA
    9724.  Brittney Morgan from Canonsburg PA
    9725.  Jenna Porter from Vandergrift, PA
    9726.  Britney Spears from Chuckie's Place
    9728.  Revan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    9729.  Big Brian Hazel from Pittsburgh Go STEELERS!!!
    9730.  Rhonda from Connellsville, PA
    9731.  Fred McCloy from Mt. Pleasant,Pa.
    9732.  Connie Wade from East Liverpool Ohio
    9733.  Jizz Drippin from Your Mom's Chin
    9734.  Carol McCloy from Mt. PleaSANT,pA.
    9735.  John Malloy from Baltimore, MD
    9736.  Ray Lewis from Baltimore
    9737.  Billy GOOO STEEERS from Steeler, PA
    9738.  Rick Downing from formerly of Cheswick
    9739.  Joe Zalesky from Transplant from the Burg
    9740.  Roni Shwaish from Pittsburgh, PA
    9741.  Nick from Ellwood City, Pa
    9742.  Terrell Owens from Philadelphia, PA
    9743.  Joey Porter from you wish you could know
    9744.  Bobby Dellorso from Steeler, PA 15301
    9745.  Eddie from Erie, PA
    9746.  Angela Garzarelli from The Steeler Nation
    9748.  phallus from h-burg
    9749.  Holly Manginell from Emporium, Pa
    9750.  Anna Thenthongkham from Las Vegas, NV
    9751.  Mike Vanderjagt from Indianapolis (A K A) PITT
    9752.  Shane McCabe from Butler, PA
    9753.  Jacqui Diehl from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    9754.  Susan Smith & Family from Deep Creek Lake, MD
    9755.  John Federer "fed" from pittsburgh, pa
    9756.  David Wolf from Ypsilanti, MI
    9757.  L DOGG from Mckeesport
    9758.  George D'Amato from Mt. Pleasant, PA
    9759.  Jason Bonaventura from Novi, Michigan
    9760.  Eddie George from Bedford PA
    9761.  Jeff Kennedy from Granville, OH
    9762.  Dave Bremner from Pittsburgh, PA
    9763.  BRENDA from from WV
    9764.  Chris Barnes
    9765.  Angie George from Bedford PA
    9766.  jarrid henderson from steelers nation
    9767.  Chris Cooper from Columbus, OH
    9768.  Ken Pryke from South Park, PA
    9769.  Coach Cal-er from Turlock, CA
    9770.  Mike Desciak from Wilkes-Barre PA
    9771.  Steve Moye from Philadelphia, PA
    9772.  Kurt Hetrick from originally Tarentum, PA
    9773.  Pete Morelli from Indy
    9774.  Justin Kayne from Southside
    9775.  Pete Morellis a fag from Indys cheating refs
    9776.  Michael Schmidt Sr. from Baltimore, MD
    9777.  palahlamuex from it's polamalu
    9778.  Kathy from Charleston SC
    9779.  Sheila Schmidt from Baltimore, MD
    9781.  Michael Schmidt Jr. from Baltimore, MD
    9782.  shana from I miss Pittsburgh PA!!
    9783.  vince young from texas
    9784.  Tracy Schmidt from Baltimore, MD
    9785.  Erin Castner from J-tizzle PA
    9786.  jl davis from seattle,wa
    9787.  DENISE MUDRYK from THE BURGH!!!!!!!
    9788.  Dina Cerniglia from Penn Hills, PA
    9789.  God from God loves the Steelers
    9790.  Al Hupchick from Downingtown, Pa.
    9791.  Carlito from Los Angeles
    9792.  Ellen Kalik from Pittsburgh
    9793.  TroyLuver Natalie from Syracuse, NY - GO STEELERS!!
    9794.  Marc from Hillsborough, NJ
    9795.  Danielle B. Arasin from Lower Burrell, PA
    9796.  Anthony Wyatt from Penn Hills, PA
    9797.  Janet Jackson from Superbowl 38
    9798.  Kelsey Catchpole from Lower Burrell, Pa GO STEELERS
    9799.  James Hamilton from Mercer, PA
    9800.  Greg Pearson from Corvallis, OR
    9801.  Mr. Ed from Dripping Springs, TX
    9802.  Bob Mroz from Sunny, Warm, Bartlett, IL
    9803.  Heide Stoessner from Columbus, OH GO STEELERS!!!
    9804.  jeff from atlanta
    9805.  Patt "the Mean" Sween from Ferndale, CA
    9806.  Jimbo from Phoenix Az
    9807.  Richard Burke from Mansfield, PA
    9808.  Heath from Indianapolis, IN
    9809.  CHRIS WEAVER from WILLIAMSPORT PA!!!!!!
    9810.  Hannah Carlen from Deltona, FL GO STEELERS
    9811.  ME from 2950 strikes again
    9812.  Becky from GO STEELERS !!!
    9813.  Cindy from the lounge, pa
    9814.  Lorigan Banky!!! WOO!! from PIttsburgh, PA
    9815.  besspiata from Esliberty
    9816.  JoJo from Midland, PA
    9817.  Dawn from Winston Salem
    9818.  Patty Fike from Lower Burrell, PA
    9819.  Yvonne Bunevich from Quaker Hill, Connecticut
    9820.  Samantha Ballert from Plymouth, MA
    9821.  Shane Swacus from Dyer Indiana
    9822.  Stephen Griesmer from West Palm FL
    9823.  jesse carst from harrisburg
    9824.  F the Steelers!
    9825.  Kiwi from New Zealand
    9826.  Trista Rockacy from Pittsburgh
    9827.  Shave the beard dirtbag
    9828.  Mike Sullivan from West Wariwck, Rhode Island
    9829.  Robby from Ebensburg Pa and Annapolis Md
    9830.  J. Jude hazard from Bellevue (Pittsburgh), PA
    9831.  Derick from Greensburg
    9832.  tawana from bahamas
    9833.  DAN MCKAY from HARRISBURG,PA.
    9834.  Erin Angotti from Denver, CO
    9835.  Joe Court-Miles from Ellwood city P.A.
    9836.  Lisa Marie from PITTSBURGH, Pa
    9837.  Trusinblues from Cali
    9838.  Judith Vogel
    9839.  Traci Hornfeck from Tyson's Corner, Virgnia
    9841.  Lindsay Kunkl from Pittsburgh, PA
    9842.  Grace Manning from Tipton PA Go Ben!!
    9843.  Liz Gibson from Chippewa, PA BABY!
    9844.  Donna Honse from Greensburg
    9845.  Ashley Cichowski from Latrobe, PA
    9846.  Bill Cowher's mustache from Pittsburgh, Pa
    9847.  ScottyV from Pensacola, FL
    9848.  Mark Immekus from Bethel Park, PA
    9849.  Mr. Soiled Chamois from Shaved Legs & Burns, PA
    9850.  Dr. Jenn from Mancino Academy
    9851.  Debi from Baden PA
    9852.  Jordan Gottschalk from Chapel Hill, NC
    9853.  Joe Mixter from Robinson twp
    9854.  steelers suk
    9855.  Teressa Heinz Kerry from Boston 2/2/2006
    9856.  Melanie Irene from Grove City, PA
    9857.  Mario L. from Posh Sewickley, PA
    9858.  George Gallagher Jr. from Altoona PA.
    9859.  Michelle Kofalt from Pittsburgh, PA
    9860.  Allison Rossetti from Pittsburgh, PA
    9861.  Vic Duron from Los Angeles
    9862.  Joey Porter from Shuttytown
    9863.  Jonathan Frederick from Imperial, PA
    9864.  Mary W. from Ambridge, PA
    9865.  I should shut my hole from Joey Porter
    9866.  Mike D from Clarks Summit, PA
    9867.  Carly Somma from Pittburgh, PA
    9868.  cameron from tulsa
    9869.  Stacie Endler from Los Angeles, CA
    9870.  Karen Atkins from Pleasantville PA
    9871.  Paul Matvey from Pittsburgh PA
    9872.  Caitlin from Pittsburgh
    9873.  DAVE BREWER from GBG,PA
    9874.  Chris Huey from Tarentum PA
    9875.  MORGAN CROCK from GBG, PA
    9876.  Linda Gonder from CLARIDGE. PA.
    9877.  Bobbie Jo Brown from GBG, PA
    9878.  Coach Gurekovich from Camp Cowher at SVC
    9879.  Kunsate Choomjinda from Thailand
    9880.  Terry Kerr from McDonald, Pa.
    9881.  SKIPDOG
    9882.  Aaron Shifflett from charlottesville Va
    9883.  JoAnn from Russellton, PA
    9884.  Shane Hankinson from Bucknell
    9885.  knightrain from pittsburgh
    9886.  The Son of Daniel Hayes from Charlottesville, VA
    9887.  sunil patel from kashmir ,INDIA
    9888.  chris vargas from pittsburgh
    9889.  Elvis from Graceland
    9890.  Rene from Butler, Pa
    9891.  Kelly Eifert from Philly (born in the burgh)
    9892.  Rowan Atkinson from Mr Bean
    9893.  Tyler Walters from Beer County
    9894.  Nancy Waibel from North Huntingdon Pa.
    9895.  Michael (Miyagi) Lopez from PITTSBURGH!
    9896.  Bob Stainbrook from Clark, PA
    9897.  Tony Dialoiso from Verona,PA.
    9898.  Matt Murdock from Ellwood City
    9899.  D. J. Honse from Greensburg
    9900.  Denise Palkovich from NEW CASTLE
    9901.  bigkinger from shenango
    9902.  Shaun Alexander from Seattle, WA
    9903.  Ealani Michelle Bosley from Morgantown, Wv
    9904.  Theresa Heinz from Fox Chapel
    9905.  Indian Guy from The Gas Station
    9906.  Dustin Fritz from York, PA
    9908.  Rebecca Chuckro from Burton, OH
    9909.  Kevin Mike from New Kensington, PA
    9910.  Dont Be Piggy from Da Burgh
    9911.  ^^^Loyalty!^^^
    9912.  Andy Black "da big 10K
    9913.  Love the Beard! from Ben's Face
    9914.  Jake & John Peters from Kansas City
    9915.  eriiiiica from albany
    9916.  Rick Blackwell from Virginia
    9917.  Courtney DiPippa from Castle Shannon
    9918.  Diane Brnilovich from Peoria Arizona
    9919.  A Cok from Under the Jeans
    9920.  Alex Swann & her kitty from Santa Ana, CA
    9921.  Bobbert the Commie from Almost Ebensburg
    9922.  Josh Link from Ebensburg
    9923.  Bitter Browns Fans from Erie, PA
    9924.  Ktp
    9925.  Brian Hoppes from Painfully Colorado!
    9926.  Jeb Brown from Rocky Run
    9927.  Don O'Brien #1 Steeler from York PA
    9928.  Sue Thompson from Ontario
    9929.  Cindy O'Brien from York PA
    9930.  Kerrie Baldesberger from Finleyville,Pa
    9931.  Little Murph from Arcata, CA
    9932.  Idi Amin from Uganda
    9933.  Tyler Walters from Beer City, Alcohol
    9934.  Thom Fuell from Philadelphia, PA
    9935.  Ken Dobosh from New Kensington, PA
    9936.  Lynne & Bob kendrish from Scottdale Pa
    9937.  Pranay Nadkarni from Steel Belt, PA
    9938.  Jerome Bettis from Five Guys
    9939.  Kent Walker from PITTSBURGH, PA
    9940.  Big Ben takes it from Behind by the Bus!!
    9941.  Jaime from Virginia
    9942.  Eat ur hrt out brownies from HAHA, Pennsylvania
    9943.  Brooke "Erin" Walyko from Hollsopple, PA
    9944.  Richard B. Callender from Bronx via McMurray
    9945.  Hines Ward
    9946.  Rick Baldesberger from Finleyville, Pa.
    9947.  Gina Kozak from Crescent, PA
    9948.  Jim O'Brien Jr. from Pittsburgh, PA
    9949.  Garnet from Steeler, PA
    9950.  Barrice Ferrarelli from Upper St. Clair
    9951.  Phil Moses from San Diego, Ca.
    9952.  william kosciuszko from new castle pa
    9953.  Eric Jones from New Athens, OH
    9954.  The Boby Family from Pittsburgh, PA
    9955.  Homer Simpson from Springfield
    9956.  Korky loves William from NC
    9957.  Brandi Sroka from Pittsburgh, PA
    9958.  meyer loves Amy from the bottom of his heart
    9959.  shawn delia from pittsburgh
    9960.  The girls from 18th St. from Steeler Nation
    9961.  Cricket from McMurray, PA
    9962.  Greg Trout from Greensburg, PA
    9963.  Alisa Ann from Rochester Hills, MI
    9964.  Tracy from Northampton, PA
    9965.  Pittsburgh will lose from a realistic Steeler fan
    9966.  ^^^ This guys a terd from the grimest toilet
    9967.  Chris Jones from Scottdale, Pa
    9968.  yes he is from go stillers! da burgh!
    9969.  Marty Muggles from Mt Lebanon, PA
    9970.  Reina McCloy from Pittsburgh PA
    9971.  Jerry Pence from Columbus, Ohio
    9972.  #36 bus from toledo, oh
    9973.  Jennah Wittenbarger from Owenton, KY
    9974.  Dave Baker from Solomons, MD
    9975.  Debbie from Whitaker,Pa
    9976.  Carly Adams from Latrobe
    9977.  Cathe Cannon from The Run
    9978.  BRIAN MEISTER from Connellsville, PA
    9979.  Jacob Hayden from Greensburg, PA
    9980.  David Harrigan from Basking Ridge, NJ
    9981.  Eddie Fadde from Lindenhurst, NY
    9982.  Gene snitsky from it wasnt my fault
    9983.  Lori Ludwig from Meadville, Pa
    9984.  Jess Fadde from Edison, NJ
    9985.  Qai Balcita from Pittsburgh, PA
    9986.  Bill Grove from Altoona, PA
    9987.  Bob Dole
    9988.  Kathy from Sint Maarten, Netherlands Anti
    9989.  Chad White from Chambersburg, PA
    9990.  erin figgins from THE BURGH!
    9991.  Hillary Duff from Im legal
    9992.  Jason Smith from Maple Valley, WA
    9993.  Jay Goodman from Pittsburgh Pa
    9994.  9966 will die
    9995.  nichead from western central maryland
    9996.  Ann Chmiel from Barefoot Bay, Fl
    9997.  Valley Vikings support from BIG BEN!!!
    9998.  Theresa Clinemyer from Lilly, Pennsylvania
    9999.  Norman Marsh from Grundy VA
    10000.  Andy Black the big 10 K from Erie, PA
    10002.  Erica Seifried from Pittsburgh, PA
    10003.  Amanda from PITTSBURGH, PA
    10004.  ryan carr from PITTSBURGH
    10005.  William Kosciuszko from New Castle Pa BABY GO STEELERS
    10006.  Tony Caley from Long Beach, California
    10007.  Steely Can from The Planet LoveTron
    10008.  Francis C from Bethel Park PA
    10009.  John Libert from Primrose, PA
    10010.  Scott McMaster from Hickory, PA
    10011.  Jessica from PITTSBURGH
    10012.  Dana Sayers from PITT
    10013.  Garrett Young from Pittsburgh
    10014.  Jenna V. from Pittsburgh
    10015.  Matt from Virginia
    10016.  Jason Leffler from Canton, Ohio
    10017.  Kelly B from Pittsburgh PA
    10018.  any way to delete 9966? from what an idiot! Carla NB - PA
    10019.  Raelynn Miles from Pittsburgh
    10020.  Karin Steinbock from Pittsburgh/State College
    10021.  Sam McCarthy from Murrysville, Pa.
    10022.  Will not shave my legs from Ranee Greensburg
    10023.  Brittney Romeo from Coraopolis, PA
    10024.  Keith Woody Jarvis from South Fayette, PITTSBURGH PA
    10025.  Sara Shubert from Cranberry Township, PA
    10026.  Keith Woody Jarvis from South Fayette, PITTSBURGH PA
    10027.  Eric D Swaney from LaCrosse, Wisconsin
    10028.  Jason Fronczak from Pittsburgh, PA
    10029.  steelsouth from Lumberton, NC
    10030.  Steve Treser from Blacksburg, VA
    10031.  Donna Jacobs from McDonald, PA
    10032.  Ben Libert from Primrose, PA
    10033.  P. Malec from long island
    10034.  Barbara Bracken from Sharpsville, Pa
    10035.  Alex Kopko from SLC, UT
    10036.  Mark Pawlak from Cranberry Township, PA
    10037.  Brooke Sample from Neptune, NJ
    10038.  Amy Eckman from California, PA
    10039.  Jacqueline Goldfarb from Blacksburg, VA
    10040.  Ronnie Randolph from Pittsburgh, PA
    10041.  mike margotta from Des Moines IA
    10042.  Jerry Randolph from Pittsburgh, PA
    10043.  Heather Morgan from Manor, PA
    10044.  Jon Fronzak from Pittsburgh, PA  (02/03/06)
    10045.  Erika Allen from Pittsburgh, PA
    10046.  Heather Ramsey from Vancouver, WA
    10047.  Patricia Mott from East Rutherford, NJ
    10048.  Nick Murphy from Wheeling, WV
    10049.  Caitlin Doutt from Pittsburgh
    10050.  Joe Kruszewski from The Steel City
    10051.  Lori Seman from Tarentum, PA
    10053.  Toni Harvanek from Charlotte, NC
    10055.  Pat McCabe from Bethel Park, PA
    10056.  Brett Colgan from Canton, OH ( Cooks Forest, PA)
    10057.  Craig Lawrence from Erie, PA
    10058.  Kevin Kijowski from Charlotte, NC
    10059.  Eddie Rendell from up my own a$$holomio
    10060.  Steve Manginell from Emporium Pa
    10061.  Ryan Patrick Mulvaney from Southside Pittsburgh
    10062.  Ray Schmittle from Altoona, PA
    10063.  Erin Donnelly from a Pittsburgh native in Ohio
    10064.  Sara Harvanek from Charlotte. NC
    10065.  J. Pence from Go Blitzburg!!!!!
    10066.  Brian Jackson from Sumter, SC
    10067.  Danielle Kijowski from Charlotte, NC
    10068.  Clyde Adams from Castle Shannon
    10069.  Rich Zottola from Cedar Creek Lake, Texas
    10070.  Peter Griffin from hehehehehehe
    10071.  shawn hodgetts from Uniontown Pa
    10072.  Whitney Meitzler from Charlotte NC
    10073.  Jonathan Keefer from Saint Bonifacuis Mn
    10074.  Randi Mostert from Hookstown, PA
    10075.  Lauren Engels from Monroe, NC
    10076.  Matt Mooney from Pittsburgh, PA
    10077.  Rick Varhola from Munhall
    10078.  Ryan Walker from Evans City, PA
    10079.  Jenn Buchanan from Akron, OH
    10080.  Logan Weygandt from Johnstown, PA (M4L)
    10081.  Jovonne Jones from Pittsburgh, Pa
    10082.  Maria Sulava from Leechburg,PA
    10083.  Buckers from Florida's Capital City
    10084.  Jared Etkins from Pittsburgh Pa
    10085.  kiara Skornickel from pittsburgh pa
    10086.  #55 from Jeremy Stevens nightmares
    10087.  Todd (light post) Mauk from Madox's yard (just in case)
    10088.  C.J.
    10089.  Jeremy Stevens from Under Joey Porters Foot
    10090.  Darlene & Freddy Miller from Sumter , SC
    10091.  Tommy Soroka
    10092.  Pat McGroin from Intercourse, PA
    10093.  Jonathan Heckman from Hummelstown, PA
    10094.  MoonDogSpot from South FL
    10095.  Joyce Stephenson from Penn Hills, PA
    10096.  Don Rae from Madison, WI
    10097.  Ray Stephenson from Penn Hills, PA
    10098.  Jennifer Klein from Cape Coral, FL
    10099.  Dean Maksin from Clairton, PA
    10100.  Kris Metzger from Pittsburgh PA
    10101.  Manuel Perez from Bernalillo, New Mexico
    10102.  Emily Smith from Pitt but orig. Charleston, WV
    10103.  Chris and Darrin!!!! from Pittsburgh
    10104.  Bill Hartmen from Oakdale Pa, GO HAWKS !!
    10105.  Nicole Devore from State College, PA
    10106.  Rochelle from Uniontown, PA GO #43
    10107.  Jaime Burmeister from Beaver County PA
    10108.  ANDREW WALLACE from BRANDON, FL.
    10109.  Tim Firlik from Columbus OH
    10110.  Maria Johnson Loves Ben from PITTSBURGHHHH
    10111.  Robert Burke from Kane Pa
    10112.  Holly Lynn Huff from Origin. from PA now in Vegas
    10113.  Bens Mom from Scranton
    10114.  Paddy O'Brien from Bethel Park when not in Miami
    10115.  John Floccari from Notre Dame, IN
    10116.  L.J. Michalski from Pittsburgh
    10117.  Pat Adams` from Columbia, SC
    10118.  Patrick McKee from New Kensington, PA
    10119.  Sweet V-Lew
    10120.  Mark Hrestak from Mt.Pleasant Mills, PA
    10121.  Jack from Canada
    10122.  Molly despises beards from MI, but will support #9554
    10123.  Jill Hagerich from Monroeville, PA
    10124.  John Lorenzi from Troy PolamaluRd. Dan KreiderPA
    10125.  Aric McElhattan from Oldsmar, FL
    10126.  Dave Yarosik from North Huntingdon,Pa
    10127.  Lawrence Sayre from Camp Hill , PA
    10128.  Zippy from Ambridge PA
    10129.  the whole C bloCk from Pittsburgh PA
    10130.  Rachel from CA
    10131.  AARON APJOK from ERIE, PA
    10132.  LETS GO STEELERS from Pants 'N' Nat, PA
    10133.  kristen hileman from Balad AB, Iraq
    10134.  Debra Nichols from Belle Vernon
    10135.  DJ MEFFORD from auburn hills mi
    10136.  Micheal Jackson from Arizona State Penetentery
    10137.  David Topolnak from Pittsburgh PA
    10138.  Ruby Softspots from Butler PA.
    10139.  Brian from Fort Myers, FL
    10140.  dubx99 from South Cali
    10141.  Danielle Toward from pittsburgh, pa
    10142.  Ryan Rusiewicz from Tarentum, PA
    10143.  John Ray from Las Vegas NV
    10144.  Deanna "DD" from the big ole' Burgh
    10145.  Mercedes Bogi from Seattle, WA
    10146.  David Rizzo from Arizona (Displaced, Army)
    10147.  Arnel Balcita from Roethlis-burgh, PA!
    10148.  Jon Madden from San Francisco, CA
    10149.  Justin Hertrick from San Francisco, CA
    10150.  ahwa from Pittsburgh, PA
    10151.  E$Z$Money from Las Vegas, NV
    10152.  ron jones from adena oh
    10153.  Chuck & Barb Bilconish
    10154.  Chris Ceccarelli from Belle Vernon PA
    10155.  Stephen Anderson from West Lafayette, IN
    10156.  MKB from keeping faith in Sparks, MD
    10157.  Mike Ventorini from Natrona Heights Pa
    10158.  mike from west mifflin
    10159.  Jim from bWoods
    10160.  Jeffrey D from Meadville Pa.
    10161.  Betty 2 from Baltimore
    10162.  Rick Y. from Wexford
    10163.  Thomas Farmall from Hickory, PA
    10164.  Ben V from Delphos, OH/Pittsburgh, PA
    10165.  Dick Bachtel from Ashland
    10166.  M. Martin from Johnstown Pa.
    10167.  Ray O'Rourke from Pittsburgh, PA
    10168.  JimBob Freeborough from Allison Park Pa
    10169.  Eric DeJohn from Pittsburgh
    10170.  Lynne Ciccarelli from Weirton, WV
    10172.  Mark Shrader from Weirton, WV
    10173.  Chris from Clearwater, FL
    10174.  DOUG SLEVA FARTED from in MCKEES ROCKS!!!!
    10175.  Santa Claus from the North Pole
    10176.  Pat Regan from Harrison City, PA
    10177.  Brian Cooper from Bracknell, England
    10178.  TED HOGUE from GREENSBURG
    10180.  bill scott from daytona beach
    10181.  reva s from pittsburgh
    10182.  David Cain from Shaler PA
    10183.  J Kary from New Castle
    10184.  Kim McGill (KimbaLips) from Lumberton, NC
    10185.  Big Don Mecca from Anywhere USA
    10186.  The Gloviers from Philadelphia
    10187.  shank bank from baddie land
    10188.  Dianne Hall from Milton Florida
    10189.  Kelly Williams from Pittsburgh, PA
    10190.  Ernie Taormina from Huntingtown, MD
    10191.  Tiffany Weimer from Pittsburgh,PA
    10192.  Tricia Bradley from Pittsburgh, PA
    10193.  marguerite mcgee from camp hill pa
    10194.  Jack Toward from Madison, Ohio
    10195.  Brenda GO Steelers! from Hanover, PA
    10196.  george seifert from las vegas nv.
    10197.  Karen Neppach from Pittsburgh
    10198.  mike booze from baltimore, md.
    10199.  Alena Mulvehill from Pittsburgh, PA
    10200.  George N esto from Richeyville, PA
    10201.  jack @dana mcgee from heaven
    10202.  Jeffrey O'Connell from Havelock NC
    10203.  Mike Donohoe from McLean Va, Former Pittsburgher
    10204.  Laura Oblack from Export, PA
    10205.  Mike Ondrusek from Rose Haven, MD
    10206.  Susan from Vermont
    10207.  Tammy Lynch from Waynesboro, PA
    10208.  Ryan Wilpula from pittsburgh
    10209.  Jill Licata from ANH Refractories
    10210.  Dave Kennedy from Pittsburgh, PA
    10211.  US Military for daBurgh from Kaiserslautern Germany
    10212.  Diana Gittins from Pittsburgh
    10213.  Amy Bartram from Columbus, Ohio
    10214.  Bob DiCola from Cleveland Ohio
    10215.  Bob Ondiss from Lancaster, PA
    10216.  Art Model from Baltimore
    10217.  Bernie Kosar from Cleveland (unfortuantely)
    10218.  Bill Borlnd from Leonardtown, MD
    10219.  Danielle M. from Ohio
    10220.  A.J. FITZROY from PENN HILLS, PA
    10221.  David Dougherty from Pittsburgh, PA
    10222.  Andrew Duda from Slippery Rock, PA
    10223.  Coon Dog from 100 on sea hawks
    10224.  Mandy Whitbred from State College PA
    10225.  Valerie Getner from West Mifflin
    10226.  john husak from north hills pa
    10227.  Stephanie Overberger from Northern Cambria, Pa
    10228.  Sean and Colin Stanish from Gibsonia Pa
    10229.  Matraca Vrana from Northern Cambria, Pa
    10230.  Annie Lawry from PITTSBURGH, PA
    10231.  Diana Smyrl from Philadelphia, PA
    10232.  Brian Winn from Coatesville
    10233.  Mary Logan from Brownsville,PA
    10234.  Ryan Kehl from Sinking Spring, PA
    10235.  April Collins from Clymer, Pa.
    10236.  JJ Hughes from Pixburgh, PA
    10237.  Erin Mower from Lower Burrell, PA
    10238.  Alesha Baker from Beaver
    10239.  Fred Tromm from Durham, NC
    10240.  I .C. Onefor from Thumb, Cimer Florida
    10241.  Doc from the 'BURGH
    10242.  CJ Strakal from Morgantown, WV
    10243.  Frank Pruce from Indianapolis-Canonsburg
    10244.  Robert Gribik from Harrisburg (Pittsburgh native)
    10245.  Zack Androsko from St. Clairsville, Ohio
    10246.  Jodie Gribik from Harrisburg (Pittsburgh native)
    10247.  Mike Jones from Fairfax VA (Pittsburgh native)
    10248.  Nancy Mc from Columbus, Ohio
    10249.  DVD from Orlando, FL from Rochester, PA
    10250.  Erni Fisher from Nashville, TN
    10251.  Jo Ann Mulkerin from Pittsburgh, PA !!!!
    10252.  Casey Reinig from Jacksonville FL
    10253.  wendy polanosky from pittsburgh
    10254.  Elmo from Pahl a malu
    10255.  Noah O Steelers' Rock! from York, PA
    10256.  Georgene Krawczyk from Johnstown, PA
    10257.  TOM BRADY from BOSTON
    10258.  Natalie Grant from Reston, VA
    10259.  Kim Janci from Kennedy Township
    10260.  Carrie Marie from Bridgeville, PA
    10261.  Ryan A. Sunseri from Pittsburgh
    10262.  Alderson Floor Install from Washington Pa
    10263.  Clint from Porter,IN
    10264.  Sam Botte from New Cumberland, PA
    10265.  Tami Winters from Clarion, PA
    10266.  Ryan Murphy from New Brighton, PA
    10267.  Stackhouse from Beaver, PA
    10268.  Steve Vinciguerra from Orlando FL (Rochester PA)
    10269.  Jim and Noisy from Peachtree City, Ga.
    10270.  Nancy Lacey from pittsburgh PA
    10271.  Tony Jones from Moon Twp, PA
    10272.  Natty & Jack S. from Bel Air, MD
    10273.  The Slaninas from Pittsburgh, PA
    10274.  Mike Spencer from Chestertown, MD GO STEELERS!
    10275.  Ryan Ross from Owings Mills, MD
    10276.  Elaine GO STEELERS!!
    10277.  Bobbi Miller from Jeannette, PA
    10278.  buck from cherrytree pa
    10279.  Carl Miller from Jeannette, PA
    10280.  Chris Hinzman from Beaver, PA
    10281.  KAITLIN LUCAS from GO STEELERS!!!!
    10282.  Hatti from West Mifflin
    10283.  Rita Kester from Pittsburgh, PA
    10284.  *****Jon Whitbred****** from Selinsgrove PA
    10285.  scott braden from Fort Bragg
    10286.  Mike K from Northa Picksburgh
    10287.  Bill Degitz from Blawnox PA.
    10288.  m.britton from oil city,pa
    10289.  Rachelle Vergari from Cincinnati, OH
    10290.  Barbara Radosh-Liwen from Jacksonville, Fl
    10291.  Bubba Bucnutz from Florida
    10292.  eneill from aliquippa, pa
    10293.  jersey george from pittsburgh
    10294.  Jim Joyce from West Mifflin
    10295.  Dave Snitger from New Cumberland, PA
    10296.  J.R.Jones from Washington, Pa.
    10297.  Brian McCullough from Philadelphia
    10298.  Nathan"The Beard" Jones from Houtzdale PA
    10299.  NC BIOLOGY 4th pd from Northern Cambria, PA
    10301.  Bob Shansky from East Liverpool, OH
    10302.  Anna Asturi from Pittsburgh, PA
    10303.  Ciara Pomerico from New Castle, PA
    10304.  Kathy Lamison from Pgh, PA * Love ya BLACK & GOLD
    10305.  Ed P. from Erie, PA
    10306.  Lewis Pace III from West Mifflin, PA
    10307.  Greg Ferencak from Connellsville, PA
    10308.  Solid Snake from Shadow Moses Island, AK
    10309.  David A. Hopkins Jr. from Dillsburg, PA
    10310.  cindy from fort myers, florida
    10311.  The McD's from Memphis TN
    10312.  Doug from Cinci..Go Ben
    10313.  Severenuk family! from Rockaway N.J.
    10314.  Jeanine "Beanie" Ault from Pittsburgh, PA
    10315.  Kelly Markle from PA
    10316.  C Beck from The Burg
    10317.  Gwen Sovitski from Girdwood, Ak
    10318.  Belinda from from Pgh. PA - Go Black & Gold
    10319.  Michael Howard from Jacksonville, FL
    10320.  Tammy Brown from Greensburg, PA GO STEELERS
    10321.  Aurelio Bianco from San Vito, Italy
    10322.  Rodney Winters from Clarion, PA
    10323.  Nate Newton from prison
    10324.  Hogan's from St Marys, PA
    10325.  Nate Sturm from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    10326.  Murrays of McKinney, TX
    10327.  Jim Martin from New Holland, PA
    10328.  Anita Pezzi from Beaver Falls, PA
    10329.  Donna Kleckner from Plum Borough, PA
    10330.  Joe Behe, Jr. from County Cork Ireland
    10331.  Santa Claus from duh...
    10332.  Miranda Metz from Harrisburg
    10333.  Stacey Schroeffel from Orlando, FL
    10334.  Bob from Pittsburgh
    10335.  Doreen Miller from Bluffton, SC
    10336.  Anul Luver from Bronx, NY
    10337.  Joan Angus from Columbus, Ohio
    10338.  Amy Deak from Mt. Lebanon, PA **Go Steelers!
    10339.  Mary Jo from Pittsburgh
    10340.  **The Burger King Guy**
    10341.  Matt from Pittsburgh
    10342.  John Max Binder from Conway, PA
    10343.  Nick from Homer City
    10344.  Teresa Marella from East Liverpool, OH
    10345.  Jeff Ondek's Retainer from Beez
    10346.  Mike Luther from Beaver Falls, PA
    10347.  Michael Hackmer from Leesburg, VA
    10348.  Todd Ray from Pittsburgh, PA
    10349.  Greg Kehl from Moon Twp, PA
    10350.  Frank V from New Castle, PA
    10351.  Lori Neff from Rawson OHIO
    10352.  Karen from Syracuse, NY
    10353.  Beth Joseph and family from MCMURRAY, PA
    10354.  Drew Ault from Nashville, TN
    10355.  Amanda from Somerset, PA
    10356.  Dave BlairE from Petrolia, PA
    10357.  Kay Flinn from Lima OHIO
    10359.  Seth Miller from Glen Burnie, MD
    10360.  Sean Rothermel from Pittsburgh, PA
    10361.  Jeanette Garcia from Baltimore, MD
    10362.  Angie Corrie from Moon Twp PA
    10363.  K.A. from Palmerton PA
    10364.  Misty Klinesmith from Erie, Pa formerly PITTSBURGH!
    10365.  Oscar from Florida
    10366.  Zeppi Barefoot from Jackson, NH
    10367.  Mark Fyock from Pittsburgh, PA
    10368.  Jonathan and Mindy from Hanover PA
    10369.  Fazile Murtezi from Kosovo
    10370.  Stephen Tupta from Mcmurray PA
    10371.  Joe Barefoot from Jackson, NH
    10372.  Jeff Chastel
    10373.  Bruce Ream from Orlando Florida
    10374.  Josh Elders from Pittsburgh PA
    10375.  Gman from CT
    10376.  Eric Radz from Baltimore, MD
    10377.  Theresa NO Beard from Jackson,NH
    10378.  Stephanie Tawney from Pittsburgh, PA
    10379.  Shawn McCaffrey from Coraopolis, PA
    10380.  Taylor Maher from Pittsburgh
    10381.  Becky Horvat from West Mifflin
    10382.  Kathryn Goucher from Allison Park, PA
    10383.  Corey Spindler from Pittsburgh PA
    10385.  Kevin Joa from Pittsburgh, PA
    10386.  Chrissy & Marian from Tampa FL
    10387.  Jimmy Richards from Virginia Beach, VA
    10388.  Fr. John Zdinak from Cleveland, Ohio
    10389.  Mary Zelleznick from Pittsburgh
    10390.  Woody
    10391.  Anthony Milliner from New Brighton, PA
    10392.  Joe Yasick from Iraq
    10393.  Heather from Orlando Fl
    10394.  The Rat from from Asia
    10395.  Greg Hall from Pittsburgh PA
    10396.  Steve Fulkerson from Cincinnati, OH
    10397.  Don't shave it Ben! from Pittsburgh,PA
    10398.  Amber Nicodemus from Allentown, PA
    10399.  Rebecca from Wheaton, MD
    10400.  Randy Shank from Lancaster, PA
    10401.  Joe Moe from Atlantic city
    10402.  Donna Yeager from Bradenton, Florida
    10403.  TJ Thompson from Austin, TX
    10404.  Rick Young from Beaver, PA
    10405.  Garrett Smith from Coraopolis
    10406.  Jason Meta from Kettering, OH
    10407.  Matt Whitford from Syracuse
    10408.  Rachel Winter from Monaca, PA
    10409.  Steve Simko from North Huntingdon, PA
    10410.  Jason Sutherland from Philadelphia, PA
    10411.  Mark Russak from North Irwin, PA
    10412.  Carol Hammer from Dallas, Texas
    10413.  Dan Dragicevic from Farrell, Pa
    10414.  Rick Hanzlik from GO STEELERS South Fayette
    10415.  Bob Weber from Pittsburgh....LOVE YA STEELERS
    10416.  Niki from Pittsburgh, PA
    10417.  Jenna DeFrancesco from Castle Shannon
    10418.  Jean McCort from Middletown, MD
    10419.  Barb Imblum from Seven Fields, PA
    10420.  James Mull from Burgettstown, PA
    10421.  Jo-Dee from Munhall
    10422.  Corinne Miller from Crescent PA
    10423.  Lynda Dodd from Sealy, Tx
    10424.  Chuck Barber from Beaver Falls PA
    10425.  Rob Major from Deep Creek Lake, MD
    10426.  Dave Bressler from Harrisburg, PA
    10427.  Steve Busch from Castle Shannon
    10428.  Aleksey Rasz from Wellsburg, WV
    10429.  Mark Kehl from Johnstown (currently Reading)
    10430.  Diane Rasz from Wellsburg, WV
    10431.  Clint from Porter,IN
    10432.  Paul Woessner from Findlay Ohio, Ben's Hometown
    10433.  Tim Lowe from Pittsburgh, PA
    10434.  Monica Young from Wexford, PA
    10435.  Rick Notari from OLD FORGE, PA
    10436.  Janis Forsythe from North Huntingdon, PA
    10437.  BEARDED LADY from Pittsburgh, PA
    10438.  Janice Colalella from Aliquippa Pa.
    10439.  Vera from Trididad
    10440.  Kelly from Pittsburgh, PA
    10441.  Kathy Devine from McDonald
    10442.  Laura Antonelli from (Bengals fan) Weedville, PA
    10443.  Patty Altimus from Strongstown, PA
    10444.  Mary Ellen H from GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Pgh PA
    10445.  John from Baldwin
    10446.  Ryan Bertuzzi from Indiana PA
    10447.  Anthoiny Colalella from Quip Pa.
    10448.  ELRON WRIGHT from MOON
    10449.  Ryan Bertuzzi from Indiana PA
    10450.  Brian Cominottie from gnc
    10451.  Matthew Yurkovich from Pittsburgh, PA
    10452.  Katy from Harrisburg, PA
    10453.  Jenn from Washington, PA
    10454.  Timothy Wolfe from Iraq
    10455.  BETH BOOHER
    10456.  Ryan Bertuzzi from Indiana PA
    10458.  Danny Lewis from Iraq
    10459.  Judi from Bridgeville, PA
    10460.  Rhonda Yost from New Brighton, PA
    10461.  Katie B. from Wilmore, KY
    10462.  Beth Booher from Monaca, PA
    10463.  Scott Bille from St. Marys, PA
    10464.  Tim Merichko from Youngwood, PA
    10465.  Mary Burchik from Mt. Gretna, PA
    10466.  Michelle Pinkney from Ellsworth, PA
    10467.  Lori Dempsey from Pittsburgh, PA
    10468.  Emily Davis from Harrisburg, PA
    10469.  Mackenzie Span's dad from Greeensburg,Pa
    10470.  diana rutkowski from houston texas
    10471.  mary calvanese
    10472.  Brandon Moore from Go Steelers - Beaver Falls, PA
    10473.  Tracy G. from Eighty Four, PA
    10474.  Die-Hard Steeler Fans from Evansville, IN
    10475.  chuck cercone from harrisburg pa
    10476.  Phillip Moore from Beaver Falls, PA GO STEELERS!
    10477.  Don Mulkerin from Maryland
    10478.  Bob Pezzi from Beaver Falls, PA "GO WIN"!!!
    10479.  Abigail Lubanovic from Chicora, PA
    10480.  Amy Warzinski from Bridgeville, PA
    10481.  Rich Barish from Charleston, SC
    10482.  Billy Brink from Wilmington, NC
    10483.  sharon from freedom, pa
    10484.  Franco Harris
    10485.  Tom Andino from Beaver Falls, PA "GO BIG BEN!
    10486.  Memory Of Cindi&Beaver from ~Homeville PA~OneForTheThumb!!
    10487.  Jed & Co. from Camp Cheripko, Darnestown, MD
    10488.  Scott A. Shaw from Orlando, Florida
    10489.  Jessica "No 7" Sprajcar from Harrisburg & Pittsburgh, PA
    10490.  Derek "Wing Tut" Payne from Sarver, PA
    10491.  Macho Man Randy Savage
    10492.  Dave Izzo from Beaver Falls, PA Go Steelers!
    10493.  michael patrick from pittsburgh, pa
    10494.  Elaine Wilson from Belle Vernon Pa
    10495.  Diane Izzo from Beaver Falls, PA Go Steelers!
    10496.  Julie Lopez from Allentown, PA
    10497.  cory downing from Albuquerque NM
    10498.  Gina Antonelli from Weedville, PA
    10499.  Doug from Indiana Univ.Of PA
    10500.  kingmonkey from farmville, nc
    10501.  Richard Steck from Beaver Falls, PA
    10502.  Tonya and Doug Hicks from Georgetown PA
    10503.  Amelia from East Liverpool, Ohio
    10504.  I.M.O. Blane Antonelli from Weedville, PA
    10505.  BRIAN D. from THE POODLE & AKIT'S HOUSE
    10506.  J. Scott Peterson from Indianapolis, IN
    10507.  Sandi Finch from Aliquippa
    10508.  Richard Potts from New Cumberland, WV
    10509.  Neil Snedeker from Houston, PA 02/03/06
    10510.  Three Cheers from from Columbus, OH
    10511.  Ron Snedeker from Ellsworth, Pa 02/03/06
    10512.  Brian Cominotti is a from colfs fan
    10513.  KENT THARP from FOLLANSBEE WV.
    10514.  Abe Lincoln from Washington D.C.
    10515.  Connie Zimmerman from Cleveland, Ohio
    10516.  Aaron from Morgantown, WV
    10517.  Brandon Denucci from Pittsburgh, PA
    10518.  Kelly Robinson from Morristown, OHIO
    10519.  John George from Tarentum, Pa. GO STEELERS!!!!
    10520.  Roberta Seneca from Plum Boro PA
    10521.  Diane Gilbert from Alamogordo, NM
    10522.  Confucius from China
    10523.  Jim Schade from Mechanicsburg, PA
    10524.  Eric Gilbert from Alamogordo, NM
    10525.  Eggy B from Chi but in town for the game!
    10526.  Seneca Bobcats from Erie, PA
    10527.  EXTRAORDINARY DRIVER from I'M 10506; IN PITTSBURGH!!!!!!
    10528.  Nancy Melvin from Rockville, MD
    10529.  The New Mayor of Avalon from You know where GO STEELERS
    10530.  Stefanie Davis from Hilton Head, SC
    10531.  Gary Zemack from North Strabane, Pa Chief 48
    10532.  THE SNAKE from Ross Twp in the BURGH
    10534.  sharon dimatteo from pittsburgh, pa
    10535.  Becky Busch from Pittsburgh, PA - Go Steelers!
    10536.  *****Mandy***** from from Baden
    10537.  Gabe Prince from North strabane, Pa
    10538.  Wesley Melvin from Rockville, MD too
    10539.  Sheila Barfield from Pittsburgh, PA
    10540.  Adrienne from Pittsburgh
    10541.  Pika from from Baden
    10542.  Chuck Rea from New York, NY
    10543.  Bob the Monkey from from Baden
    10544.  Edziu Wojciechowski from New Pecker Falls Pa.
    10545.  The One and only Twila from McDonald, Pa
    10546.  Anissa Rupert from PA
    10547.  Ken "Spaghetti" Sicheri from St. Marys, PA
    10548.  Dina Grant-Creighton from Pittsburgh, PA
    10549.  Diane Nesbitt from Pittsburgh
    10550.  Lee P's THIRD EYE! from Table One
    10551.  Todd Shumaker from Shippenville, Pa
    10552.  Nandu Machiraju from Chicago, IL
    10553.  Mary Micire from Destin, FL
    10554.  Bone from Pittsburgh, PA
    10555.  denver pepley from johnstown PA
    10556.  Bryan M. from Wexford, PA
    10557.  joanne lazzaro from penn hills
    10558.  Kim O from Atlanta, GA
    10559.  Humuhunukunukuapuaa from Wet
    10560.  kelly Rice from houston tx
    10561.  Lynnette & Denise from Erie
    10562.  I love Ben from jenny from the block
    10563.  Patrick C. from Pittsburgh, PA
    10564.  Mona Z from Middletown, PA
    10565.  Seth Chizeck from Mt. Lebanon PA!!!
    10566.  Debbie from Hodge
    10567.  fred mason from Da Berg
    10568.  Audrey Slocum from Lewistown, PA
    10569.  Melissa Owens from Pittsburgh
    10570.  David Slocum from Lewistown, PA
    10571.  denver pepley from jonstown PA
    10572.  MERR-DOG from SLIBERTY
    10573.  Suzanne Van Vort from Bluffton, SC
    10574.  Carol Jacklitch from Pittsburgh Pa...
    10575.  sandi jacobs from mckeesport, pa
    10576.  Melissa from Lock Haven, PA
    10578.  Lucas from Lock Haven, PA
    10579.  Tyler McCrum from Pittsburgh,Pa
    10581.  Kelsey Micire from Polkton, NC
    10582.  STEPH GRUSS
    10583.  Diane Mc from Plum Boro
    10584.  Drew Cheripko from Darnestown, MD
    10585.  Ronette Nicely from Conway, PA
    10586.  Anthony Cacciotti from Johnstown, PA
    10587.  Rich M from Cincinnati, OH
    10588.  Clarence E. Corbin from Darlington, PA
    10589.  Marissa Smith from Midland, Pa
    10590.  Ashley Throne from Conway, PA
    10591.  Heather Williamson from Pittsburgh
    10592.  Dian Micire from Polkton, NC
    10593.  Bob Higerd from Hertford, North Carolina
    10594.  Amanda from Harrisburg, PA
    10595.  presto
    10596.  Tamara Giulianelli from Pittsburgh
    10597.  **Smokin Joe** from Lower Burrell
    10598.  Blane Simpson from Albarmarle, NC
    10599.  Tim Worley from Georgia
    10600.  T Hosack from Monaca, Pa
    10601.  **OLYA BENKART from CHI
    10602.  Jeron Williamson from Pittsburgh
    10603.  Elaine & Marissa from New Brighton, PA
    10604.  Daniel Maerzluft from Shepherdstown, WV
    10605.  Herb Crouse from Claysville, PA
    10606.  Sarah Wyzkiewicz from PITTSBURGH
    10607.  BAM MORRIS from PRISON
    10609.  Amy Galbraith from High Point, NC
    10611.  Savana Williamson from Pittsburgh
    10612.  Shane Stewart from Sligo, PA
    10614.  Julie Nagel from New Bedford, MA
    10615.  amanda Olson from munhall, PA
    10616.  Logan Williamson from Pittsburgh
    10617.  Sherry Starnes from Chesterton, IN
    10618.  Pnxatawney Phil from Punxatawney,PA
    10619.  Matthew Clark from Steelers(best in NFL)
    10620.  Cindy Zdinak from Cleveland, OH
    10621.  Frank from Bearss
    10622.  Paul Hahn from Pittsburgh PA
    10623.  ELK COUNTY TOOL & DIE from St. Marys, PA
    10624.  Beth Wilson from Oil City, PA
    10625.  Scott Vilsack from Trafford PA
    10626.  NEAL O'DONNELL from Tennessee ( Don't throw any in
    10627.  Adam Walstrom from Brisbin, PA
    10628.  Cindy Keyes from East Liverpool, OH
    10629.  Joclyn Ruse from Burgettstown, PA
    10630.  Chesty LaRue from Beaver, PA
    10631.  Steve from Daytona Beach
    10633.  Winston Lyle from Clearfield PA
    10634.  Amy Slobozien from Harrisburg, PA
    10635.  my weiner from between my legs
    10636.  April Schroeffel from Pittsburgh, PA
    10637.  Chrystian Burleyson from Kannapolis, NC
    10638.  Robin Kluskey Brinkley from Apopka, FL formerly St. C. OH
    10639.  Mike Aurand from Dublin, OH, Go big Ben!
    10640.  Sherri Hannay from Pittsburgh, PA (GO STEELERS)
    10641.  Margo Craig from Washington, PA
    10642.  Boomer from Bristol, CT
    10643.  Alex Slutz from Alpha Tau Omega
    10644.  Galina from Davidsonville, MD
    10645.  karen graham from pittsburgh,pa
    10646.  raelynn redmond from hesperia,california
    10647.  Casey Conrad from Clearfield PA
    10648.  Ronald McDonald from McDonalds
    10649.  Joe Ferrazzano from Beaver Falls, PA
    10650.  Jerammy Stevens from SEATTLE
    10651.  Albert A.A. from DES, MD
    10652.  Shirlee Pritt from Orlando, FL (formerly PGH)
    10653.  Barb Rhoades from Pittsburgh, PA
    10654.  ****JACK SIPES**** from ****HOLLODAYSBURG*****, PA
    10655.  Wharton Hunt/Fish Club from Farmington PA
    10656.  Carson Robson from Conneaut, OH
    10657.  DaFeej from Peters Twp
    10658.  Susannah Chance from Austin, TX
    10659.  Therese from Beaver, PA
    10660.  Ray Swacha from Franklin, PA
    10661.  Bob from OIl City, PA
    10662.  Ben looks like a bum__ from Cleveland, OH
    10663.  C Luca from Monaca, Pa
    10664.  Tim Sawchak from Gardner, Kansas
    10665.  JASON HOBBS from CHESTER , W.V.
    10666.  & all he needs is a from sleeping bag & change cup!
    10667.  Sophie Malli
    10668.  Sidney Crosby from Cole Harbour, NS
    10669.  Meg Petruska from Monroeville, PA
    10670.  Sue Fiedler from Hilliard, OH
    10672.  Charlotte Wlodkowski from Krat & Kielbossie Cookin'
    10673.  Babe Johnson from PA
    10674.  SPONGE BOB from UNDER THE SEA
    10675.  Marc A. Wampler from Lexington, KY
    10676.  Joe Baggadonuts from from Freeport PA
    10677.  Harry Balsak from Pgh Pa
    10678.  Amy and Pete Krupp from N. Huntingdon,PA
    10679.  JoEllen Nelson from Lancaster PA
    10680.  Mike,Malissa,Cole Dorn from Steel City
    10681.  Kelly Abott from Valley High School
    10682.  Gilbert G. Gillman from from Squirrel Hill (GO BEN!)
    10683.  Robert Frank from Ocala, FL
    10684.  Greg Bossart from Newark Oh BLACK n GOLD FOREVER
    10685.  Leslie Cerra from Verona, PA
    10686.  Judy Libson from Pittsburgh, PA
    10687.  TOM IGOU from ATLANTA, GA
    10688.  Marcie Thompson from Ocala, FL
    10689.  Aubrey Lindh from Philadelphia
    10690.  Lindsey Ribar from Aliquippa, PA
    10691.  Jennifer Blystone from Valparaiso, IN
    10692.  jerry richardson from newkensington
    10693.  TRACY SACCONE from PITTSBURGH,PA : )
    10694.  Amanda "HotLips" Hahn from Findlaytucky, OH
    10695.  Julie Brett from Indiana, PA
    10696.  Larry Winters from Harrisburg, PA
    10697.  Bruce Humbert from Cincinnati
    10698.  Rose from PGH, PA
    10699.  Salvatore Reino from New Castle PA
    10700.  Brad Soles from mckeesport
    10701.  Jack Newland from New Castle PA
    10702.  Chris Feroz from San Francisco CA - Oil City PA
    10703.  Donovan Pepley from johnstown pa
    10704.  Doug Reid from Boulder, CO
    10705.  Todd A. Turner from Middle Georgia
    10706.  Dan Jenkner from Bellevue, NE
    10707.  Chris Altemare from Pittsburgh, PA
    10708.  Courtney C from Lower Burrell, PA
    10709.  Evan Johnson from Charlottesville, VA
    10710.  Susan Edmonds from Clinton MD
    10711.  Jan Slobozien from York, PA
    10712.  John Messenger from Perry, Ohio
    10713.  Carrie Balas from Irwin, PA
    10714.  Jessica Slobozien from Colyer, PA
    10715.  Spongy from Sea
    10716.  Linda Stefano from Carnegie, PA
    10717.  Darren S. from Pittsburgh, PA
    10718.  Diane Patterson from Greensburg, Pa.
    10719.  Dale Walters from Murrsyville, PA
    10720.  Fr David Houk from Dallas-where the Cowboys lose!
    10721.  SONSON CLAN from DELAWARE
    10722.  Erika Johnson from Pittsburgh, PA GO STEELERS!!!!
    10723.  lippert
    10724.  CHRISM from MOON TOWNSHIP,PA
    10725.  Devon and Wes from Washington, PA
    10726.  Patrick Star from Bikini Bottom -Go Steelers!
    10727.  Erika Kane from New Kensington, PA
    10728.  Anna Bird from Indiana, PA
    10729.  Jennifer Thurheimer from Altoona
    10730.  Geremy Jablonski from Washington DC
    10731.  Tiffany Swain from FL
    10732.  Madar takes it from behind
    10733.  L. MARCHIONDA from ALIQUIPPA, PA
    10734.  Lisa Bossart from Madison, OH
    10735.  **DR. JONES & LISA** from *** DA BURG***
    10736.  The Jimmy from Bethel Park
    10737.  Fred Thayer from Mechanicsburg
    10738.  Cotter from Landenberg, PA
    10740.  Mrs. Farve from New Kensington
    10741.  Meghan Houk from Dallas, home of the Cryboys.
    10742.  OL Dick from Shaler
    10743.  Trish from Pittsburgh
    10744.  Bob Lazor from Pittsburgh GO STEELERS!
    10745.  John "JT" Thompson from Clinton Township, MI
    10746.  Bobster from Steeltown USA
    10747.  Dale Douglas from Indianapolis, IN
    10748.  Paige T from Pittsburgh
    10749.  Jim Kukic from Churchill
    10750.  Bill White from North Fayette
    10751.  Sam Blatt from New Martinsville, WV
    10752.  Thomas Abate from Finleyville
    10753.  Terrell Owens from *******Homeless**********
    10754.  Sally S (no beard) from Brookline
    10755.  SETH SHAW from MOUNT GRETNA PA
    10756.  Kathy Rohs from Athens GA (orig PGH)
    10757.  Jack Lambert from ********Buzzards Breath WY****
    10758.  rick braglin from dover oh
    10759.  Adam Young from Chandler, AZ
    10760.  Mike "OV" Yosyk from Winnipeg
    10761.  Sandra Rosser from Atlanta, GA
    10762.  Carla Weiss from Pittsburgh PA
    10763.  Dan Sterling from Allison Park, PA
    10764.  Ahmad Peterson from Orlando (formerly The BURGH)
    10765.  Bruce Tawney from Monroeville, PA
    10766.  Stan Nausbaum from Bay Area
    10767.  Fred Larson from Altoona, Pa
    10768.  Megan Stockdale from Punxsutawney PA
    10769.  Frosty from Philly
    10770.  Antonio DiGiandomenico from Nashville, TN (Aliquippa, PA)
    10771.  Ryan Barrow from Farrell,PA
    10772.  Lauren Price from N. Huntingdon, PA
    10773.  Big Mere from Myrtle Beach (formerly PGH)
    10774.  Madeline from Pittsburgh
    10775.  William Scheer from Myrtle Beach, SC
    10776.  Jim Weigand from Muscatine, IA (born in Pgh.)
    10777.  Tim receives it from Kordell Stewart
    10778.  Bill Maidment from Avella, PA
    10779.  Megan from North Huntingdon, PA
    10780.  Eric from Coraopolis, PA
    10781.  Tom Columbus from Concord, NC
    10782.  Chris Firmstone from St. Petersburg, FL
    10783.  Jason Cost from Morgantown WV
    10784.  Cheryl Zarewicz from Pittsburgh, PA
    10785.  Bill Edwards from Phoenix, AZ
    10786.  Natalie Heck from Upper St. Clair, PA
    10787.  Carson from the OR in Cincy
    10788.  Rich Wilcosky from Cleveland, Ohio
    10789.  zack husak from north hills pa
    10790.  Hugh Mulvey from Glenshaw, PA
    10791.  John Brannan from Concord, NC
    10792.  Gretchen Sayre-Kozen from Wilmington, NC
    10793.  Laura O from Roaring Spring, PA
    10794.  Frank Murcko from Pittsburgh, PA
    10795.  Paulette Hupchick from Monongahela, PA
    10796.  DAMAGE INC. of PA from it's destiny-one for the thumb
    10797.  Iva Bigen and Wanna You from Da-burg of Latrobe
    10798.  John Michael from Allison Park, PA
    10799.  Tracey L. Miller-Smith from Atlanta, Georgia
    10800.  Kimberly Renziehausen from Crafton,PA
    10801.  George H. Guisler from Midland, PA
    10802.  Peyton from Eli's house
    10803.  Brion Knepp from Hershey PA
    10804.  GPJMC from PGH
    10805.  Phyllis Turner from Evans City, PA.
    10806.  Nick Bell from Pittsburgh, PA
    10807.  Emilie Norgard from Pittsburgh, Pa
    10808.  Eric Salopek from Penn State
    10809.  James Kane from Baltimore, MD (via Trafford)
    10810.  Dave McHale from Pittsburgh, PA
    10811.  Vicki C. Henn from New Jersey
    10812.  Jake Plumber
    10813.  Lucy from Pittsburgh, PA
    10814.  Paul Rogers from Bethel Park
    10815.  Jen Henk from Pittsburgh, PA
    10816.  Nick Byers from Uniontown,PA
    10817.  Mr./Mrs. Michael Lee from Uniontown, PA
    10818.  Dale E. Kuhn, Sr. from Carlisle, PA
    10819.  The 40 year old virgin from da burbs
    10820.  Jess Bevan from West Mifflin, PA
    10821.  Kevin cullum from steel cityy
    10822.  pitt girls have bigger from beards than the guys
    10823.  Kim Gounder from Youngwood, PA
    10824.  JOHN Clinemyer III from Loretto,Pa
    10825.  Linda Brewer from New Brighton, PA 02-03-06
    10826.  more girls than guys
    10827.  nate gunthur from steel cityy
    10828.  Jayme Dowdy from St Petersburg, FL
    10829.  Doubletall from Winter Garden, FL
    10830.  Brandon Dowdy from St Petersburg FL
    10831.  browns rule from pittsburgh,pa
    10832.  Diana Petrovic from Moon Township Pa
    10833.  Todd Dowdy from St Petersburg FL
    10834.  julie restelli from baltimore, MD
    10835.  DAVE KARAN from BUTLER PA
    10836.  JILL SPILL from Myrtle BEACH
    10837.  John Clinemyer from Loretto Pa
    10838.  Joey Porter's foot from Jerramy Steven's @$$
    10839.  Colleen from Tarentum
    10840.  Michelle Pennington from Parker,PA
    10841.  Kelly Kutz
    10842.  cristal brandon from beaver county
    10843.  John Clinemyer IV from Iraq
    10844.  Kristy Furgiuele from North Hills, PA
    10845.  Johnny and Gracie T. from Mechanicsburg, PA
    10846.  ALMA RONK from altoona,pa (not shaving legs)
    10847.  JEN from from New Kensington
    10848.  Priscilla Green from altoona,pa (not shaivng legs)
    10849.  Gord Bertin from Athabasca, AB. Canada
    10850.  The Staneks from Pittsburgh
    10851.  Amy Scarlato from Pittsburgh, PA
    10852.  Dave Gibson from NEW EAGLE!!!!
    10853.  Dolores Ribar from Raleigh, NC
    10854.  Ed Roth from Normal, IL (Pgh native!!)
    10855.  Ashley Twardon from State College, PA
    10856.  Michael Armenini from Pittsburgh, PA
    10857.  Frankie 101 The Fox from Kansas City, Missouri
    10858.  Dave Bossart from Hail from Connellsville, Pa
    10859.  Eagles, PA's favorite from Philadelphia, PA
    10860.  Smitty from Harrisburg / Indiana, PA
    10861.  Snooks from Woodbridge VA
    10862.  Dana Olander from Pittsburgh, PA
    10863.  John Duda from Port Hueneme,Ca
    10864.  Lisa Stephens from Sandy Ridge, PA
    10865.  Kordell Stewart from Fruit Loop, Schenley Park
    10866.  John O'Connell from St Pete FL
    10867.  Louis Perez from Isabella, Pa.
    10868.  mother gunther from steel city
    10869.  pete metz from nftmyers fl ihope they get the
    10870.  Jamey LeVier from Charlotte, NC
    10871.  amanda conley from pittsburgh, pa
    10872.  Patty from from Pittsburgh, PA
    10873.  Baby in April from PA
    10874.  Peggy from Beaver Falls, PA
    10875.  Kimo Von Cheap Shot from The State Pen
    10876.  John "Ox" Wright from Pittsburgh, PA
    10877.  Chris DeJohn from Pittsburgh PA
    10878.  Dave Brogan from Blitzburgh, PA
    10879.  Dana Craker from Monaca, PA
    10880.  Laura from Pittsburgh
    10881.  Mary Ann McConnel from Cranberry Twp.
    10882.  Beth Rozanc from Cecil PA
    10883.  Jenny Wilson from Altoona, PA
    10884.  Kristi from Hiller PA
    10886.  Chris from Pittsburgh, PA
    10887.  Lynne McDonnough from Duncansville PA
    10888.  Bethany Adams from Springfield, VA
    10889.  Lori Cowden from Hickory PA
    10890.  Bradford Krocker from Exton, PA
    10891.  Jessica Bober from Orlando, FL
    10892.  Big Haired Chick from The Rocks
    10893.  Evans Mill Environmntal from Uwchland, PA
    10894.  Shawn Stewart from Clarion, PA
    10895.  D Albright from Patton PA
    10896.  Ryan Kirchner from Pittsburgh, PA
    10897.  Carl Dreibelbis from State College
    10898.  John Kuras from Red Bank, New Jersey
    10899.  Tommy B from Washington, PA
    10900.  ******BONO******* from Dublin, Ireland
    10901.  JUDY from STEEL CITY
    10902.  Sidney Crosby from Pittsburgh PA
    10903.  Joe M from Bethel Park
    10904.  NATES MOM from MY HOUSE
    10905.  Baby Jessica from Bottom of the well
    10906.  Jim Boldy from Newport News VA.
    10907.  Beth Clevenstine from New York, NY from Wexford PA
    10908.  Dave Tirpak from Collier Twp
    10909.  The Bearded Lady from The Circus Freak Show
    10910.  Scott "Big Ben" McClain from Canonsburg via Mississippi
    10911.  Elvis "The King" from Las Vegas
    10912.  WENDY CURTIN from DC now but from THE BURGH!
    10913.  john from corddry
    10914.  Tamara from Philly, PA
    10915.  Melissa Klobuchar from Pittsburgh, PA
    10916.  Jodie Sweetin from In Your Dreams, CA
    10917.  Clem Gigliotti Jr from The Mon Valley
    10918.  G from Elder -Ado
    10919.  bob wiesen from Erie, pa
    10920.  Lisa M. (unshaven legs) from Exton, PA
    10921.  Andrew Schell from PA
    10922.  Debbie M from Conway, PA
    10923.  Wendy Stanko from Clarion PA
    10924.  Chris Hulse from North Hollywood, CA
    10925.  Dominic from Medford, MA
    10926.  Mary Catherine Maher from Hershey, Pa
    10927.  Amy Shultz from Pleasant Gap, PA
    10928.  Lisa, Joe & Jenna from West Grove, Pa
    10929.  Julia Dettore from Columbia, MD / Blairsville, PA
    10930.  yina from the ville from g-ville
    10931.  Tom Carroll from San Francisco via Finvleyville
    10932.  Jeff Hamilton from Charlotte, NC
    10933.  Tia Dame from Bethel Park, PA
    10934.  Skip from State College, PA
    10935.  Lisa
    10936.  Stacy Bunda from Moon Twp, PA
    10937.  Sharon Winder from Pittsburgh
    10938.  Kathleen Callipare from Leechburg, PA
    10939.  Chris Jones from Pittsboro, NC
    10940.  Corey Whitesell from Murrysville, PA
    10941.  Blaine Davidson
    10942.  Will McCullough from Cochranton, PA
    10943.  Adam Causgrove from The University of PITTsburgh
    10944.  Mary Jane Salopek from Cranberry Township
    10945.  Gettingmarried from Love you Anna
    10947.  Carole from Baltimore, MD
    10948.  MArtha from Washington
    10949.  Lizzy Bomboy from Rockville, MD
    10950.  Joyce I from Beaver , Pa
    10951.  Donald Wetzel from Charlotte, NC/ Orig Parker, PA
    10952.  Tyrone a welfare tycoon from The Bay
    10953.  Dick Fitzwell
    10954.  LOVADA from NEW CASTLE PA
    10955.  Bill Roble from The OC, but orginally LATROBE
    10956.  Becky Martin from Sasebo, Japan
    10957.  Tom McKnight from Upper St. Clair, PA
    10958.  Matteo Piccirilli from Aliquippa, PA
    10959.  JIMMY HOFFA from DETROIT
    10960.  Bob Ondiss
    10961.  Linda Faust from Washington, pa/
    10962.  Jeff and Big Dummy from Lawrenceville, Pa "Da Burgh"
    10963.  Mark Rambo Steel Worker from Columbiana, Ohio
    10964.  crystal free from los angeles, ca
    10965.  Patrick J. Hramika from Spring Hill Fl.
    10966.  Caleb Futscher from Erie, Pennsylvania
    10967.  Arwen Eakin from Cleveland, OH
    10968.  Debby Thurheimer from Altoona, Pennsylvania
    10969.  Mike Seaman from Johnstown PA
    10970.  Jay D. from New Castle, PA
    10971.  Bob Pullar from Denver, CO
    10973.  Kim Ryan from North Huntingdon, PA
    10974.  Samer Naccouzi from Pittsburgh, PA
    10975.  Rachelle Lint from North Huntingdon, PA
    10976.  Tom Vinciguerra from Cincinnati
    10977.  Amanda Kelson from Los Angeles
    10978.  Nicole Tobolski from New Sewickley
    10979.  THE GOODS from THE HILL
    10980.  Rich Fredenburgh from Harrisburg, PA
    10981.  DAVID KEEFER from MT. PLEASANT
    10982.  Amie Rodriguez from South Side! Pittsburgh PA!
    10983.  Bridgette M from Dallas, TX
    10984.  Dana McGuirk from New Castle, PA
    10985.  HAMMERIN HANK
    10986.  aaron staricek from freeport pa
    10987.  Brian Wooley from Orlando, FL
    10988.  Jason Babik from Alameda, CA
    10989.  Ann Marie Baker from Muncy
    10990.  Shawn Reilly from New York, NY
    10991.  Katharine Frost from Lansdale, PA
    10992.  Garrett Ba from San Diego
    10993.  Pat Vidovich from Philadelphia
    10994.  dominic bonanno from pittsburgh, pa
    10995.  ondafritz from Pittsburgh
    10996.  Matt Fearing from Moon TWP, PA
    10997.  Man gager from San Francisco (yum!)
    10998.  Lori Ford from Aliquippa, PA
    10999.  geoffrey eckstein from boiling springs, pa
    11000.  Vicki Linn from Pittsburgh PA
    11001.  tracy murtha from latrobe pa
    11002.  Debbie Mlay from Conway, PA
    11003.  Tim from Behind Evelyn
    11004.  Kenny Gamble from Latrobe PA
    11005.  Doris Brown from Bel Air, MD
    11006.  aaron rankin from PITTSBURGH, PA!!
    11007.  Richard Rago from Pittsburgh
    11008.  Ria (a Cowboys Fan) from Tx Originally...The BURGH now!
    11009.  Matt Carner from Monroeville, PA
    11010.  Patti Wendle from Altoona, Pa
    11011.  Gretel Bieniek from Dunbar, PA
    11012.  lorraine from Bryan, TX
    11013.  Sarah loves Ben!! from Spring Grove, PA
    11014.  Bill Domiano from Leechburg, PA
    11015.  Leslie B from Squirrel Heezy
    11016.  Don Kittner from New Brighton, PA
    11017.  Tracy from Pittsburgh, PA
    11018.  Debbie Dickinson from Washington, DC
    11019.  Evan Gill from San Diego
    11020.  Jay Bock from New York, NY
    11021.  Mike G from Raleigh, NC
    11022.  Bob from Uniontown, PA
    11023.  John Murray from Oakmont Pa
    11024.  Rachelle Taylor
    11025.  Donna Marriner from Manasquan, NJ
    11026.  cheryl young from pittsburgh, PA
    11027.  Tiffany Z. from Pittsburgh, PA
    11028.  Tom Valenta from Tavares, FL (Ambridge)
    11029.  Ryan Scheiderlochner from Plum
    11030.  Jenelle Cummings from Dunbar Go Steelers!! GO BETTIS
    11031.  Mike Domiano from State College
    11032.  Jill from Plainfield, IN
    11033.  Kathy Taylor from Moon Twp, PA
    11034.  Old Man Stanczak from The Trailer
    11035.  Lynn Brown from McKeesport, PA
    11036.  David Kastroll from Freedom, PA
    11037.  k king from cincinnati oh
    11038.  Edna Tawney from Elberton, GA
    11039.  Steeler Lover from Steeler Country! LETS GO BUS!
    11040.  Lenny Moore from Indy, IN
    11041.  Sarah & Steve from GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11042.  J & S-#1 Steeler Fans from St. Marys, PA
    11043.  Ken Newman from White Haven, PA
    11044.  Chris Podnar from Aliquippa, PA
    11045.  Mark Watkins from York,PA
    11046.  Snoop Dogg from Oakland, CA
    11047.  Jason Cratty from It's go time baby!
    11048.  Tori & Ashton from Pa Steelers Rock!!!
    11049.  HOG from Bradford, PA
    11050.  Melanie Linck from Tampa, FL
    11051.  Bob Walsh from Hollywood Beach, FL
    11052.  Amy Durkin from Clarion PA
    11053.  Dustin Rozanc from State College, PA
    11054.  Mary Doyle from Bloomington, IN
    11055.  Michelle from Hopwood, PA
    11056.  Joanne Stefano from Carnegie, PA
    11057.  Zak Smith from Franklin, PA
    11058.  Kevin Beardsley from Cleveland (wishing otherwise)
    11059.  Jen Weston from Scottdale, PA
    11060.  Aliens from Far and Beyond
    11061.  LJ Baker from Beaver, PA
    11062.  Matt Dillinger from jacksonville fl origanally Pa
    11063.  Bob Buterbaugh from Sarver, Pa
    11064.  Derek Messenger from Perry, OH
    11065.  Bill and Tami Rose from K-ville, NC ( from Aliquippa)
    11066.  Cydnee Traversari from Pittsburgh, PA
    11067.  JJ & JJ from Homestead, PA
    11068.  Dugas Czavzhizbeerd from Pittsburgh, PA
    11069.  Teabagging Chuck from atop his forehead
    11070.  Rob Black from Cleveland, Ohio
    11071.  G Money 33 from Columbus, OH
    11072.  Benjamin Houck from Pittsburgh, PA
    11073.  Paul E Lewis from Pittsburgh, PA
    11074.  Rob from Steeler Country
    11075.  John K. from Uniontown, PA
    11076.  Troy Goroll from Lorain, Ohio
    11077.  Chelsea Young from Wexford, PA
    11078.  Jon Zettle Steeler Love from St. Marys
    11079.  Hillary Flick from Williamsport, Pa
    11080.  Ruth from North Side
    11081.  John Cafaro from Orlando Florida
    11082.  THE POPE from BEYOND THE GRAVE
    11083.  Eric Kaseler from Johnstpwn, Pa (PSU Main)
    11084.  Ken Spragg from Southview, Pa
    11085.  liz zygmuntowicz from Emsworth PA
    11086.  MICHELLE from KENNEN
    11087.  Wes Cross from Somers Point, NJ
    11088.  Heather Barry from Denver, CO Go STEELERS!!!
    11089.  Whitey Maietta from Ellwood City, PA
    11090.  Earl Kim from wayne street
    11091.  Lynne Winter from New Wilmington, PA
    11092.  Debbie Ullom from Hickory PA
    11093.  Linda Barto from Johnstown, PA
    11094.  Becky Seitz from Lewistown, PA
    11095.  Blaine Davidson from Hudson, Ohio
    11096.  Greg Panchik from Kittanning, PA
    11099.  Jim Gibbons from Colorado Springs
    11100.  Don't touch me there! from Zimbobway
    11101.  Tom Jackson from ? Louisville
    11102.  Carol Taylor from Pittsburgh, PA
    11103.  Erin Kennedy from Lock Haven, PA
    11104.  Janna Alsnauer from Pittsburgh, PA
    11105.  Justin Lipcsak from Moon Township, PA
    11106.  Erica Medsger from Pittsburgh, PA
    11107.  kelly markle from pa
    11108.  jed from w.v baker building
    11109.  Steve Revitsky from Pittsburgh, PA
    11110.  Dirty Mc Dirtczak from The Coop, Greenfield
    11111.  Joann DeCarbo from Ellwood City, PA
    11112.  Kenny Crusan from The 'ville
    11113.  chris husak from north hills pa
    11114.  Maggie Corrado from Pittsburgh
    11115.  Cowher Takes-It from from Behind
    11116.  Dawn V from from the zip code.....
    11117.  Tom Jackson from ??? Louisville
    11118.  Doug Hrobak from Lower Burrell
    11119.  Russ Gleixner from St. Marys,PA
    11120.  Is That You Kordell from Madars Taint
    11121.  Mr.Yummy from Mt.Lebo!
    11122.  #1 Phil (Go Steelers) from Punxsutawney, PA
    11123.  Jim Gibbons from Colorado Springs
    11124.  Don't touch me there! from Zimbobway
    11125.  Tom Jackson from ? Louisville
    11126.  Carol Taylor from Pittsburgh, PA
    11127.  Erin Kennedy from Lock Haven, PA
    11128.  Janna Alsnauer from Pittsburgh, PA
    11129.  Justin Lipcsak from Moon Township, PA
    11130.  Erica Medsger from Pittsburgh, PA
    11131.  kelly markle from pa
    11132.  jed from w.v baker building
    11133.  Kristin Woodling from Georgetown, PA
    11134.  go steelers from 1:10 pm 02-03-2006
    11135.  jane from harrisburg pa
    11136.  Debbie M from Latrobe, PA
    11137.  Johanna Seese from Bethel Park, Pa.
    11138.  Tracy Watkins from Pittsburgh
    11139.  Kevin Reed from Gaithersburg, MD
    11140.  Dick Hurts from Holden
    11141.  Leigh Culley from Evans City, PA
    11142.  Ian Gibbons from Erie
    11143.  Derek from Miami of Ohio U. "Go Ben
    11144.  Bill V. from Pittsburgh, PA
    11145.  Debbie Lowrie from North Hills, PA
    11146.  Here we go steelers! from PITTSBURGH
    11147.  Charmaine McCall from Pittsburgh, PA
    11148.  lynne grimm from west view, pa
    11149.  Let's Go from Pittsburgh
    11150.  offensive and defensive from Pittsburgh Steelers
    11151.  Storm Gordon from Steeler Country
    11152.  CHEY & ALEX BAILEY from MONACA, PA
    11153.  woooo woooo woooo from Blitzburgh
    11154.  Joe Dellorso from Plantation, FLorida
    11155.  Moose from Uniontown, PA
    11156.  Dave and Alex Baron from Bolivar, NY
    11157.  RAIDER NATION from OAKLAND
    11158.  Sarah Davis from Erie, Pennsylvania
    11159.  Bryan Ottaway from newport news,va
    11160.  Matthew Gardner from Berkeley, CA
    11161.  Angry Hungarican from Columbus, OH
    11162.  Jaimie Burns from Roaring Spring
    11163.  Jaimie Burns from Roaring Spring, PA
    11164.  Eileen Gontkovic from Johnstown, PA
    11165.  Justin from Erie
    11166.  Joey Porter from THE EXECUTIONER
    11167.  Pittsburgh Native from Boston, MA
    11168.  Paul McCune from Ann Arbor, MI
    11169.  Matt (Soos) Susey from Columbus, Ohio
    11170.  Rusty Trombone from Mike Madar
    11171.  Mike Pesta from Pittsburgh
    11172.  Rod Corbin from Linthicum Heights, MD
    11173.  Deanna Walters from N. Huntingdon, PA - I
    11174.  Joe Francisco from Raleigh, NC
    11175.  Wendy Frank from Pittsburgh
    11176.  Lori Sandusky from Butler, Pa
    11177.  Michelle DelSignore from Pittsburgh!!
    11178.  Emerson Biggens from Fumunga Cheese
    11179.  Rick Hines Poholsky from Irwin Pa.
    11180.  Amy Crews from New Castle, PA
    11181.  Jeet from Bordentown
    11182.  Chris Henry from my jail cell
    11183.  Jason Wells from Ashland, KY.
    11184.  Bob & Diane Baron from Aliquippa, PA
    11185.  Bill n' Kordell from Schenley Park
    11186.  Big Doza from the A-Tizz
    11187.  Chantelle Camp from Punxsutawney, PA
    11188.  My Dog Quinn from Regent Square, Pa
    11190.  Hope D from Tampa, FL
    11192.  Mike Visnosky from Treasure Lake (PA)
    11193.  Rob Auther from Fayette City
    11194.  Joanne Kirtley from Atlanta, GA
    11195.  Josh Wenk from Irwin, PA
    11196.  Kyle Yakopovich from Oakland, PA
    11197.  Mike Sphinx Reiter from St. Louis, MO
    11198.  Keith Hershberger from Butler, PA
    11199.  Rudy loves Ben from St.Louis MO
    11200.  moses from top of the mountain
    11201.  Marilyn Miller from Pittsburgh, PA
    11202.  The Pucci's-Go Steelers from Hermitage, PA
    11203.  Lee from Pa
    11204.  MIKE R. WINDER from THE STEEL CITY, PA
    11205.  Jerome Bettis from The All-U-Can-Eat Buffet
    11206.  Miss Hofsta from OJR
    11207.  Rich Lundy from Conway, PA
    11208.  Erica Chestnut from Phoenix, AZ
    11209.  Dave Monley from Maosn, Ohio GO STEELERS!!
    11210.  Angela Manno
    11211.  Carrie Ann McClain from Canonsburg PA GO BUS!!!
    11212.  GORT (Klatoo, Barada..) from the 50s
    11213.  Angela Manno from Beaver Falls
    11214.  Carrie from West Middlesex PA
    11215.  Jeremiah Wilkinson from Ogden,Ut
    11216.  Karen from Pittsburgh
    11217.  Mercedes Mancuso from Moon Twp
    11218.  Todd Kereszturi from Cleveland, OH - raised in PA
    11219.  Sam Cottom from Scottdale, PA
    11220.  Tommy Maddox from Inside a Whiskey Bottle
    11221.  laurie freed from lakeland,florida
    11222.  Martha Visnosky from Treasure Lake (PA)
    11223.  barb from West Newton,Pa
    11224.  Meme & Michael from Irwin, PA
    11225.  ALICE from FROM WONDERLAND
    11226.  A former Eagles fan from Cherry Hill, NJ
    11227.  D.J. from Shanksville, PA
    11228.  RIP van Winkle from a deep sleep
    11229.  Chris Winschel from Oakland
    11230.  CK Jones from The 412
    11231.  Tresa G GO STEELER'S from Mechanicsburgh PA
    11232.  FLETCH from FROM THE RIDGE
    11233.  Jay Lord from Philly - GO STEELERS!
    11234.  MICOL NOVA RANKIN from OSI
    11235.  Kev from Pit
    11236.  Laurie Banker from Fort Myers, FL
    11237.  Mark C from State College, PA
    11238.  Karen Sciulli from north huntingdon
    11239.  Z Z Top from the burned out 70s
    11240.  Bradley B. from Steel Town USA
    11241.  Ashley Smith from Sharpsville,PA
    11242.  Annette Ritchie from Florida
    11243.  ashley g....
    11244.  David Klasnick from Pittsburgh, PA
    11245.  Richard Montest from Moon Coffee House
    11246.  Frank Lozar from Masontown, PA
    11247.  Samantha from Pittsburgh, PA....GO STEELERS!
    11248.  AJ Mimbo from State College, PA
    11249.  Luke Dvorchak from Uniontown
    11250.  Tupac Shakur from Aliquippa
    11251.  Chris Morrone from Irwin, PA...GO STEELERS
    11252.  Greg Edwards from Moon Twp. PA
    11253.  Dawn from Pittsburgh pa
    11254.  Jacklambert58 banned from from MB for posting Ben photo
    11255.  goobz mom from D-ville
    11256.  Tim Stimach from Irwin, PA
    11257.  Dana Scotti from Brookline, PA
    11258.  Emily Stiles!!
    11259.  Samuel D Licata from Weirton, WV
    11260.  Mandy Chacra from Pittsburgh
    11261.  Emily Stiles!! from Norhtern Cambria
    11262.  Carl Thompson from Amity, Pennsylvania
    11263.  Pickle Smooch from Madars, House
    11264.  Aaron Kaye from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    11265.  Dane Munzek from Pittsburgh, PA
    11266.  Pittsburgh Steelers from with a baseball bat
    11267.  Gabe Yun from Youngstown, OH
    11268.  Ryan Moncman from Charleston, SC
    11269.  Lorraine Nagy from Munhall, Pa
    11270.  Wenk & Daniels FOREVER! from inside tim daniels
    11271.  Jessie Offenberger from Washington, PA
    11272.  Anthony from Dirty Jersey
    11273.  Mike (Mardo) Martin from Pittsburgh, PA
    11274.  Hal Willard from Leonardtown, MD
    11275.  Bill Osborne from El Cajon, CA
    11276.  Tom Geyer from Bethlehem PA
    11277.  Kristi k from PENN STATE
    11278.  Joanna Swartz from Bethel Twp, PA
    11279.  Kennis Nicholls from Spokane, WA
    11280.  Todd from Wilmerding, PA GO STEELERS!!
    11281.  Michelle from Harrison City
    11282.  Amy Rusak from Port St Lucie, FL
    11283.  Pam Rafferty from Mount Pleasant
    11284.  Neil Colwell from Monaca, PA
    11285.  Danielle Calabrese from Old Bridge, NJ
    11286.  Jeff Swartz (Snoop) from Bethel Twp, PA
    11287.  Kyle Grant from Pittsburgh
    11288.  Rick Kampian from Lebanon, PA
    11289.  Barbara Marshall from Pittsburgh, PA
    11291.  Leslie Barras from Manor, PA GOOOOOOOOOOOO BUS!!!
    11292.  Steve Flick from Williamsport, PA
    11293.  Justin Zierer from Johnstown, PA
    11294.  Tinko from Donora, PA
    11295.  Michelle from Pittsburgh
    11296.  Ro, Rea, Rich and John from Hermitage PA
    11297.  Maggie Allyse from New Sewickley, PA
    11298.  Kimberly McGhee from Greensburg,PA
    11299.  Missy Bradley from Pittsburgh, PA
    11300.  Mike from New Gunswick, NJ
    11301.  Cheryl from Winget
    11302.  Dan from New Castle, PA
    11303.  Judy Ebberts from Ligonier, PA
    11304.  Yvonne Takacs from Toronto, ON
    11305.  DFD from CANONSBURG
    11306.  GP from Pittsburgh Baby Holla At Me!!!
    11307.  Mary & Joe from Irwin, PA
    11308.  DFR from CANONSBURG
    11309.  Mosey and Littlest from Hermitage PA
    11310.  Gubber from Outside of the Burgh
    11311.  kowski from marietta college
    11312.  CONNIE Y. from FINDLAY, OH
    11313.  Paul from Clearfield, PA
    11314.  Salsie and Dyllie Illie from Mechanicsburg, PA
    11315.  Lisa from Steeler nation
    11316.  Tami Goddard from Hickory
    11317.  Shane Levi from NST
    11318.  Melanie Keller from Riverhead, NY
    11319.  Travis Keller from Riverhead, NY
    11320.  Jean Kennedy from Pittsburgh
    11321.  Andy Kozak
    11322.  S. KRIZAN (SNOOP) from MONACA, PA
    11323.  Stefanie Morante from Shippensburg, PA
    11324.  Jason Sabol from Erie, PA
    11325.  Eleanor Ferber from 363 Hillman Library
    11326.  matthew and jacob burt from ellsworth pa
    11327.  Renea from Derry, PA
    11328.  Pat DeVito from TMTFC
    11329.  Matthew Tremaine
    11330.  Kevin Burgess from Uniontown, Pa
    11331.  Ben Pollack from Atlanta, Ga
    11332.  Victoria Licata from Weirton, WV
    11333.  Mike Shanaberger from Pittsburgh, PA
    11334.  Overrated from Bellefonte
    11335.  Linda R from USC
    11336.  Joe Gazal from Irwin, Pa
    11337.  Jo Anne Meyer an dat!! from Pittsburgh now in Harrisburg
    11338.  Jim DiBattista from NHT, PA
    11339.  Chris Sepesy from Greensburg, PA
    11340.  Pauline Free from Arona,Pa
    11341.  Gina Castiglione from Brockway Pa
    11342.  Glenn Kennedy from Pittsburgh,PA
    11343.  Liz Eddy from Atlanta, GA / Pittsburgh, PA
    11344.  Joyce Rattay from Los Angeles, CA
    11345.  Levi Kerlick
    11346.  Rhonda Peach from Charlotte, NC
    11347.  Plaxico Burress from New York
    11348.  Jack Lawson from Baltimore, Md.
    11349.  Nathan Butler from Danville, PA
    11350.  Debbie Henry from Butler, PA
    11351.  John Peach from Charlotte, NC
    11352.  Brandon Gill from Gibsonia, PA
    11353.  frank&carla from pittsburgh
    11354.  Beth Ryder from Grove City, PA
    11355.  Chris Roman from BUCKNELL > PITT
    11356.  BB from Neville Island
    11357.  Harry Shaposka from C-Town
    11358.  oliver sudden from outta the blue
    11359.  Gary W Grundy from New Castle PA.
    11360.  Brad and Tiffany Miles from Altoona, PA
    11361.  Tobin from Pittsburgh!!, PA
    11362.  Scott Shacreaw from Indiana, PA
    11363.  Mary Kate Baird from Pittsburgh, PA
    11364.  Dustin Henry from Pittsburgh, PA
    11365.  Russ Dean from PGH-SDIC
    11366.  Ken Fazekas from McKeesport,Pa.
    11367.  Mary Beth Henningfeld from Florence, MT
    11368.  Elliot Gelfand from DC
    11369.  Jamie from Houston TX
    11370.  Mike Dalesandro from Battle Ground, WA
    11371.  Kyle Metzgar from Warren, PA
    11372.  Jake Karan from Pittsburgh, PA
    11373.  Jody Ward from Bridgeport Ohio
    11374.  Jami Britton from From South Park PA
    11375.  Diana from North Huntingdon, PA
    11376.  Amanda Tapia from California
    11377.  Bobby Sherman from PGH! GO STEELERS!!
    11378.  Joanne Grzech from Pittsburgh PA
    11379.  Ray Culp from Blairsvillle Pa
    11380.  Justin Nicely from VA (MILLER TIME)
    11381.  Linwood Harris from Braddock, PA
    11382.  The Reester Family from Spotswood, NJ
    11383.  DJ Corning from Pittsburgh, PA
    11384.  katie orr from cecil, PA
    11385.  Connie Leipham from Beaver, PA 150009
    11386.  Scott Dalesandro from Vancouver WA
    11387.  Marissa from Aliquippa
    11388.  Rachel Belich from Pittsburgh, PA
    11389.  Mighty Go Tee's Wife from Winston-Salem NC
    11390.  Dan Dainty from Bakers Summit, PA
    11391.  Traci Brodeur from Wilmington, NC
    11392.  The Shids from The Perch
    11393.  Kevin Siverd from Leechburg
    11394.  Lauren Buzonas from Pittsburgh, PA
    11395.  Alex Mielnicki from Irwin, PA - GO LIBRARY STAFF
    11396.  Emily from McKees Rocks
    11397.  tony drawl from niles ohio
    11398.  Amy Shepard from West Newton
    11399.  James Holmes from North Strabane
    11400.  randy &anita, chelsy from pa
    11401.  Bob Bolander from McMurray
    11402.  Puffin da Jizzoint from Marvel's Basement
    11403.  Chris Restifo from Pittsburgh, PA
    11404.  Lindsay Nypaver from Pittsburgh, PA
    11405.  Randy Johns Jr. from Ford City, Pa
    11406.  *******IRON MAN******* from Emlenton, PA
    11407.  Chris Hopkins from North Strabane
    11408.  Gail Roethlisberger from Saginaw, MI
    11409.  Kelly Javonovich from High Point, NC
    11410.  Chris Weaver from Harrisburg, Pa
    11411.  Michael B. Cortese from Greensburg PA.
    11412.  Melissa Nevola from columbus, OH
    11413.  Tina from Florida City, FL
    11414.  Russo Dog from Indinapolis, IN
    11415.  Sam 'Oldman' from Souf Side
    11416.  Andria Pushey from "Steeler Town", PA
    11417.  Anita Haircut from Yourbarber
    11418.  Don Brown from Frackville,Pa.
    11419.  John Shaw from Fredericktown Pa.
    11420.  Rugged Bob from East Overshoe, Pa.
    11421.  alexis husak from north hills pa
    11422.  Tanner "Chongo" Adams from Kittanning, PA
    11423.  Erin And Alex from Beaver PA
    11424.  Mick Crytzer from Indiana PA
    11425.  The R6 Ninja! from Philadelphia
    11426.  Missy Penrose from Indiana PA
    11427.  Shannon Kiley from Oakmont, PA
    11428.  Stephen LaBovick from BORN & RAISED BLITZBURGH, PA.
    11429.  Tina Rajter from Ben Avon Heights
    11430.  jennifer sepsi from fredericktown pa
    11431.  Matt "DoThatAgain'Stark from You Know
    11432.  Phil Mccracken from Enola, PA
    11433.  Jamie Comfort from Washington,PA
    11434.  Mandy Pintof from Boothwyn, PA
    11435.  Manhall from a friend in Seattle
    11436.  Dianne Watson from Arlington, Texas
    11437.  Kim DeWitt from North Huntingdon, PA
    11438.  Rita Rajter from Ambridge, PA
    11439.  Greg kennedy from pittsburgh
    11440.  Bob Zivkovich from Erie, PA
    11441.  Betty Dillon from Bethel Park, PA
    11442.  keith Trdina from Allison Park PA
    11443.  Nicole Mikita from Gibsonia, Pa!!! woot-woot!
    11444.  Stephanie Glyptis from Weirton, WV
    11445.  Mia S. from Pittsburgh, PA
    11446.  Rich from London, Enlgnad
    11447.  Heather Sanders from Pittsburgh, PA
    11448.  Bearded Clam from Powder Springs GA
    11449.  Lissy! from Pittsburgh, PA
    11450.  Erica Pintof from Boothwyn, PA
    11451.  Kyle Pintof from Boothwyn, PA
    11452.  Sara B from University of Pittsburgh
    11453.  SAHD MERIEK from BUT NUGGET, OH
    11455.  Noel from Oakdale, PA
    11456.  Ruth Burcart from Leslie Park
    11457.  Lisa Wesley from Ebensburg Pa GO STEELERS
    11459.  Lorna Warman from Uniontown, A
    11460.  TJ Combs from London, KY
    11461.  Rege Hilinski
    11462.  Tyler Eaton from Lake Placid, NY
    11464.  Bones from Fredericktown Pa.
    11465.  Scott Mills from Alabama
    11466.  Rachel Prosser from Fredericktown Pa.
    11467.  Ashley Cioc from Pittsburgh, pa
    11468.  Jeremy Jenkins from no shave since before playoffs
    11469.  Amanda Anderson from Pittsburgh, pa
    11470.  Ed Mills from Butler, Pa
    11471.  Nance from B'Town
    11473.  Chrissy from Pittsburgh, PA
    11474.  Ronette from Pittsburgh
    11475.  Josh Guthrie from Shadyside
    11476.  Nick Will from Pittsburgh!!!!!!
    11477.  Adrienne C from Steeler, PA
    11478.  B AND B from NEW CASTLE, PA
    11479.  BudE from Bridgeville,Pa
    11480.  Robert Keller from NYC
    11481.  Bonnie Polliard from Flagstaff AZ
    11482.  Nancy Seyfried from Wilmington Ohio
    11483.  Zach Varga from Jtown pa
    11484.  April from Olean, New York
    11485.  Chris Sorrells from Santa Monica, CA
    11486.  Carol Pirro from Oakdale PA
    11488.  Mandi from Perryopolis PA
    11489.  Bill Seyfried from Go Bettis! OHIO
    11490.  Jill Barnhart from NYC
    11491.  Mike Clark from Morgantown WV
    11493.  Brooke Schad from Robinson, PA
    11494.  Seattle is sad from a**-whooping by the Steelers
    11495.  Ricky D from Chicago, IL
    11496.  Mark Caola from Carnegie Mellon University
    11497.  Bill Simko from North Huntingdon, PA
    11498.  Stan Mohler from CFDville, USA
    11499.  Jef Lucas from Greenfield, Pa
    11500.  kathy offord from plum
    11501.  Travis Vought from Oakland, PA
    11502.  Rob T from Morgantown, WV
    11503.  Rob Ilovec0ckington from Morgantown WV
    11504.  Mike A from The Heart of Steeler Nation
    11505.  John Mckviker from Chicago, IL
    11506.  Cheryl DeCarlo from Uniontown, PA
    11507.  Andrew Grondalski from Steelerville, WV
    11508.  Josh Gratz from Pittsburgh, PA
    11509.  Rick Quiroz from Kingston, PA
    11510.  Mike Eck from from Grand Valley, PA
    11511.  Tom Lucas from Sandusky, Ohio
    11512.  Kordell Stewart from [former] Pittsburgh, PA
    11513.  Robert Stoerkel from Pittsburgh, PA
    11514.  Kayla Matthews from Worthington
    11515.  Mandy Spearly from Bellefonte, PA
    11516.  Michelle A from Jacksonville FL
    11517.  Stacey Nicholson from Pittburgh, PA
    11518.  Raymond Wallroff from Hubbard, Ohio
    11519.  Danielle Michael from PITTSBURGH BABY!
    11520.  Janet Asbury from Pittsburgh
    11521.  Nicole from home of the 5 time winningteam
    11522.  Natalie from Natrona Heights, PA
    11523.  Jason Wiggins from Maryland
    11524.  Stein's (#7294) Brother from Unfortunately, Not Da Burgh
    11525.  Alan Juneau from Pittsburgh Ofcourse. Biatch
    11526.  Marci Diesel-Washington from Super Bowl Bound!!!!!!!!!
    11527.  Gerry Otteni from Harmony, PA
    11528.  Bev Green from Irwin, PA
    11529.  Hezekiah from Owings, MD
    11530.  Joe Chase from Chicago, IL
    11531.  Mike Vanderjagt from I Push Right For Beard
    11532.  George Kacenga from Latrobe, PA; St. Vincent Col.
    11533.  Edward Mc Dermit from "the hub" Erie, PA
    11534.  Sandy Torbit from Wilmington, NC
    11535.  Scott D. Hergenrother from Pittsburgh, PA
    11536.  Evan Baker from The Almighty Steelertown
    11537.  Steven Kutsenkow from Pittsburgh, PA
    11538.  Chelsea Rozanc from CECIL, PA
    11539.  Vanessa Scheeler from Pittsburgh, PA
    11540.  Marilyn from Sewickley
    11541.  Burns from Kittanning PA
    11542.  Gregg Johnson from Your girlfriends bedroom
    11543.  Chad Johnson from Carson's Bedroom
    11544.  Joe Wilson from Zelienople PA
    11545.  Josh Brown from Pittsburgh
    11546.  Brian Bronaugh from Pittsburgh, PA
    11547.  Tabitha Douglas from Seattle, WA
    11548.  Joey Otteni from Steeler Country
    11549.  Matt Kinkead from Monaca & Fort Knox, Kentucky
    11550.  Joe Swadlo from Crescent, PA
    11551.  Alex Blumer from Wexford(THE WEX-straight up G)
    11552.  Sam Gaetano from South park PA 2006 state champ
    11554.  SteelersRgonnalose
    11555.  BIG 6 from Pittsburgh
    11556.  Jim from New Castle, PA
    11557.  tuck from pittsburgh
    11559.  Krista Benamati from carrolltown PA
    11560.  Kristan aul from from Allison park
    11561.  Heather from Greensburg,PA
    11562.  Charlene from Plum
    11563.  jared wolfe from bloomsburg, pa
    11564.  Jessica Schmitt from City of Champions
    11565.  Bam Morris from Cokesville, PA
    11566.  Brian Waters from Hill District, PGH
    11567.  Southern Steeler Pride! from North Carolina
    11568.  Kerrie Gallagher from Falls Church, VA
    11569.  Walt Govern from Mechanicsburg, PA
    11570.  #1 Fan from Pittsburgh PA
    11571.  Johnny Damon from Beantown
    11572.  Travs Stoll from Beaver Falls
    11573.  Bill Merriman from Cranberry Township
    11574.  Justin Ridinger from Pittsburg, Pa
    11575.  Phuqdasteele from Miami FL
    11576.  Lauren Gabriel from THE WEX!!! (wexford, W-UNIT!)
    11577.  Joel Kovach from Greensboro, PA
    11578.  todd scott from waynesboro
    11579.  Elizabeth from Houston
    11580.  Susan Rosepink from plum pa
    11581.  Thorne Perun from Steeler, Pa
    11582.  Carrie McGreevy from Baltimore, MD
    11583.  Ted Fries Jr. from Waterford PA
    11584.  Kris Wurst from Saint Vincent College
    11585.  Frank Magnotta from Pittsburgh, Pa
    11586.  Steve Galaski from Burlington, NC
    11587.  Kayla Austin from Waterford PA
    11588.  Rohan Bansal from Wexford, Pittsburgh
    11589.  joe, nessa, and karrah from PORT VUE PA...GO STEELERS
    11590.  Joe Cellini from San Jose (from Aliquippa)
    11591.  Strawberry from In the Patties
    11592.  PAYTON MANNING from INDY
    11593.  Ted Fries from Waterford PA
    11594.  KC Cellini from San Jose (orig Ambridge)
    11595.  AARON HUEY from TARENTUM
    11596.  Melissa Jackson from Nashville TN
    11597.  Cindy Fries from Waterford PA
    11598.  Mike Haley from North Hills
    11599.  Adam Krause from Reading,PA
    11600.  Gordon Beers from ring on my thumb, PA
    11601.  Sandie Kirkham from Ellwood City Pa.
    11602.  Roni Shwaish from Pittsburgh, PA
    11603.  Nikki from Clarion PA
    11604.  Nathan Rutman from Pittsburgh, PA
    11605.  Shaun Meigh from Bethesda, OH
    11606.  kathy Anderson from Greensburg PA
    11607.  Gloria Yaracs from Butler, PA
    11608.  Lisa Richter from West Palm Beach, FL
    11609.  Debbie B from Youngstown, Ohio
    11610.  Devin Gearhart from Cleveland Ohio
    11611.  Charlie P. from Steeler Country-Johnstown PA
    11612.  Kit Heginbotham from East Brady, PA
    11613.  cody harsomchuck from madera,pa
    11614.  Kelly B from Youngstown, Ohio
    11615.  Michael Ciabattoni from Reinholds, PA
    11616.  Beth Crooks from Bellaire, OH
    11617.  Vanessa Davis from Nashville,TN
    11619.  #11 Ed Lolley from North Carolina - Oil City
    11620.  Terry Owens from Phoenix, AZ
    11621.  Shannon Edgar from Sewickley, PA
    11622.  Emily E from Greensburg, PA
    11623.  MATT SIMKOVIC from MANOR PA
    11624.  Judy Dodaro from Rochester, PA
    11625.  Big B from Dallas is #1
    11626.  Pittsburgh going to the from Here we go
    11627.  Ashley Leggate from Pittsburgh
    11628.  Ken Affolter from Cecil PA
    11629.  Stacy Miller from Pittsburgh, PA
    11630.  Susan Funk from New Brighton PA
    11631.  JR from pittsburgh
    11632.  Niki from Fredericksburg, VA
    11633.  Greg Mussey from Beaver Falls
    11634.  Deb Leff from Pittsburgh, PA
    11635.  Cody Smouse from Pitt
    11636.  Reba from Sellersville, PA
    11637.  Dani from Pitt, Pa
    11638.  Thomas Heide from Norvelt, PA
    11639.  Emily Ganchuk from Bethel Park PA
    11640.  John Ank from Thurmont, MD
    11641.  Tim Murdoch from Dallas,Tx
    11642.  Dianne from Maryville, TN
    11643.  Marian Goodwin from Houston, TX
    11644.  Mike Bishop from Upper St. Clair
    11645.  Erin from Pittsburg, PA
    11646.  Peggy from Seattle, WA
    11647.  Brad Wertz from Rockville, MD
    11648.  Sarah from Pittsburg, PA
    11649.  Anthony goodwin from Texas City, TX
    11651.  Megan from Pittsburg, PA
    11652.  Mustache Ride from Beardsville, PA
    11653.  Jennifer Paliani from Beaver County, PA
    11654.  Dick Butkiss from Chicago, IL
    11655.  Rebekka Iler
    11656.  Crystal Feyka from Freedom, PA
    11657.  Sarah Matsik from Seattle, WA (from Tarentum, PA
    11658.  Fred Ziffle
    11659.  Kevin Fiedler from C-Bus Ohio
    11660.  Steve C. from Indianapolis, IN
    11661.  Dave Moorhead from Springdale PA
    11662.  Roy Martin-Smith from Brookline, PA
    11663.  Dave Tzilkowski from Etna/Tucson/Denver
    11664.  Kevan Feshami from Indiana, Pa
    11665.  Palalmalu It's Palamalu from Steeler Country
    11666.  Melissa from Pittsburgh
    11667.  Julie Beltz from Crotch Jungle
    11668.  George Dubya from Huh,Whaaa?, Usa
    11669.  Dave Wo from Glenshaw PA
    11670.  Mark Simpson from Pittsburgh, PA
    11671.  lindaruth from Connellsville,PA
    11672.  Ded The Fish from Snow Shoe PA
    11673.  Pat Doerr from Key West FL
    11674.  Randy Yost from J-Town
    11675.  Carm from Steubenville,Ohio
    11676.  Bin Laden from -a hole in the ground
    11677.  Holly Wojo from Glenshaw PA
    11678.  Jon Boy from State College PA
    11679.  Mindy N from Pittsburgh, PA
    11680.  Carm Allan from Steubenville,Ohio
    11681.  Mark Lenkner from Pittsburgh PA - STEELTOWN, USA
    11682.  Adam SGumips from Florida
    11683.  Eric Kasten from Albuquerque, New Mexico
    11684.  Eric Wingard from Johnstown, PA
    11685.  Bill "26 Year Beard" from Aliquippa, PA
    11686.  Julia from Seattle WA
    11687.  Steel Town Santa
    11688.  Matthew Bellavia from Erie PA
    11689.  Chris Murphy from Pittsburgh, PA
    11690.  SUMMER DIETZ from ST.MARYS PA
    11691.  Brock Fleeger from Kittanning
    11692.  Bonnie from Johnstown
    11693.  Rich Vogt from JERESEY
    11694.  Katrina Yossa from Edinboro/Natrona Heights
    11695.  Lisa Woodruff from Pittsburgh, PA
    11696.  Lara from Duquesne Un. Pitty
    11697.  Bill Altmeyer from will someone have sex with me
    11698.  Elizabeth A. Blews from Kittanning, PA
    11699.  Royal Palmer from Camp Hill, PA
    11700.  Whitney R from Ohio
    11701.  Mick Groll from St. Marys
    11702.  Edward Wingard III from Johnstown, PA
    11703.  Vikki Mirenna from Dravosburg,Pa
    11704.  jimmy d from no poon since 1973
    11705.  Corey Farrell from Pittsburgh
    11706.  Michael D from Provtorville, Ohio GO BEN
    11707.  Sean Casey from Upper St. Clair, PA
    11708.  Jack Gourley from PA native living in Euless, Tx
    11709.  Neal Freakin Porter! from Fairfax
    11710.  steve jazz from P.A
    11711.  Ryan Hairlinger from Murrysville & Philly, PA
    11712.  Chad Guyer from Cleveland Ohio
    11713.  Dave Kocher from Hopewell
    11714.  Budrick Von Smelt from Not sure where I am
    11715.  Dave & Brad from Chicago's Best Steeler Fans!!!
    11716.  Jowls from Cary, NC formerly do'ntown Pgh
    11717.  Julie S from Kittanning Pennsylvania
    11718.  Tyler Drost from hick town pa but go steelers
    11719.  Pierce Yahner from Brockway, PA
    11720.  Ryan Campbell from Chicora, PA
    11721.  Jill closet steeler fan from CLEVELAND
    11722.  Meghan Benedict from Baltimore, MD
    11723.  Ashley, Paula, And BJ from From B entleyville PA
    11724.  Melanie Carosi from Pittsburgh
    11725.  william (fern) from miami
    11726.  Greg Emslie from Cranberry Twp PA
    11727.  David DeOrio from San Diego, Ca
    11728.  Chuck likes from unda cheese
    11729.  TimeStep from South Side, Pgh, PA
    11730.  Dick Campbell from Anchorage, Alaska !
    11731.  Woodward from Cape Canaveral
    11732.  Jason Richeal from Bridgeville, Pa GO STEELERS!
    11733.  Homan from Johnstown
    11734.  cathy from avalon
    11735.  Bryana S from Kittanning Pennsylvania
    11736.  I like smowballs
    11737.  A.J. from SOUTH SIDE SLOPES, Pittsburgh!
    11738.  Kathleen S from "GO STEELERS"
    11739.  Chris Voegele
    11740.  andy sterrett from pittsburgh,PA
    11742.  Tim finally came out from the closet
    11743.  Meg Coleman from Pittsburgh!
    11744.  Triple D from Mount Washington
    11745.  Nikki Waddell from Pittsburgh, PA
    11746.  Milli Vanilli from the 80's
    11747.  Michael Spohn from Aliquippa, PA
    11748.  Bobby D from Greensburg, PA
    11749.  zach miller from SC
    11750.  Monts Montonamo from Mozzarella, PA
    11751.  McLucas Steeler Manics from St. Benedict, PA
    11752.  Monts Montonamo from Mozzarella, PA
    11753.  Jessie Girl from Pittsburgh
    11755.  A bla-ck man from Sheetz in Beaver Falls
    11756.  bill palashoff from pittsburgh
    11757.  The_Old_Knight from TEH VESTI!
    11758.  Kammie D from Pittsburgh PA
    11759.  beaer
    11760.  DaNe CaRdOnE from Steel City
    11761.  zach rop from pittsburgh, pa
    11762.  Jen McMackin from Northern Cambria, PA
    11763.  chuck wartman carter from sci pine grove
    11764.  bearded tony valeriani from mt oliver pgh pa
    11765.  Torin Hoole
    11766.  Jack J. Shivetts from Latrobe, Pa !
    11767.  Zach Klein
    11768.  COLIN A. O'CONNOR from Harrisburg, PA
    11769.  COTTER from From another Berg, PA
    11770.  Ally Palutis from Hershey Pa GO STEELERS!!
    11771.  Emily Wesley from Ebensburg,PA
    11772.  ROGER SMITH from ST. Marys
    11773.  P C Nash from florida
    11774.  Craig F from Fairfax, VA
    11775.  ALISON from PITTSBURGH
    11776.  Meghan Draper from Jealously PA
    11777.  jeffrey shafran jr from latrobe, pa! go steelers
    11778.  The Blairs from Selinsgrove, PA
    11779.  Rick Mills from Kittanning, PA
    11780.  Nik from Bellevue, Nebraska
    11781.  Rachel Duncan from Pittsburgh, PA
    11782.  Melissa Milner from Pittsburgh, Pa
    11783.  Michael Fisher from St. Louis
    11784.  Dan Nicholson from Culpeper, VA
    11785.  Jean Gallagher from Seattle, Washington
    11786.  Robert Kennedy from McKees Rocks, PA
    11787.  Hank Watson from North Hills, PA
    11788.  Matt DelRaso from Pittsburgh, PA
    11789.  Gold
    11790.  Jasmine Prairiechimp from PA
    11791.  Cincinnatti Bungles from WHO DAY WE DAY GO PITTSBURGH
    11792.  lou camp from baltimore/beaver
    11793.  Patrick from Pittsburgh
    11794.  DIANA from GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11795.  Nick Keener #19 from Clarion, PA ONE FOR THE THUMB!
    11796.  Beth L. from Powhatan OH
    11797.  Nicole from Woodland Park, CO
    11798.  Ben Roethlisberger from Earth
    11799.  Marisa Brumbaugh from Martinsburg, PA
    11800.  Shaffer
    11801.  Nicole Ann from Pittsburgh
    11802.  Scott Wonderling from Pittsburgh, PA
    11803.  Karen U. from Pittsburgh
    11804.  Joshua D. Pollock from Boise, ID
    11805.  Renee from New Castle, PA
    11806.  Casey Dean from Monaca, PA
    11807.  Kris Wiltrout from Pittsburgh Pa
    11808.  Bill from New Castle, PA
    11809.  Sarah Baird from Clarion Pa
    11810.  Kelly Busch from Mesa, Arizona
    11811.  mark bell from pittsburgh pa
    11812.  Uncle Rico from 1982...coulda taken state
    11813.  John Vinciguerra from Austin, TX -born in the Burgh!
    11814.  Shelby Billick from Pittsburgh, PA
    11815.  Rossiter Miners #17 from Punxsutawney, PA
    11816.  steve marcucio from pittsburgh
    11817.  Matt Watson from Plattsmouth, Nebraska
    11818.  Jessica Smith from Saltsburg PA! goooo steelers
    11819.  Jennifer Wilks from Waldorf, MD
    11820.  The Roethlisbeard from Pittsburgh, PA
    11821.  Jodi Billion from Beaver Falls, PA
    11822.  Brenda from Powhatan Point OH
    11823.  Marianne Gallipoli from Floral Park, NY
    11824.  Matt McNany from Franklin, Pa
    11825.  James Yanni from Las Vegas GO STEELERS!!!!
    11826.  Cliff Koontz from Da Burgh
    11827.  Ken Sorenson from Solvang, CA
    11828.  John Heyde from Dallas, TX
    11829.  Chris Dascola from the burg
    11830.  Uncle Victor from Tunkhannock, PA
    11831.  Katie Kilker from Atlanta, GA
    11832.  Lindsay Miller from Martinsburg, PA
    11833.  carie Visconti from Pittsburgh,Pa
    11834.  Dan Berty from from Cecil
    11835.  Jennifer Tanner from Burbank, CA
    11836.  Tina Fonkalsruth from Edwardsville, PA
    11837.  Bill Kokos from Mechanicsburg, PA
    11838.  Jerry Borden from Newport, NY
    11839.  Chad Johnson from Let me see ya grillz, PA
    11840.  Brad Carse from Pittsburgh
    11841.  seanbell from pittsburgh,PA
    11842.  Brandon Simpson from rimersburg, pa
    11843.  Derick Jones from HOUTZDALE, PA
    11844.  Lori Baumann from Pittsburgh, PA
    11845.  luke mortimer from lukey like wingy
    11846.  April Whitbred from Selinsgrove, PA
    11847.  Leo The Beard from Indiana, PA
    11848.  Lisa L. from Powhatan Point OH,
    11850.  Morgan Swoager from Hookstown, PA
    11851.  Misty Wottom from Schickshinny,PA
    11852.  Jesse from Pittsburgh
    11853.  Miles Long from Bird in Hand, PA
    11854.  Ryan DeLucia from Clearfield,PA Stillers & PSU!
    11855.  Rob Nagle from Nicktown, PA
    11856.  Jenny Jones from Pittsburgh, PA
    11857.  Alberto Bello from Monterrey NL Mexico
    11859.  slot-city-jay GGOOO from venetia pa.
    11860.  Matthew Menchyk from Butler Pa
    11861.  Scott Heinbaugh from Monroeville
    11862.  Jerry Torrence from Hookstown,Pa
    11863.  Tim Kelp from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
    11864.  Ben K. Jr from Hawthorn, PA
    11865.  Jon O'Neil from KNOX PA
    11866.  shannon montgomery from hermitage, PA
    11867.  Megan Pistorius!!!!!! from Clinton, Pa : )
    11869.  John O'Connell from State College, Pa
    11870.  JAVIER TOVAR
    11871.  Devin Montgomery from hermitage, PA
    11872.  alexis hanak from warren ohio
    11873.  Bam Morris from Jail, PA
    11874.  Bobo Sandusky from King Of Prussia, PA
    11875.  Joanne Frye from Charleroi, Pa
    11876.  Joe Ferencz from Scottdale, PA
    11877.  Meatwad and Mastershake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    11878.  Drew Robertson from Washington, DC
    11879.  Kathy from maryland
    11880.  Ben Pegher from Zelienople, PA
    11881.  Brittany Cavlovich from SLippery Rock
    11882.  Randy Lee from NA
    11883.  Emilie Biter from It's Pittsburgh Steeler Time
    11884.  Brendan Gaff from Seattle
    11885.  THE PHARET from MCDONALD PA
    11886.  Debra Bonneau - from Pure Romance by Deb/PITTSBURGH
    11887.  Alejandro Gómez Nísino from México, DF. MEXICO
    11888.  Billy Voegele from bearded in Etna, PA
    11890.  Jamie Gilbert from Mt. Lebanon
    11891.  Oscar Castañeda from Mexico City
    11892.  Teresa Moore from Canonsburg, Pa
    11893.  The homeless guy from some Eastern European country
    11894.  Darin Tennyson from ChampionsGate, FL
    11895.  josh rambo from uniontown
    11896.  Judy, Devin & Cailin from Maryland
    11897.  Samuel Guerra from SLP; Mexico
    11898.  The Dayes from Richmond, VA
    11899.  Big DaddyMark Michna from Mt Washington
    11900.  Meg orig. from PA from Seattle, WA
    11901.  Nathan Pascoe from Levelgreen
    11902.  paul granahan
    11903.  Elvis Martínez from México
    11904.  Tj Harshey from Bakers farm
    11905.  Mary Beth C. from Clifton, VA
    11906.  ****Jeanne Enscoe**** from PITTSBURGH...GO STEELERS! ! !
    11907.  Denny G
    11908.  Ashley Bucek from Steeler PA
    11909.  Ron Burgundy from San Diego
    11910.  Jessica Clibbens from Castle shannon pa
    11911.  Dustin Giffin from Columbus & Pittsburgh
    11912.  Tanya Madigan from Irwin, PA
    11913.  Lil jon Ya ben" beard from the hood
    11914.  carlos blanco from steelnation mexicodf
    11915.  Dave (guppy) Wesley from Ebensburg Pa -GO STEELERS
    11916.  Ken Fazekas from McKeesport (Pittsburgh) Pa
    11917.  Jon Tizzle from Pittsburgh, PA
    11918.  Czeczar Rendón from Monterrey Mexico
    11919.  Michael Brogan from Beaver, Pa.
    11920.  Irene E. from Port Hueneme, CA
    11921.  Erica Bachman from Frackville, PA
    11922.  Dan Burford from Greensburg, PA
    11923.  Mike McDonnell from Chesterfield, VA
    11924.  Mandie Devore from Springdale, PA
    11925.  Peyton & Eli Manning from Inbred, WV
    11926.  Michelle Brogan from Beaver,Pa
    11927.  Brian Nicholls from Elkhart, IN
    11928.  Tyler from St. Clairsville, OH
    11929.  Jeff & Jodi from Pittsburgh, PA
    11930.  Fred Hyser from Westerville, Oh-Formerly Steel
    11931.  April Serafini from Pittsburgh, PA
    11932.  Rammer Kedar from Pittsburgh
    11933.  hugh from atl
    11934.  Jerry Brian from Chesterton IN
    11935.  Ashley Jennings from Delmont, PA
    11936.  Don Stueber from Chesterton IN
    11937.  Phil Martinka from NATRONA , PA
    11938.  Bev from Erie
    11939.  Robbie Baumgartel from Pittsburgh, PA
    11940.  matt berkey from leechburg PA
    11941.  Marisa from Centre County,PA
    11942.  Jim Baker from Natrona , PA
    11943.  Mike from Allison Park
    11944.  Shannon Black from Oakland, PA
    11945.  Tim McGonagle from Concord, NC
    11946.  cookie Monster from cookie jar pgh
    11947.  Kelly Zimmerman from Twinsburg, Ohio
    11948.  Robert M. Handza III from BLITZBURGH, PA
    11949.  Queen Latifah from Sing Sing State Prison
    11950.  Micheal Hagee from Panther Country Concord NC
    11951.  Bob Serpa from Pgh,Pa
    11953.  AJ Doyle from Pittsburgh, PA
    11954.  Natalie Lubinsky from Pittsburgh, PA
    11955.  Katie B from Blacksburg, VA
    11956.  The Galbs from Mechanicsburg, PA
    11957.  Candi Gaggini from Pittsburgh
    11958.  Beth Galloway from Philadelphia, PA - #43
    11959.  Michael Martin from Philly, but born in the Burgh
    11960.  ALEX JAFFE from Upper st. clair, PA
    11961.  the jackson five from south park
    11962.  Marc Wetter from Anniston, Al
    11963.  Nick Harper from Indianapolis, IN
    11964.  Justin Delong from Ohio
    11965.  Jerome's Fumble from Indianapolis, IN
    11966.  Guillermo del Rio,Dgo from Mexico
    11967.  Ryan Schraf from Harriasburg PA
    11968.  Nicole Delong from Ohio
    11969.  Jim "Capn" Morgan from Jefferson Hills, Pa.
    11970.  dan and
    11971.  Steve Hronas from Freedom PA
    11972.  Danielle Baron from PITTSBURGH!!!
    11973.  SCOOPS from The Burgh n'at
    11974.  Amanda Wheeler from Pittsburgh, PA
    11975.  Alfredo Gutvie from from México Coacalco
    11976.  Jerren Siler from Pittsburgh, PA
    11977.  Bill "No game" altmeyer from Friedens Pa
    11978.  Jenn Dunn from Pittsburgh
    11979.  Giorgi Gelovani from Pittsburgh
    11980.  Pamela Belkins from Harrisburg, PA
    11981.  Craig Morris from Quiptown
    11982.  Missy from The Burgh!
    11983.  Guillermo T. Cole from Harvey's Lake, PA
    11984.  Jeremy Barkley
    11985.  Tina Faulkner from Columbus, OH
    11987.  I HOPE THEY CHOKE!! from cleveland OH
    11988.  Curt
    11989.  Annie and Mom from Pittsburgh
    11990.  Marvin Carlton from Dallas, PA
    11991.  Francisco Caballero from Mexico City
    11992.  Petra Overlie from Sewickley, PA
    11993.  Gina Delligatti from Virginia
    11994.  LT from Pittsburgh
    11995.  The Poopy Bear from The Southside
    11996.  CJ from Pittsburgh, PA
    11997.  Deez Nuts from You Moms Mouth
    11998.  Mr.Hinkle from south park
    11999.  Finn Overlie from Sewickley, PA
    12000.  lauren smith from Pixburgh!!!! Go Steelers!!!!
    12001.  Chris Schuetz from Lexington, KY
    12002.  Icky The Great from Chicken Hill Pittsburgh
    12003.  Lester Gajtka Jr from Weirton, West Virginia
    12004.  F. U.Cevaland from Cincinatti, Oh
    12005.  julie from san francisco
    12006.   Jasmin Prairiechimp from Africa
    12007.  madmike from carnegie,PA GO STEELERS
    12008.  Chuck "Montie" Montgome from Trucksville, Pennsylvania
    12009.  Kris Jackson from Pittsburgh, PA
    12010.  Betty D from Beaver, PA
    12011.  Lou Armstrong from Lancaster PA
    12012.  Natalie Collins from DuBois,PA
    12013.  Aimee from Kihei, Maui, HI
    12014.  Tresa Govern from Mechanicsburg PA STEELERS RU
    12015.  AlliG from Pittsburgh, PA
    12016.  Skyy from Beaver Falls, PA
    12017.  yao ming from china
    12018.  Eugenio Soberon from Mexico City
    12019.  Bubba Collins from Charlotte, NC
    12020.  Abby Bernard from Center Township Pa
    12021.  Myron Copes Sausage from Mill Village, PA 16427
    12022.  Chris C from Dayton, OH go Steelers!
    12023.  Janice Kaye from Detroit, MI
    12024.  Joe Walko from Aliquippa
    12026.  A Buns from Brookline
    12027.  Scott Sechler from Patterson Heights Pa.
    12028.  Ashley Rene from Butler, Pa
    12029.  Angela Brunson from Berwick, PA
    12030.  Cynthia Suwalski from Pittsburgh, PA
    12031.  Bob Haas from Germantown, MD
    12032.  Maureen O'Grady from Nanticoke, PA
    12033.  Scotty Muller from PITTSBURGH
    12034.  Starla Thornhill from Austin, TX
    12035.  Ermy from Pittsburgh
    12036.  Kyle Boller from Tara Reid's wake
    12037.  Enrique Solis Bello from Mexico City
    12038.  Alayna
    12039.  Tab Richardson from QUIPTOWN, Pa
    12040.  John Arbster from Pittsburgh
    12041.  Dave Bracken from Lexington, NC
    12042.  Lauren Yost from Lancaster, PA
    12043.  sharon a saban
    12044.  Jay from Da 'Burgh
    12045.  Stan Savrans Gold Coat from Plan 11, Aliquippa, PA 15001
    12046.  Don Apache from Manifold,Pa & Tn
    12047.  Barbara Marshall from Stroudsberg, PA
    12048.  %%%%%JIM CAMP%%%%% from Beaver Falls, PA
    12049.  courtney from pittsburgh
    12050.  aaron marcus from plum bourgh (the hood)
    12051.  Lori Engelhardt from Malden, MA
    12052.  jason H.W. from from the burgh
    12053.  Kenny Lunceford from Malden, MA
    12054.  Carl Heinlein from Cranberry Twp PA
    12055.  Stacy Nawrocki from Erie, PA
    12056.  Hobies Unbroken Ring from German HIll, East Hickory
    12057.  T.J. from Elizabeth Pa.
    12058.  Wolf Blitzer from Washington, D.C.
    12059.  Denise S from University of Pittsburgh
    12060.  Kathy Poole from Shaler Township
    12061.  Randy
    12062.  Elizabeth Miller from Sumter SC
    12064.  Rocko McGonigle from Eureka, CA
    12065.  Frank Mattucci from USA
    12066.  Die Randy Cross wehateu from All Steelers fans!!
    12067.  Jodi & Jody from Hershey, PA
    12068.  Jen and Brian Lougee from Las Vegas
    12069.  Cathy Tarcson from Stinking Browns territory
    12070.  Stacey Lawrence from Annapolis, MD
    12071.  D.J. woof woff from IN THE DOG HOUSE, PA
    12072.  Brian - 'The Lamppost' from the burgh
    12073.  terrie craig from Cranberry Twp PA
    12074.  Troys Rusty Siccors from Howard Sterns Hair Net
    12075.  Autumn Cotterall from Sunbury, Pa
    12076.  Kristin
    12077.  OWIE from FLORIDA (from beaver, pa)
    12078.  Scott Bright from North Strabane, PA
    12079.  Linda Bryan from Williamsburg, VA
    12080.  Missy Fabbro from Greenfield (PGH), PA
    12081.  JoAnn Kovach from Lake Lynn, PA
    12082.  Mariana from AR
    12083.  Rosina Walton from wexford, PA
    12084.  No Face Charlie from on the tracks,West Hickory, PA
    12085.  Nancy WAITE Driller from Parker, CO (Beaver Falls)
    12086.  mike from pittsburgh
    12087.  Mike Pombo from Culver City, CA
    12088.  Chad Kennedy from Columbus, OH
    12089.  EB from Pdx, OR (too close to Seattle)
    12090.  SteelersFan from Pittsburgh
    12091.  mike common pitt. u can from pittsburgh
    12092.  Lee C from Canonsburg pa
    12093.  Tina Quiroz from Santa Monica, CA
    12094.  Shari from Bethel Park, PA
    12095.  *Dan and Rose Martin from Springdale, PA
    12096.  stacy turner from Evans City, PA
    12097.  David
    12098.  Myron Copes Ashtray from The Frog Pond, Canadohta Lake,
    12099.  Robert C. from Leetsdale PA
    12100.  Cathy N. from from Squirrel Hill
    12101.  Brian and Tiff R. from Chicora PA
    12102.  Lindsay Ann from West "by GOD" Virginia
    12103.  Mike Malkin from Cranberry, PA
    12104.  Eric Bossart from Akron and Madison, Oh
    12105.  Rich Duesenberry from Burgettstown, PA
    12106.  Melissa Worthington from Anchorage, AK
    12107.  John T. Forrest, Sr. from Odenton, Maryland
    12108.  Valerie from Georgia
    12109.  Michele Manculich from Odenton, Maryland
    12110.  Castello from Cape Canaveral FL
    12111.  Tony from Alberts
    12112.  Jessica Hosterman from Erie, PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12113.  DOLLY from PA
    12114.  Hines Ward
    12115.  Timothy W. Carlen from Orlando, FL
    12116.  Samuel Steff from Albion, PA
    12117.  Brian & Karli from Charlotte NC
    12118.  Brook Hamrock from Ocean City, MD formerly of In,
    12119.  peggy crux from myrtle beach sc
    12120.  kirk cherwaty from butler,pa
    12121.  peggy crux from myrtle beach sc
    12122.  Neil Gray from Blairsville,Pa.
    12123.  Karen Berg from Pittsburgh
    12124.  Jeff Brewer from Latrobe, PA
    12125.  BOLANDS from NEWRY PA
    12126.  Jason Berg from Pittsburgh
    12128.  Kori Powers from North Versailles PA
    12129.  Noel
    12130.  I changed Dan Rooneys M from Gas Meter Sargent Electric
    12131.  Gloria from North Carolina
    12132.  Dixie from Ambridge
    12133.  Peter Broomell from Amelia Island FL
    12134.  Bev and Dave from Alameda CA
    12135.  Chrisine Broomell from Amelia Island FL
    12136.  Alan Horvat from from West Mifflin
    12137.  pittsburgh steeler TIME from Beaver falls PA
    12138.  D.J. Shane
    12139.  Shaun Alexander's bro. from Seatlle Washington
    12140.  Jason Stillwagon from Savannah, GA
    12141.  Bill, April, and Noah S from Fayetteville NC
    12142.  Omar Santos from Monterrey, Mexico
    12143.  Tom Shimko from Madison, OH (raised in Homer C
    12144.  Nogoyo from The Iron City
    12145.  Denver Shoulda Won
    12146.  pupp from pittsburgh
    12147.  Big Jagoff from McKees Rocks, PA
    12148.  Regis Deinhardt from Wheeling, WV
    12149.  sally whiteford from anchorage alaska
    12150.  Eric Thompson from Morgantown, WV
    12151.  Mike F DeRose from Parkersburg, WV New Brighton,
    12152.  Jan Weis from Bridgeville, PA
    12153.  Renee vonThompson from Fort Collins, Colorado
    12154.  Melissa Ragaller from Crafton
    12155.  Brian Meyer from Afghanistan - US Army
    12156.  Michelle from Larkin
    12157.  Angelina Bertino from Orlando, Fl
    12158.  Janie Terebus from Indiana PA
    12159.  Bill Gates from Seattle
    12160.  P Diddy from Just kidding
    12161.  Janie Terebus from Indiana PA
    12162.  2 Pac from The Grave
    12163.  Kat Murphy from Palm Desert, CA
    12164.  McNany's from F-town, Pa
    12165.  John McBride from Irwin,PA
    12166.  Mike "Yazdaddy
    12167.  Brenda McGill from Black & Goldburg PA
    12168.  Mike "Yazdaddy" Yazvac from Monroeville, PA
    12169.  kathleen from harrisburg
    12170.  stacy stiles from oakdale pa
    12171.  Terry Bradshaw from Detroit (for the weekend, baby
    12172.  Tom Walters from Erie, PA-WDVE & STEELERS ROCK!
    12173.  Nicole Novitsky from Moon Twp., PA
    12174.  Adam Keith from Williston, VT
    12175.  Dawn Shacochis from Kent Island, MD
    12176.  Michelle from Greenville Pa and I
    12177.  Tom Jobes from Nashville,Tn.
    12178.  Shannon Loreski from Steeler Nation Pgh PA
    12179.  Keith Poeppel from Albion, PA
    12180.  Marlene from Wheeling WV GO STEELERS!!!
    12181.  Leah Cooper from Gaithersburg, MD/ Canonsburg
    12182.  Todd DeKleva from Shaler
    12183.  Cameron Carone from Charleston SC
    12184.  Jodi Latosky from Philipsburg, PA
    12185.  Jake the Fake Plummer from Overlook Hotel, CO
    12186.  Troy Jones from Pittsburgh, PA
    12187.  Amber from Kent
    12188.  troy markle #1 fan! from montgomery, pa
    12189.  Kari Samuels from Pittsburgh, PA
    12190.  Shaquille O'Neal
    12191.  Erin from Pittsburgh
    12192.  Chelsea Switzer from PA
    12193.  Tony Kelly from Pittsburgh, PA
    12195.  Debbie Walden from Lakewood, CA
    12196.  Dan Kane from Richmond / Lower Burell, PA
    12197.  Big Bob Baskin from Elverson, PA
    12198.  Jim Carrey from Bakersfield, Californey
    12199.  Kara Thompson from Austin, TX
    12200.  tracy penley from vandergrift pa
    12201.  Skip Wetzel from Mt. Lebanon
    12202.  Brian McDonough from Chicago IL
    12203.  J. Schroeffel from Oviedo, Fl
    12204.  Dave S from Blitzburgh PA
    12205.  Sharon Romberger from Muir Pa
    12206.  Mikey1 from Greensburg
    12207.  Brady Kern from Cranberry Twp., PA
    12208.  Carrie C from Blitzburgh PA go steelers
    12209.  Jim Keener from Hartford, CT
    12210.  happy morris sr. from dayton ohio via pgh N.S
    12211.  Lisa Walters from Erie, PA-Go Steelers!
    12212.  Maurilio Navarro from México
    12213.  Tom Smith from Meadville PA-Bleeds black&gold
    12214.  Johnny Mack from Chicago IL
    12215.  Lyndsey B from Lewisburg, PA!! GO STEELERS!
    12216.  randall hauter from beverlyhills, fl
    12217.  Krista Benamati from Carrolltown PA
    12218.  Michelle M from pitts & a fellow pitt student
    12219.  Desiree Dulla from Cleveland Ohio
    12220.  Mrs Mean Sweeney from Ferndale, CA
    12221.  Keri Hogue from Anniston, AL
    12222.  Shmandy from Pittsburgh, PA
    12223.  Drfloss from Monroeville
    12224.  Kathy Edwards from Cranberry Twp., PA
    12225.  Andrew Trivelli from Industry, PA
    12226.  Kevin McConnell from Brandon, FL
    12227.  300 from representin' in Philly
    12228.  The Roundtree's from PITTSBURGHHHH PA
    12229.  Nicole Perice from Pittsburgh, PA
    12230.  Amy Stevenson from Philadelphia, PA
    12231.  brandon boledovic from washington pa
    12232.  LAURAAA from Gibsonia, PA
    12233.  Sly Dog from Greensburg, Pa
    12234.  c123 from Westminster, MD
    12235.  Heather Ryan from Independence, PA
    12236.  kt from pgh, PA
    12237.  Ron Delasko from Johnstown, Pa.
    12238.  Kelly Brown from Lima, OH
    12239.  ROBBIE from Gibsonia,PA
    12240.  Missy Palmer from Altoona, Pa
    12242.  Sandy Lewandoski from Rochester, PA
    12243.  Ed Fenton from Wexford,Pa
    12244.  mike kostich from kennywood park
    12245.  Sheila Barron from Florence, SC (love ya, Ben!)
    12246.  "The Rick" Gabler from St. Marys, PA
    12247.  George Tallabas from Caldwell, Idaho
    12248.  John Troglio from Greensburg, PA
    12249.  Gramh from Jeannette,PA
    12250.  Ron Wardezak from Pittsburgh
    12251.  Borat from Kazakystan
    12252.  Katy Patton from Shelby, Ohio
    12253.  mycool weenor from seacaak beetches
    12254.  Stevie Mart from Aliquippa PA
    12255.  Andrew Brown from Lima, OH
    12256.  Harry and Dana Geisel from JOHNSTOWN PA
    12257.  tim serafini from pittsburgh pa
    12258.  John Day from Gibsonia,PA
    12259.  Julie McCaslin from Pittsburgh, PA
    12261.  Kelsey Cook from Manhattan KS
    12262.  Keller from Greensburg, PA
    12263.  Bryan C. from Pittsburgh
    12264.  Scott Smith from Honolulu, HI
    12265.  ryan from new york, go steelers!!
    12266.  S. Graves from Queens, NY
    12267.  Mike Polamalu from Pittsburgh
    12268.  korn from johnstown, PA
    12269.  Tara Musuraca from PITTSBURGH
    12270.  Napoleon Bonaparte from Isle of Elba
    12271.  Richard Harris from Lamberton PA
    12272.  Amanda Zalus from Saltsburg, Pa
    12273.  Katie Smith from Pittsburgh, PA
    12274.  Torpedo Bianco from Beechview Pa
    12275.  Marie Pietropaolo from Pittsburgh
    12276.  natalie swain from st. petersburg, florida
    12277.  AJ Zubaty from Washington(Steeler), PA
    12278.  Shelly McQuillen from Mesa, Arizona
    12279.  Tedd Keever from Muncie, Indiana
    12280.  Don & Vernice from Pa Go Steelers !!!!!!
    12281.  mickee from freakin florida. hey natalie
    12282.  Daniel Jin from Pasadena, Maryland- BOO RAVENS
    12283.  Meredith from Canonsburg, PA
    12284.  andy rules from da berg
    12285.  Marty Matko Jr from New Eagle PA
    12286.  Levi Bishop from Irwin, Pa
    12287.  Jeanne from Penna's Steeler Country
    12288.  Cynthia Hostetler from North Versailles Pa
    12289.  Autumn Burke from Franklin, Pa
    12290.  E-V-E Pyle from The Burgh
    12291.  cecil hailball from THE NATRONA, PA
    12292.  Matt Dempsey from Oil City, Pa
    12293.  Jim from From Shaler
    12294.  Megan Struble from Mahaffey, Pa
    12295.  Cleveland doesn't exist from The Whole USA
    12296.  Vince Donifero from North Versailles Pa
    12297.  Matt from Billys'Black and Gold
    12298.  LORI from Bettis Road, Dravosburg
    12299.  Kelly from Beaver Falls
    12300.  Aaron, Val, & Peanut from from Pa Steelers are #1!!!!
    12301.  **HERE WE GO STEELERS** from THE ENTIRE WORLD, BABY!!!!!!!!
    12302.  Johnny Holmes from the big shalong
    12303.  Hillary from Coudersport, Pa
    12304.  Pittsburgh Who from Getto
    12305.  one for the thumb! from greenville,pa
    12306.  Sam Palin from Wyomissing, Pa
    12307.  Liz Sumner from Pahrump, Nevada
    12308.  rich abraham from fort pitt
    12309.  Brian Neff from Altoona, Pa
    12310.  Onie Cheng from Yeadon, PA
    12311.  tim labos from franklin park
    12312.  Jessica Mann from PITTSBURGH
    12313.  Granny S. from Jeannette, Pa go steelers
    12314.  Jennifer Barnes from Ellwood City
    12315.  Lisa d from pgh
    12316.  Robert Carroll from Chicago
    12317.  Anatoli Dorosh from from Trafford, PA
    12318.  Miguel Angel Huesca from Puebla, Mexico!!!
    12319.  Beanz from Altoona PA
    12320.  Lindsay from gibsonia
    12321.  Ken Graff from Albion, PA
    12322.  Lauren Stack from Delmont, Pa
    12323.  Linda from North Versailles
    12324.  dasnake from altona
    12325.  Lupita Rodriguez from Puebla, Mexico!!!!!!
    12326.  P. Wong from Ontario
    12327.  SCOTT&SUE KASE from OIL CITY PA.
    12328.  Sharron from Rostraver PA
    12329.  Get er done Scott from McDonald, PA
    12330.  Jack Whitford from Syracuse, NY
    12331.  Kevin Barry from Shaler, PA
    12332.  Payton Manning from Indy
    12333.  V Kunkle from PA
    12334.  George from Da Burgh BABY!
    12335.  Steve from Fayetteville, PA
    12336.  K Kunkle from PA
    12337.  Ray Waterman from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif
    12338.  A Kunkle from PA
    12339.  Kiersten from Steeler (aka Washington), PA
    12340.  julia m from Pittsburgh
    12341.  K. Patten from Wichita,Ks
    12342.  adam kukic from lawrenceville
    12343.  Eric Lennon from South Park, Pa
    12344.  Dan and Kyrie Boland from Clarion, PA
    12345.  Heather Heiser from Pittsburgh, PA
    12346.  DJ Walker from pittsburgh
    12347.  snl from ihatethesteelersville
    12348.  Nate Patton from Afghanistan - U.S. ARMY
    12349.  Chris Sataline from Worcester, MA
    12350.  Stephen Ruotsi from Buffalo, NY
    12351.  I LOVE BEN from WISCONSIN
    12352.  Scott Miller from Northampton, PA
    12353.  Ted Methvin jr from casa grande, az
    12354.  Ali from Seesetown, PA
    12355.  Lanie Myers from Cranberry, PA
    12356.  Corey Fisher from South Park, PA
    12357.  dixie 713 from dayton texas
    12358.  Hubba from Mon City, PA
    12359.  Erik from Nivlem
    12361.  Darla Harvey from Charleroi Pa
    12362.  We Hate The steelers from Ellsworth,Pa
    12363.  Bob Kelley from Richmond Va
    12364.  We hate Ellsworth from The Steelers
    12365.  All The People from The Entire Universe
    12366.  Armando Zamora from Monterrey, Mexico
    12368.  Brittany Gasper from West Lafayette, IN
    12369.  Brian Byrne from Beaver Falls
    12370.  Tricia Hieb from Redfield Sd GO STEELERS!!!!!!!
    12371.  Ron Bezuch from Morgantown, WV
    12372.  Jean B.
    12373.  Sean Guerrisi from Orlando, FL
    12374.  Mike K. from Trafford, PA
    12375.  YOHAN from Oak Hill,WESTbygodVIRGINIA
    12376.  Brandon Leary from Greenville, PA
    12377.  DOES SEATTLE EVEN HAVE from A TEAM??!?!!? nooooooooo
    12378.  Aaron Snyder from San diego, CA
    12379.  ONE FOR THE THUMB !!!!! from HERE WE GO !!!!!
    12381.  Jeff Schramm from Altoona, PA
    12382.  Go Steelers!!!!! from Beaver Falls, PA
    12383.  Andrew Lamar from Bethel Park PA
    12384.  mark mcquillen from arizona
    12385.  Ben = over rated
    12386.  Melissa Hoban from Bryan TX originally canonsburg
    12387.  Samsss..HERE WE GO!! from Youngstown, OH
    12388.  Jeffrey E Cline Jr from Steubenville. OH
    12389.  Gilberto from Mexico
    12390.  Ross Hockenberry from Clarksburg,WV
    12391.  TAG from Donaldson, PA
    12392.  Jim Williams from Phoenix, AZ
    12393.  MIKE HUBERT from FAIRVIEW, PA
    12394.  Angela Williams from Phoenix, AZ
    12395.  Julie & Bryan from Portland, OR Go Stillers!!!
    12396.  Ronald "POOPS" Thompson from WCCC Wolfpac Baseball
    12397.  Julia Williams from Phoenix, AZ
    12398.  SHAWN MORT from NEW KEN
    12399.  Doug Shafer from Cincinnati,Ohio
    12400.  tom bradys razor from from his nutz
    12401.  Alec Devlin from Johnstown, PA
    12402.  Susie from From Munhall PA
    12403.  Dave Columbia from southside, pittsburgh
    12404.  Alison Nicoles from Corrie, PA
    12405.  Tiffy Jo from Pittsburgh
    12406.  Tyler Ruff from Orwigsburg PA!
    12407.  Carissa Cindric from Pittsburgh Pa!
    12408.  Román Tienda Martínez from México, D.F.
    12409.  Jer ploski from Ridgway, Pa.
    12410.  Russ Rittenour from Vermilion Ohio
    12411.  Josh C from New Castle
    12412.  Tom McNary from Pittsburgh Pa
    12413.  Dan Geffel from Pittsburgh, PA
    12414.  Marissa Charlton from Freedom, Pa
    12415.  Jeremy Anderson from Richmond, VA
    12416.  Lori K. from Harleysville, PA
    12417.  James Zidek from Mckessport PA
    12418.  Kristen Kolich from Oxford, Ohio
    12419.  Jeff Bergstresser from North Miami, FLA
    12420.  Denise from Jeannette, Pa
    12421.  Mark Murgas from Long Beach, CA
    12422.  Mary Beth Lechner from Beaver Falls, Pa
    12423.  Ben's future wife
    12424.  Kelly Campbell from Louisville, KY
    12425.  ellie nicole Quintero from Windsor CA
    12426.  ROBERTO ROEL from Monterrey Mexico
    12427.  Declan Doran from Pittsburgh, Pa
    12428.  Chris Cowger from Toronto, OH
    12429.  Brennan Thomas Komleni from Brentwood, Pittsburgh
    12430.  Ray Finkle from Psychoville, mayor
    12431.  Steve Petruzzi from Richmond, VA
    12432.  Drunk Sluts from Duquesne WE LUV U BEN
    12433.  Marc McClintock from from PA, living in Seattle
    12434.  angela suppa from pittsburgh
    12435.  BEANER from WEST VIEW PA
    12437.  Richard Garneau from Québec, Canada
    12438.  Jesse William from Tacoma, WA .....Go Pittsburgh!
    12439.  Ray Cope from Coudersport, PA
    12440.  Celeste Hortert from Butler Pa
    12441.  Matt R. from Cleveland OH.
    12442.  Kevin McHale from Alexandria, VA
    12443.  W.T.(TREE)Sims from Holly Hill FL.
    12444.  Leslie Judy from Pittsburgh
    12445.  bruno n from wilkes-barre
    12446.  John Canonico from Baltimore Md
    12447.  Karen from Pittsburgh, PA
    12448.  Bill Shaffer from Jeannette, PA
    12449.  George Kauffman from Frederick, MD
    12450.  Tim Sullivan
    12451.  Norm Chapman from Pittston, Pa
    12452.  Jon Basalyga from Owings Mills, MD
    12453.  John Schmidt from Pittsburgh, PA
    12454.  Heath Fitch from East Liverpool, OH
    12455.  Jerry Ohmer from Black&Goldsburg Pa.
    12457.  vernon jones from yulee fla
    12458.  Frank McKnight from Williamsburg, PA
    12459.  Marissa Acre from Arnold, Pa
    12460.  rich vector from pittsburgh
    12461.  Santa Claus from DUH!
    12462.  The Bossards from Cinncinnati, O hi O
    12463.  Jay Keenan from Clearwater FL
    12464.  Chrystian Burleyson from Kannapolis, NC
    12465.  Bob and Nate Bohlander from Dallas, PA
    12466.  Tina Kristoff from Mount Pleasant Go Steelers!!
    12467.  JoMarie from Irwin Pa
    12468.  Judie Dudas from Chicora, PA
    12469.  brent grafton from leechburg ,pa
    12470.  Mike Hughes from Dallas
    12471.  Debi from Martinsburg, WV
    12472.  Z Goodwin ( earl ) from Frostburgh ST, MD
    12473.  Bucky Hollywood from Howell N.J
    12474.  Meyer's from Ellwood City
    12475.  Devin the "D" from Harrison City, PA
    12476.  Dave Bailey from Ellwood City Pa. GO STILLERS!
    12477.  John from Minneapolis MN (Monongahela,PA
    12478.  veronica montoya from albuquerque,nm
    12479.  go steelers from everywhere
    12480.  Brandy Mechling from Virginia Beach, VA
    12481.  Nate Dogg from State College, PA
    12482.  Denise from St. Marys, Pa
    12483.  Kerri - Go Steelers! from PGH - Wilkins Twp
    12484.  danielle from greensburgh
    12485.  Kevin Nichols from Wilkes-Barre Pa
    12486.  DON B from existing in n royalton ohio
    12487.  GOD from HEAVEN.......................I
    12488.  Marcel from Hamilton, Ontario
    12489.  Chris Rump from Citibank in Florence KY
    12490.  Tony Sarp from Orlando,Fl. ( Latrobe)
    12491.  Shelly Dubick from Indianapolis, IN
    12492.  LUCKY42 from ALBUQUERQUE NM
    12493.  Sara from Pittsburgh
    12494.  The Cincinnati Bengals from Cincinnati Ohio
    12495.  Big T from Says go Big Ben
    12496.  Bill n Rose from Miramar, Florida
    12497.  Heather Sekely from Etown, PA go steelers
    12498.  BHeasley from from our steel town
    12499.  Ken Kaye from New Jersey
    12501.  Chris & Kami Trusz from Kill Devil Hills, NC
    12502.  Rebeccs Rose Steeber from Amelia, Ohio
    12503.  Becca and Lynne Steeber from Amelia, Ohio
    12504.  Matthew Burleyson from Kannapolis, NC
    12505.  santa from north pole
    12506.  CTSteelersFan from Oxford, CT
    12507.  Trista from Beaver, PA
    12508.  tut groom port orange from it's a burg thing
    12509.  LEANN from ***NEW CASTLE, PA***
    12510.  Bob Perry from Bobtown, PA
    12511.  Dominic King from Middletown Ohio
    12512.  steve middaugh from exeter pa
    12513.  Bill Bigos from Hershey, PA
    12514.  Randy L from Johnstown, PA
    12515.  Nate from North Hills, PA/ H. Head SC
    12516.  Brian kelley from Monrovia,Md
    12517.  ANTHONY ATKINS!!!!!! from Northern Cambria Pa !!!!
    12518.  anthony lucarelli from al ramadi iraq, but from pitts
    12519.  Jack Mayhoffer from PeatirGozinya, PA
    12520.  Jill Yoniski ********* from Dallas, PA-For Tom & Sobe
    12521.  Buddy Yelton from Nashville, TN
    12522.  G from Carmichaels, PA
    12523.  Becky Groom from Port Orange FL
    12524.  Osamas Dialysis Machine from Alexandria Library
    12525.  lori
    12526.  Mark T. from Pittsburgh, PA
    12527.  Ashley Sahene from Beaver Falls, PA
    12528.  Hardcore Hackett from Pittsburgh, PA
    12529.  Missy N.
    12530.  Todd Marver from Northbrook, Illinois
    12532.  Darren Hanson from Pittsburgh, PA
    12533.  12366 must be on drugs from ellsworth,pa
    12534.  Marie Costellic from Youngwood, PA
    12535.  jdogg from washington,pa
    12536.  Toothless Woman from Anytown, PA
    12537.  Justin from Forty-Fort PA
    12538.  Ed crusher Orloski from Plymouth Pa.
    12539.  12535 your a half-wit from and 12 years old
    12540.  Dawn Chapman from Orlando, FL
    12541.  Dom & Nate Gaggini from Pittsburgh
    12542.  TAF from Wexford, PA
    12543.  Tim, Dorothy & MayaSabo from Frisco, Colorado
    12544.  We Still Hate Randy from Cross, The World
    12545.  Nick Freidhoff from Johnstown
    12547.  John Ilie from State College PA
    12548.  The Whaby Family from Formerly from PITTSBURGH!
    12549.  Rhonda,Bob&Miranda from CONNELLSVILLE,PA
    12550.  Jack May from Nanticoke, Penna.
    12551.  Mary Beth Brueckman from North Palm Beach, FL
    12552.  Danny Reft from Pittsburgh, PA
    12553.  Dick Lobozzo from North Palm Beach, FL
    12554.  Sarena Steeber from Amelia, Ohio
    12555.  Michael Walmsley from Rochester, PA
    12556.  terry k from da burgh
    12557.  Thelma B from Conway
    12558.  Valerie Buckner from Sewickley
    12559.  mary yutzey from moundtown
    12560.  Jim Slobo from York, PA
    12561.  The Mayhue-Percy Family from BEAVER, PA !!!
    12562.  Big Mack Kline from Bellwood -Antis PA
    12563.  Jeromes Inhaler from Rock City
    12564.  Sawyer Kline from Bellwood -Antis PA
    12565.  Don Sipple Sr from Ashley Pa
    12566.  Tyson Berneburg from Pittsburgh, Pa
    12567.  Jane Adams from Las Vegas
    12568.  Beef from Quip Town, PA
    12569.  Billy Dietz from St. Marys PA
    12570.  Kelsey Poole from The Burgh, PA
    12571.  Ian Ziegler from Pittsburgh
    12572.  Bernie Fisher from Ashley Pa
    12573.  Kara Butler from Washington, PA
    12574.  Tommy from Pittsburgh
    12575.  Grandma Helen Dub from Steelers Rock In Ambridge
    12576.  Susan Fosnaught from New Brighton,Pa
    12577.  Jackie Hartwick from N. Versailles, PA
    12578.  Amy Dietz from ST.MARYS PA
    12579.  Laura from Pittsburgh, PA
    12580.  Warren Lee from Murrysville and New York
    12581.  Amy Shearer from Picture Rocks, Pa
    12582.  Matt Belskey from Johnstown, Pa
    12583.  Barbara from Sycamore, Illinois
    12584.  JASON WIDICH from LIGONIER PA.
    12585.  Bart London from Sparks Nevada
    12586.  AARON & EILEEN from Manhattan loves Ben
    12587.  Ricky Simons from Sharon PA Baby !
    12588.  Kelsey Taylor from Washington, PA
    12589.  Amy Z from Bethlehem, PA
    12590.  Peggy Yalch from Pittsburgh PA
    12591.  Andy Harmer from Philadelphia
    12592.  Chris Sefcheck from Little Pittsburgh, NV
    12593.  michael huffffffyyyyyy from co
    12594.  Brett O'Donnell from Wexford, PA
    12595.  hhhhuuuuuuffffyyyyyyyy from co baby
    12596.  John Underwood from Atlanta Ga.
    12597.  sunny_gal00 from yahoo
    12598.  Frenchy Fuqua from Picksburgh, PA
    12599.  Mike Dubick from Baden, PA
    12600.  Bobby Lane from The Pittsburgh
    12601.  Barb Dubick from Baden, PA
    12602.  matt austin from PA
    12603.  Yoshi Henderson from Upper St. Clair, PA
    12604.  Patrice from "I'd rather be in McKeesport"
    12605.  heinz kaptein from baltimore
    12606.  ken brace from from Hunlock Creek, Pa
    12607.  jessie platt from PSU
    12608.  I LOVE HEATH MILLER from Rookie, PA
    12609.  Michael A. Golia from Pittsburgh
    12610.  Nagy from from the 'burgh
    12611.  EMMY MKAY ASHNAE BECKY from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania
    12612.  Maw Kocher from Hopewell, PA 15001
    12613.  Harvey Family from Alexandria, VA
    12614.  Mario "SteelFan" Vences from from Mexico
    12615.  Vinton Family from Steelers City, PA
    12616.  Sean Bradley from Pittsburgh (South Park) PA
    12617.  Bryan Stellman from Mount Arlington, NJ
    12618.  Mike W. from Indiana
    12619.  Aaron DiLucia from da burgh
    12620.  Brian Zitelli from Pittsburgh
    12621.  Nathan Miller from From Evans City
    12622.  Harv Firmstone from Simpsonville,SC
    12623.  Joe Battaglia from Pittsburgh PA
    12624.  joelle mcfarland from Harwick,PA
    12625.  Sissy from Somerset, PA
    12626.  Jeannett and
    12627.  Robert J. Brown from Indianapolis, IN
    12628.  The Domenick Family from Baden, PA
    12629.  Nikki Boldy from Newport News VA.
    12631.  Karen McDonough from Camp Hill PA
    12632.  Jim from Garden City, MI
    12633.  WHO DEY? from WE DAY!!!!!!!!
    12634.  paul tolomeo from picksburgh
    12635.  ANTI INDY and NE from NO DYNASTY 4 IN or NE
    12636.  Paul Henry from Steelers PA 15301
    12637.  Jeff Wiggins from Pittsburgh
    12638.  Mark S. from Hanover, PA
    12639.  Richard from hopewell PA
    12640.  Paul D. Mowry from The Villages, Florida
    12641.  huffy from pittsburgh pa
    12642.  C. A. Mowry from The Villages, Florida
    12643.  Austin Grafton from Leechburg
    12644.  Lois Nimal from McDonald, Pa
    12645.  Zachary Grafton from Leechburg
    12646.  David Zippay from Castaic CA
    12647.  Joe from Pittsburgh
    12649.  Myron Cope from the official terrible towel
    12650.  lets roll 12541 from ellsworth pa.
    12651.  joE musser from the Ambridge, PA
    12653.  Eric Petre from even though i dont have onePA
    12654.  joe from cranberry
    12655.  Shaun ALex
    12656.  Kenny G /We won water from South Park
    12657.  Julie A from Tampa, FL
    12658.  Joyce Tressler from Confluence, Pal
    12659.  Shaun Alexander from Seattle, Washington
    12660.  Rob and Sarah from Youngstown, OH
    12661.  Gary Siepietowski from Boyertown, pa.
    12662.  Arturo Suarez from Monterrey, Mexico
    12663.  Joe Kolp from Cincinnati Oh...from pa!
    12664.  John D'Ambrosio from Pittsburgh, PA
    12665.  the one and only from sp
    12666.  MICIRE from KANNAPOLIS, NC
    12667.  Mark Scalzitti from Jeannette Pa
    12668.  Josh Bep from Guntown, PA
    12669.  Amanda Natalie from Pittsburgh, PA
    12670.  TOM SIPPLE from ASHLEY,PA
    12671.  Tracy from Las Vegas!
    12672.  Rick Coyle from Hampton Township
    12673.  Andy and Ann
    12674.  Jason Davis from Pittsburgh, PA
    12675.  Leah from Barnesville, OH
    12676.  DON SIPPLE JR. from ASHLEY,PA
    12677.  Dave Patterson from Dickinson, Texas
    12678.  Kenny G /We won water from South Park
    12680.  Chaz Coleman from Crappy Cleveland
    12681.  Shannon from Canton,Ohio
    12682.  Marcia from York, PA
    12683.  Sue-Lee Miller from MD
    12684.  France Bussières from Québec, Canada
    12685.  Steve from San Fran
    12686.  Joey Suppa from Pittsburgh
    12687.  Lynn Grove from Oakmont, PA
    12688.  B. Burke
    12690.  Gavin George from San Francisco, CA
    12691.  Paul Bell from Twinsburg, OH
    12692.  Brian Kunkle from Spring Church Pa.
    12693.  Rocky Raccoon from Centreville, MD
    12694.  Jonathon Knight from Buenos Aires
    12695.  Brian Sarosi from Johnstown(Southmont) PA
    12696.  I Hate You Ben
    12697.  Rich H. from Pittsburgh!!!
    12698.  Brice Bier from Washington, PA
    12699.  Jason Sites from Trucksville, PA
    12700.  al west from martins ferry oh
    12701.  DONNA holland from Columbus,Ohio
    12702.  Katie from (u. of) Pittsburgh!
    12703.  Bob Hollis from El Dorado Hills, CA via Quippa
    12704.  Steve McCrorie from Stanwood, Wa
    12705.  Mary Karel from Melbourne Village, FL
    12706.  Jose Carlos Burboa from Plano, TX Mexican Steeler Fan
    12707.  Caitlin Isasky from PiTTsBuRGH, PA
    12708.  Ryan Burgess from Uniontown Pa
    12709.  Jim Graff from Pittsburgh
    12710.  John from Pittsburgh:)
    12711.  Stephanie from Phoenix, AZ
    12712.   HRUBY from ROSTRAVER
    12713.  Greg Wolfe from Pittsburgh
    12714.  Sean King, St Vincent from where it all started!!!!!!!
    12715.  Greg Wilson from Pittsburgh, PA
    12716.  Patrick Rieg from Johnson CIty via the Burgh
    12717.  Cletus Kilker from Bethlehem PA
    12718.  jp from crucible
    12719.  Adrienne Berry from Wexford, PA
    12720.  Tyler Herget from Pittsburgh
    12721.  Shelly Schmidt from Honolulu, Hawaii
    12722.  Warren from Margaritaville
    12723.  Tummy from Rocks, Pa
    12724.  Justin from Pittsburgh, PA
    12725.  Andrew Berty from CECIL
    12726.  Sarah from North Huntingdon
    12727.  Jen Wilt from Central Pa
    12728.  Dave Hyatt from Pittsburgh, PA
    12729.  Bill Begnits from Pittsburgh PA
    12730.  Scott L. Simmons from Palmer, Alaska
    12731.  Katie Kruczek from California, PA
    12732.  Leah Coveleski from Pittsburgh, PA
    12733.  DALE ROY ! from THA BURGH.....thanks bettis
    12734.  Jeff Mazzarella from Shippensburg PA
    12735.  Jenna Frank from Ebensburg Pa
    12736.  Brandon McKnight from Beaverdale, PA
    12737.  Brad from City Theatre
    12738.  Carlos Garcia from Mexico
    12739.  Terry Hays from Pittsburgh (Robinson Twp)
    12740.  Curt Whelpley from Beaver Falls
    12742.  Oliver Rigor from Bronx, NY
    12743.  John Peck from Lemont Furnace, Pa
    12744.  Taylors from Glacier View Alaska
    12745.  Matt Reighard from State College, PA
    12746.  Forsythe Family from Ft Campbell, KY
    12747.  Chris Sotirake from East Brady Pennsylvania
    12748.  Sidney Crosby from 87
    12749.  Rod Shockey from N Versailles
    12750.  Mark Anderson from mooseport, PA
    12751.  davola from wv
    12752.  Alex Bruno from Rochester PA
    12753.  Kelley Baker from Kingston, PA
    12754.  Bill McKnight (wamy) from Beaverdale, Pa. GO STEELERS!!
    12755.  Cory Hamilton from Steubenville Ohio
    12756.  Guy Millington from Bend, OR
    12757.  Robert Heckman from Belle Vernon, PA
    12758.  John Coulter from Ellwood City,PA
    12759.  ONE FOR THE THUMB from Feb 4, 2006
    12760.  Andrew Mechem from Detroit MI
    12761.  Shawna & Sierra Skrout from Beaverdale, PA GO BIG BEN!!!
    12762.  EMILY PRATT from GIBSONIA PQ
    12763.  Lundy Hamonko from Johnstown
    12764.  EMILY PRATT from GIBSONIA PA
    12765.  Ted Kennedys Flask from he kills women
    12766.  Tony Sicilia from Mckees Rocks
    12767.  Jimmy Sicilia from Mckees Rocks
    12768.  Jim Lawruk from Emmaus, PA
    12770.  Paul Smith from Cliffside Park, NJ
    12771.  Brittany from Edinboro PA
    12772.  Angela Pifer from Hillsborough, NC
    12773.  milissa lucas from go steelers
    12774.  Kim from Portersville, PA
    12775.  JEFF,HESS from KINGSTON,,PA
    12776.  Neal Stallings from Hillsborough, NC
    12777.  Greg Galanter from PA
    12778.  Mary D. from THE BURGH
    12779.  Jim Kelly from Pa
    12780.  Scot & Kim Shepard from ERIE, PA
    12781.  Mike Fleckenstein from Pittsburgh
    12782.  Lee Smith from Melbourne, FL
    12783.  Shannon from Franklin Park, PA
    12784.  Dave Nanasi from THE Aliquippa, PA
    12785.  Jeremy Hulderman from NoDak, by way of FINDLAY, OHIO
    12786.  dan from Oshawa,Ontario, Canada
    12787.  Brian Kaufman from NE PA
    12788.  Jenn Johnson from Butler, PA
    12789.  Bob Bickar from Ohio
    12790.  Ryan F from N Glo, PA
    12791.  Jason Kidwell from W. Terre Haute, IN
    12792.  Greg Hicks from Wheeling, WV
    12793.  Eric Barton from Weirton, WV
    12795.  Faith Hicks from Wheeling, WV
    12796.  Jason Deramo from FEMA DAE (North Fayette,PA)
    12797.  Peg Black from Erie, PA
    12798.  Rich Hutchinson
    12799.  Stephen Boyd from Fort Wayne, Indiana
    12800.  Jim Jasenak from Ft Myers ,FL
    12801.  Fook Distellar from Bala Cynwyd PA
    12802.  Kimberly Hurney from pittsburgh pa
    12803.  Stacey Hunter from W, Newton Pa
    12804.  Sutton from Throop, PA
    12805.  Jarrett Stough from Palmyra, PA
    12806.  Tom Ohmer from Columbus, Ohio
    12808.  Casey Roethlisberger from In Ben's bed
    12809.  Tim Gallagher from James Creek, PA
    12810.  Chris Carson from Hutchinson Kansas
    12811.  Michael Heckathron from Grove City, Pa
    12812.  nathan schulte from Regina Canada
    12813.  Whoob from Pleasantville PA
    12814.  Jake DaSnake from living room, Colarado
    12815.  Les Teeitup from Steelers Rule!
    12816.  Rachel Zomerfeld from PA
    12817.  Kurt Kinzler from Port St Lucie,Florida
    12818.  Kara Williams from Long Beach, CA
    12819.  Amy Keown from Transplanted Pittsburger to FL
    12820.  Harry Para Testicles from Down Below
    12821.  Rusty Wallace from Grove City, Pa
    12822.  lauren gollick from cranberry twp
    12823.  damon wise from pittsburgh pa
    12824.  Big 'LeeRoy' Wyke from McDonald, Pa
    12825.  Tim Rupp from Chambersburg, PA
    12826.  Funky Roy from Pleasantville PA
    12827.  Keri Ann Stevenson from Hanover Township, PA
    12828.  Ron Komlenic from Pittsburgh
    12829.  Katie Schwartz from Springfield, MO
    12830.  dawn malave from wethersfield, ct
    12831.  The Nix Clan..... from ~McDonald Pa.~
    12832.  Grizzly Adams from Saskatchewan
    12833.  Sandy Fulkerson from Springfield, MO
    12834.  George & Ronda Vaughn from Curwensville, PA
    12835.  Jen Maloney from Port St. Lucie, FL
    12836.  AlHi from St. Louis, Mo
    12837.  jen lober
    12838.  Greg Schar from Denver from History in the making! Go Ben!
    12839.  Johnna Anthony from Washington PA
    12840.  Beth Hackney from Pittsburgh, PA
    12841.  Melissa Gervase from Greenville, SC
    12842.  Dana Feathers from carlisle,pa
    12843.  Nana Schlegel from Schuylkill haven, PA
    12844.  Toni Dunn from Pittsburgh
    12845.  Brandon Kuehne from Columbus, OH
    12846.  Ryan Davies from PITTSBURGH, PA
    12847.  Paul (Brookline) Yeager from Dallas, Pa.
    12848.  tami from md
    12849.  Tom from Thumont Maryland
    12850.  Grant Shaffer from Altoona PA
    12851.  Becca Walter from Pittsburgh, PA
    12852.  Tom from Thurmont Maryland
    12853.  Keshia Decker from Inwood, WV
    12854.  robert hughes from wilkes-barre, pa
    12855.  David Graham from Erie, Pa.
    12856.  Eric Stratton from Delta, Faber College
    12857.  Mike Best from Altoona, PA
    12858.  Spencer Schar, Denver from Go Steelers!
    12859.  Don caivano from Imperial PA
    12860.  Lorraine Cecilia from Bethel Park, PA
    12861.  Brad Spier from Arlington, VA
    12862.  Nick Schar, Denver from Go Steelers!
    12863.  Stephanie Schall from Beaver, PA
    12864.  Shannon Hughey from McDonald
    12865.  Jeffrey Ellena from DE (rather be in the BURGH!)
    12866.  Mark Scholl from Steelers, PA
    12867.  Carl Matter from Pittsburgh
    12868.  Carrie R from Cincy Oh
    12869.  chico from greensburg
    12870.  KEVIN SMITH from PLUM
    12871.  dalton wrage from G.C, IA
    12872.  Richard Yanick from Leckrone, PA
    12873.  Laura Atkins from Pittsburgh PA
    12874.  Chris M.
    12875.  chico from greensburg
    12876.  gearge bush 41 from dc
    12877.  Nicole Keller from Altoona, PA
    12878.  John, Justin,Johnny from Dallas, Pa
    12879.  Bob Fountain from Wlkes-Barre, PA
    12880.  Simon Fiscus from Culpeper, VA
    12881.  arturo from mexico
    12882.  Skyler Scholl from Steelers, PA
    12883.  Doug Atteberry from Bradford Pa
    12884.  Howard (Pioneer Ave.) Y
    12885.  Dave Moorehead
    12886.  tony anthony from uniontown ,pa
    12887.  Erin from Univ of Pittsburgh!
    12888.  Tara Finfrock from Washington PA
    12889.  Mary from Versailles Pa.
    12890.  Stephanie Gensamer from Pittsburgh, PA
    12891.  Sarah Hackney from Pittsburgh, PA
    12892.  Avy Oaknine from Toronto
    12895.  Sandy Beers from Greencastle, Pa
    12896.  Suzanne Heidorn from Johnstown, PA
    12897.  Jeff Schmidt from Pittsburgh, PA
    12898.  Tom Newman from Holiday, Florida
    12899.  rick markette from mckeesport pa
    12901.  Cheryl Stevenson from Nanticoke, PA
    12902.  Sue Borham from Houston, TX
    12903.  Di Benedetto Family from California
    12904.  David from Jamestown
    12905.  Adam Baverso from Irwin, PA
    12906.  Mike Wilmus from Carnegie, PA
    12907.  Mike Glashauser from Altoona, PA
    12908.  Sam McKinney from St. Cloud, FL
    12909.  Amanda Ludorf from Nanticoke, PA
    12910.  natalie from rochester
    12911.  Muffin Man
    12912.  alex guevara from dallas/monterrey mx
    12913.  ru redy 4 sum footballl
    12914.  Carol Stewart from Fayetteville, PA
    12915.  Andrew Wilkens from Pittsburgh PA
    12916.  Deanna Sebastian from Pittsburgh,PA
    12917.  Joe Lubert from Gastonia North Carolina
    12918.  Den Kessler (Oakdale) from Steeler Nation Philadelphia
    12919.  Paul Spano from Erie, PA
    12920.  Adam & Eric Spano from Erie, PA
    12921.  Chad Schroeder from Plum Borough
    12922.  Justin Miklas from Charlotte, NC
    12923.  Joe King from cincinnati,oh
    12924.  SHAT HAT BABY from PENN STATE
    12925.  Jimbo from Atlanta, Ga
    12926.  Brian Cilley from Jersey City, NJ
    12927.  Howie Kistler from Florida
    12928.  Ben and Gin from Pittsburgh, PA
    12929.  Matthew Skodak from GBG
    12930.  Steeler Fan Club from Philadelphia, Pa.
    12931.  Ryan Kistler from Florida
    12932.  Justin Bernd from Baltimore, MD
    12933.  Joseph Palmer from Decatur, GA
    12934.  Jay Demis from Cleveland, OH
    12935.  Sheetal Shenoy from Cambridge, Ontario CANADA
    12936.  William Turner from Grove City, Pa
    12937.  Danny Walsh from Gloucester Va.
    12938.  Sergio Abreu from Englewood, NJ (STEELERS RULE!)
    12939.  Shaina Bazyk from Steeler (Washington,) PA
    12940.  Justin Fieber from Saskatchewan, Canada
    12941.  Anthony Tour from Clairton
    12942.  Steve Lewis from Stafford, England
    12944.  Darla Brown from Lower Burrell Pa.
    12945.  The Zerbees from Gallitzin, PA
    12946.  Sam Smigel from Harmony, PA
    12947.  Eric Lynde from Erie, Pa.
    12948.  Gram Shaff from Apoll, Pa
    12949.  mark viniarski from nanticoke,pa
    12950.  Pat Cavanaugh Jr. from Tunkhannock,Pa
    12951.  Steven Keefe from nanticoke,pa
    12952.  Sarah Lisjak from Duquesne University
    12953.  Ravens Fan from I hate the steelers
    12954.  Tanya(steve's hot wife) from Nanticoke, PA
    12955.  Sarah K from Wexford
    12956.  Scott Kaz from Pittsburgh, Pa
    12957.  Cheryl(Mark's hot wife) from Nanticoke, PA
    12958.  Ravens are criminals from Pittsburgh
    12959.  Lynn Cratty from Lower Burrell (Go Steelers!)
    12960.  Samantha Kearns from STEELER NATION BABY!!
    12961.  Paula McDowell from Latrobe, Pa
    12962.  Sebastian Jasiorkowski from Westbank, B.C.
    12963.  Andrew McErlean from Philadelphia PA
    12964.  Nate Harper from Indianapolis
    12966.  Rich Andrie from Homer City, PA
    12967.  Matthew Dustman from Wilkes-Barre
    12968.  Shauna & Jay from Wintersville, OH Go Steelers!!
    12969.  Michael Druschel from Cleveland, OH
    12970.  Kevin McCarthy from Olean, NY
    12971.  Devra Stadler from Clarksville, TN orginal PGH
    12972.  Steve Horniacek from Butler,PA
    12973.  Jackie Smith from Crafton, home of Cowher, PA
    12974.  Anthony Millsaps
    12975.  Bill Parsons from Cameron WV
    12976.  David Clark from Pittsburgh, PA
    12977.  Amanda Lewis from Ravenna, Ohio
    12978.  Laura Berkebile from Pittsburgh, PA
    12979.  tom green
    12980.  Mindy O'Leary from Pittsburgh PA
    12981.  Stephanie Moore from Pittsburgh, PA
    12982.  Danielle Aria from Weirton WV
    12983.  Justin Davidson from Ebensburg Pennsylvania
    12985.  David from Weis
    12986.  scott stafford
    12987.  Ben Roethlisberger from Pittsburgh Steelers
    12988.  James V. from Centreville VA
    12989.  Vance Cohick from Williamsport
    12990.  Giant Hangover from Monday morning
    12992.  Maximillion from from Mt. Lebo, Pittsburgh PA
    12993.  Ashle Roethlisberger from BLAIRSVILLE, PA!!!!
    12994.  Mau mau Lopez from Puebla, Mexico!
    12995.  Bob Perella from Trafford
    12996.  MaryAnn from New Oxford, PA
    12997.  Nehemiah Scudder from UT ah. (Really it's the Burgh)
    12998.  Sherry from Altoona PA
    12999.  Gerald Martin from Arkansas
    13000.  Nick from Gilarno
    13001.  DeAnn Smith from Englewood, OH 45322
    13002.  Alex Basalyga from Owings Mills, MD
    13003.  Mandy Jean from Latrobe
    13004.  Charles Kupchak from Wheeling, WV
    13005.  Jesse Shaffer from KT -Raiders Shavertown,Pa.
    13006.  Chad Rohland from Pittsburgh
    13007.  ************Jennifer D. from **********Fayette City, PA****
    13008.  Gwen from CT
    13009.  Jack Ryan from Pittsburgh, PA
    13010.  Jim Shaffer from Shavertown.Pa.
    13011.  Kay Brett from Bentleyville, PA
    13012.  Joe LaBella from Washington
    13013.  Steve Brett from Bentleyville, PA
    13014.  Scott Durick from Leechburg Pa.
    13015.  Karen DeFrancesco from Tyrone,PA
    13016.  Eddie Samko from Johnstown, PA
    13017.  Lori & Terry Wickham from Fayetteville, NC
    13018.  Liz from Pahrum
    13019.  TROY BARRON from **JOHNSTOWN ,PA**
    13020.  POGO from The Rocks
    13021.  Sharon from PA
    13022.  Michael Desrosiers from Charleston, SC
    13023.  judy columbia/compton from hagerstown, maryland
    13024.  Melanie Crise from Raleigh, NC
    13025.  jesse from crap on who wrote bad stuff!!!
    13026.  Liz from Pahrump, Nevada
    13027.  John Doman from Oakmont PA
    13028.  L e A n N e M a R t i N from Slippery Rock
    13029.  Marcus Von Hertsenberg from VILLANOVA, PA
    13030.  DAN,D,MAN, from Steeler country
    13031.  Trey Weichman from Penfield,PA
    13032.  JC Pasztor from Fayetteville, NC
    13033.  martha clapp from lykens, PA
    13034.  Jen from Pittsburgh, PA
    13035.  Michael Maurer from Shaler
    13036.  Jim Barnard
    13037.  David Clapp from Steeler PA
    13038.  Jim Barnard from Middlebourne,WVa.
    13039.  JIMMER from Shavertown
    13040.  chester crooks from bellaire oh
    13041.  Katie Russell from Pittsburgh, PA
    13042.  Doug Gebhard from The Burgh
    13043.  Cartman from South Park, GO STILLERS
    13044.  jeremy radic from Greensburg PA
    13045.  GO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!! from FROM THE WORLD
    13046.  Sue Meholick from Du Bois, PA
    13047.  Jeremy Miller from Beaver Falls, PA
    13048.  Heath Noss from Tampa (Freedom, PA)
    13049.  Joshua D Cioci from Bagram, Afghanistan
    13050.  Pat Quinn from (sporting a "Ben Beard") PGH
    13051.  Valerie Jean from Hilliard, Ohio
    13052.  Big Ben the Best from jimmer
    13053.  Stephanie Kuhn from Finleyville, PA HERE WE GO
    13054.  Dan and Rose Martin from Springdale, PA
    13055.  dave richards from greensburgh
    13056.  Jan(MIller)Barnard from Middlebourne,WV(formerly of Sa
    13057.  Herb Sewell from Atascadero, CA
    13058.  Ken David from East Stroudsburg, PA
    13059.  faith johnson from centre hall pa
    13060.  Mike Blair from Boonsboro, MD
    13061.  John Pipes from Saint Francis University
    13062.  Nolan Lucas from CASTINE MAINE
    13063.  W from Inside Karl Rove's Pocket
    13064.  Z.O from Pittsburgh
    13065.  RUGGER from Monroevlle/Edinboro, PA
    13066.  Richard Sproat from Wexford PA
    13067.  Linda daughter of JohnC from Athens GA
    13068.  Joe Smith from Pittsburgh, PA
    13069.  felecia johnson from stormstown
    13070.  eric cilli from texas
    13071.  Jessica Cioci from Bloomsburg, PA
    13072.  B. Blair from Hagerstown Md
    13073.  Kraig Bauer from Gaithersburg, MD
    13074.  Allison Buerk from Wilcox, PA
    13075.  Russ Lesko from Orange County CA
    13076.  Adam Arigoni from Wilcox, PA
    13077.  Zach from originally the burgh now tampa
    13078.  Dell Hickle from Uniontown, PA
    13079.  Fr. George from of all Youngwood, PA
    13080.  Chelsea Trimble from Kittanning, PA
    13081.  Peter Muma from Regina, SK.
    13082.  Amy Evans from Palm Bay, FL
    13083.  Tom from South Side
    13084.  Brian Blair jr. from hagerstown md.
    13085.  Corinna Evans from Palm Bay, FL
    13086.  Mark Brossman from Wheeling, WV (Here We GO!!!)
    13087.  bob ward from washington pa
    13089.  BETH AND PAULA from BEDFORD, PA
    13090.  vito sparacio from ohio
    13091.  Aaron Ross from Dublin, Ireland
    13092.  Ashley i dont have a from beard, but if i did i wouldnt
    13093.  Bill Stuckley from Pittsburgh
    13094.  Shaun Alexander from anywhere but the endzone
    13095.  Karen DeFrancesco from Tyrone, PA
    13096.  scott malburg from pittsburrgh
    13097.  sam zigrossi from wexford
    13098.  Kendall Shultz from Austin, Texas
    13099.  scott skrout from beaverdale,PA go steelers
    13100.  Blake from mommy belly
    13101.  Kevin Hickey from Augustana
    13102.  Jessica from Maryland
    13103.  Leroy Groom Go Steeler from Mars,Pa ** Rocks**
    13104.  Gus Zampitella III from PIttsburgh
    13105.  Stephen Goddin from my beard rocks your face off
    13106.  Samantha from PITTBURGH BABY!!!
    13107.  John Stuble from Harrisville,PA
    13109.  Robert C. from Clifton, VA (Steelers Rock!!)
    13110.  bettis from endzone
    13111.  Jonathan Perciavalle from Aliquippa, Pa
    13112.  chuck haschets from west newton pa.
    13113.  DREW from PITTSBURGH
    13114.  Jayme Dickson
    13115.  Adam Traynor from Canonsburg PA
    13116.  GERI STEVENSON
    13117.  AnneClarkRoethlisberger from Pittsburgh, PA
    13118.  Densie Barker from Brazil
    13119.  Michelle Lauren from PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!
    13120.  Randy Gertenbach from San Diego, CA
    13121.  Tony Spargal from Myrtle Beach SC
    13122.  Tara DiSimo from Pittsburgh, PA
    13123.  Maggi Cupp from West Virginia
    13124.  Joel Klein from Upper St. Clair PA
    13125.  deder from USA
    13126.  Joel Klein from Upper St. Clair PA
    13127.  DEDER from ESTEVAN WOO
    13128.  benrp pround 2 be a ben from estevan
    13129.  kay from Sykesville, Pa.
    13130.  Brendamae66 from Maryland
    13131.  Paul Lynn from Pittsburgh, PA
    13132.  Stan"tookie"Williams from Finally injected
    13133.  Nicholas Saggio from Steubenville, OH
    13134.  Marty from wellington, co
    13135.  nickynick from london england
    13136.  Fat Jen Dean from The baby was Culps
    13137.  Nicole Zepp from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13138.  James "tuck" Tucker from Bethesda, Md
    13139.  Laura Brosenitsch from Pittsburgh
    13140.  GREG FITCH from Tarentum, PA
    13141.  Greg Depner from Kittanning/ IUP
    13142.  Mike "lil foot" Landis from Beaver, Pa
    13143.  Michele Manno from Beaver Falls PA
    13144.  Jen Lester from Southfield, MI
    13145.  Tom Quinn from Pittsburgh, PA
    13146.  Kate Meck from Washington D.C. GO STEELERS!!
    13147.  Court from Washington
    13148.  Matt Dunlap from Pittsburgh, PA
    13149.  Matt Beppler from Canonsburg, PA
    13150.  Adrienne Conte from Pittsburgh, PA
    13152.  Jenine McCracken from Pittsburgh, PA
    13153.  Dirty Dale from Wilkes Barrre
    13154.  MOC CREW
    13155.  The Rat from Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
    13157.  john bruwelheide from clearwater florida
    13158.  Brad "BigBeard" Bianchi from South Hills
    13159.  Alan Wadsworth from Harrisburg/Shippensburg, PA
    13160.  Scott "Dooski" Donnelly from Pittsburgh "Steel Town"
    13161.  Homer J. Simpson from Springfield
    13162.  Alex Magill from zelienople, pa
    13163.  Jeff "WILDTANKY"Lippert from Varner Road, Pittsburgh, PA
    13164.  Bob Beckett from San Antonio TEXAS
    13165.  Rebecca Banks from Youngstown Ohio
    13166.  Riley Carroll from West Hartfor CT
    13167.  JOE CERDA from LAREDO TEXAS
    13168.  Sarah S. from Steeler, PA
    13169.  Karen from Weirton, WV (near Pittsburgh)
    13170.  HEATHER TOWNSEND from Tarentum, PA
    13171.  jeffery from jeffery
    13172.  Mogeez from SteelerNation
    13173.  SUE-mustache-Lightfoot from ST.JOSEPH,TENNESSEE
    13175.  Justin A. Rhule from Pittsburgh, Baldwin High
    13176.  scotty webler from pittsburgh
    13177.  Colleen from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13178.  Jim Tanner from Beaver PA
    13179.  Patrick Stevens from Glen Burnie MD
    13180.  Ronald N. from Miami, FL
    13181.  David Tomlinson from PA at heart Virgina Beach
    13182.  G DINERMAN from NEW JERSEY
    13183.  Cathie Tomlinson from Virginia Beach
    13184.  Carolyn Williams from North Topail Beach NC
    13185.  Chris W from Youngstown,Oh
    13186.  Brooks DuBose from Grantsville,MD
    13187.  Doug Keen from Sharon, PA
    13188.  jim dailey from wintersville, ohio
    13189.  Jeremy Stevens from Seattle, Washington
    13190.  Brett Paranzino from Pittsburgh
    13191.  Garret Barbush from Manheim, PA
    13192.  Matt Myers from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13193.  Leah Callovini from Wexford PA
    13194.  Rich Winters from Freeport, PA
    13195.  James from steeler,pa
    13196.  Justin Bennett from Brownsville, PA
    13197.  Matt Davin from Best Place on Earth PA
    13198.  Tina M DiBucci from Penn Hills , PA
    13199.  L.C. Greenwood from Not the Hall of Fame... Again.
    13200.  Wojo from Mars, PA
    13201.  Mel Gibson from Down Under
    13202.  Ed Cence from Northern Cambria, PA
    13203.  Justin Petrulak from Black and Goldsburg, PA
    13204.  rhonda kohne from peters, pa
    13205.  Chelsea Churilla from Uniontown, PA
    13206.  Kathy
    13207.  Ben Price from Fairmont, WV
    13208.  Thomas Schulte from Kamen, Germany
    13209.  Ashley Depta from Connellsville, PA
    13210.  Jeremy Alfieri from Erie, Pa
    13211.  jeff reeds wife from accident md
    13212.  Dan "The Juice" Juilfs from Erie, PA
    13213.  Phil Swaney from Pittsburgh, PA
    13214.  Amanda Thiry from WVU!!
    13215.  Sarah Klein from PITTSBURGH, PA
    13216.  ZZ Top
    13217.  jon Kelley from Butler Pa
    13218.  Cupler from G-Ville, MD
    13219.  Tyler Armantrout from St. Clairsville, OH
    13220.  Brian Bresnehan from Butler,PA
    13221.  Mac
    13222.  Santa from North Pole
    13223.  Rob Lantz from Tucson, AZ
    13224.  mackenzie
    13225.  Carrie Ann from Butler, Pa
    13226.  Satan from Heck
    13227.  John Joseph O'Kain II from South Park, PA
    13228.  Adrianne Noss from Tampa FL
    13229.  Jill from Harrisburg, PA
    13230.  Notorious B.I.G. from Still Alive
    13231.  Claire Noss from #'s from 13049 and 13229
    13232.  Bubba from the Burgh
    13233.  Chris Hartland from Pitt
    13234.  EY Janes from NC
    13235.  T.O from i dont have a job
    13236.  jim kepple & buster moo from orange city, florida
    13237.  stevie w. from i cant see
    13238.  Tab A. Key from Graham, TX
    13239.  yishai from eagan MN
    13240.  MONGO from PT
    13241.  Lauren Schiffhauer from Pittsburgh, PA
    13242.  Anthony L. Godfrey from Carnegie,Pa.
    13243.  Kara C. from Pittsburgh PA
    13244.  Harry Potter from London, England
    13245.  Chris from Chestnut Hill, PA
    13246.  Shawn Alexander from Seattle
    13247.  Frank John Wilk from Monaca
    13248.  AAFLC.ORG from latrobe, pa
    13249.  Sam from Pittsburgh, PA
    13250.  Dos Stone Tres from Pittsburgh
    13251.  Steeler Nation from Pittsburgh HQ
    13252.  Kordell Stewart from Washed Up
    13253.  Natasha Ramdhanie from Dallas,TX (Erie, PA)
    13254.  JIMI STOCKDALE from Punxsutawney, PA
    13256.  Jaime L Haley from WHEELING,WV GO STEELERS
    13257.  Dale Vay from Ebensburg, Pa
    13258.  susan from ross twp, pa
    13259.  Emily from Pittsburgh, PA
    13260.  Jon Pianetti from blacksburg VA
    13261.  tommy maddox from i love every1 who supports me!
    13262.  Sandra
    13263.  axel regios de acero from from Monterrey
    13264.  Ken Stanitis from Morgantown,PA
    13265.  luis regios de acero from from Monterrey
    13266.  Denise Denne from Duquesne
    13267.  Amanda Ireland from N.Huntingdon,Pa Here we go!!!
    13268.  Jake Lucas
    13269.  Sam Klein from Upper St. Clair PA
    13270.  Justin Sicilia from Steeler Country
    13271.  clete from bethlehem pa
    13272.  Nathan Wolfe from New Sewickley, Pa.
    13273.  Josiah Murray from Houtzdale, Pa
    13274.  Colby Taylor from virginia
    13275.  SABO from Bowling Green State University
    13276.  scott llewellyn from tampa fla
    13277.  Lisa Wolfe from New Sewickley
    13278.  Shaina Stevens from Denville, NJ
    13279.  Myron Cope from the burgh
    13280.  Bear & Em from BLACK 7 GOLDSBURG
    13281.  The Mike Pezek Family from West Newton, PA
    13282.  Tyler Parrish from Pittsburgh
    13283.  lauren from ak
    13284.  D BAZ from Herndon VA
    13285.  Childrens Hospital PGH from Pittsburgh PA
    13286.  Mike Richie from Cokeburg, PA
    13287.  Big A from Grantsville MD
    13288.  Derek Dykins from Cokeburg, PA
    13289.  Jenna Koontz from PA
    13290.  Karlee Young from Bentleyville, PA
    13291.  Mark Seese from Canton, Ohio
    13292.  Calin from Allison Park, Pittsburgh
    13293.  Taylor Young from Bentleyville, PA
    13294.  Chad Burnosky from Iraq
    13295.  ITS ALMOST TIME from THE THUMB
    13296.  ashley roethlisberger from accident md
    13298.  Chuck May from Ashley PA
    13299.  Frank Falleroni Jr from Aliquippa PA
    13300.  Sharon P from SICU
    13301.  Alicia
    13302.  Leon from nova
    13304.  Jenika Finch from from Ohio
    13305.  big a from eriks pants
    13306.  Brayan Wertz from Tyrone P.A
    13307.  Trisha Allison from indiana, pa
    13308.  DALTON JONES from OAK HILL, WV
    13309.  Alex Zippay from Castaic Ca.
    13310.  Ryan Palmer from Voorhees NJ
    13311.  Justin Lasky from Westwood
    13312.  Mike Zur from Pittsburgh, PA
    13313.  Mark Santory from Elizabeth Pa
    13315.  Bill Chilleo"CHIEF 117" from BRIDGEVILLE PA
    13316.  Kevin Price from Taylor, PA
    13317.  Leann Cascino from Johnstown, PA
    13318.  Mike Oberst from Johnstown, PA
    13319.  Adam Rothlisberger from New Martinsville, WV
    13320.  Sam Brill from Northern Virginia
    13321.  Alex G. from Bradenton, Fl
    13322.  Jordan from Pittsburgh
    13323.  Brian Falce from South Side, Pittsburgh, PA
    13324.  Jay from Long Island, NY
    13325.  Gaetz Tremb from SK
    13326.  GOOOO STEELERS #1 from NORTH HILLS 12:OO AM 2-4-06
    13327.  Jeremiah Johns from New Philadelphia, OH
    13328.  Stacey Saraco from Fla...take us home Steelers!!!
    13329.  Ca$h Money from Altoona, PA
    13330.  Hash Warty from Upper St. Clair, PA
    13331.  CCC from Avella, PA
    13332.  Jacob A, from Lewisburg, Pa
    13333.  J.Yo from Altoona, PA
    13334.  Joe Barron from Providence RI
    13335.  Andy Baker from Robinson, PA
    13336.  J _Cliff III from H.C., pa
    13337.  Gerri
    13338.  Amy Moore from Pittsburgh of course!!
    13340.  Abaddon from The Eye Of Terror
    13341.  I-BOMB from SIlver Spring, MD - GO FALCONS
    13342.  Debbie Kottelich from Jeannette, PA
    13343.  Abaddon from The Eye Of Terror
    13344.  Brandon Marsico from Pittsburgh
    13345.  Michael Skvarla from Penn Trafford c/o Purdue, IN
    13346.  Julia from CA
    13347.  dow justin coppola from cecil, pa
    13348.  Pam Narushoff from Pgh
    13349.  Jack Hughes from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13350.  Bobbi Deem from Pittsburgh, PA
    13351.  justine fitzpatrick from east hampton, ct
    13352.  Chris from Your Moms Bed
    13353.  Steve St. John from Altoona,PA
    13355.  Bill Hendrix from Cleveland, Oh
    13356.  Don Bishop from Valencia PA
    13357.  Jerramy Stevens from Joey Porter's pad
    13358.  Chelsi Miller from Uniontown, PA Go #83
    13359.  Constance V Katsafanas from Orlando FL, but my
    13360.  Food for Fans from
    13361.  JONES! from pittsburgh, pa
    13362.  Fast Donnie Stiles from Cool Springs Golf Center
    13363.  brittanie magnus from erie
    13364.  John "Lanky Kong" from Baltimore, MD
    13365.  donlea mccombs from British Columbia, Canada
    13366.  Mitchell Grafton from Leechburg, Pa.
    13367.  Karen Frazier from Shelby Township, MI
    13368.  Kimberly Grafton from Leechburg, Pa.
    13369.  Matt Livingston from Littlerock AR
    13370.  William Sherry from New Eagle PA
    13371.  Kathy Vlahos from Las Vegas, NV
    13372.  Geoff Kilian from columbus, ohio
    13373.  courtney from loves heath miller
    13374.  Dara Hodge from Braddock, PA
    13375.  missy olah from Pittsburgh, PA
    13376.  Ryan Molder from N Canton, OH
    13377.  Kelly Fisher from Pittsburgh, PA
    13378.  LETS GO STEELERS from Cliff from Brentwood!!!!!!
    13379.  Paige from STEELER COUNTRY
    13380.  Joshua Katz from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    13381.  Joey Porter from Beaver County, PA
    13382.  Brent Wetzel from Wheeling, WV
    13383.  Jessica Riggs from Wheeling, WV
    13384.  mary poorman from altoona
    13385.  Alyssa Wozniak from Pittsburgh, PA!!!!
    13386.  Justin Johnston from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13387.  LINDSI MEISTER from Connellsville, PA
    13388.  Elaine Ashmore from Wellington, New Zealand
    13389.  gaia prooman from altoona
    13390.  Dark Brown from #9 Pitt
    13391.  Jeremy Herwig from Cresson, Pa
    13392.  Brittany from Pittsburgh, PA
    13393.  Delta Chi -Pitt Chapter from Pittsburgh, PA
    13394.  roethlisberger
    13395.  pamela mccracken from meadville PA
    13396.  Isaac Mason from Fort Washington MD
    13398.  Jdogg from Tyrone, PA
    13399.  t-bizzle from state college, pa
    13400.  Debbie Carter from Pittsburgh,PA GO STEELER'S
    13401.  Noah Leek from New from Martinsville, WV.. GO STEELERS
    13402.  Robert O from Magdeburg, Germany
    13403.  Ben Roethlisberger from PA
    13404.  Kappa from Kamen,Germany
    13405.  Ryan Alexander from Fresno, CA
    13406.  Richard Gilbert from Wolverhampton, England
    13407.  Ron Butcher from Pittsburgh, PA
    13408.  Luke Manley from Edinburgh, Scotland
    13409.  Donna from Lancaster CA (the BURGH)
    13410.  azazaz7 from Ireland
    13411.  Corey Bishop from Pittsburgh
    13412.  Roger Radford from London, England
    13413.  Linda R. Wortham from Pittsburgh, PA
    13414.  ONE FOR THE THUMB from South Lake Tahoe, California
    13415.  Dennis Palladino from Hughestown, PA
    13416.  Chris B from Leeds, England
    13417.  Rick Freeman from Evansville, IN
    13418.  Bill McKinley from Oil City, PA
    13419.  Josh Chambers from Washington PA
    13420.  Donald Bell from Economy, PA
    13421.  Simon Webster from Beverley, England
    13422.  John Opsitnick from New Castle, DE
    13423.  Tim, Kate, Inge,JJ&JJ from party city ( pgh pa)
    13425.  John n@ from Dahn Tahn, Pa (GO STILLERS)
    13426.  Joe Balestrino from Madrid, España
    13427.  Craig Vay from Baltimore, MD
    13428.  Matt Brehl in Detroit from MI
    13429.  lisa malave from east hampton, connecticut
    13430.  Kandi Fetty from Tiltonsville, Ohio
    13431.  Vickie Rafferty from Greensburg, Pennsylvania
    13432.  ^^Susan Myers^^ from Warriors Mark, PA
    13433.  Bryon Lewis from West Lawn, PA
    13434.  clem ewing from fredericktown, ohio
    13435.  Joey Lynn Delaney from Pittsburgh
    13436.  Denny Hagens from Revloc,PA
    13437.  Eric & Barbara Knolle from Wilkins Twnshp Pgh, PA
    13438.  Totupu DeBarber from New Castle, PA
    13439.  John C. from Savannah, GA
    13440.  Patty Gula from Verona
    13441.  Shaun Alexander from Sweet Home Alabama
    13442.  John Mckinney from Davenport, FL
    13443.  Judy Dodaro from Monaca, PA Bears in 06 Baby!!!
    13444.  Kaity, Maddy, Sarah from Verona, PA
    13445.  Dale Feeney from Cleveland, Oh
    13446.  ************ LUCY****** from ***********TEXAS**************
    13447.  John Prorok from Greensburg, PA
    13448.  Ashley/Midget from Mckeesport
    13449.  Saddam Hussein from Is A Steeler fan, PA
    13450.  Dave & Flo Hinkle from Penn Twp Pa.
    13451.  Xavier Prelich from Born and Raised in the Burgh
    13452.  Gabrielle from MI
    13453.  Paul Gillett from Delaware, OH
    13454.  Doug Mattocks from Georgia
    13455.  Bryan Huth from Sarver, PA
    13456.  Sunny from MySpace
    13457.  Charlotte Tragard from Siena, Italy
    13458.  Thomas Roadcap from Carlisle Pa
    13459.  >>>>>MegTEXAS
    13460.  patrick cavanaugh from Tunkhannock Pa.
    13461.  sandy from Falconer, NY
    13462.  DJ Fitzgerald from Steeler Nation, West Virginia
    13463.  Tom with his fuzzy 'fro from Imperial, PA
    13464.  idoxlr8 aj foyt from silverdome
    13465.  Monkey from Cranberry
    13466.  Frank the Tank from Mitchapalooza
    13467.  Alex Moyle from Bristol UK
    13468.  Andrea Marko from Pittsburgh, PA
    13469.  Bill Happoldt from Bethel Park PA
    13470.  Mort Swabel from New York City
    13471.  stephen belskey from jtown,pa
    13472.  sallie lucchino from leechburg, pa
    13473.  Josh Summits from J-town, Pa
    13474.  Bill E from Frederick, MD
    13475.  MATT GAUS from Hockessin, DE
    13476.  Dee Enos from Jacksonville, FL
    13477.  Mark Gillette from Clearfeild Pa
    13478.  Bruce Budzik from Shaler, PA
    13479.  Sean Tallarico from Farrell, PA
    13480.  Chuck Heinbaugh from Monroeville, Pa
    13481.  Bob Blackburn from Orlando Fl.
    13482.  Kim Heinbaugh from Monroeville, Pa
    13483.  Tori Cacciotti from Johnstown, PA
    13484.  Tom Routzong from Viera Fl.
    13485.  Bob Robinson KU8C from Parkersburg, WV
    13486.  Oscar Fernández from Monterrey México
    13487.  John Criste from McMurray, PA
    13488.  Michelle Farabaugh from Allison Park, PA
    13489.  Alice Robinson from Parkersburg, WV
    13490.  Martin Van Fossan from Detroit, MI
    13491.  Ed&RuthAnn from Chesapeake Va
    13492.  Carrie Wissinger from OH (but originally from PA)
    13493.  Basil Bemma from Toronto, Ontario
    13494.  Bradley Lundberg from Hagerstown MD
    13495.  Lizzie Y? from Plum PA
    13496.  Brandon Whitford from Cleveland, Ohio
    13497.  Ashley DeSano from Mars PA
    13498.  James K from Toronto
    13500.  Mike Jacobs from McKeesport, pa
    13501.  Joe Love from Pittsburgh
    13502.  Mark Graber from Kansas City MO
    13503.  LOGAN ROCK
    13504.  Douglas Kirtley from Atlanta GA
    13505.  Peter J. Mercurio from Tucson, AZ.
    13506.  Bill Weisser from Pittsburgh, PA
    13507.  Dave Kunkle from Pittsburgh PA
    13508.  Kristi Bowser from Kittanning, Pa
    13509.  Kathy Kunkle from Pittsburgh PA
    13510.  Megan Staab from Charlotte, NC (PA native)
    13511.  Lena Camp from Baltimore, MD Aliquippa, PA
    13512.  madd maxx from canton, ohio
    13513.  Tommy Memorich from Sycophant, PA
    13514.  john a. klepacz from pgh. pa.
    13515.  Brent Weir from Wellsburg, WV
    13516.  Dan Warzinski from Canonsburg
    13517.  Stephanie Shapiro from Oakland, PA
    13518.  pinks from johnstown,pa
    13519.  Clarissa from Glenshaw, PA
    13520.  zach Mucklo from alliance ,Ohio
    13521.  "Jen My Legs Itch" from Cranford, NJ
    13522.  dalton young from from salem,ohio
    13523.  Edward Van Allen from State College, PA
    13524.  Eric Difatta from Augusta, GA (PA native)
    13525.  Rachael Goodman from Brafferd, PA!
    13526.  Kelly Gallagher from Philly 'burbs
    13527.  Rick John Vrecic from Toronto
    13528.  bryan carse theee best from pittsburgh pa
    13529.  Alfredo Porras from PUEBLA, MEXICOO!! GO STEELERS
    13530.  Holly Pforter from syracuse NY
    13531.  ###PUGIDA FROM ATL### from GO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!
    13532.  Jill from Hershey, PA
    13533.  Jeremy Petricini from Edinboro. PA
    13534.  Corey Morabito from PA
    13535.  Spencer Brown from Durham, NC
    13536.  Shawn Grundy from New Castle, PA
    13537.  becky from sigel, PA
    13538.  Cowboys from Dallas, Texas
    13539.  Jonathan Huesdash from Stahlstown , PA
    13540.  Teri Turner from Gettysburg, PA
    13541.  The Machuskos from Monessen, PA Here We go!
    13542.  The force will be with from you - ALWAYS PITTSBURGH
    13543.  Brad Earnest from Altoona PA
    13544.  Neil Hockenberry from Flinton, PA
    13545.  GERALD W. MAY from WILKES-BARRE
    13546.  Keary Wagle from Bethel Park, PA
    13547.  Josh Emberg from Shippensburg PA
    13548.  Chuck Shupe from Black and Goldburg, PA
    13549.  Grete Van Allen from Living Black and Gold, SC, PA
    13550.  Andrea Zagger from Brookfield, Ohio
    13551.  JOANNE THOMAS from SIDMAN , PA.
    13552.  Scott S from Syracuse, NY
    13553.  Dan Woz from Baltimore MD
    13554.  Tom Manning from Rural Valley ,PA
    13555.  Bob Zukowski from Scottsdale, AZ
    13556.  Jennifer Shew from Bethel Park
    13557.  TBC from GBG!!!!
    13558.  Bill Mancini from Gibsonia Pa
    13559.  Suebabe from cross lanes, wv
    13560.  midzz from johnstown PA
    13561.  Katie Pierce from Manchester, CT
    13562.  Eve Everette from Buffalo, NY
    13563.  WEB from PHILLY
    13564.  Kim Putorti from centerville,PA
    13565.  Kevin Klinkner from Bethel Park
    13566.  Tim Yusko from Scenery Hill,PA
    13567.  Andrew Lessard from Ontario
    13568.  Steve Francesa from Cedar Knolls, NJ
    13569.  dominic stansfield from london, england
    13570.  REID SMITH from beaver falls
    13571.  Kayelin Snyder #7!! from PA
    13572.  Justin from Camarillo, CA
    13573.  Justin L. Faltot from Natrona Heights, Pa
    13574.  Katie Fleury from PiTTSBURGH PA!
    13575.  Dan Maticic from Leesburg, Va
    13576.  Riley Brinkman from Lemont, PA GO TROY!!!!
    13577.  Melissa Pishko from Pittsburgh, PA
    13578.  Berto is an I-TAI from Orange Juice
    13579.  Tim Donnelly from Pinellas Park, FL
    13580.  $$$BEARDED LADY$$$$ from Under the Big Top
    13581.  MATT LAZENBY from ERIE, PA.
    13582.  Ron Huff from Franklin, Pennsylvania
    13583.  brendan c from pittsburgh
    13584.  Jennifer Williams from Pittsburgh PA
    13585.  Amber Patrick from Philly PA
    13586.  tommy maddox from the bench
    13587.  Diane(GOGO) Van Allen from STATE COLLEGE, PA
    13588.  Andrew Lessard has Aids from Africa
    13589.  Ron Huff from Franklin, Pennsylvania
    13590.  Nate from USC, PA
    13592.  Nicole Henninger from Pittsburgh
    13593.  Ronnie O from Pittsburgh baby
    13594.  Leah Brizard from PITTSBURGH!!!
    13595.  Matt O'Toole from Pittsburgh Pa
    13596.  Kyle Orton from Chicago, Illinois
    13597.  Ken from Youngstown,OH
    13598.  Jared Hanlon from Pittsburgh, PA
    13599.  The Original ROMO from Canton, MI
    13600.  Gail Parkinson from McDonald, Pa.
    13601.  Courtney McCandless from Ellwood City Pa
    13602.  Chris Masker from hagerstown md
    13603.  mike
    13604.  Jaime Patrick from MD
    13605.  Katie from Walt Disney World, FL
    13606.  joe
    13607.  skylar thompson from new castle pa
    13608.  Jack McGinty from Odenton, Md
    13609.  Alex Champagne from Montreal Qc Canada
    13610.  thomas thompson from new castle pa
    13611.  Theresa Gushaulis from Mountain Top, PA
    13612.  Tim Fryer from North Fayette, PA
    13613.  Travis Goldstrom from Beaver, PA
    13614.  GonzFather from Centreville,MD
    13615.  Eric Baum from Kittanning PA
    13616.  Katie Terpack from Pittsburgh, PA
    13617.  Nicolina Listorti from penn hills, pittsburgh
    13618.  Sarah Calugar from Oakland
    13619.  gretchen from pittsburgh
    13620.  WHITEMAN from Greenwood, IN
    13621.  Marie Santella; Jax, FL from Murrysville, PA
    13622.  Julie Andrie from Homer City, PA
    13623.  Wendell Davis from Greenwood, IN
    13624.  Jeff Shugarts from DuBois, PA
    13625.  Barb Keller from West Mifflin
    13626.  Greg Sam from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    13627.  Andre Thomas from The Kingdome of Bahrain
    13628.  karen patrick from hagerstown md
    13629.  Courtney Downing from Ventura, CA
    13630.  Amanda Van Goor from Carnegie, PA
    13631.  Dave Calhoon from East Liverpool, Ohio
    13632.  matthew shipton from raleigh, nc via pittsburgh, pa
    13633.  Paulina Madej from Poland
    13634.  Loran Sekely from University of Pittsburgh
    13635.  AJ LaMB from johnstown pa
    13636.  Alex Beck from Pittsburgh
    13637.  Jamielee Davis from Philly PA
    13638.  Dave O'Neil from The Lonestar State .. Go PSU!
    13639.  Patrick Moiani from Havertown, Pa
    13640.  Coop from Hermitage, PA
    13641.  Zach Henry from Johnstown Pa
    13642.  John Spider Frank from Ebensburg PA
    13643.  Kyle Mendel
    13644.  Darth Vader
    13645.  Rohan Bansal from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13646.  Too Tall Tina from Clairton
    13647.  Akash Bansal from Pittsburgh, PA Steelers rock
    13648.  Diana from Philly
    13649.  Andrew Roach from Johnstown PA
    13650.  Anjali Premkumar from pittsburgh, PA
    13651.  Dave Calhoon from East Liverpool, Ohio
    13652.  sue davis from pittsburgh
    13653.  Rohan Bansal Pittsburgh from PA. Steelers in the XL
    13654.  Dominick Thomas from The Kingdome of Bahrain
    13655.  michael gallagher from monroeville pa
    13656.  David Orquiz from Mesa, Az Go Steelers!!!!
    13657.  Morgan DiLeo from Altoona, PA
    13658.  Kristen Lyons from Pittsburgh!!
    13659.  Ren Lenglet from Patton PA
    13660.  PJ Stackpole from Pine Grove, WV
    13661.  Monica Marino from Pittsburgh, PA
    13662.  Chris Barton from Las Vegas
    13663.  Robert White from Wheeling WV
    13664.  Becky from Pittsburgh, PA baby!
    13665.  Russ Langley from Pittsburgh
    13666.  Thomas Purnell Jr. from Ocean City Maryland
    13667.  CAITLIN from bethel park PA
    13668.  Maya Thomas from The Kingdome of Bahrain
    13669.  J. Revitsky from latrobe, pa
    13670.  Melissa Pishko's MOM from Pittsburgh PA
    13671.  KENNYKEN! from PITTSBURGH'S NS!
    13672.  John Boehmer from Canonsburg, P.A.
    13673.  Dominic Capers, Sr. from Foxes Bottom Road, Adena Ohio
    13674.  Mickster from Pittsburgh
    13675.  Lukas G from Hermitage, PA
    13676.  Niki Schreiber from Grove City, Ohio
    13677.  jeff presloid from punxsutawney pa
    13678.  Chris Hopper from Erie, PA
    13679.  Floyd Escobar from Las Vegas, NV city o' sin
    13680.  Dan
    13681.  Bruce from Pittsburgh transplant to Georg
    13682.  Nate Dwyer from from 'Da burgh
    13683.  ****KEVIN SABO**** from ASHLAND,OHIO
    13684.  Danny from McClellandtown,Pa.
    13685.  Camila Meira from erie, pa
    13686.  Amy Caron from Portsmouth, RI
    13687.  Shane McFarland from From The Burgh
    13688.  Garrett Huffman from Pittsburgh, PA
    13689.  Joe Hudkins from Myrtle Beach, SC
    13690.  Tony Marseco from Wilkes Barre, PA
    13691.  Doogles from Pittsbrugh, PA
    13692.  Sarah Wdowiak from Bethel Park, PA
    13693.  Kate Hitmar from Providence, RI
    13694.  Adam Zdunek from Beaver Falls
    13695.  Ben Supporter from Middletown, PA
    13696.  Maggie Beichner from Emporium, PA
    13697.  Wege Mauro from Pittsburgh PA
    13698.  Jamie Taormina from Pittsburgh,PA
    13699.  mitchell pegg from uniontown PA
    13700.  Joe Farrell from MEXICO
    13701.  Steve Mikolajczak from Cleveland, OH (Miami U. Grad)
    13702.  Charlie Hawkins from Glen Dale, WV
    13703.  Sarah Heffner from Alburtis, PA
    13704.  ken white from charlotte, nc
    13705.  Julie Eckert from Bethel Park, PA
    13706.  Brian Polesnak from Pittsburgh, PA
    13707.  Dwain Smith from Hanover, PA
    13708.  Luke Heller from Pittsburgh, PA
    13709.  Ronda Jeffries from Garards Ft, Pa
    13710.  clay karns from Indianapolis, IN
    13711.  Will Cowardin from Pittsburgh, PA
    13712.  ryan dickson
    13713.  phil macrakin from hunlock creek
    13714.  John Morecraft from Greensboro, Pa
    13715.  hughes from pittsburgh
    13716.  Sandy Harkins from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13717.  Jeff D from West Raleigh
    13718.  Jacqueline Harkins from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13719.  Brad Hayes from Hermitage, pa
    13720.  Sara & Gail from Cabbage Flats, Pa.
    13721.  Betty Hughes from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13722.  CAREY FILES from LAS VEGAS NV
    13723.  Georgina Baby from Rt.88 Steeler Country
    13724.  Kelli Ann Wilkinson from Forest, PA
    13725.  Robert Jackson from Chattanooga, TN
    13726.  chris burek from collier township
    13727.  Brooke Fackler from Palmyra, Pa
    13728.  cameron penney from west newton, pa
    13729.  Mike Leek from Waynesburg PA
    13730.  Rick VanBuren from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13731.  Derek Fackler from Palmyra, PA
    13732.  becky from Glenshaw, PA
    13733.  Tom O'Brien from New Oxford, PA
    13734.  kelsey from pittsburgh
    13735.  Jessie Wussy Means from PUNXSUTAWENY, PA
    13736.  Monica Lewinski from Washington, DC
    13737.  Brian Chance from Tulsa, OK
    13738.  Anthony Willard from Dunbar, WV
    13739.  *PaRoNiSh's* from Northern Cambria, PA
    13740.  Sheri Nash from Pittsburgh, PA
    13742.  Bob Gambino from Pittsburgh, PA
    13743.  Gina Mattucci from Pittsburgh, PA
    13744.  Renee Tobiczyk from St. Clairsville, OH
    13745.  Crickel from East Liverpool, OH
    13746.  Richard Simmons from The hershy kiss highway patrol
    13747.  Beth Daly from Fort Lauderdale, FL
    13748.  Rhett Leech from Johnstown
    13749.  Ben Roethlisberger from LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Lima, Ohio
    13750.  Kacey Villani from Pittsburgh, PA
    13751.  Melissa B. from Cleveland, OH
    13752.  Bill Gribbin from Pittsburgh, Pa
    13753.  Ron Keene from Edinboro, PA
    13754.  Jason McGuirk from Whitehall
    13755.  Barry Switzer from Norman, OK (sorry about XXX)
    13756.  Howard Yeager from Vancouver Island
    13757.  Brian L from Westwood, CA
    13758.  Brandon Wiles from Slippery Rock
    13759.  Ruth Williams from Cochranton, PA
    13760.  Amanda B from WASHINGTON
    13761.  Mike Norman from Bristol,ENGLAND
    13762.  STEVE TAYLOR from dallas via BURGETTSTOWN PA.
    13763.  Ben Ostroff from Da Burgh
    13764.  Tony Kovatch from Primanti Brothers
    13765.  Dan from Bristol, ENGLAND woo yay
    13766.  Bruce Bourget from Lockerby Composite School
    13767.  norman pierce from livingston, MT
    13768.  Darrel Jones from New York
    13769.  Patrick Mcanally from Pittsburgh, PA
    13770.  John Stockton from Utah
    13771.  Matt Roach from Youngwood PA
    13772.  chuck walker from washington,pa
    13773.  Jackie (Hines) Barton from Weirton, WV "GO BIG BEN"
    13774.  Herb Schlegel from Schuylkill Haven, PA
    13775.  >>>TODAY'S THE DAY from NOT AND TO ETERNITY!!
    13776.  Megan Sambuco from St.Clairsville, OH
    13777.  Drew from E- TOWN
    13778.  SHOULD HAVE BEEN from NOW TO ETERNITY hit wrong key
    13779.  MARY GEIST from FT MYERS FLA 33917
    13780.  Michael Stafiej from Jeannette
    13781.  Richard E, Kimberly from Hope Mills NC
    13782.  KYLE from H-town, pa GET IT DONE
    13783.  Amanda from Huginkiss
    13784.  Rob Nudds from Sheffield, UK
    13785.  Greg Nicholas from Pittsburgh
    13786.  Rich Lambert from Burlington, NJ
    13787.  mindy from pittsburgh
    13788.  jimmy rogers from pitt
    13789.  Patty Mosso from ForestHills,PA(Homestead,PA)
    13790.  Scott Watterson from WVU
    13791.  sean yeomans from pittsburgh
    13792.  Jeff Wentz from Upper St. Birdville
    13793.  Ron Young from Odessa, Texas
    13794.  Brandon Teahl from Palmyra, PA
    13795.  Mark Rowan Jr. from Jacksonville NC.
    13796.  Opal Lara McAdams from Rehoboth Beach, DE
    13797.  KALLBERG from ARIZONA
    13798.  Ed Fackler from Palmyra, Pa
    13799.  Boomer'sMom from Brilliant, OH
    13800.  Brandon from Pittsburgh
    13801.  Holly Lester from Little Rock, AR (Somerset, PA)
    13802.  Brian from Ireland
    13803.  Andrea Henderson from St. Clairsville, O-H-I-O
    13804.  Felipe Fuentes from Monclova Coah Mexico
    13805.  Maryann from Penn State
    13806.  Patrick McClernon from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
    13807.  Scott Williams from Cochranton, PA
    13808.  John F. Kotarski from Vienna, WV
    13809.  Nirav Patel from McMurray, PA
    13810.  stephanie from new kensington
    13811.  Ray Lemaster from the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq
    13812.  Ive gotta get from Pittsburgh to Detroit
    13813.  Donnie Ruggery from Altonna PA
    13814.  Jamie Keilman from Johnstown, PA
    13815.  A. K. Singh from Monroeville, PA
    13816.  Carrie O'Kain from Da' Burg
    13817.  Karen from Greensburg
    13818.  RONALD J. SPONTAK from Burgettstown (Near Pittsburgh)
    13819.  Andy Snyder from Miami University!!!!!
    13820.  Kelly Wagle from Bethel Park PA
    13821.  Ted Brown from Columbus, Oh
    13822.  Marc Vernick from Grand Rapids, MI via CLEVELAND
    13823.  Sam Notarangelo from Harrisburg, PA
    13824.  Chad Diehl from Stationed Barksdale AFB, LA
    13825.  Sam Notarangelo (Notie) from Harrisburg, PA
    13826.  marcus botteicher from Johnstown Pa
    13827.  Joe Rogel from Oakland, PA
    13828.  Corey Notarangelo from Harrisburg, PA
    13829.  Squek McCracken from Intercourse, Pa
    13830.  Ryan Morgan from London, England
    13831.  I WANT BEN from PITTSBURGH
    13832.  Lauren from Pittsburgh, PA
    13833.  Ashley Nicolaus from DuBois Pa
    13834.  Bobbie Jo from Robinson,PA
    13835.  Alejandro Romano CAstil from Chiapas Mexico
    13836.  Mikey from Blitzburgh
    13837.  Melanie Lutz from Sarver, PA
    13838.  Lucy B. loves steelers! from Pittsburgh PA
    13839.  Angela Purpura from Robert Morris University
    13840.  Lexy from Virginia
    13841.  Nellie Staley from Duq in Pittsburgh!
    13842.  Blake Imbriale from Beaver County Prison Cell #234
    13843.  Pip from University of Blitzburgh
    13844.  Tamara from San Francisco
    13845.  Allison
    13846.  Jeff from Wooster, OH
    13847.  PRC from Mt Lebanon, Pittsburgh
    13848.  COREY from DA BURGH
    13849.  DCP from Pittsburgh, PA
    13850.  Jackie Klaes from Pittsburgh
    13851.  K BIG DADDY Pittsnogle from Morgantown, W. Va
    13852.  brendan C. from pittsburgh
    13853.  k po! from PA : )
    13854.  Chris from Ellwood City
    13855.  Erin Canaday from Pittsburgh
    13856.  Kim Zbilut from Fox Chapel, PA
    13857.  Robert Druzak from Beaver Falls, PA
    13858.  sarah hanson
    13859.  KELLI LONG from Nicktown,PA GO STEELERS!!
    13860.  Drew P. Pitzarella from Mt. Lebanon, Pa
    13861.  George Robinson from Eighty Four, PA
    13862.  R Grant Settlemire from Callery, PA
    13863.  Stephanie from Pa
    13864.  Louise Robinson from Eighty Four, PA
    13865.  Aydin Cubukcu from New York, NY | Istanbul Turkey
    13866.  Carmela Breslin from Pittsburgh, PA
    13867.  Hannah M from Steeler Nation
    13868.  Lindsay Porter from Beaver County, PA
    13869.  Chris Ramsey from Newburgh, IN.
    13870.  Jack R Preston from Kasilof Ak.
    13871.  Dave Cochenour Again from GO Steelers
    13872.  Tom Sunday from Kennewick, WA
    13873.  Ian Kaminski from Lexington KY (Steeler Nation)
    13874.  Allison Haines
    13875.  Leslie Leary from Pittsburgh
    13876.  Kevin Pugliese from Hermitage Pennsylvania
    13877.  Aaron Seyfried from The Dub, Ohio
    13878.  Matt Holland from Patton PA
    13879.  Breanne Miller from Pittsburgh
    13880.  Josh Lenglet from Patton PA
    13881.  Phil Lux from Fairfax, VA
    13882.  DUSTIN BELSKEY from PA
    13883.  Jessica Wolff from Pittsburgh
    13884.  Dave Toole from Pittsburgh
    13885.  gary beimel from st marys pa.
    13886.  John Herbick from Johnstown, PA
    13887.  mary ashley wishenhunt from im the daughter of the coach
    13888.  Courtney Smith from Pittsburgh, PA
    13889.  GO STEELERS !!!! from HELL YEA
    13890.  Ciersten Smith from Steel City
    13891.  Neil Murphy from Fairfax, Virginia
    13892.  Eddie Spaghetti from Iraq
    13893.  Melissa Gunshannon from Kingston/State College, PA
    13894.  beth zokaites from Indianapolis, IN
    13895.  Mikey S. from Spinoli, Wasington
    13896.  JJ Kamon from Pittsburgh
    13897.  Hung Well from Hong Kong
    13898.  renee oette from chicago, il
    13899.  Spinoli Washington from Mikey S.
    13900.  alliya duritza from pittsburgh
    13901.  All My Love POSIE from PSL FLorida
    13902.  nope
    13903.  Patt Shields from Pittsburgh
    13904.  yep
    13905.  Wade Blackwell from Bedford, IN
    13906.  nope
    13907.  Godzilla from Tokyo, Japan
    13908.  Mike & Laura
    13909.  nope
    13910.  Steamer from Cleveland
    13911.  chris joniec from Pittsburgh
    13912.  definately no
    13913.  Love Ya's STEPHANIE from PSL FLORIDA
    13914.  Mike & Laura from steelers nation Hopatcong NJ
    13915.  Ashley Jordan And Evan from Altoonaa!
    13916.  HERE WE GO! JERRY from PSL FLORIDA
    13917.  Brian & Denise from Steeler Nation, Stanhope, NJ
    13918.  Hallie P! from BEAVER, PA!
    13919.  jen from go steelers
    13920.  Mike Middleton
    13921.  Codie Eash from York, PA
    13923.  Meghan and Julie from Mason, Ohio
    13924.  Betsy Osterman from Newburgh, IN
    13925.  Terri Dyga from Wexford
    13926.  gino from PA
    13927.  Joe Prolt from Indiana
    13928.  Jon Hruska from Richmond, VA
    13929.  dave shriver
    13930.  giovanni from Johnstown PA
    13931.  Tommy Silko from The Burgh
    13932.  blaise Covelli from pittsburgh, pa
    13934.  Monika Smith from A Brown'stown(Aka)LouisvilleOH
    13935.  Steelers will lose bad from a realistic steeler fan
    13936.  Crazy Fan from Pa
    13937.  Doug Verner ( Tiny ) from Steeler Counrty
    13938.  Butch & Darla from Ohio - GO STEELERS
    13939.  MACE NATION from TARENTUM
    13940.  Greg Hedderman from McCandless PA
    13941.  Becca Kopco from Johnstown Pa
    13943.  Jessica Martin from South Park, PA
    13944.  matty rhone from the one the only c-burg
    13945.  doug williams from tucson,az
    13946.  Matthew Kowalski from Amsterdam, Netherlands
    13947.  MEGAN from IRWIN,PA
    13948.  Fr. Mark Meholick from DuBois, Pa.
    13949.  Hikojkl from mjmhmmmgfhydjh
    13950.  Dan Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13951.  i failed i shaved it=(
    13952.  Wesley Regis Conroy from BLITZBURGH, PA
    13953.  Tyler Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13954.  Tayla Simpson from HunDRED, WV
    13955.  Lisa P from Baden, PA
    13956.  Pat Cox from Truro, Cornwall, UK
    13957.  Brian Bosma from Indianapolis Indiana
    13958.  Debbie R from Pittsburgh PA !!!!!
    13959.  Justin George from Pittsburgh, PA
    13960.  Jason Bugg from Asheville, NC
    13961.  The Big Guy from Pittsburgh, PA
    13962.  Carole Lucchesi from Bethel Park
    13963.  L.D. from Lebanon, OH
    13964.  Andrew Kroll from Pittsburgh
    13965.  Brent from Beachview
    13966.  Jeremy Petricini from Edinboro, PA
    13967.  Mark Saline from Emporium PA
    13968.  Jeff Beimel from St. Marys PA
    13969.  Chad Cross from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
    13970.  Chris Lessick from Virginia Beach, VA
    13971.  Deb Bobich from Philadelphia, PA
    13972.  ___Hennessy___
    13973.  tom benner from PITTSBURGH!!!!!
    13974.  Logan Ellis from Pittsburgh
    13975.  Nathan Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13976.  Leah Fow from Pittsburgh, PA
    13977.  Charlotte Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13978.  Lauren Skoog from Cranberry, PA
    13979.  Jacob Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13980.  ---YECKLEY BROTHERS--- from BRENTWOOD
    13981.  Paul Johnson from Liverpool, England
    13982.  Jude Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13983.  Ian Morrison from Liverpool, England
    13984.  Mary Connor from Union City, OHIO
    13985.  Ryan Mohan from China (Pittsburgh)
    13986.  Luke Noss from Tampa (Freedom, PA)
    13987.  Sarah Hornak from Pittsburgh, PA
    13988.  Craig from Pittsburgh
    13989.  Jim Marshall from Sykesville, MD
    13990.  Dan Powell from Pittsburgh
    13991.  Maddy Folke from Mars, PA
    13992.  Angela Ross from Pittsburgh Pa . GO STEELERS!!!
    13993.  Clark Steffens from Unityville, U.S.A.
    13994.  Craig Woolridge from Ligonier Pa
    13995.  Yao!! from Bethel Park
    13996.  Shane & Dana from Economy, PA
    13997.  Kurt Funkhouser from Ketchum, ID
    13998.  The Klucick Family from The Rocks, Pittsburgh, PA
    13999.  Alex Gelfand from Dubois, PA
    14000.  Chris Dilworth from London England
    14001.  The Cooler
    14002.  Brandon Farias from Pittsburgh steelers #1
    14003.  The Bus from Bus garage
    14004.  MarlboroMan from Fernandina Beach
    14005.  Doug my friend made me from do this
    14006.  Chris Ferry from Ligonier PA
    14007.  Ry Verbiest from Indiana
    14008.  Chad Brigham from Middleville, MI GO STEELERS!!!
    14009.  Tara from mckeesport
    14010.  Johnny from Bradford PA
    14011.  brian schweinsburg from la jolla, california
    14012.  Joe V
    14013.  C MacDonald from Allison Park
    14014.  Vince from Woodland Farms
    14015.  Eric Seelye from St. Marys, PA
    14016.  Darren Molitoris from McKeesRocks,PA
    14017.  nick brett from raleigh nc
    14018.  Matthew Gent from Franklin, PA
    14019.  Renae Burks from Hillsboro, West Virginia
    14020.  Gabby from united kingdom
    14021.  tim wells from new castle, pa
    14022.  Al Osterman Jr. from Evansville I.N.
    14023.  Jen Kosin from New Castle, PA
    14024.  Karen DeFrancesco from Tyrone,PA
    14025.  Ryan Schroeder from Allison Park
    14026.  Kylie Bierne from Pittsburgh, Pa
    14027.  Dan Pollino from Johnstown Pa
    14028.  Jasmine Fitzpatrick from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    14029.  John Maruca from Wheeling,WV
    14030.  Sam Carrington from London (UK)
    14031.  Libby Zellers from Tempe, Arizona
    14032.  Tricia Porter from PITT
    14033.  Ryan Lani sup mikey from McMurray, PA signed at kickoff
    14034.  Diane from Oakdale Pa GOOOO STEELERS!!!
    14035.  Brendan B from PA
    14036.  Jenna from Pittsburgh, PA
    14037.  Mitchell Craig from SCOTLAND
    14038.  Ryan Roc from WB
    14039.  jill ann bets from palmyra, pa
    14040.  Lawrence Craig Senior from Scotland
    14041.  Zach Kerr from J-town PA
    14042.  Jaimee Mader from Steel City, PA
    14043.  Craig Bonnyman from SCOTLAND
    14044.  Eric Bieski from Nanticoke, PA
    14045.  Isaac French from Greensburg, IN
    14046.  15240 is a cry baby from brothers in the hood
    14047.  KIMBELY LENARD
    14048.  hillary leipold from PA
    14049.  I Cant Shave Anyway from Jacksonville, FL
    14050.  Stacey Strum from Delmont, PA
    14051.  Emily Dockter from Pittsburgh of course!!
    14052.  Ollie
    14053.  Eric Stewart from Washington,DC
    14054.  Shelby from Canonsburg pa
    14055.  Randy McDaniels from Atlanta, Georgia
    14056.  Lt. Cmdr DATA from U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-E
    14057.   Kukurugya from Lemont Furnace PA.
    14058.  Craig S. from hopewell PA
    14059.  jo welsh from liverpool england
    14060.  paula "the bus" baur from heinz field
    14061.  santa claus from north pole
    14062.  Number Two from Bethel Park/ PGH!!!
    14063.  Boe Porter from Belle Vernon, Pa
    14064.  Q Bert from SP/ PGH
    14065.  Sam -- GO SEACHICKENS / from I Still like the beard... USAF
    14066.  Tyler Gastineau
    14067.  Terri Kershishnik from Fairfax, VA (Way To Go!!)
    14068.  kathy heidelbach from new eagle pa
    14069.  Sadie Ortz from clarion PA
    14070.  Brittany Baker from Elton P.A.
    14071.  Natalie from Athens, GA
    14072.  D Trump from Manhattan, NY
    14073.  Numba One Neeeegro from Pittsburgh, PA
    14074.  Dugas Izaqueer from Pittsburgh, PA
    14075.  Erica Yurkovich from Lyndora, PA
    14076.  T.G. Bens a PIMP!!!! from Denver,Colorado
    14077.  Tharina Alexander from Duquesne University
    14078.  Daniel Stentor from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    14079.  colleen kenny from steeler country
    14080.  tom stewart from pittsburgh
    14081.  John Kenny from Born in Saskatchewan
    14082.  Angie from Duquesne University (2/5/06)
    14083.  amber smith from steubenville
    14084.  Ben Koch from State College, PA
    14085.  Jim Staab from Clarion,PA
    14086.  Jeff Heller from Worcester, Pa
    14087.  Mike Ahlers from Los Angeles
    14088.  Rachel Lee from harrison city, pa
    14089.  Jeff Chapman from Walnut Creek, CA
    14090.  Nicole J from Pittsburgh PA
    14091.  Love you Steelers!!! from PITTSBURGH PA
    14092.  GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!! from Polamalu Villie
    14093.  I LOVE THE STEELERS!!!! from Baldwin ,PA
    14094.  Kayla from Greensburg
    14095.  Matt #1 FAN! from Findlay OH!!! BEN'S HOME TOWN!
    14096.  Michelle Padula from Findlay, OH Big Ben's Hometown
    14097.  natalie k.
    14098.  jodi - BVA
    14099.  james k
    14100.  MEAT MANAWELAN from SS
    14101.  #13702-no one cares from that you are a miami U grad
    14102.  GC I LUV U KEITH URBAN! from Burgettstown PA FIND ME!!!!!!!
    14103.  Mark Harkleroad from Huntingdon, PA (now Denver)
    14104.  PJ from PR
    14105.  Gerald Odstrchel from Ashtabula Ohio
    14107.  Daniel Kelly from Near NYC
    14108.  Lauren Pappas from Johnstown, PA....close enough!
    14109.  Angela from Wisconsin
    14110.  kayla
    14111.  marioguidolini from milan (italy)
    14112.  Jon BITTENBENDER from WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    14113.  HECK YES!!!!!
    14114.  William C Duncan from Cincinnati, Ohio
    14115.  Jeff L from Denver
    14116.  THE BEARD MUST GO!!! from Wilkes-Barre, PA
    14117.  Steelers paid the refs from I hope they investigate
    14118.  Casey G from Myrtle Beach, SC
    14119.  Mark Croft from Palm Springs, California
    14120.  Michael Lisien from Pittsburgh
    14121.  bigben beter not shave from shaverlessville
    14122.  Chris Brooks from Jupiter, FL
    14123.  BIGBENROCKS from nashville,tn
    14124.  Hines Ward from Disney World
    14125.  GRATS STEELERS!!!
    14126.  Justin Corso from Mapletown, Pa
    14127.  Justin Johnson from Westfeidl, NY
    14128.  So Proud of my Team from cleveland, oh
    14129.  Justin Johnson from Westfeidl, NY
    14130.  Chidren Hospital ER from Oakland Pa
    14131.  Michael D. Simpson from Venice, FL
    14132.  Jerome Bettis from Detroit, MI
    14133.  Jay Davis from Y-town , OH yeahhhhhh boiiiiii
    14134.  Andrea DuBois from Philly

21-10 Steelers!! Thanks for the support!!! (And now, with a sigh of relief, we pick up our razors...)

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